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Aura Cleansing Spells to remove curse, bad energy and dark clouds

If a spell caster says to you that you need cleansing its best to ask Ashra, She will know if you actually need this or not. Most say this to get more money off you.
Hey, I am glad at last I found a thread related to this. Do anyone has any idea about the aura cleansing spell?
How long do it take for you to begin and to see its effects?
Many a times I do feel that something is blocking my way and noticing it from so many years now. I really don't know how to get rid of them.
I am not able to find on Ashra's site. Can any one help ?
Asking Ashra about aura cleansing spells is the best way to go. Many times, you might have negative energies surrounding you but those energies will not need to be cleansed because Ashra can just simply redirect those energies. Sometimes an energy cleansing will leave you more vulnerable to continuous attacks on your aura, so it might be better to just change those energies into something positive. Energy is conservative, so you can change the energy without losing any of it.
I have not heard of Ashra offering cleansing spells but I sometimes feel that same way you are feeling that there is a dark cloud over my life that is sending negative energy. I believe that cloud brought me here though to Ashra's forum. I think the energy is telling me that it wants to be positive and that the situation I am in that I want Ashra to fix will be making it positive. I don't know if this makes any sense to you guys. Sorry if it doesn't.
Hi Neaari, I purchased the Acura cleansing from Ashra in February to remove a lot of negative energy and to remove any curese or hex on me and my lover. Ashra will send the link to you because that's the only way I was able to purchase it. I really can't say if it is working right now the way I want but I feel it will do what it says on the website to remove all the negative energy away for good.
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I've been thinking the same thing lately, that I just haven't been able to catch a break. The best thing that happened was meeting my love and now I don't have him anymore. The last few years have been very challenging, with a lot of ups and downs. Does anyone think it might be a curse and that I should get a cleanse? I am overall a very positive person who tries to look on the bright side of things so I try not to focus on negative things but maybe that has clouded my judgement with regards to having a dark cloud over me. What do you guys think?? Thanks in advance!
It is important to clean your aura if it is not positive or if it is clouded by negative energy. Aura cleansing is very relieving and will help you have a better outlook on life. Ashra has different spells for it but only she can tell you which spells are good for it since she is the expert here. I don't think my aura needs cleaning but it will he good to know for sure with a reading from Ashra.
SHESHINES hey how are you? I believe this is the first time I have replied to you so hello and welcome to the forum and part of the family you are in the right place. I know how you feel I feel like since me and my lover have broken up I have had the worst luck and all bad. I feel like I need a cleansing. Do you know if there are any spells for this? If so I would like to purchase it. I have bought spiritual candles and I am waiting to see if they work. I wish you the best and good luck. Have a good day.
Hi everyone, I hope all is well. I would really like to know a bit more about aura cleansing spells. I do know they are used to remove curses. Could anyone tell me if aura cleansing is any good for bringing more positivity into a relationship? Can the aura cleansing spell be cast with two people at same time?
I might give it a try if it csn help with my situation. I am currently trying to get my ex partner back. I will soon be having the passion panacea spell cast. I would really like to try everything thst will help our relationship. There is alot of miss understanding which leaves negative thoughts between us. Would an aura cleansing be any good for me and my ex partner?
Any feed back is really appreciated. Thankyou for reading. Take care.
Does anyone have any idea what spells there are for breaking hexes and curses/control over your lover? I'm experiencing some very bad stuff from my current lover's... I guess you can say other relationship.
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Hello everyone how is everyone doing? I am wondering if Ashra has a aura cleansing spell? I would honestly like to get one if she does. I feel I need a aura cleansing to remove some negativity in my life and if I have any bad luck karma or curses on me and my lover she can see and remove it. I really would like to know if anyone has a aura cleansing spell thru Ashra and how they got it and if it worked. I wish everyone the best. Positive vibes and love to all.
Hello, everyone. I think Ashra has spells that can remove hexes, curses and other things related to negativity. I am not sure if there are spells like that available in the forum so the best choice still is to contact Ashra about it. Since it is about negativity, protection spells can work in it. There is one protection spell available here and it is powerful. You can also choose to get a wish fulfilling spell where you could wish to get rid of all those. That spell is very powerful too. If it is about bad luck, there is a spell called Blue Tooth of Valor that can banish bad luck and bring its opposite.

Not all Ashra's spells are in the forum so you might see spells available on her site that are not available in her forum or sometimes the other way around. Try checking all her sites, specially the new or updated ones. Or you could use the contact form in her sites to tell her about your situation. I have recommendations though for aura cleansing in which you don't have to purchase spells. I'm not saying you shouldn't purchase spell for aura cleansing but at least you would save. You can search for music specifically for aura cleansing like those that have binaural beats, theta waves, delta waves, alpha waves, solfeggio frequency and so on. If you are new to the sound frequency concept, feel free to search about them. If it is your first time listening to music to what I mentioned or anything related to it, search for music great for starters. Listen to it while meditating, relaxing or even use it as background music while doing something. Another way is sunlight and you don't buy that hehe. Sure, we get sunlight a lot but we are underestimating its very purpose. Expose yourself to the sun where it is still rising. Do that everyday for at least 5 to 15 minutes. You may also imagine the sun's energy entering your skin and cleansing your aura. Last but not least is to stay away from leechers. What I mean by leechers are negative people. You may not know it but they can be the main factor in taking away your positive energy and aura.

I hope this helps. :)
Hello, I am pretty sure that Ashra does aura cleansing spells. It is very important that you have your aura cleansed so that all the negative toxins in your life can be removed so that positivity can be spread around you. I would inquire about that to Ashra. She probably can take care of it.
She Shines keep your head up girl okay. Tell all of your concerns to Ashra and I am sure that she can suggest what she thinks is the best possible outcome for you.believe in yourself. You are worthy of being happy. Keep your head up.
I think all of Ashra's spells do something to remove bad luck. I used to have a lot of bad luck when it came to making friends and also dating. But it has been 3 months since my first spell was cast and I have been having a better time interacting with guys and having them talk to me. I am really happy that I am able to get some spells from Ashra. I am sure she has extremely strong cleansing spells too if you need it
Aura cleansing spell is offered by Ashra. And she only recommends it to you after she checks if there are any dark clouds or negative energies around you. Only then she casts this spell for you if you really need it. She will not mislead you like other spell casters. Like in my religion, mostly spell casters mislead us about bad karmas , flaws, curses even if there is not any such thing. They will force you to get a spell cast so that they can take your money. Even if they will not be able to do anything they will assure you about the results.
Hello, how is everyone doing? I hope you guys are doing fine. Yes, Ashra offers spells like that which can remove curse, hexes, bad luck, negative energy etc. My life have always been miserable and I always felt that I was cursed or something. Because there was failure everywhere in my life. I tried so hard to keep it better but nothing really worked out. But now, it has become a lot stable. I feel fine and encouraged. Anyways, sending positive vibes to all of you. Stay happy and blessed, keep on smiling and fighting because your life is worth living for
Hi everyone! I hope y’all are having a good day today :)
I think that Ashra has an aura cleansing spell on one of her websites. I think that it is really good to have an aura cleansing spell cast if you really need it. I would love to buy an aura cleansing spell someday for my family and friends. I know that it would help them a lot.
Hello everyone! How are all of you doing? I hope all of you are having a amazing day ahead! I haven't seen this spell on the resource section, but I think it is on her website. I am considering this spell because, this spell removes bad and negative energies that are surrounding you. Negative energies can cause a slower process of our spell that is why having a Aura Cleansing spell can remove those bad energies for your spell to have a speedy process and to have positive outcomes as its results. Sending love, hope and happiness to everyone and good luck to all our amazing spells that are working hard for a huge movement!
Hello and good morning, everybody! How's everything going? Hopefully good.

Every time I had seen a psychic or medium, they would say that a dark cloud surrounds me. They claim that they could remove it with a talisman or a spell, but the prices were outrageous. If there was a dark cloud around me, then I'm pretty sure Ashra would've told me by now. I don't think I'm hexed, cursed, jinxed or have bad karma from a previous life; I just need more luck, I suppose.

However, I don't think it's a bad idea to request an aura cleansing spell from Ashra. If anybody could perform such a spell at a reasonable price, it's Ashra. I think you could purchase that spell with Karma Points, though I'm not really sure. I will only get one if Ashra believes I'm in need of it.

For those of you who have gotten it, what happened? Did you feel like a brand-new person? I'm actually curious to hear firsthand accounts about this particular spell.

In any case, I'm sending positive vibes your way and I hope you have a great day.
Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing okay. To answer your question, yes there are spells to help us remove dark energy, negative influences and curses. You can have a word with Ashra just in case this is the situation you are in currently. I don't have any curses on me, thank God, but I do have some blockages around me and my ex lover. I already talked to Ashra about it. Hopefully she will help me banish those negative energies. Have an awesome day folks!!!
While I am not sure about aura cleansings, I am sure that if you emailed or posted to Miss Ashra for help and after explaining your situation, then she might be able to help you. Especially if you give her every single detail and explain the things that could have caused these bad things to happen to begin with
Hey everyone!!!!! I hope your all are doing good and having an amazing day. I believe that the Aura cleansing spell which Ashra offers is absolutely amazing and really powerful to remove all the dark clouds or any sort of bad luck or any curse from your life. I might end up getting this spell just to cleans my aura and to be safe and to fill myself with positivity and to bring good luck into my life as my life had so many obstacles to face, and I am still going through a lot of troubles and I always find roadblocks in every path that I go, but maybe that could be removed with the help of this spell.
I have not been hexed or anything by another caster but I do think I have bad energy surrounding me which causes me to be so negative. Which is why I want the 7 phase cleansification. I think that's what it does anyway. I know its supposed to remove negative energies and influences which i need done eventually.but i need focus in my current situation first and then i might get that once things are a little calmer
The only spell that I'm aware of that sounds like it would be marginally helpful for situations like this is the Seven Phase Cleansification spell. from its description it sounds like it will basically rebalance the energy around you. I don't know if that would include getting rid of hexes or curses. in my personal opinion, those are just scare tactics to keep you under someone's influence or to extort money from you. if you don't give energy to those things, they can't have any control over you.
Cleansing seems like it would be perfect. Just a complete reset to get all the negative energy out and send in positive energy. It would probably be easier to remain calm and collected if cleansed from negative thoughts and feelings as well. Great idea and post!
I will definitely be purchasing an aura cleansing spell from Ashra. I know for sure that i have a lot of negative energy in me and i want it to reflect on my lover so that way maybe my and my lover's situation could get better. I really miss my him and i want to enlighten and strengthen our situation so we could be back together again.
I know that Ashra offers spells to cleanse auras. I am still thinking about asking for an aura cleansing spell. I am a perpetual worrier and can be very negative with others and myself, therefore I feel like I would benefit from one. I feel like Michael and I would do better if I didn't worry and cling so much.
Hello everyone. Good Morning. I am in need of an Aura cleansing spell. Mainly because avoiding negativity is very hard for me and as we all know negative emotions can fed up the process of our spells. Also, I really want to attract all the positive points and to have luck by my side. As I was scrolling up and down the resource section, I came across Seven Phase Cleansification spell and I was reading this spell description and I am totally draw to get it. It is not only a cleansification spell that works in balancing your life but it also works in getting our lovers back. I am really hoping that I can get this spell as soon as possible. Good luck and take care everyone!
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Hello everyone! I hope all of you are feeling okay today. I think it is time for me to focus on saving my life from bad luck. I don't know what spell I should rely on, but I have my eyes on Seven Cleansification spell. According to the description, it is not only going to protect your spells but also your being. I like the sound of it. There is no dark aura energy around me, but I want to get some healing so that I can move forward and let go of my past pains. I will be working towards this spell very soon. Sending lots of kisses and hugs for you all!!!
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are feeling well today. There are a number type of spells Ashra offers on her sites. She might specialize in love matters, but you could rely on her to help you with other issues like removing hexes or curses. Whoever put negative energies or blockages on you intentionally will get their karma. I don't get why people have such a bad intention. Don't worry there is always a way in every solution. You have come to the right place. Just explain your situation to Ashra and she will recommend you the best spell to get rid of all blockages and hexes on you or your family. Good luck to everyone! Stay positive always!!!
I have thought about adding this type of spell as I know my new lover certainly does have negative energy around him. I believe adding this type of spell to spells we have will increase movement and decrease waiting time. I am unsure what spell is specific to this, I think it may be the cleansification spell on the forum? Has anyone else got this spell active?
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I know that without a single doubt within my mind that I need the Aura Cleansing Spell. For a while now, I have been feeling a rollercoaster of being low and high with the feelings of positive and negatives. The negatives' have been way high up there for sure. However, I always felt like there was or is a dark cloud following me around all the time and a heavyweight dragging me down. There is something there but I just cannot pinpoint exactly what it is and that bothers me. Such as, I sometimes feel imprisoned within my own mind with negativity and I want to become free from it. I also feel like this is the reason it is stopping me from achieving anything or my goals.
I think I need an Aura Cleansing to remove the negative energies, because I'm still upset about the man I just recently met being pushy. I feel as if him and my lover's girlfriend negatively affected my outlook on relationships. I haven't been seeing very many signs lately. I also think I may need another spell.
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