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Black Magic vs White Magic Spells

I think Black Magic spells is best avoided because these sort of spells can backfire and cause really bad results. Also if it is cast by a spell caster who is not experienced this can be so dangerous too.However if I was to choose a Black Magic spell then I would trust Ashra Koehn 100% she has years of experience behind her so I know nothing could go wrong. White Magic is natural and does not backfire, they are effective and I think Ashra specializes in White Magic.
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Even when a professional spellcaster has to be and take caution while casting Black Magic spells because with the slightest of risk or something slips within the ritual, it can backfire with hurting the spellcaster in the process. I feel like with Black Magic, it can be used for good, but at the same time, not to be toyed with either.

White Magic is all-natural based. Meaning that it comes from the Earth or the Five Elements and can involve with nature too. But with all magic types, including White and Black Magic, they have rules.