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Black Magic World - www.blackmagicworld.com - Warlock Eeno


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Hi guys! I've been reading so much about spell casters scams that I wanted to ask a question about Black Magic World. Have you also experienced the Blackmagicworld.com? He is Warlock Eeno. Does his spells work? He messaged me that he has cast my spell and I have to wait his message again before I start chanting with lighting candle, after that he emailed me and I can start chanting. And he will update me after a week. I did what he instructed to me. I decided to contact Ashra due to my suspicions about Warlock Eeno. After a day, Ashra Koehn had finally emailed me and here I am on the forum. Maybe I would stick with Ashra. I'm in doubt with the Blackmagicworld.com and I'm scared that it will backfire me. I hope not. Until now I haven't seen any signs or what. I don't know what signs is that? Until now I haven't any contact with my man.  :( :banghead:
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All this black magic always scared me and has been proven most of the time dangerous or scam! I have been scammed when I didn't know what is going on and how some take advantage of people's desperation!

At Ashra has so many things published that it's for sure she is a real spell caster! Sometimes situations take time, but at least she is there to handle your situation.
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Hello, forum. I have decided to give blackmagicspells.com a look-see. From what I have discovered, they claim to practice Satanic witchcraft. This, definitely, is something you do not wanna get involved with!!!! Never should one ever think of using demons to try and gain someone else's attention.

The website speaks highly of black magic, which is not something you'd want to take seriously. I cannot say whether or not this website is run by scammers, but black magic is a powerful force that will give you results that will not last, or will backfire terribly. Any type of magic that calls for any kind of biological materials or blood sacrifices should be avoided at all cost.

I would make the smart decision to work with Ashra Koehn. Never will her spells backfire because they are pure white magic and work with your energy. Please, by all means, do not work with this spellcaster, or however many are running this site. You won't get anything good out of it.
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Hi Sierra B123,
Not all black Magick calls for biological or blood materials. Not all black Magick fails or backfires either. Not all black Magick is Satanic; there are Luciferians of many stripes (gnostic, theist, atheist for example) who would be offended to be lumped in with Satanists. They’re not the same thing, but Luciferians do practice black and grey Magick. Demonolatry is a whole different branch of Magick practice, and there is also Chaos Magick, which is exactly as the name suggests, a mixture of all sorts. Wicca is another one.
It’s all to do with the intention, by which I mean the type of petition made and for what purpose. Getting our lovers back or to be with us over someone else affects free will. I don’t give two hoots, but this is really gray Magick. All magic uses both the spellcaster and the petitioners energy.

The difference with Ashra’s spells as I see it, is that there is no evocation/invocation or use of deities to achieve the results we desire. Hence it’s technically white magic.
Totally agree about the website though. Fake as all hell and their spells are about as likely to succeed as Trump at the next election.
Hi @SierraB123. Thanks for the information about Warlock Eeno and black magic spells. Even if they're scammers, are they have the ability to make the magic? I'm feeling bothered that it will backfire me.

Hi @mystery_11. Have you experienced them? Yes you are right, because of being desperate to get back with their lovers, people tend to deal with black magic for they want an absolute result but this also make you believe at the beginning. It's also show no easy result but only makes you feel hopeless.

I'm now on the stage of losing hope again but I know someday my man will come with the help of ashra.