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Black Magic vs White Magic Spells

Black magic is not good magic to play with especially if you are not a professional spellcaster. It can and most likely will backfire on you and cause more harm than good. Even though I have noticed that Ashra does have a black magic spell in the resources section even though most of her spells are white magic. I do trust Ashra to do a black magic spell for me because she is a professional spellcaster. I love all of her white magic spells. I had her to do the Passion Panacea spell done on my ex lover Gregory. White magic is good magic.
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I've actually researched both. My decision was made because of the pureness of white magic. My love is pure so the spell I use needs to be also.
Nobody should mess with black magic spells, I know someone who cast a spell to manipulate someone's mind using black magic and it came back to bite her in the butt. White magic is the way to go.
The white magic spell is really the most safest and cause you no harm at all, I am so glad because Ashra has many white magic spells and I know I am safe as well, even though she also has a black magic on the list I know she can do it perfectly that it cannot be backfire.
On the other hand, the black magic spell is really a dangerous spell especially if it not done properly, it can backfire and cause harm to the people involved even to the spellcaster who cast it.
I rather gonna go to the white magic spell no matter what because even though it may takes time and no matter how long I wait I know I am safe and the people around me especially my man.
I know white magic spells always bring us a positive outcome.
Never use black magic, no matter how urgent your situation is. It is tempting but remember that black magic always back fires at some point down the line (usually pretty quickly). White magic is the only form of magic that Ashra participates in and she is really good at her job. Trust Ashra to cast a white magic spell that will be super effective for you. Black magic spells are never permanent because they offer a temporary solution. However, spells that use darkness as an energy is not black magic, because darkness is a source of energy, just like light is a source of energy. It is only black magic when it is intended to harm others.
Black magic can be unsafe and dangerous to play with. If you are an inexperienced caster, you can end up hurting people or your self. Black magic is known for working fast...but it can have consequences. Black magic is something that should really be left to the professionals. Ashra does have some black magic spells in the resource section, but thankfully, they are a lot of mana points (which are difficult to get). But Ashra is not only very experienced, but I think she is very professional when it comes to casting

White magic is much safer, and it should still be cast by someone who is experienced. Most of Ashra's spells are white magic, because it is much safer to use. It takes longer to manifest, but they have a more long term and safer effect in the end
There are generally no pros for black magic and are only cons. This is different than magic that uses darkness as an energy source. Darkness is just like light, except it is at night. Darkness itself is not evil. Black magic is magic used for evil purposes so it is generally harmful. White magic can use darkness as an energy source and it can amplify the power of spells. White magic is always great and there are a lot of pros. Cons of white magic is that it does take time and your patience.
I agree with you Lily Diamond! The darkness is not evil itself and honestly I love getting outside of my house to just watch the night stars. It makes me feel the peace both emotionally and physically. But still, as much as I love the darkness, I would never use black magic. I do not believe that night = darkness = evil. I believe that night or darkness or whatever you want to call it can be both evil and the good. It really depends on your purpose and what kind of magic spells you want to cast. I still personally prefer white magic. It brings your lover back to you naturally that is why it does not backfire
Black magic may be fast but it always backfires. Everytime you use it you increase your chances of losing everything. Black magic is one of the most tempting things in the world. But also very dangerous .Even if you or the spell caster is protected it all always goes wrong .Always go for white. It's safe, with no backfire. It's better to be safe.
Can I use white magic to remove curses, hexes. Anyone? give me a feedback this is very important. I am dealing with a situation where it will not only affect me but other people as well. I need to remove some bad spell that has been messing with this couple that I know. They have been dealing with this since 2015. It has been 3 years. I know the person who did it. This two-faced pakistani man who act so nice in front of us but does very bad things to you behind your back to have advantages of you
I personally wouldn’t use black magic spells as I believe they bring more harm than good and have heard that black magic comes with the price that part of the spell will become twisted and will backfire. I would personally use white magic as it is pure and used for good, positivity will also help boost a white magic spell. Believe in Ashra and she will cast the right spell for your desired outcome and I hope that brings you positivity and happiness. Good luck.
Black magic is really evil. I have seen a lot of movies with voodoo and different types of black magic and I really do not want to get involved with something like that. It can backfire if you have no idea of these type of love spells and if the spell caster has no experience. I prefer white magic because it is not backfires and I think that white magic is safe and pure.
Hello, how is everyone doing? I hope you guys are doing fine. There are two major types of magic; black and white. White magic is less powerful than black magic, if casted by an unprofessional spell caster. And black magic is powerful and works really fast but it can have some consequences. If not casted right, it can fire back. I will prefer white magic to you. Ashra offers black magic too but it is very beneficial, it can be purchased through much money. Anyways, sending positive vibes to all of you. Stay happy and blessed, keep on smiling and fighting
I have done a lot of research on black and white magic before and I would personally never chose to use black magic because it can backfire and it could have the opposite outcome of what was initially desired. Black magic is used for selfish acts, which means that the karma could turn around and instead of working positively, it will work negatively. I know that however, white magic, can be used for selfless purposes, and they won't backfire at all. I would never recommend black magic to anyone because it could cause more damage than there already is and I am sure that no one is looking for that.
Hi there everyone! People shouldn't trust the people are using black magic to help you solve your problem. I believe using black it will backfire your spell. For white magic, it gives out good results, which people go to Ashra for help because she uses white magic to help succeed all of her clients' request. While I am working with Ashra for help to get my ex-lover back, I was glad I had reached out to Ashra.
Hey there, everybody! I'm going to say that I strongly disappove of black magic; it's unpredictable, malicious and negative. In addition, I don't much like the idea of having black magic returning someone to me, as the spell won't be permanent. Furthermore, black magic has disastrous consequences and often tends to backfire. Black magic frightens me and I'll never resort to using it. My conscience will never, ever let me rest again if somebody were to get hurt.

White magic, on the other hand, won't backfire because your intentions are good and pure. It draws power from positivity and love. Ashra is a white magic practitioner, which is why I'm comfortable with her. Of course I want results, but I want good results that are long-lasting and real.

When we think of the shadows and darkness, we associate it with malevolence, deceit and evil. Yet darkness can be as gentle and calming as the light, even comforting. Darkness can't exist without light, and vice versa.

The world isn't as black and white as we make it out to be, but I suppose it'd be easier to think along those lines. Darkness isn't evil nor is light good. Intentions are what make something or somebody good or evil. Black magic is evil because it's driven by selfish intent, whereas white magic is good because it's fuelled by selfless intent.

Knowing that, I'd still rather choose white magic because I know it's safe and benevolent - the same vibe Ashra gives off. Therefore I trust Ashra and her white magic.

Sending positive vibes to all!
For me I've always stayed far away from black magic they are very unpredictable and can cause more harm then good. Plus from what I've heard using black magic can hurt your everyday karma. I've known a few people that played around with black magic and in the end they paid a price. Although I've never heard of any harm coming from white magic and in my opinion white magic is more powerful than black I really hope this helps someone even though it's just my opinion and my feelings
It’s better not to use black magic spells because right now you ll get what you want but in the end it will take away something more precious. And make your like really miserable.
Hello there everyone
One should always go with white magic as black magic is very dangerous.It represents your bad and ugly intentions.If your intentions are pure than surely go for white magic.
I have to admit that before meeting Ashra and working with her, Black magic spells have crossed my mind.... Thank goodness I've never proceeded to order one. Not only they can be really dangerous if they backfire, but also it will be really risky to be done by someone inexperienced. God protected me and led me to Ashra. My spells are White magic spells and I know they are completely safe. If someone ever wishes to go for black magic, they should consult Ashra. She is so experienced and she knows exactly what to do.
Take care everybody.
Hello everyone, I think Ashra won't recommend to use black magic. I had read in email or some thread about she discuss not using her spell to harm another, when black magic has a lot of negative thing, that can effect your life and really dangerous too.
Thank you for reading :)
How Black Magic Spells Are Done:
There are many ways black magic spells are done but the most common is making the victim eat or drink food or beverage that has been previously bound with black magic. Photographs of the victim can be used to invoke a black magic curse. If a black magician obtains a photo of you or something you own or possess--for instance a piece of clothing or jewelry—these items could be used against you. Some black magicians can even create a liquid spell which may be spilled over a piece of land or an object to create a black magic curse.
Well, most thing is for sure that most people would tell you not to use black magic spells. There are a lot of cons to them. More so than pros. They can backfire on you very, very easily, for example. They send a heavy rain of bad karmic energy back to the sender, supposedly. They can harm every and any literal aspect of your life, or so I have heard.
People sometimes speak as if black magic spells are literally black and white spells and you can always tell for a fact on which is which. Well, I do not really agree with that. I feel as though what is bad and good really depends on perspective and opinion. What might seem like an innocent white spell to you might seem evil to me and so on. Let's not judge each others magic please. We already have Christians and outside religions calling ANY use of magic evil so let's not shame each other within our own circles yeah?
When someone is casting a white magic spell, they are doing so as to not cause any harm. that is the main rule that a practitioner of white magic must adhere to. black magic is generally used for selfish or evil intent. however, an experienced spell caster such as Ashra should be able to call upon the dark forces needed to cast a black magic spell and to do it safely.
Hello everyone! How are all of you doing? Black magic is a kind of a bad magic. I think it requires I think biological samples to do their spells, and it does backfire in the long run. While White Magic is a good kind of magic. It does not require anything. It works using the natural course of the universe. This kind of magic does not backfire in the long run and it stays active forever. Ashra offers both black ang white magic spells. But with Ashra, black magic are safe because Ashra does not want anything in bad form to her members. Good luck and take care everyone! Keep on staying positive always!
Black Magic is powerful but it is mainly used to harm others or manipulate someone against their own will. Usually, you would need samples from someone. However, yes, it will backfire. White Magic is natural and it is all good but it also will not backfire. Ashra does have both Black and White Magic spells. As for the Black Magic, it will not backfire because she knows what she is doing and is extra careful with it.
There are several differences between black and white magic. Black magic is harmful and manipulate. It has a higher chance of backfiring and can cause much emotional harm to you. It is honestly not even worth it.
White magic is pure and solely uses the energy between person a and b. It isn't harmful, and it probably will not backfire on you, and your significant other.
I can totally see why white magic is safer and why it is preferred.

White magic has the potential to bring out those true and genuine feelings that your lover has for you, it brings real love feelings to the surface, whereas black magic would bring out the negatives and it would bring a force so strong that would cause a backlash. White magic doesn't harm a persons life.

Maybe black magic is used in certain circumstances where it is still safe but you would need to have ALOT of experience to perform this kind of magic safely.
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing just fine today. Yes black magic will work faster than white magic. However, if you take the time to think more about it, that type of magic is really dangerous. Not only would it hurt the target of your spell, you would also get the same effect. With that being said, it will backfire on the parties involved including the spellcaster. This is why we are always advised to go with white magic. Although it will take time to manifest, but at least you are safe. I am glad that all my white magic spells are still working fine. Ashra really knows what she is doing.
As I'm sure we know the two main forms of magic are black and white.
Black magic, such as voodoo, is filled with harmful consequences. It is a manipulative monster that hurts you in the end. It is something that nobody wants to deal with i promise.
White magic, is much easier, and safer. It uses your energy and molds you and your lover in a more positive way. It is smoother and more efficent.
If Ashra can safely perform black magic or obeah to assist, I would consider, but given her expertise in pure white magic, I am trusting in the spell she has cast for me so far and will continue until I see results.

I haven't had personal experience in black magic but a friend told me recently his experience with a witch doctor who helped him achieve the one thing he wanted, but he ended up losing everything else as a result. As he put it, "you can't have it both ways". And another slightly terrifying experience he had with a ritual.

So I don't know, I'm sure many of us feel desperate enough to seek any means that we know is guaranteed to work but I do fear the consequence of something negative happening down the road, and that thought could haunt you even after you achieve what you want and never go away
Hello everybody! Good Afternoon. Black magic spells are very dangerous. This type of magic uses biological samples for it to work. Once this spell are used by inexperienced spell casters, surely it would back fire in the long run. While, White Magic spells are good and safe spells. Ashra uses this type of magic for her spells. White magic does NOT backfire and it is very safe and effective. It uses the natural energies of yourself and of the universe to manifest and to work. For me, it is best to trust spell casters, like Ashra Koehn who uses White Magic spells! Good luck and take care everyone!
Hey all! Hope all is well. With working with Ashra and researching between White and Black magic, I would stay clear of black magic. You never know what’s gonna happen. It could backfire, it could come back in you and cause you more harm than good and all sorts of different things. White magic is the way to go. But you have to have an experienced caster like Ashra herself perform these casts. Her success rate is through the roof and in my opinion, she’s the only go to spell caster there is. Please do your research before you decide to do some black magic. Peace and Blessings
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are feeling well today. My situation might be a bit stubborn, but going with black magic spells never crossed my mind. I think it's something we shouldn't deal with unless it is very urgent. It is best to leave your cases to a professional spellcaster. If you work with an amateur, it could come back in you. Ashra has 18 years of experience and she always makes sure that everything is fine and no harm. I am going to stick with white magic only. I just want to be safe.
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I'm going to be staying with white magic for my situation I know my situation is very stubborn but dark magic is for evil purposes. It is not good to use dark magic as it back fires but with Ashra it does not. Ashra is very experienced that's why it can't be backfired. She knows what she's doing. It scares me the thought of using black magic on my love situation because I would not want my lover will to be forced on. That means he wouldn't have real feelings but I just want natural feelings his real one which would be white magic I would give him all the time he needs to see that I am the one for him. I have out of my own experience had these fake casters try to do a evil black magic spell on me I only had found out that it wasn't white magic and had a bad experience with them. Please don't mess with black magic unless it's truly needed. I know some people who tried a black magic spell it is a bad feeling. I feel the feeling would haunt me knowing I manipulated someone to love me.
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I wonder if anyone has recently tried to have a black magic spell cast by Ashra? I haven't yet asked her for one, I've been hitting my lover with tons of white magic spells. But I wouldn't hesitate to inquire with Ashra about her black magic/Obeah spell if he doesn't return to me in the next few months.

I trust Ashra with all of my spellwork and she has worked such miracles for me and countless others. I'm sure if I asked her about black magic, she would tell me the risks and what is required. But I would only do it if I knew it brought a higher chance of working on my lover and not backfiring on anyone.
White magic is the best form of magic as it is the safest and it is natural.

It can take longer then other forms of magic but I think it is the best form and I would always choose this one.I have never really heard anything good about Black magic , I always hear about it backfiring and them having really bad consequences so if black magic is to be practiced it needs to be by someone who is experienced.

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I heard a lot about white magic too, when I was a child my mother kept telling me stories that I though were fake. However, when I was old enough she revealed that magic exists and it must be used with caution and only if you have a good intention.. I learnt that its the intention of the spell caster that determines the nature of magic. Having bad intentions like hurting someone makes the magic black otherwise you’ll have white magic if you intention are good.
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