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Black Magic vs White Magic Spells


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Black Magic vs White Magic - What type of magic spells should I be using and what are their pros and cons?

I'm in a serious situation with my husband and I need a spell that will work asap! I wasn't sure if I should be using black or white magic spells.

My husband had an affair and we were trying to work through it. I love him with all my heart and want to make things work. He said he is very confused and doesn't know if we should separate for awhile. I do not want a separation and think it would also hurt our children.

I read a lot about Ashra the spell caster. I need to know which type of magic spells (black or white) I should ask her to cast.
I personally wouldn't use black magic spells, I have heard a lot of negative things about them. They backfire, have repercussions and can other wise harm your life or the spell can go all wrong.

Ashra can do all types of magic spells. She prefers to use white magic as its pure and safe. It has no repercussions and is natural. Ashra is very experienced in the magic she uses, she knows what she is doing and would not make your situation any worse.
I would ask her to cast a white magic spell.
MCroft, take Gaby's advice. Black magic spells are something you want to stay away from. It is filled with negative energy and will do you no good. Ashra mainly casts spells that use white magic. Many people on here have had similar situations to you and have used white magic spells from Ashra. They ended up getting their lovers back. There is no need to use black magic when white magic can handle everything for you. I hope this helped!
I personally would stay far away from black magic. It's dangerous and only leads you to bad places. It's not worth it for the temporary power it provides.
I totally agree. Go for the white magic spells.
I was reading some things about spirits who whisper your name in your lover's ears, and the person can not eat or sleep. I do not know if it is true, but it is creepy :eek:
I don't know why black magic was even created. Its bad. I dont even like black cats because I think their bad luck :laugh:! I won't go near them or touch them. Black just means evil in my opinion. I would rather get a white magic spell and be bale to sleep at night knowing things will get better. Not a black magic spell where things will go bad and not let Me sleep. I'm glad Ashra is experienced, I don't need to worry about anything.
Hello, well I agree with Gaby. Black magic is bad and can return to you 3 times or more. I would rather prefer white magic, becouse it can only brings positive energy. If you need healing, only white magic can help. White magic can only help you. I am sensitive person and I can not imagine that someone will be hurt becouse of me.
Ashra will tell you what type of magic spell will be best for you and I believe that you will be happy with the results. I am new here to this site, but I have seen lots of positive things being said about Ashra and her work, so just put your faith in her and keep your head up and stay positive.
Hey everone hope you guys are ok I personally wouldn't use black magic spells. I have heard a lot of negative things about them. Black magic is not good because they can mess up and maybe hurt your lover. I want magic spells that will get resuits soon and don't backfire. I belive in what Ashra says because she's been spell casting for like 15 years.
Yes Angel, I am afraid of black magic... I believe it really exists, yes it is exists.
But once we keep away and our goog viber are stronger, it will wont affect us, we have to me prepared adn always keep our heart full of joy and hope, so nothing bad can happen :)
I would never recommend black magic to anyone. Black magic exist, sometimes the person does not know that he or she is under a spell of black magic. However, you can see changes in behaviour, feelings like anger, you don't have energy, you can sleep too much or you can not sleep, have nightmares, people start giving you ugly compliments, friends can go away from you and never return. A lot of bad things can happen when you get involved in Black Magic spells.

Ashra does have magic spells that can work. Contact her and explain your situation.
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Don't even think of Black Magic! I agree you do feel helpless at times and you try to take help of whatever is available, but still I would dissuade anyone from doing that.
White Magic has amazing powers and it works on purity and well being of people.
We do find ourselves in hard times, but whenever there is an easier, more pure, safer and a better way out, why not resort to that!
Now at least we are with Ashra, we are in safe hands!
White magic is definitely the go! its pure and natural. Black magic sounds dark and twisted. Ashra is expiereinced in both, but I don't think Ashra has as much control over black magic like she does with white magic. black magic can go wrong, I would stick to white magic and with Ashra as my spell caster. I could trust Ashra with my life, I could leave my life in the palm of her hand and not worry about a thing.
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Princess9, I like your post...thank you for pointing out that white magic is powerful. I think in my mind I fetl black magic would overpower white. But in the end, white is the way to go. I wonder though...is there EVER a purpose for black magic? If Ashra is able to do it... there must be purpose? I wonder if Ashra would ever deem a situation in need of black magic?
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Havefaith644, I assume that black magic is the type of magic that are used for bad people, like people trying to severly harm your life. Ashra is the only one that can really explain in detail the purpose for black magic. Ashra has specialized in all types of magic, I think their would have to be a really good reason for her to use black magic, I would be very careful with any sort of magic, I don't have fears with my situation being in Ashras hands.
Hello HaveFaith644,
It does happen that 'sometimes' black magic can overpower white magic, but it's not for a long time!
The Good always prevails! It may also happen that black magic might yield results faster but still...its a wrong path to choose!

Black Magic actually aims at giving you the things you wish for, even when it means depriving someone who already has it! Those who are corrupt and power-hungry, those who want to entice other person's spouses : black magic is certainly the way to go for them! Not for us!
Ultimately, it is certainly White Magic that prevails and I wish you loads of success dear!
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I have never even considered magic spells until my ex boyfriend broke up with me. I even tried casting spells myself but they didn't work because I don't have any experience with spells. I have read a lot about different spells and came across several reviews that had stated that white spells are better /safer than black spells. Even though I am new to believing in spells I have total faith that Ashra will break my ex lover back to me.
After reading everyone's post on the differences between black magic and white magic, I now have a clear understanding of both and I'm glad to see that Ashra stays away from black magic. However does anyone know if her passion panacea spell uses black magic or white magic?? I want my boyfriend back but I don't want to cause him harm in the process. I want him back the right way without any damage done to him. I don't think Ashra would use black magic to cast this spell, I feel that she wouldn't use that kind of magic unless it was really necessary for her to which is not the case here so she would be using white magic for my love spell right??
Ashra would very much prefer to use white magic because its pure and it brings nothing but positive results. However, she has had clients ask her to do black magic spells also. Black magic can backfire and have negative effects. If you decide you want a black magic spell casted then you need to be aware of the repercussions as they can be severe. If your thinking about getting a black magic spell then it may be best to research about it first.
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I am curious to know what peoples thoughts are.

What do people think of black magic? I have heard that black magic works faster. Would people ever use black magic and what would you use it for? Black magic does have its down falls where as white magic does not...

Would anyone take the chance on using black magic? I'm sure there would be some positives about black magic too, just not as many as white magic.
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I heard black magic has very bad side effects such as backfiring... nobody obviously would want to get hurt or hurt one of the family members or someone close to them. Another bad effect about black magic is that i heard that when it does backfire, some people may even die due to its effects, so my advice wold be for you to talk to Ashra. She will guide you and recommend a spell that best suits your situation.
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I don't think Ashra even does black magic spells. I think hers are always white magic spells. You have to think about it... if she was willing to do black magic, she wouldn't have the best reviews that she has now.
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Indeeplove, Ashra does many types of magic, the reason we don't see reviews about her black magic spells is because she prefers to use white magic. She highly suggests her white magic spells. Casting spells using black magic can even harm Ashra while she's in the process of casting the black magic spell.

Yes your correct, black magic does comes with risks. You have to be aware of the risks and be willing to take them if your deciding on a black magic spell.
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Surprisingly, I recently learned that I had a great grandfather who knew about witchcraft and was actually very skilled at it. My mother told me he mostly did white magic but had some background on the black magic.
White magic is the best! It won't harm your life or anything. Black magic is bad. Ashra casts white magic spells because it won't harm us. She really cares about us to do this. But personally I would NEVER use black magic. Ashra has the right spells and she is here to help everyone with white magic

Sending positive vibes to everyone. But please white magic won't effect anything like black magic can!!!!
Hey guys to answer some of your questions, Ashra has experience with many different forms of magic including black magic. However she prefers to do mainly white magic and always suggests for her clients to get the white magic spells. Black magic spells are dangerous and can definitely backfire but not only that, they can hurt Ashra or somebody else as well. Black magic isn't something you take lightly and it shouldn't be messed around with at all but if you have your heart set on using a black magic spell then I would contact Ashra and have an in-depth conversation with her about this to avoid any negative consequences.
I agree. It shouldn't be messed around with, but if you truly want a black magic spell cast, talk to Ashra.
She is experienced and from all the success stories I've read, I have so much respect for her. She really cares for us and would do anything for us to make us happy and smile. She is doing this because she cares so much. Black magic for me is not a very good idea. Just contact Ashra and ask her and please don't be scared because she will really change your life to make you happy!
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There is a brazilian state known for their black spells. The state is Bahia. They have temples, and rituals where they even kill animals and use their blood. People say it really works, but only lasts for 7 years, and you have to recast it.

A friend of mine split up with his husband (married 15 years) she is almost sure something was done for them.:confused:
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Gaby, my thoughts about black magic are this... I would use it. I would want to know exactly what I was getting in to and know all the possible twists and turns. I realize you can't know all of them. That is with any type of magic though. If it gets me my true love back, then yes I would go with black magic in a heartbeat.
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All magic has whirathete and black magic spell rather it's voodoo hoodoo or root or whatever kind you look into all types of magic have both black and white magic as well as other colors it just depends on what kind of spell caster that you use to do your spells.
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I heard black magic spells are more dangerous than white magic spells. I wouldn't want anything to happen or backfire on me or my love if it had to do with black magic. That's just me personally but I also am a sucker for I will do anything just to get my love back so i can see where you are coming from HaveFaith. To be honest, I wonder if our lovers have actually sat down and tried to do the same thing were doing to them to us? Do you guys ever sit and think about that? Like what if they have tried to put a spell on us as well?
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I am wanting to try black magic. As some of you know i have been waiting a while for my loved one back. It doesnt seem like he is budging with the white magic spells Ashra has casted for me. He is very stubborn and i want nothing more then my lover back. I am aching. I want him to return to me. Ashra has done a good job of making sure i am serious about my choice in asking her to use black magic. She has been really supportive.
If you think this is what you need then go ahead, keep us informed and let us know which spell you went with and the outcome. I never saw on ashra website that she did black magic spells but i did see that some of you stated that she did do blaack magic spells. Yes hun you have waited alot longer than some of us so you should have the right to say you want a black magic spell i just want you to be happy and to be very careful.
Gaby, I don't think it's a good idea to use black magic, but if you feel that it is the right decision then I support you 100%. You have been waiting for so long Gaby! If your lover is very stubborn then something has to be his match. In this case, black magic. I truly hope this doesn't backfire because I know you love him and want him home so much! Wishing you the best Gaby!
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I know everyone says black magic spells are not something to be messed around with. I've said this myself because it seems a bit scary. However, in all honesty, I would do it if I was given the chance. It's stronger, more effective, and he would let me in more. Just remember that it does have it repercussions which everyone should take into consideration. I am honestly taking black magic into consideration, is that bad? Has anyone done black magic with Ashra? If so, can someone post their experience on here so I can know more or less what I would be getting myself into. Thank you!
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Gaby, thank goodness some one has had the courage to say this! I am proud of you and support you 100% ! I am in the same boat you are...stubborn boy, tough situation. White magic has done nothing but merely scratch the surface. I don't want to leave Ashra and her wonderful community, but a the same time I want my true love with me...NOW! Gaby is black magic expensive? Do I just email Ashra and say I need a black magic spell?? Bless you Gaby for posting this!!!
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I didn't see myself trying black magic. However, I have become desperate for my lover back. More desperate then i was before. I am aware there can be negative effects. i am scared of the black magic harming my 2 year old son. i can't have that happening.

Hi Daniela, i am curious to know what you mean by ''she is almost sure something was done for them'' ?

7 years is a long time. Although I hope Ashra's magic skills bring my lover back to me permanently.
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My family is really religious and if they knew that I am involved in any kind of spell casting they would be really upset. They were always telling me that I should stay away from people that are doing that since they are really evil. As I grew older I started to be more and more interested in spell casting and at one point I even tried to do it myself (unfortunately my spells were never working). I decided to stop doing that since I was afraid that I could accidentally do something really bad to someone. Today I have such a huge respect towards people that are able to help someone by doing magic spells. Since Ashra is doing such a good job and she was able to help so many people. I would just trust her with casting black magic spells for me.