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Custom Love Spell - Kate West - www.customlovespell.com


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Can Kate West from Custom Love Spell be trusted? My fiancé and I were together for almost 2 years. We lived together and made future plans to build a life with each other. One day, out of the blue, he decides to move out and live with his child's mother. I reached out to Kate on www.customlovespell.com and received a basic response back asking me to call her at 917-727-4321 and that she would explain how her process works.

I was just scammed by another spell caster and I’m extremely hesitant to contact her because I don’t know if she is real or just another scam. She says she has over 39 years of experience and has never failed a case, but I cannot find any reviews online about her services.

I tried emailing her again at customlovespell@gmail.com, but she insist I call her first. Am I being over paranoid or do I have a reason to be concerned?
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@Remikakinyua everyone besides Ashra Koehn is super sketchy is my opinion. From experience, I have worked with Ashra Koehn since 2018 and I would advise you to use her as your primary caster. If you want real results and someone who won't scam you, I would avoid Kate West. I have been scammed as well by someone named Dr. Mama who took 5,000 from me. I have been where you are and It feels utterly humiliating.

Ashra does offer custom spells.

Best of luck hun, and if you join the forum, feel free to talk to me on there.
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@Remikakinyua I never even heard of Kate West before or of her website, but I am sure that she is only scamming you. If she actually had cared about you and helping you out with your situation, she would have responded back to you without asking you to call her. I do feel like emailing would be the correct and professional way to getting into contact with you.

You have a every right to be concerned. Another thing is, Ashra Koehn does customize every spell(s). She is a legit and a professional spellcaster.
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I utterly agree with that, Kate West would have called you! Good point @Ginas, because a true person of their word would just email you directly and ask about the details of your situation. Also, Ashra is the only one to trust and she will tell you every spell you need for your situation. I would stick with her and just stay positive.
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I’ve never heard of Kate or customlovespell.com. There is so many out there conning so many vulnerable people desperate for this miracle they promise they can provide. It breaks my heart. How they can do this to people. I was one of them sending money to Nigeria, and London casters. Telling me my husband and children would die and that needed solving before my husband could return. I’m now broke and suffering more because I don’t have the money to purchase spells from a caster that has a lot of positive feedback. The lesson has definitely been learned.
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@Gemmbo1983 we sound like we’ve gone through the same battles my friend. I am in the same boat, someone took me for all I was worth and when I found Ashra I had a little bit of money left. But that didn’t stop her from helping me. Bless her heart. Working with her helps you see not only the changes within your situation. But changes within yourself, now I have savings in my bank and I am looking towards my future Instead of my past. I am also developing a deeper, more sincere, healing version of myself. Onward we go!
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