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Black Magic vs White Magic Spells

I agree with everybody here, I would say white magic is a lot safer. Black magic might work fast, but it's dangerous and can backfire! It would be terrible to have your hopes up and your wishes be granted for them to be destroyed only a little later down the line right? If you're unsure, I would say email Ashra and see what she advises! Ashra only offers good spells that are safe and do no harm!
I believe white magic is a light spell and black magic is more stronger and powerful.

Sometimes depending on the situations complexity, one may use black magic.

Once true love exist between you and your lover then I don't think using black magic to have them realize what they have done is a bad thing.

I would definitely purchase a black magic spell because you have some people who keep interfering in your relationship to trying an break you and your lover apart because of jealousy and other reasons.
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Black magic spells are powerful and can work quicker but if it is not cast by an experienced spell caster then the spell can back fire. Not all black magic spells back fire like a lot of people may think. In all honesty I think it all depends on the spell caster and if they are only using it for the good and not the bad. Ashra does black magic and if you have your account all the way up to excluding membership then you will see the black magic spells. I was actually wanting to get one just to check it out. They work quicker which is why a lot more people go for voodoo and black magic whether than going for white magic. White magic goes through the core and it is natural. It makes our lover stbink about us then miss us and then find a way to get back to us.
Black magic spells are known to be risky and often backfire and can sometimes hurt you in return. They may be powerful, but why risk it? However, White magic is used for good intentions and does not backfire. White magic has proven to be successful and Ashra uses white magic for almost all of her spells. Her spells are safe and deliver real results. Ashra never wants to put her clients in harm's way and her spells have been known to be very successful and many clients have come and gone. Never worry about white magic, but I would not use black magic.
I agree with everyone black magic is bad and I have a situation now where this woman used black magic to take my man away from me and is still using it to keep him from coming back. She has put up so many shields that the other spells that was cast for me could not penetrate through but then I found Ashra and she say she can help me and get my man back because if it wasn't for this woman putting this spell on him we would still be together because our relationship was not I. Any trouble or danger as we were planning to get married next year and we were happy until this woman blind sided me and him with this spell that he don't have a clue he is under. So I need all the help I can get to get my man back and bind her from hurting us ever again.
Black magic spells may be quicker than white magic, but they are too volatile. Meaning, that they can backfire and harm others. I believe they can also be manipulative on the person your are casting the spell on. White magic does not take a person's free will from them. White magic, when performed corrected and by an experienced caster, will not backfire. This magic may take longer than black magic, but you can be assured it is safe for you, the caster, and the person you love. No harm will come to people because of white magic. Black magic is just way to risky, in my opinion. That's why I trust Ashra to perform my spells. I know she will do them correctly, she will put all her energy into them, and no harm will come to me, my love, or Ashra :). It just a matter of time before I get to see my love again, and hear his voice again, and know the feel of his arms around me again.
In the right hands black magic can be a very powerful and useful tool. In the wrong hands however, bad things can happen. What many people fail to realize is that all magic is yin and yang. In white magic there is black, and in black magic there is white. It's honestly a balance. Like I said, in the right hands black magic can help you through the toughest of situations. However, black magic deals with the taking away of free will. If you are going to use black magic in a love spell, be prepared to live with the fact that you took away someone's free will, not to mention the karma that will follow if you decide to leave the person you used the black magic on. I would say, only use black magic if you are 110% sure that this is the outcome you want. Black magic is swift and binding. However, I would suggest white magic just to be safe.
hey everyone I believe that black magic is dangerous, especially if the work by unskilled persons and if it is used to some bad intentions, I read a lot about black magic and it if is not done correctly and can backfire, can affect the psyche and the health, so I think that should be avoided because it is more natural white magic black magic probably can bring quick results.
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I was always taught to avoid black magic due to it being evil. It's very powerful and why risk it backfiring on you and making your situation much worse? White magic is good magic...it is pure and will not come back to haunt you. Ashra uses white magic and she is whom you need to stick with. I would not use Voodoo to attract a lover back, because the risk of backfiring is high.
Hello Tyuille, never met you until right now, how are you, yes you have come to the right place, I am so sorry about the black magic spell that was put over you both by that evil woman also sorry you are going through so much because of this, nobody should have to endure such are the hands of another human being, I am only glad that there is pretty much nothing that ashra cannot handle, glad that she told you she could help showing you that you both still have a future together, please hang in there, it's all gonna work out just fine, positive vibes to you.
Hello! I understand what you're going through. I recommend white magic. I think it's better to ask Ashra but I'm just telling you from prior knowledge. Black magic is dwelling on negativity and backfire easily. White magic is pure and is less likely to backfire. White magic uses power that doesn't force love instead bonds their aura. Black magic uses forced love while dwelling upon negitivity. I hope this reply help! Have a great day! Keep smiling and enlighten other people's day! stay positive!!
I would even love to get a black magic spell soon because of my tough and complex situation. I know it is harmful but if done correctly then there won’t be any side effects. Ashra is going to do it completely safe so I really don’t have worries about getting a black magic spell from her. I wish I had a lot of money to buy those spells then I could have purchased the obeah spell and the black magic spell too together and then my lover would be back to me instantly.
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I will prefer white magic over black magic.
I havent tried any of it yet. But i think black magic is bad. Most of the time people use it to hurt people. They require biological stuffs like hair nail blood or some materialistic thing. Which you have to collect without someone permission. That is one kind of stealing because nobody will allow you to take their biological stuff for these kind of thing.
On other hand white magic is less badly. People dont use it to hurt people.
I also heard that if you dont do the black magic properly it will backfire. But i never heard of backfiring a white magic spell. So whatever the situation i will never go for black magic.
I don't think black magic is a bad thing, but I wouldn't use it unless you really felt like your situation needed the extreme effects that black magic can have. White magic has been proven to be safe and it is also effective once casted. Sometimes results may be fast or slow, but results will always be there no matter what. I think all of Ashra's spells are used with white magic and only the mana spells involve black magic from what I've seen in the resource section.
I know Ashra does specialize in White Magic because it is a lot safer and it is natural.
Black Magic is known to backfire and it forces someone to come to you which is not okay and can have negative outcomes for both you and your lover.However Ashra can cast black magic spells as she is experienced and knows what she is doing. Ashra does not recommend black magic normally as she specializes in white magic :)
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I would definetly reccomand to stay as far as possible from black magic. Even when you scroll down "google search" and find some advertisments for black magic spells, try to avoid them and not even take a look inside of that pages. They all look very "dark" and "evil". I always had a bad feeling when I took a peek inside of them. The most dangerous and the ones to avoid are the D.I.Y. spells that involve menstrual blood, blood of any kind, black candles, body fluids and any type of hair.
Black magic is dangerous and it can backfire if you use an unexperienced spell caster. White magic is a pure, natural and clean type of magic where it works on the person energy to manifest. It will not cause bad luck or backfire.
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Magic is all based around a scale going from negatives to positives. on the positive side you have white magic which revolves around love and logic. on the negative, black magic which revolves around greed and destruction. White magic adds energy to your person and gives you the ability to radiate enough energy to achieve whatever your spell is being cast for. It is not greedy, It will not force another to do anything against their free will and it does not have a backlash. White magic is natural and predefined. Black magic takes away energy that you have to give you an instant outcome, though it sounds nice to have immediate results black magic is never what you'd want to do because of the backlash that it creates and it forces another person to do something against their free will. It is not loving and has no clarity. At a -10 on the scale you have created black magic, at a 10 you have created white magic. Its all about energy folks, always keep that in mind
I would prefer to stick with White magic because it is natural and is safer to do. I have heard bad things about Black magic and nothing good to be honest.However, if I was to have a Black magic spell I would only trust Ashra as she is very experienced and knows what she is doing.
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I don't believe that black magic is entirely bad, but it most definitely can be when used the wrong way, or by an inexperienced spell caster (as said before by many others on this thread). Black magic gives results quicker, however, it bends the intentions of the universe. For example, a person may use black magic when they'd like to create feelings within a person that had not originally been present, forcing them to love or hate someone they may not even know. I've heard also that black magic puts pressure on one's karma, though I'm not entirely sure how or why. White magic, though, gives results over a longer period of time. It allows feelings to be strengthened, not forcing anyone to do anything. Most people know that true love cannot be rushed, and white magic only supports this.
Black magic is risky and dangerous. White magic has been proven to be safe and doesn't backfire. I know that Ashra's love spells have never been known to harm anyone or backfire in any way. Black magic has the capability of backfiring and can harm the caster as well as the target. I know that Ashra offers a few black magic spells, but she casts them with extreme care and I would only trust her with that kind of ritual. Black magic is more powerful, but do not play with it.
Black magic is really only best for negative spells not really positive ones as it will completely backfire. Black magic done by someone experienced, however will be best and the chances of backfiring are minimal, but there is always a risk of things going badly. If you're seeking revenge black magic is definitely the way to go, otherwise stick to white magic and staying positive.
So I want to know how dangerous are black magic spells than white magic, like are they really dmagerous that let's say a person isn't really serious about the person they want to be back with what will happen to that person if they cast tha black magic spells? And how much can it harm a person if they slip in between? I'm really scared to get the obeah spell cause I think it's black magic but it's the only spell that I think will help me.
Hello everyone and good evening I hope you all had a great day today! I believe that you should use white magic instead of black magic and it does have its pros and cons with in its name because white magic is something that is more safe and it can be used for all cases and as for black magic what I have read is that it is strong but something to watch out for. In my opinion I want to stay with the white magic because I do not know the repercussions of the black magic. I hope this helps you and I hope you all have an amazing evening! Do not forget to smile every single day!
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Black Magic or dark Magic is a type of magic that is believed to use evil Spirits. I totally disagree with back magic because it is wrong to use black magic for our love. Whereas White magic is a type of magic that is use for good purposes. White magic can be used to heal the mind, body and soul from negative and harmful energy. So I can prefer White magic as it is safe for us.
I always leaned more towards white magic then black magic because I know white magic is more on the pure safe sides with no backfires or some type of consequences but I've been thinking of black magic lately. I know that they can become bad but if done correctly they can be just as safe as white magic. I feel that black magic is a lot stronger than white magic and would work alot faster. I desperately want my lover back so I've been wanting it more and more but the only reason why I haven't gotten it yet is because I don't want to risk anything happening with my lover or put him in harms way at all but when it comes down to it if Ashra has spells like that I would definitely get it if it takes too long for my lover to come back :cool:.
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Hello everyone! How are you all? Black magic is magic using evil spirits and is more likely to backfire. Ashra's spells are all white magic, they never backfire. Usually dark magic can decrease your quality of life, bring you bad luck, and even hurt you in any way. I recommend using White magic spells because they dont have as many risks as black magic spells. Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful day!
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Hi @Bearhugs I understand your concern about black magic and the obeah spell. Black magic can be dangerous if performed by someone who is inexperienced and/or who has the wrong intentions. Black magic has been known to severely backfire on all parties involved. However, Ashra is highly skilled and extremely careful with her spell casting. If you are considering the obeah spell from Ashra I would feel confident that all will be fine. But I would discuss with her any concerns you have about that particular spell as she can tell you if it's right for your situation or not.

Hope this helps. *Hugs*
Black magic is something that you dont want to deal with. Its somethibg that will make your life misserable. I dont want to have any negative thing in my life anymore. Its enough that I have a simple and peaceful life even I have some obstacles.

Goodness will never ever be defeated by evil or bad spirit. No matter what happened. It will always prevailed.
I definitely wouldn’t even mess with any dark magic. Dark magic spells are more than likely going to back fire. Ashra’s spells use energy so there’s no risk of backfire but not following post cast guidelines can delay the effectiveness of the spell. Please don’t use any dark magic, especially for your safety.
I sometimes have hard time differentiating between black and white magic. I found out after some research that black magic has some negativity to it (?), So white magic is definitely the right way to go
I agree! Using black magic spells can be very dangerous and it is more of a controlling your lover to love you but with Ashra she can do all types of spells, but she does prefer to use white magic spells. With this the magic is pure and the feeling is natural and is based off of your energy. I wound personally go with a white magic spells since black magic spells can back fire and seem to be robbing the other of their free will? I have heard a lot of negative things about black magic spells. so Just to be on the safe side I would defiantly stick to white magic spells. Anyhow best of luck to you all with your spells and remember to stay positive! much love :inlove:.
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Um, I found something disturbing about a certain comment on this thread. I know it’s just an opinion, but I feel offended. Black isn’t evil at all, I’m African-American and as an American, I am black, at least that’s what they call my skin color. Although, I am light brown/light skin as seen in my profile picture. Anyway, black magic, however; is evil, but I think if Ashra were to recommend this spell, it would have to be an emergency and she would use it with care. I think she only uses white magic though. Regardless of which spell she uses, her spells don’t backfire. The two spells I have active on my crush has not backfired on me yet. Also, my crush is caucasian aka white, not sure if it matters on forums. I’ve seen black cats at my college, but they’re not evil to me. As long as they don’t attack me. I’m allegeric to cats, though, so i cannot go near them or be around them as much cause I’ll start sneezing a lot. My neighbor has a black dog. I don’t think their dog is evil because they’re black, however; I DO think their dog is extremely annoying because they always bark whenever they see my family’s dog outside. Their little dog is more annoying..
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White magic is always better, no matter how desperate you are. Black magic spells will always seem like they can make things happen quickly, which is the truth, but they will always backfire at some point down the line and it will come back at a stronger potency too. It is important to always use white magic, as it will also have fast results as long as you are positive. Good energies come to good thoughts so just make sure to think happy thoughts to get you through your situation!
I believe you should just stick with white magic. White magic is full of positive energy, I believe this is what Ashra uses. White magic is pure and for good. Black magic is used with voodoo I believe. Black magic is dangerous and full of negative energy. It normally back fires and bites you in the ass. It is an evil magic, usually used for cursing. If you think about the names, white and black. The color white is represented by innocence, purity and goodness. The color black is usually represented by negativity and darkness.
Like others have said, Black magic can have a lot of negative and unwanted affects and can do more harm than good. White magic, clears energies, opens channels, removes negativity, and opens love. Black magic can be forceful and may bring the desired results in a faster way, but can leave a lot of negativity and closed channels, causing issues later on. White magic is pure and natural, and while slower, it definitely is the safer way to over come and move forward. Hope that helps!
I think it is better to go with white magic spells because they are safe and they do no harm to you and to other people. Black magic spells are dangerous, it is fast and effective but it manipulates the person on who the spell is cast. Though it is fast, but it has a lot of negativity around it and it may back fire. I prefer white magic spells, though they may take time to manifest but atleast its safer and no one gets harmed. Black magic can come back to you and harm you. They are usually used to harm other people. I have heared that those who use black magic spells to hurt someone, can bring them bad karma. So I don't wanna do that. Its better to go with white magic spells.
Always stick to white magic, no matter how dire your situation may seem or how urgent you need results. Black magic does not give you the results you need because they will make it seem like everything is solved and then suddenly everything will fall apart. It's because black magic forces results to happen that are not natural, and when things are not natural, they tend to fall apart quickly. White magic might take some time, but their results are always permanent and they are always able to bring you the result you desire in the amazing way possible. :)
Hello everyone!
I would only trust white magic. Ashra's spells are pure and white magic. Black magic has risks of hurting you or other people and even the wrong person. White magic doesnt have those risks. I wouldnt risk getting black magic casted. It makes me feel unsafe but I will trust white magic. Anyway i hope you all have a wonderful day. God bless you all. Also stay positive!