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Barbara Smith - www.authenticlovespells.org

Lana Cooper

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I found a lady called Barbra Smith! She claims to be a good spell caster with a lot of talent and positive reviews! She also has false claims to be able to bring back a lover right away and very very fast! She claims to have helped loads of couples get back together but in fact she is totally fake and is NOT a real spell caster! Her picture is on a website called shutter stock! She is a stock image, a fraud and only after peoples money!

This Barbara Smith is a complete fake! I am so angry that people actually think she is real and get fooled by this woman! Before I found Ashra I did actually come across her website and was tempted to purchase a spell but I felt like there was something completely weird about her website! Her website is called www.AuthenticLoveSpells.org she also has another one exactly the same but with the www.AuthenticLoveSpells.net! I hate that people just like to con loads of people!

Ashra is a real spell caster that would NEVER make any false statements. She would never cast a spell if she didn't think it was possible to get someones lover back and she would never ever tell people what they want to hear to make them feel good! She actually cares for each and every one of us and will actually give us real help that will help us gain and get our lovers back! Stick with trustworthy spell casters like Ashra only!!!
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Oh wow, It's really funny that you mention this because before I found Ashra, This (Authentic Love Spells) is actually a website that I stumbled across. Just like you, lana, I was tempted only because she had "reviews" on her website, but then I thought, where are people posting their reviews & why can't I see them for myself? Wow her image is actually a stock image? That's a shame people really have to do better. It really sucks that people would do this to people. I'm so glad I found Ashra.
It blows my mind why I appear to be the only spell caster online with real photos and videos of myself. Not only are fake spell casters hiding behind stock photos of other people, some of them are bold enough to impersonate me.

I did some research on High-Priestess Barbara Smith and here is what I found.


Barbara Smith has a few photos of herself up on her website: www.authenticlovespells.org

She is impersonating a woman in a stock photo which can be purchased on Shutter Stock.

If anyone has had an experience with Barbara Smith, please share your thoughts below.
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Hello Amazinglove87, How are you doing? Yes it is very sad! I don't understand why a lot of people want to fool people into thinking they are a spell caster if all they want is the money. It is honestly sad! There are so many people posing as spell casters! Ashra is the only one to be trusted! She is the only genuine spell caster around no one else can even compare to Ashra! I am so glad I found Ashra!
I almost purchased from Barbara Smith before I found Ashra. Lana Cooper, thank you for looking out for others!

Luckily I didn't choose Barbara, but I almost did! Keep up the great work!
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I have never heard of Barbara Smith before, but I am glad that you shared the information about her! It is good to prevent others from being scammed and I hope others can find this post before they purchase anything from her. Ashra is the only good spell caster and I hope you all are able to get assistance from her.
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I was almost about to purchase a spell from Barbara Smith, but luckily I didn’t. I had sent a link to Ashra during the time of her 17th Anniversary about this website called Authenticlovespells but Ashra was busy during that time so she was unable to reply me back. I had messaged Barbara and explained my situation before Ashra and she gave me higher price for her service where her website price is different. I don’t get it why people wants to charge more where they already put different price on their website and they are not afraid of being a con-artist.
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So, I have had a look at authenticlovespells.org, and I'm not too convinced that this Barbara Smith person is a legit spellcaster. For starters, the spells listed are incredibly cheap, which would be "good" for someone trying to stay within their means, but you know the old saying "you get what you pay for." I believe the cheaper prices are a way to attract customers. Not very good. Second, the description of the spells are not in depth. They also mention they have been tested and have been proven to work. Okay.......tested on who?? Tested by who??

This website reminds me too much of one of the many associate websites from Calastrology. I'm not buying it.

Another thing is that the testimonials aren't very thorough. They're basically like "they worked for me" or "my lover is back." They're not too convincing.

Ashra Koehn is the only real spellcaster out there that has pictures and videos to prove that she is real. So, Barbara Smith.......if you're a real spellcaster, why bum images off the internet that clearly aren't you?? Is that even your real name, too??

Bottom line.......don't trust this person, who claims she's a high priestess, with your time and money. You will get burned.
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I came across Barbara Smith and I did contact her but she didn’t really care for the situation just the money! It’s crazy how people can be so cruel and scam people who actually need help.
I love Ashra! She’s amazing and I am amazed how someone can be so caring for others especially in the world today.

I noticed that everyone lately has been rude and dramatic, it’s definitely the generation.
I am young but I swear I have a old soul!
Thank you!
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Oh my, another fake spell caster?! It seems to be like a domino effect going on here like one fake spell caster gets found out then they all come to light don't you think? This is a good thing though as it will save vulnerable people and point them in the right direction towards a real spell caster like Ashra Koehn.

Another thing you always see with fake spell casters is there claim to be able to bring a lover back almost instantly like what Barbara Smith claims she can do on her website. This is impossible and certainly not realistic as spells need time to work on the situation. With regards to the image she is putting, I believe Xara had the same thing... an image bought and claiming it to be her. There is nothing authentic about her love spells.
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I was going to go with Barbara Smith an something didn't feel right, then I came across Ashra an it felt right to go with Ashra an am glad I did, has anybody heard of another so called spell caster called Sadhana?
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A few days ago, I was gonna go with Barbara Smith. I did asked Barbara Smith what spells she recommended me. So, she did emailed me back saying she’d recommend me a job spell and a love spell. However, her email didn’t really seem like the emails were real and honest. She sent me two lines saying she’d recommend me this and that. I don’t think she really read into my situation. Barbara Smith doesn’t seem real to me.
I never purchased anything from Barbara Smith but I did come across her website and I was reading what she offered. This is way before I came across Ashra. my red flag was that so many positive reviews and I couldn't see not a 1 from anyone. I was like well maybe it's my phone so I turned my phone around so I can see if I took out portrait mode :laugh: nope nothing. Then when I was scrolling at one point. And the thing got me was she stated she can have lover back within few hours and results are permanent. um I wasn't born yesterday even I know things take time to manifest so I was like she is scam artist. I am happy to say I didn't give her anything or contact her that website is fraud. Hope everyone continues staying with Ashra and all is going well because Ashra is real. :inlove: