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I'm on the verge of a divorce and I put my trust into a faceless Master Level Kitoshi from Black Lotus Rituals to save my marriage. I had complete faith until it became clear to me that he only wanted my money. The spell he cast was Love Me Deeply. After he cast my spell, I received a brief update and that was it. Unless I was willing to pay more money, he refused to help or continue to follow up with me on the spells that were active.

I noticed that there were no reviews about BlackLotusRituals.com, but this person claims to be the only real spell caster online which I know isn’t true. Is there such things as a Japanese spellcaster?

Has anyone on this forum used Black Lotus Rituals?

I just want to be happy, and every spell caster I've tried stole my money with no results.
Black Lotus Rituals sounds like a fake spell caster. People like them only want money and I couldn't find any reviews about them that say otherwise. You should've contacted Ashra instead of Master Level Kitoshi, because she's the real deal. She could've helped you save your marriage. A lot of people received results. I currently have three spells active which I had cast in order to breakup my lover's current relationship with his girlfriend who made him dump me. Passion Panacea spell is a good starter spell for a lot of people and that could definitely save your marriage. She's been very busy but you should contact her on this forum and let her know about your situation. But don't freak out if you haven't heard anything from her in three days. She doesn't intentionally ignore her clients.
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I'm sorry you got scammed. I never tried this spellcaster BlackLotusRituals.com, but I've been with Ashra for almost two months. Me and my boyfriend broke up three months ago and I'm already seeing movement. There's a full moon next month so Ashra casts special spells during the supermoons. Ashra is the real deal and won't scam you she will work with you. I hope your marriage gets better.
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I’m sorry you got scammed!! No one should ever be scammed for wanting their lover back! I have never worked with BlackLotusRitulas.com but Ashra is the real deal! She is someone you can trust and explain everything you need to explain. She understands what you are going through and is highly experienced in all situations! Currently she is busy and trying to catch up with readings, castings, and updates but try contacting her because she can help you with your marriage. Honesty Ashra Koehn all the way!!
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