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Calastrology - California Astrology Association CAA www.calastrology.com

Kevin Gibson

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Has anyone dealt with California Astrology Association a.k.a Calastrology? Their website is below;

Don't get me wrong, I used CAA before finding Ashra. Fancy website - I asked for a "Reunite lover spell", got told it can take up to 1-2 months. My lover left the family home in July, so was optimistic, but the only thing I really liked about their website, is the fact if you're not satisfied, they WILL refund you your money up to 12 months after they "cast your spell"

You also get an amulet from them of your choice - I requested my money back and within 3 days of emailing them, I had money returned.

I know their customer service is good, but not so sure of their spells work. I would love to hear from others who have tried California Astrology Association because I cannot find a lot of reviews on Calastrology.
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Calastrology was first site I found and used. I waited 2 months for my spell to work. Nothing happened and my situation deteriorated to the point where my lover had told me I betrayed him, that he never loved me, and hoped I would die alone. I did not realized I had that long to request a refund. I just sent them the request to refund me for their failed reconciliation spell.
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Hey Kevin,
I have not heard of the Calastrology website before. I have looked it up and your right it does guarantee your money back if your not satisfied with the service. I am not too sure if their spells work though as usually there is not a specific time a spell will bring results, possible to predict signs and movements but not the full outcome. There does not appear to be many reviews about CalastroIogy to know for sure if they can be trusted. I personally will only stick with Ashra Koehn as she works with her clients one on one and she is there every step of the way and when we need support.
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I think the California Astrology Association is one of the few websites that makes bold claims about refunding your money if you don't see results.

CAA claims the following: "If you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund your money. Period. No questions asked."

Aside from Kevin, does anyone know if Calastrology honors their guarantee? I decided to go with Ashra Koehn because she offers a personal one-on-one experience. Calastrology comes off as impersonal and I highly doubt you can talk to them even if you wanted to.

Its great that they claim to offer a 1 year refund guarantee, but you cannot get back the time wasted if you don't get results.

I feel it is extremely important to be able to talk directly to the spell caster so that he or she fully understand your situation which in turn will increase the chances of your spells working.

Ashra's spells worked for me and I've been using her to resolve any persona matters that come my way.
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Hey Kevin! I heard of them and read Calastrology's reviews on their testimonials page. I didn't feel comfortable about their review. It sounds and read like copy and paste. All good nothing negative about it. The website below will show you the review. You are lucky, that at least you got your money back from CAA because their spell didn't work.


I decided to use Ashra Koehn over Calastrology because after I read her reviews I felt a real connection to her and believed she could help. I have no regrets because her service has been amazing so far.
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Hey guys its first time I'm hearing about this website and I wouldn't even try to go there for other spells. I believe only in Ashra as I have seen results with Ashra Koehn. For me, I will not use any other spell caster. I'll stay with Ashra but its a good thing that they gave you your money back. I would say stay with Ashra as only she is number one and her spells does work.
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I also used one of the spells from Calastrology in this April before finding Ashra. Nothing ever happened. I purchased "Retrieve Your Lover ASAP!", then got a very simple email confirm the date to cast the spell. There's no guideline, reviews or report about the situation, no direct connection with the spell caster.

Six months gone, I even forgot about this spell and the refund policy. @Kevin Gibson, how long you purchased the spell from them? Because I purchased the spell for 6 months only, so do you think I can require for a refund?
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Hi Kevin! I have heard of Calastrology and regretfully gave them a try before going to Ashra Koehn. I wish I hadn't because the first spell I ordered from them was back in mid July, and here it is almost November with no signs or results. Stupidly, I ordered an Obeah Breakup spell and a blazing fast breakup spell to separate my Tyler from that girl he is (or was) seeing; didn't work. I even tried ordering an aura cleansing spell. Still nothing. After not seeing any results, I decided to continue searching and thankfully, I found Ashra! Calastrology will refund you your money after one year, which is what I intend to do. I'm not planning on buying anything else from them because their spells don't work. I think they are mostly cut and paste! Their spells may be affordable, but as many people say, you get what you pay for, and that's nothing. Stick with Ashra, Kevin. She's amazing, and she taught me and many others the value of patience and to be happy while waiting for our lovers to return to us. #AshraRocks #ILoveTyler
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I do believe the California Astrology Association (Calastrology) is a real company and not a scam, but I couldn't believe it went I saw the price of their Obeah love spell. Only 39 USD? That's way too cheap for a spell that other spell casters couldn't cast for you for any less then $1000 USD. I guess you get what you pay for...

Calastrology comes off as too corporate; like a big company that only cares about how much money they make in a day. Do they have pictures of the the spell casters who is casting your spell? Is there any way to talk with them one-on-one? I doubt it...

For me, I would only trust a spell caster I can personally connect with and this is why I went with Ashra Koehn over any other spell caster.
I have used California Astrology Association before but I definitely don't like their spell work. I also read their reviews and was a little skeptical about it. I really only used CAA for psychic readings. I was not happy about that either. I tried ordering a spell from them once but my money got refunded before the spell could be done. I guess that was my sign to come to Ashra. I am ecstatic about that because I now have a real spell caster. I would advise anyone not to use Calastrology for anything. Ashra is the best choice.
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I put in my refund request to Calastrology over the weekend. I will update you guys if they actually honor their guarantee and refund me the money I wasted on that spell. @GeraldT I purchased the spell in May so just under 6 months ago. If I do get the refund I plan to use it towards the purchase of another Spell from Ashra! After finding Ashra I have no desire to work with any other spellcasters. Once you find someone as real and caring as Ashra there is no need to search elsewhere.
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Yes I got a refund from Calastrology. I went to their site and there's a link to request a refund.

I even changed my bank card and I informed them of this and they asked for my new details and as before, 3 days later I had my refund credited to my account.

You can request a refund up to 12 months of purchase with no questions asked.
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Update: Calastrology will be refunding me the cost of my spell. They verified my Paypal info is the same, now I'm just waiting for the refund to hit. Thank you @Kevin Gibson for bringing their refund policy to my attention. I'm looking forward to using my refund towards a spell or seal from Ashra. Its great how this community looks out for each other. So many of us are new to spells that its easy to find ourselves falling prey to fakes online.
ScarlettFox ,
Yes do that! Ashra is one of the most trusted spell casters with the highest success rates!
I'm glad your getting your money back from Calastrology. I guess they do honor their promise.

All I can say is I am grateful I have found Ashra now, and that she is in my life! I just purchased a spell with her about 3 days ago.

I already feel it working!?! I wish you the best of luck with your spell and everyone else as well
sending positive vibes all around! Much much love , Ari :laugh::inlove::inlove:.
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I did I requested about 8 spells from Calastrology and nothing happened. I waited a year and CAA refunded all of my money. However, the California Astrology Association are not nearly as good as Ashra's great customer service.
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@Love10 Wishing you the best of luck with your spell! Remember to follow Ashra's guidelines to insure your spell is successful and manifests quickly. Welcome to the forum Ari! I used my refund to upgrade a spell to a triple casting. I have faith this will be the spell that brings my stubborn man to his senses :thumbsup:

@Sandra chriss I'm glad you got your money back from Calastrology. I wish we could get back the time we wasted waiting for CAA's spells to work though... Lesson learned always research and get a feel for a spellcaster before you make a purchase.
Wow, thank you @ScarlettFox your update for the refund. Yes, I just emailed CAA for a refund. Be honest, I rather hope Calastrology's spells are also working for people. I really can't wait to see miracle for my marriage.

Indeed, people get what they pay for... I would purchase more spells from Aahra at a highest potent level with most powerful shield IF I HAVE MONEY.... haha!
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I didn't come across www.calastrology.com as I was only looking for other types of spell casters online and I thank god I didn't come across CAA, but its good to know they offer refunds as per their terms of service an bold claims on the main page. I'm thankful that I have found Ashra Koehn and I know she is a genuine spell caster and her spells works. So I'm just gonna stick with her and have success with my outcome. Ashra is genuine and pure. I love the way her spells works and give results .I'm fan of her work and services. Plus she is always there every step of the way.
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Well It's not only the money you lose to other websites, but it's your energy and strength as well. And that I can't manage at all! So I am grateful I found Ashra after long time of being around to those websites that takes money and don't care at all about you. Kasamba.com is one of this websites. I tried many there but they were all fake. I thought one was real but she was not at all! I think Ashra has done a lot of work in order to prove she is real! First of all this forum where you can get feedback from other members needs a lot of time and effort. Also Ashra answers to you specially in hard times she finds the time to relax you and make you feel better. I would stick with Ashra and never try anyone else again. I don't feel the need. My situation is taking time and I am having a bad day today but I don't have any second thought about Ashra's work and effort for me! At least that makes me be at ease!
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Happy Halloween!
Interesting. I have never heard of them at all. That's nice that you get your money back from Calastrology if you don't see results, but its sad to hear that they didn't work for you. I think this proves that the California Astrology Association does care about their customers and reputation. I believe they are a real company. However, there are a lot of fake spell casters who claim that they will refund you, lie to you and never honor their promises and/or guarantees. Thanks for this information.
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Kevin, I havent pass by that spell caster or site. I am so happy your money is back on your hand. This does shows that their spell is not working well on people. Imagine they gave you yoir money but the amulet is still in your hand. If you have business like this dont you think it would be unfair for Calastrology to ship it to you without anything in return.

Just like the experience of the other members who work with them for almost 2 moths. Nothing had happenen right. It also show that its not as good as Ashra. The reason why I open this up is because. If you get the service of Ashra, you will feel something once she castghe spell on you. Honestly, my experienced is, even if she haven't cast it yet. I could feel different.
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I’ve never looked at the site, or heard of the California Astrology Association before.
However, I know it’s hard to find a real spell caster and after coming across Ashra I know she’s real.
The wasted time on that website is sad though, but it’s good some of you have been able to get your money back from CAA if that's part of their Satisfaction Policy!
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I received an update for the refund from the CAA. Calastrology did refund me the cost of my spell. Although their spells are not working, at least they kept their promise.
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Good morning everyone. Yesterday I was doing my research. I contacted California Astrology Association because it's been six months and they kept saying be patient. I asked how patient do they want me to be. Well I politely asked for my refund and they were nice enough credited back to my card and I have it.
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I have had an encounter with Calastrology early this year, but had no results with them. They do say that you will get your money back if you don't get the results you desire and I am glad they refunded me my money even though I didn't get results. They are better than those spell casters out there who say that they will refund our money when we don't get results but they don't.

Ashra is the only spell caster who will deliver the desired results and recast the same spell for free if we don't see results.
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Hi, Andria. You said that Ashra will work with you with a one-on-one experience? What did you mean by that? I noticed she makes a personal spell just for you, but when she recommends the Passion Panacea spell, does she use the spell in general or does she use to your personal situation?

Hi, Gerald T. Your update was helpful! At least Calastrology refunded your money back as they said, however; I don’t think they genuinely cared about their spells working for you like Ashra.
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I was on Facebook, and saw an advertisement from Spells and Amulets - a division of Calastrology; couldn't help but notice that they disabled the commenting on their ads. I guess they don't want people badmouthing their spells:laugh:!
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I still receive emails every week from Calastrology about love, luck, and money spells. I will not work with them since my previous spell had no result at all. On the plus side they do honor their money back guarantee and will refund you within a few days if you request it. They don't seem to be effective but at least they are not a scam. The biggest risk of working with them is that you will have lost the time you were waiting on their spell to work. I don't know about you but I'd rather have one of Ashra Koehn's spells working for me, because she is real, authentic, and very compassionate to everyone's situation.
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I have never heard of Calastrology, but after reading all of your posts, I do not believe I will be looking into them. Ashra has already helped me a lot by bringing me into this community so I have full confidence she will get me the effective help I need. Since Calastrology seems to refund money, it does not seem like they are a scam but it does seem like they are ineffective, which is the last thing I need because I do not have time to waste.
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Since I started looking for spellcasters last month, I did start seeing ads for Calastrology in my Yahoo email.

Based on what you all have said, I'm glad I didn't look into them (though by that time anyway I had already gotten involved with Ashra)

It is worth mentioning good that they refund customers their money, but that doesn't mean much if no one has reported any positive outcomes of the spells themselves.
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I have actually tried Calastrology in the beginning of this year, and I had two spells casted. It obviously didn’t work for me anyways. I got refunds for them. I’m sure they’re legit but not as good as our lovely friend Ashra here :laugh:. I ordered a samadhi which is a tigers eye crystal and it’s for protection. But other than that I won’t be ordering from CAA anymore.
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I have heard of CAA because I have seen advertisements on Facebook, but I have never used them. It is nice that they offer a refund of the spells don't work. I wouldn't trust them though because chances are their spells don't actually work.

So I would rather stick with the spell caster I'm currently using because I know her spells work as I have seen it myself. No spell caster compares to her anyways because she knows what she is doing and had a high success rate.
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I’ve ordered a lot from CAA/Calastrology. Basically what everyone is saying is true. Before I asked for a refund I looked at all the spells I had asked for. One was involving my career. Which because of my current situation and my career went in the opposite direction as of now. I know that their spells do not work at all. I did get a refund though which was good. The only thing I’d say is good about them is their amulets just cus I liked how they looked. Since it’s not real jewelry it’s about what you’d expect for the price. Basically jewelry to wear with certain outfits. :wtf:
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I somehow came across CAA/Calastrology a few weeks ago and purchased 2 spells. I received an email saying the date that they were going to be casted and that was it. Somehow I started searching online again and came across Ashra Koehn, I was reading all of her positive reviews and I was so elated because I felt like I finally find someone honest and true that could help me with my situation. I didn’t hesitate in contacting Ashra and she immediately emailed me back that day (thank you) she suggested Passion Panacea which I purchased along with Freedom Fire Breakup and Stonework Soul Calling. A few days later Ashra emailed me to informed me that my spells were casted successfully!! I can not tell you how relieved I felt in receiving her email. I’ve been so stressed over my situation but the mere fact that I have Ashra helping me has given me some relief. I’m so glad that I found Ashra and happy that she’s honest, trustworthy and willing to help you out even in the most stubborn of situation! Looking forward to purchasing more spells from Ashra and I can’t wait for all my spells to fully manifest! I know we will be together once and for all real soon!!