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I have been working with a spell caster called Clarissa White for the past 5 months and so far I have not seen any results. She claims that the process takes over 6 months for real results and has had me pay her weekly. So far I've paid her over $600 already. Clarissa claims the process is still working. At this point I am getting concerned on if she is real or just trying to scam me. I've read several good reviews about her on ClarissaWhite.net, but there were many negative reviews on other websites.

Can anyone provide any guidance on this matter? Also, I’ve heard so many great things about Ashra Koehn. I wanted to know if I can use two spell casters at the same time. If I use Ashra while Clarissa White spells are working on the same person, how will this affect my situation?
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To be honest @antdemwil, $600 is a lot of money to go without results for 4-5 months. I'm presuming that this is a love situation? If you haven't had any signs or results, I suggest you stop paying Clarissa and come to Ashra. Have her analyze the situation. If Clarissa White is really casting spells, but she is inexperienced, you run the risk of having your situation getting more complicated, not better. I personally wouldn't use two casters at once, but I don't know for sure what difference it would make. Just one of Ashra's spells costs much less than what you paid and generally her spells come with good results in shorter amounts of time, if not a full manifestation. I would be very skeptical, going forward, with whether this Clarissa White is real or not. I say run if you are having doubts. Do some research and decide if you really want to stay with that caster.
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I thought using two spell casters was a good idea as I thought 2 spells would equal extra fire power.
This turned out to be the wrong idea as it pushed my lover towards someone else.

I have been in touch with Ashra to cast a powerful spell. I wish I came to her before I went to other people.

I've never used Clarissa White, but if you are starting to have doubts about her, I would recommend you stop use her services completely and stick with one spell caster at a time.

Ashra has endless reviews and testimonials, I just wish I came here sooner. You could email her with your issues and concerns and she will explain the best way forward.
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@antdemwil good question but I'd probably start using Ashra if you are having doubts about Clarissa White. Spells do take time to manifest. For some people it may take longer than others and it also depends on how complicated your situation may be. However, my lover is very stubborn. Ashra is real and is very genuine. I can't tell you anything about Clarissa White but I can definitely tell you how great the spell caster I'm currently working with is and how hard she works to make sure her clients are happy.
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Hy Antdewil,
Well $600 is a lot money and it should be the time that you should see movements or signs. If you haven't seen anything then in my opinion it's time for you to move on from Clarissa White and try someone else. Don't waste your money on a scammer. It will only make things worse. Ashra too uses white magic and every member in this forum has seen signs and movements within the first 2 or 3 weeks, some have got within 24 and 48 hours after spell was casted. These includes the complicated situations too. For me Clarissa is just a scam. Ashra is the real deal girl. You should start to get back your lover with her help. She's a spell caster with 17 years of experience so do not doubt to get in contact with her. Did you asked her about this? Is it okay to get another spell cast while the other is still active from Clarissa? If Clarissa's spells were working it's more than enough time to get movement darling. Think wise and make your decision. I personally wouldn't continue giving your hard earned money to Clarissa.
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Stop using Clarissa White immediately! I just visited here website clarissawhite.net and I can already tell its likely a scam. The website looks quickly put together and unprofessional. The reviews I found about her consistently say the same things about her spells not working and going through a 6 month spell casting process with Clarissa.

I believe you lost your $600, but you can make sure she doesn't get another red cent out of you! Sadly, there was one review where someone lost over $2000 and Clarissa White kept asking for more money every time her client didn't see results with her spells.
@antdemwil If you do start working with Ashra I would recommend letting Ashra know what type of spell Clarissa has cast. She has the ability to fix mistakes other casters have made but its important to let her know if this is something you need or are concerned about. In my case I was certain that the previous casters I had paid either didn't cast anything or didn't have any ability to so this wasn't a concern. Ashra has said that her spells can work with other spells though so I wouldn't be too concerned about your spells conflicting. I highly recommend you stop using Clarissa White and go with someone who is a very genuine and caring person with 17 years of experience. Most importantly, she only cast white spells which are completely safe and powerful.
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Hello my dear,

I understand... It's is very sad when people like Clarissa take advantage of you when you are vulnerable. I'm so sorry about that. I came across her, but reviews were not pleasant...

If she's hurting instead of helping, it will catch up to her.

Hope you find the help you deserve.
Much love,
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Yikes, $600 is a lot to have invested in someone. Have you reached out to Clarissa White in regards to not having any signs pop up? Because maybe the full effects won't appear until that amount of time, but you should start to at least see some things present themselves that leads to that. I honestly don't think she's being very honest and may be a fraud. I think going with Ashra would be the way to go. When it comes to a dual spell casting you're not certain Clarissa is even the real deal so I don't think it would make it influence the one Ashra casts for you. However, I do know Ashra is not fraudulent and has many members on here who can vouch for her work and assure you that you will be in good hands. As well as having her reach out to you and keeping you up to date on how the spell is going and offering advice on how to handle things while you wait for the spell to fully take effect. I hope this helped!
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Its my first time hearing about ClarissaWhite.net. I don't think its right to wait for that long and wasting your money. It looks like she is fraud and only wanting money. I think you lost $600 and its quit possible she didn't cast any spells period. I think its time you try someone else and cut your loses. By posting your review about Clarissa White on this forum, you have helped so many people who may fall victim to the same person.
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I'm sad to say that I originally approached a few spell casters with my problem before I found Ashra and the second claimed to start working on my spells without me even paying her and she wanted like $1500 and threatened me never to use any other spell casters. This was a terrible idea because its possible she did something and now my ex married the other woman. I say don't bother with Clarissa White or any other spell casters who rub you the right way.

Not only will you possibly lose money, but you jeopardize your chances of getting your loved one back. Stay with Ashra and avoid Clarissa at all cost.
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I personally would not use two spell casters at the same time and I would not have Clarissa White be my choice.

I believe its wise to stick with Ashra Koehn now that you have found her.

Ashra Koehn's spells will show you legitimate and real results. Your money will not go to waste, it will be worth it.

Also, it is unusual for a spell caster to ask you for money on a weekly basis, this raises a red flag for me too. If she was a real spell caster she would be confident in her work and you would not need to keep paying her, plus, it makes no sense, why would you keep paying money if your spells have already supposedly been cast?

I definitely hope you stick with Ashra, she's amazing!
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Well thats a lot of money to lose on Clarissa White. Sometimes you can tell when there a sham when the emails are very automated and the website looks not very well put together like ClarissaWhite.net. If someone wanted to make a good honest living in trying to help people they would have a professional website. If they truly wanted to help and care about your situation they'd keep in touch with you. I wish there are more spell casters who actually show that they want to help people like Ashra does. I'm committed to this website now after a lot of fake spell casters have emailed and badgered me for money. Be careful, some people are not very nice and try to get you for money.
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Clarissa White works under the same company as Angelica Sanders, Sapphire Kridell, Sasha Londons, etc. It is called www.freemagick.com that they are listed under. Sorry to say that she is definitely a fake. The good reviews you may have read about her were but there by the company to deter others from making a better choice when searching for real spell casters. I have not tried Clarissa White, but I already know that she will not help you. And, like the others, she will not give you your money back, even if she has Money Back Guaranteed listed on her site. I regret to say that I was scammed by Sapphire back in May and June. If a spell caster keeps asking you for money, chances are that they are as fake as Easter grass. Please work with Ashra; she is like the only real spell caster on the Internet, and she won't do you wrong. She cares about every one of her clients, and will not force you to buy anything that you cannot afford.

Also, I was wondering how I can start a discussion under the spell casters section because I do have other fake spell casters to list here, to help others avoid them altogether.
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@SierraB123 Nice detective work! Freemagick.com is owned by Clarissa White and her many fake co-workers like Angelica Sanders, Sapphire Kridell, Sasha Londons, and Candace Lightheart; all of which are operated by one or more people pretending to be several different spell casters.

There is also a chat box on Freemagick's website where they lure in clients by calling real spell casters a scam and then referring people to either Clarissa White or several of there other characters which I've listed above.

They will make false promises and even say that they will refund you if it doesn't work. However, its all a lie.

I also noticed that none of these spell casters have any real photos. Just some quickly put together website used to obtain new clients. If you have had a bad experience with any of the spell casters listed above, then know that they are one and the same... One group hiding under serval different characters.
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Clarissa White and Angelica Sanders are one and the same.

Clarissa sent me this email from clarissawhite38@gmail.com:

Eliza, you already received a quote from our coven. Please contact Angelica Sanders back - if you hire her, you get all 12 of us. We are one of the only genuine covens online. She is waiting to hear back from you!


It would be a shame to pass down the real answer you need after finally finding one!

I followed her advice and contacted Angelica Sanders and received the following email from her:

Eliza... I can help you fix things with your husband. I can show him how important you TRULY ARE to him... I can get RID of this woman and show him the truth! I KNOW I can give you two a REAL CHANCE to be happy together! Please, tell me more about the two of you, how you met, what things were like in the beginning and when you were happy together? How are things now and what do you want to see happen and change? Full names and dates of birth help too if you don't mind! I am VERY GOOD at what I do and hope to hear from you soon! Email me back Latoya!
Angelica Sanders

At that point I knew something wasn't right so I didn't respond back to Angelica Sanders or Clarissa White. Instead I continued searching for another spell caster. However, Angelica continued to contact me so I asked her if she would refund me if the spell didn't work and she sent the following email:

Oh EVERYTHING WE DO Is guaranteed for life – you literally cannot lose your money here. We never keep money for something we cannot do. Besides I am simply NOT that type of person!

THIS IS going to work, if you give me the chance to help you : )


I did further research on both Clarissa White and Angelica Sanders and found many reviews saying she was a scam and how they lied about refunds. Unfortunately, I was introduced to Clarissa White on Freemagick.com who then referred me to getting in touch with Angelica Sanders.

When I didn't respond back to Angelica's last email, she sent this:

Please let me know you got my last email okay, I want to help you BEST I CAN!!
Love & Light,
Angelica Sanders

They also promote their spell casters on www.astral-source.com which should be avoided.

Has anyone had a similar experience?
This makes my stomach turn how this woman, and I'm assuming Angelica and Clarissa are the same entity, builds her entire life around manipulating and conning innocent and desperate people out of their money. For shame! Reading those email responses has made my skin crawl.

@Eliza Sharma, It's not just you that senses something fishy going on there. I'm so happy that you found Ashra instead. I read outside reviews where people have wasted 9 months to a year trusting this Clarissa White before coming to their senses.

I just took a look at freemagick.com and the font at the top of the webpage looks like it has been lifted from Harry Potter! The page is dark and dreary and the model in the photograph that is supposedly a spell caster looks like a high school age girl. Also the chat box is dead. I tried posting a comment and nothing happened. It is complete rubbish.
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That's insane! I'm in shock that Clarissa White said if you hire Angelica Sanders, you'll get all 12 people involved from their coven. :hilarious: Let's count... there is Clarissa, Angelica Sanders, Sapphire Kridell, Sasha Londons, and Candace Lightheart... That's five, who else am I missing?

I'm no idiot. I know there is not 12 spell casters in their coven, just a small group of one or two people using 12 different names to con others. However, I would like to know the names of the remaining 7 fictional characters they are using.

We know they use websites like Freemagick.com and www.astral-source.com as pointed out by Eliza. Do they have any others?

Oh, that stupid chat box on their website will not allow me to post my comments. I tried too! I bet that its only active when Clarissa is online and can monitor it.
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@Andria I didn't know about astral-source.com so i took a look at that too. I don't know whether to laugh or be astounded. The entire blog reads like a fantasy camp getaway. Not only are the articles nonsensical, the language is sometimes crude with f-bombs and claims to be teaching all kinds of magical practices pertaining to Wicca, voodoo and druidism but what is being taught is false and complete nonsense like from a bad fantasy book. I would be frightened to have this person or persons casting for me. Best case scenario they don't actually practice because if they DO then results on your spells could be disastrous!

Do NOT let this person cast energy on your situation. Run!
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I was reading the emails you posted here, and the one about getting rid of the woman and saying she's very good at what she does is the exact same email that was sent to me from Sapphire Kridell, word for word, except the names were changed. Hard evidence that this is a copy and paste job.
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Just as I thought... All of my comments in their chatbox were deleted. I read the conversations and all they do is call literally ever other spell caster a scam, followed by referring them to Either Clarissa White, Angelica Sanders or Sapphire Kridell.

@SierraB123 , receiving the same email from Sapphire that Eliza received from Angelica Sanders is confirmation that they are the same person. I believe they may be located in Boston MA and might is connected to an old spell caster named Katherine from katspells.com which was discontinued almost around the same time that Clarissa White and her gang of characters came into creation.
I’m pretty sure that your spell caster is a scammer, and she just wants for your money. If you want your spell to be really cast and working I prefer you to chose Ashra. Trust me, she is the best spell caster ever. But 600$ is a lot. If I met a spell caster ask for that much money, I will never and ever contact with them again. You said that you saw the reviews say positive things in her page, actually all of that reviews are fake. Don’t believe in that because she is the one who made all of that review. If you want true reviews, go for another page and you will see it
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I did some more research on freemagick.com as well. There is a chat space, and a spot where you can supposedly post a review or question, but when you do, it leaves a blank space next to the guest number. The reason why there are only good reviews on these frauds is because one of them (I'm assuming it's Candace Lightheart) is writing the reviews to make it seem legit. Also, that picture of Candace Lightheart is not her. Repeat: It's NOT her. That is a picture of Miss Russia 2006. Another part I had to laugh about is when she posted on the fake forum as follows: I am not a spell caster. I am a wiccan however, and I believe in what goes around comes around! I am going to make it my SOLE DUTY to find REAL ANSWERS for people who need help. No more bull s**t, and no more scam artists! Let us start VERIFYING who is real, shall we?

If either Clarissa White or Candace Lightheart believes in karma, don't you think she would be prepared to get her own for cheating desperate people out of their money and time? Also, how would she know if a spell caster is real or fake? Has she tried them? I don't think so; all I think is that she is doing this to knock out the competition in order to lure innocent people into their web of deceit.

People who do this dishonest act won't get away with it forever. Their day is coming.
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There are lots of websites out there exactly like Clarissa White, which all seem legit with all the bells and whistles. Some using white and most using black magic "Apparently"

They dangle your carrot in front of your nose and pull you in with the various spells, experience etc and what they can do for YOU!

But most start out with low fees, then they want more and more and more. If you're paying them they're fine. But then try and put you on a guilt trip when you don't reply or pay them further.

There are so many websites out there with reviews and testimonials, unlike Ashra's where you can see individual testimonials. The ones on these sites are clearly written in 1 post.

I really wish I found Ashra sooner than I did. I can not wait for my spell to manifest and work its magic.
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I hope people become smarter and they don't let their desperation lead them! That's what I did for more than 3 years with kasamba.com. Was chating with many scammers there that they give you in the readings what you want to hear and your desperation doesn't allow you to understand that you are just being fulled until it's too late and you are ripped off. I just posted my review on this forum on few psychics who ripped me off so that future customers are aware of what they are trying to do to themselves! It's so stupid of me that I allowed this to happen. However, scammers are very smart and when people are in a vulnerable situation its easy for people like Clarissa White, Angelica Sanders and others to pull the wool over our eyes. I hope they get what they really deserve!
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Hi, antdemwill.

Wow, that is a lot of money for no movement at all to be seen, none what so ever. I do believe it would be good to have two spell casters, but I'm not an expert on this. It may be dangerous. It's like having to therapist when one is doing one thing and another is doing something else which is actually causing more harm than good because the other does not know what the other is doing. I would highly recommend Ashra over Clarissa White or Angelica Sanders. It's all about you, and what you want. Ashra Koehn, will work with you and she will remind you not to spend more than your means. My first spell was casted at the end of August of this year. I started to see movement in less than a week in a half. I am having so much movement and signs. My situation was so complicated, and my husband is so stubborn.

We have even started to communicate so much more. My husband sends me love songs, beautiful pictures, he is sending me I love you's again, and calling me Beautiful again. He has not done these things in a long time. He is even talking about coming home.

I tell you Ashra is doing amazing work on all our behalf. She will work with you until you see the full results and turn around that you want and need. She will always be with there for you.

I truly feel bad that you have given your money to Clarissa White and her phony website clarissawhite.net.
I pray that you find this information very positive, useful and up lifting.

Peace & Love
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Reading the emails that she sent to you sounds desperate, like she is trying to convince you so much that she can change everything if she was good she wouldn't have to practically beg for you to work with her. Reading all the different spell casters mentioned on here they all sound the same and say the same things just with different names like Clarissa White, Angelica Sanders, etc... They must all be run by the same people all linked together which makes my stomach turn how they can do this to people, its very wrong and heartless. Luckily we do not have to worry about this anymore because we are working with the best spell caster around which is Ashra.
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I'm sure everyone knows now how fake Clarissa White and the rest of them are. I know I should avoid all of them, at all costs, but I wonder if I contacted them again, would they remember me; probably not, if I use a different identity. Then, I can post the conversation in the thread to warn others not to work with Clarissa or any of the other fake aliases. *Oh, and they won't be getting any money off of me because they're scammers; it's kinda like toying with them. I don't think it's wrong; it's a small price, considering what they're doing to so many innocent people.*
That is A LOT of money to be losing! I heard going to a lot of spell casters at once would complicate the situation even more. To me, it sounds like Clarissa just didn’t casted anything and only asked you for money. Were you able to talk tk her first before she asked about your money?

I don’t know much about Clarissa White, but when I contacted Ashra, I had a conversation with her first and Ashra Koehn cared about me and offered to cast my spell four days later.

Clarissa seems like a scammer.
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@SierraB123 I don't think they would remember you, even if you provided the same details but under a different identity, because I suspect they just take your details and copy/paste them into a form email and send it to you without actually paying attention or caring about your situation. I don't feel we should be giving anymore traffic to them even if it is just to be able to post it here. It is of course your choice ;)

@19Payne95 I agree that going to multiple spell casters would complicate things, especially since you may not know which ones are scams and can't actually cast anything and which ones are just ineffective, and some may even be dangerous either because they mess up a spell or because they use things like black magic and voodoo.

Once you work with Ashra there is no reason to work with anyone else.
I have no experience with Clarissa White, but I think $600 is a lot of money to loose without signs or movements. If you contacted her and had doubts about her, then you should not trust that she will remedy your situation. Its good that we all found Ashra Koehn. She is an angel from above. No situation is difficult for her.
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Okay, I see that Ashra is gaining a lot of new clients and members here on the forum, and it is very important for them to know that they chose correctly in trusting Ashra Koehn. For anyone who hasn't joined the forum yet, I sure hope while they are looking for legitimate spell casters, they come across this thread, along with the others, and decide not to use these scammers.
I did mention contacting them again, to get some proof for anyone seeking help, that these people are fake. Well, I contacted Clarissa White under the name "Sarah Higginbotham" (and my "lover's" name is Joe *made up lover*) and I used the same email account I used when I was scammed by another one of their aliases back in May-June. After sending the request, this is the response I got, word for word:

Clarissa White <clarissawhite38@gmail.com>
to Love, me
1 day ago
Sarah.... I would LOVE to help you bring Joe back! I can give you two a REAL CHANCE to be happy together!! Please, tell me more about the two of you, how you met, what things were like in the beginning and when you were happy together? How are things now and what do you want to see happen and change? Full names and dates of birth help too if you don't mind! I am VERY GOOD at what I do and hope to hear back from you soon! Email me back Sarah!

Clarissa White

Deja Vu, anyone?? Keep in mind, this scam artist dies not recognize myThis is the same exact email you will get if you contact any of the fakers from freemagick.com or astral-source.com. These emails are cut and paste, and they do not care about your situation one bit. It's only about the money. Now, with me being a ton more educated with what Clarissa is trying to pull her because of the previous incident, I decided to email her back, like she said to. And this is what I said:

Oh, Clarissa!! Thanks for responding!! Joe and I were planning on getting married in April next year, but lately he has been very distant. I'm almost sure there is another woman involved...or a man. I don't know. That's just Joe. Joe is 38; he was born on September 11th, 1979. His last name is Moamma; he is Samoan. I am 17; I was born on April 1st, 2000. I know that Joe has a friend that he been hanging out with a lot. He could be a lover; his name is Steve Irwin and he was born on February 22nd, 1962. I tried to get as much info as you asked me to, so that you can be accurate. Just looking forward to marrying Joe one day soon.

Okay, so I sent this reply a little over 28 hours ago; got nothing yet. If they reply, you know that they didn't take the time to read my email, and know that I was joking around with them. Look at the names and dates of birth that I used, :laugh:!!! They can't be that brainless, right??? If I get an update from Clarissa, I will be sure to update it here, in order to show everyone looking for spell casters that this person is nothing but a pure scam.
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Okay, everyone: Update. From yesterday, I got an email back from Clarissa White. It wasn't anything but this:

Clarissa White <clarissawhite38@gmail.com>
To: Love, me

Sorry... no one under 18 years old. It is against the law to take money from a minor for the services I offer in my area. If you are going to insult me, we have policies for that too - I was and to you and even apologized. Treating me this way, only ensures I will not be able to help you in the future when you ARE 18.

That's all the message said, after waiting almost 2 days. It would have been really suspicious if they proceeded to help a supposed 17 year old, but they wanna look legit, so they said no one under 18. Okay, please don't think that this is legit. The only reason they are doing it is to make you think they are reputable. Plus, the way the email was written was blunt; no explanation as to why they couldn't "help". Most legit companies should explain to potential customers why they cannot sell to minors in detail, but this person was like "nope, sorry." Also, another reason why is because they know that a 17 year old will not have their own bank account unless they have an adult on there jointly. Really, they have so many victims over the age of 18 that refusing one minor customer won't hurt them. Well, to finish the conversation, I replied with:

Sarah Higginbotham
To: Clarissa

Wow. You're probably fake anyway. Have a nice life.

Clarissa may overlook this, but it is the truth, everyone. She is as fake as press-on nails. Do not, under any circumstances, use this person as a spell caster because you will get absolutely nothing in return except an empty wallet and tons more heartache.
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Wow this candace lightheart is a really good liar! Her introduction is absolutely stupid! I cannot believe that people believe this narcissistic psychopath. I really hope people realize all those chat things are all candace(i think but for candace who knows) i mean the top of her page says "STOP BEING SCAMMED!" Honey stop scamming the people you "help"
Hi there everyone! I hoping everyone is doing okay today! I haven't heard of Clarissa spellcaster before. I saw her website by going onto another website freemagick.com and like I saw the recommendation, and I clicked on one of the recommendations, and it sent me to ClarissWhite.net. This is my first time learning about Clariss. I am sorry to hear .@antdemwil that you had to pay weekly. That is good that you found and reached out to Ashra! Ashra is an amazing person with the biggest heart!