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Cynthia Madison - cynthiamadison.com Reviews


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I found a couple more old emails from Cynthia Madison who we now know is a scam that's associated with Sapphire Kridell, Angelica Sanders and Clarrisa White.

At the time (before I found Ashra) I was not financially able to meet her requests but she then offered to split the payment up so that she could start sooner (seemed nice enough) so I gave her an amount that was the max I could offer that day and this was her reply...

I can begin with the first 50.00 today, yes, 50.00 is enough to start.


My name, Cynthia Madison, goes in the “who you are paying” field. Please let me know after you pay – THIS IS DEFINITELY the smartest choice, no doubt about it!

I will be ready ASAP!



After feeling uneasy about her approach to my situation (old emails are posted above in another post) I decided I was no longer interested and stopped replying and started looking for other casters which is when I found Ashra... "Cynthia" then replied with this....

I do understand if you have gotten cold feet, but I ask you please AT LEAST let me know. as I have setup for you and these materials will expire if we do not continue. I also could be having someone else badly in need as well on the schedule - but instead have you on the schedule right now --- if you can please let me know either way. I WANT TO HELP YOU - but I am also VERY UNDERSTANDING if you have gotten cold feet, and would simply wish you the best possible luck from the bottom of my heart! Please AT LEAST let me know though!


Cynthia Madison

When I found this email, I noticed the date was the NEXT MORNING after she sent the link for payment (which was sent at 10pm the night before!) Apparently, she didn't have time between all of her scams to wait ONE WHOLE NIGHT for my reply! :hilarious:
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Guys, this is one of the worse scams I've seen in my 17 years online. They are pretending to be several different spell casters, all using the same templated responses AND sending people to gatedtech.com to process payments. Gatetech IS NOT a payment processor. Its a form that will given them all of your credit card information so THEY can process the YOUR INFORMATION on their Square terminal device.

@brooke , the email you received from Cynthia Madison is EXACTLY that Sapphire Kridell sends out.

Brooke, I'm curious how you found Cynthia Madison. How did you come across her? It could help link everything together for us.
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@Ashra It was a while ago that I found her. At least a few months, but I believe I was just searching for love spell casters through google and her website cynthiamadison.com came up as one of the search options. I remember I had also seen links for a lot of "free love spells" that did not ask for any information besides your name, your lovers name and both dates of birth and that was it... seemed just as fake as Cynthia! Cynthia was the first page I found that had an email reply and was not done solely through a website so it seemed more real. Once we started conversing and I started questioning her about different aspects of her process she seemed to become annoyed with me and basically threatened to drop my case if I didn't want to believe her (as shown in the emails I posted yesterday).

I am so glad I never gave her my payment info or proceeded with her scamming. That is why I am so glad I found you, Ashra, You are so compassionate and show that you truly care about every situation and you personalize your work and offer spells that specifically apply to everyone's situation. I cannot wait to see my results and hear from you about the progress of my spells!! :inlove:
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This message go out to anyone who has used Cynthia Madison. This person is not who she says she is! Cynthia is also hiding under other aliases.

You can read the topics about them below and you will see what I mean.

How to report Cynthia Madison: https://www.ashra.net/community/thr...hirespells-com-reviews.300/page-2#post-276706
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@Ashra thank you for posting in this thread to direct people how to report this person with multiple aliases. Its so important to give companies like Square concrete evidence of violations by this person so they can shut down her ability to process payments. With a scam that's been running for so long I would watch out for any new spell casters being promoted on the sites like astral-source as possible aliases now that we are onto this person. Its like a hydra: you cut off one head another will take its place. Shame on this cruel and evil person!
I’m really thankful for you guys on here because I almost got scammed by Cynthia. She makes it seem like she really really wants to help me but after reading all of you guys post. I’m happy I didn’t fall for it because she was very convincing. That’s kind of disturbing that I know now that she’s a scam because she asked for a lot of my personal information and told me she did a lot of research on my past life and current life. She told me how she really needs to help me and how my situation was so unique.. you know, really had me going but thanks to this thread I know I made the right choice by not responding to her.
Not sure where else to post this but I also believe Kyra Meadows is a scam and fake witch just like Cynthia Madison. I paid her $120 and really never heard from her again even after messaging her about my situation. She had the audacity to even send emails about her Halloween spell and said there was only a few space left for that spell (guess she wasn’t too popular)

I can’t accuse but her approach really gives me the intuition that she isn’t there to help. I was in a desperate and depressive state of mind, and got scammed of $120.
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I am so grateful that the truth is coming out about all of the fake spell casters out there, it is about time and I am so happy people have come to the right person which is Ashra. The scamming and the lies need to be stopped now and I am so proud of the people who are working on tracking these people down, it is terrific what you are doing and it is nice to see something being done about it :) . You guys are all in the right place and you will certainly get the help you need from Ashra.
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Why does this scammer want to suck the money from others? is a job not good enough for them? She is hiding under not just the alias of Cynthia Madison, but 3 DIFFRENT people? Now that's just shameful! I'm so glad someone is calling out all of the scammers out there! To everyone that has been scammed by that woman, I'm very sorry about you losing your hard earned money.
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I almost got scammed by Cynthia Madison before I found Ashra. Cynthia really made me feel comfortable and that she would bring my lover back until someone told me that spell casters who call themselves high priestesses are fake and I was scared of loosing my money to a fraud. I went back online and found Ashra Koehn. She is the only genuine spellcaster.
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@earthborn181 Maybe message Ashra and have her start a new topic for Kyra Meadows. The more awareness we can raise about the fakes and scammers out there the better. I am sickened by how many people are out there stealing money from upset and desperate people. Its time we expose them and warn other about them! And thank you for sharing your experience with us!
You weren't the only one. Cynthia took full advantage of my life for two and a half years. She knew every thing about my situation but she didn't care. I was always told remain positive for 2 years and all I received in return was all my paychecks going straight to her. I was sleeping in my car with my 2 daughters, until I got a space available. I had to make sure that they ate at school until the shelter started servering dinner. We had to be out the buildiing by 8am and can return by 4pm I didn't have insurance AND the dentist the shelter had to go in and surgically remove 6. I had to sleep in the car in pain until 4pm. That is a piece of how she took almost all of me. That's what makes it hard to trust someone.
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Whoever this person is, he/she is pulling this huge elaborate scam. Cynthia Madison, I hope you know that karma doesn't have a menu; you get served what you deserve.
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Thank you so much for posting this Ashra & thank you for that information, Brook! It really did helped. I never spent any money on a spell caster before, but I did use their free services before between 2014 up till now. I’m glad I’ve found Ashra. Glad I never went to Cynthia.
I'm so embrassed I can't stop crying I can't believe this how could anyone do this the things I told her that was the last of what I had for a week or so and she promised me... I feel so sick right now.

I contact Cynthia Madison because I was in desperate need feeling hurt and lost over my lover Matt and just wanted him back. Cynthia promise me she can do this for $150.00. I explained to her I didn't have the money and she PROMISED ME SHE WAS THE BEST AND SHE CAN REUNITE US.. To make a long story short, its been a month and he's moving further away from txtin and talking to me. I haven't heard from him at all and all I've gotten as emails from Cynthia and she wanting more money.

This is what Cynthia said to me:

No problem, I’m trying I promise – but the bottom line here is this is going REALLY WELL and IT IS GOING TO WORK! You definitely should NOT give up now! That said, I only have a quick moment today - we are all just getting super excited and having REALLY GOOD upswings. I want to stay focused please, and will check back in tomorrow ASAP - but please try to rest easy knowing it is going well here. We got this indeed!

I am back in to update and must say we are looking absolutely STELLAR INDEED! We have a huge HUGE upswing working, and with it a plethora of resources freeing up (just harvested another set of resources and we're using a lot of it to bolster the upward swing). : ) Currently there are 3 carefully placed fires, and we are charring runes in each fire...moving from fire to fire...each fire burning differently imbued woods and various diversely dressed herbal wands. The runes are then carbonized by the end, and broken up into an ashy paste we use to dress out our hands and wands for a synchronized chanting session tonight. : ) We are looking absolutely PHENOMENAL though - no doubt about it! When we chant together, the energy in the air, it literally thickens...it's a heavier feeling circle, a heaviness that one can actually FEEL in the circle ...and know is authentic and productive. We weave this productivity into awesome energy spindles that unwind as gently and attractively onto the aural surface as possible. It's resulting in a VERY VERY NICE Physical energy mesh (this means, the energy we are grooming, spinning and sending and blending to the aura is being marvelously accepted to the point it is almost immediately transmuting into physical energy that is impacting the surrounding environment, diving us strongly towards results). : ) Bottom line here: WE ARE LOOKING GREAT! We will be staying busy all day and all night...I will update again tomorrow soon as I can! Please let me know you get this email and keep me posted on your end for sure - it DEFINITELY DOES HELP, I PROMISE!

My pleasure. I DO KNOW we got this! And I am back to update and VERY excited for today's labor - our synchronized chantwork has enveloped upwards SO MUCH energy at this point...we have chosen a stringing unearth for today, it's a very special set - no spoken words, the set is all done silently. The circle, in fact, must be dead silent, as verbal expression creates energy and our mouths THRUST this energy forward...if we speak..it is like having a bunch of bouncing energy darts flinging around the circle. Thus, we are silent during it. The strings of twine are twisted together to have a stronger build, and sprinkled throughout it, small pinches of oils, the oils bleed right into the twine. Think of it like...a chain of christmas lights, each one lighting behind the last, and all "vibrating massive energy pulses" - we bury each twine into the circle floor (we had to remove all fires, and are stretching them across the circle...in what would look like a giant kaleidoscope if you looked down on the circle...only then we bury them lightly, enough for us to CAST upon this "bolstering platform" ...and inside the circle...the energy is nearly 6 times the strength. The aura has to be EXACTLY RIGHT for us to platform this way. We are looking REALLY QUITE GOOD INDEED! That said, each string is marked with paint on the surface above, and we use a series of liquids and waxes...and a series of palm treatments (dipping our hands into various dressings, and then we press them onto the earth above and it amplifies bolstering nodes of energy each time - that's how we bolster up the strength and have the chants substituted, this action along with some wand strokes, basically are stronger than chants for this set). We are going to keep working hard, keep pressing forward, and will update again tomorrow ASAP! Please rest well as you can, staying relaxed is helpful indeed!

She asked me to make payment through GatedTech.
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Cynthia Madison is a fake spell caster. She will make you feel that she will help you and ask you so many questions about your situation but you will not hear from her once you have paid her. I am glad that all of you who were scammed by Cynthia found Ashra Koehn. I am glad I did not trust Cythia enough to pay for her services.
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I saw her ads up on Google search results. I'm convinced that a man is behind the scam. Remember Ashley Madison? I believe Cynthia Madison was created based on that name. Only a man would come up with such things.

The scammer behind this Cynthia character is definitely evolving. @darleen brooks could you explain what she did to you?

She claims to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, but this is a complete lie!:rage:

Cynthia Madison claims to have 20 years of experience under her belt, but there is no history of her existing except on her website which she registered about 3 months ago. The reviews and testimonials on her website are fake and likely stolen from somewhere else.

Creation Date: 2017-08-19T22:58:46Z
Expiration Date: 2018-08-19T22:58:46Z

I strongly discourage anyone from contacting Cynthia at her email address: CynthiaMadisonSpells@gmail.com
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This scammer is crafty! I hope no one else falls victim to this person. @darleen brooks I'm so sorry to hear that this happened to you. Taking advantage of someone who is desperate to get their love back and in a tough financial position, that is just shameful. Karma will come for this person, rest assured she will be found and shut down. Many people are on this case trying to find a way to shut Cynthia Madison and any other aliases she is using down. Ashra will help you all fight back against this scam! Cynthia processes payments through Square and you can report the transaction to them. See Ashra's post above for details on how to report it.
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I just truly don’t understand how some people like Cynthia Madison can be so mean and misuse other peoples’ love and misery. I am simply mad reading that some of you have experienced that. It truly sadness me and I am so sorry to hear about your stories. It is unfortunately the easiest way to misuse people, if it works it works and there’s always a fifty-fifty chance of things working out.

I am lucky that I have never had other spell casters except Ashra Koehn. I had been talking to psychics and one woman who told me that she will charge my tourmaline stone with some protective energy. Unfortunately, things went wrong from there. And once I talked to one woman who also claimed that she can remove bad energy and spirits and curses from me – but she didn’t. And I have been visiting a healer, it helps a little but does not have a permanent result.

Keep reporting those people that are misusing others and their misery. It is so sad to hear that Cynthia scammed you.
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@darleen brooks i commend you for coming on this forum and spilling your guts! There have been a lot of people who have been scammed by so called spell casters!! It is a very dishonest way to make a living. I cringe every time someone comes up here and tells their story. Ashra is an angel and she will help you! I have been working with her for almost a year and she is so sincere. I know it’s hard but try to stay positive. You are in good hands!!
Thank you so much for your kind words. Karma definitely will find her and there's no reason anyone should go through what some of us did because of this scammer.
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The reason this con artist is making so many new aliases is that people are starting to catch on, and they have to continue to hide, if they wanna keep making their dishonest money. But we got news for them: Ashra Koehn teaches her clients how to avoid fake spell casters and is even hunting down scammers like a detective. If you are a scam artist, sooner or later, you are going to slip up. But in the meantime, you WILL be exposed if you're pulling a con!!!
@darleen brooks I’m so sorry to hear about your situation, wish you best of luck on your endeavors with Ashra, along with everybody else, karma will catch up to Cynthia Madison.
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Hello everyone,
I am quite amazed that how these people play with the feelings of the people and how they con people when they are themselves emotionally down. People like me borrow money from others to get their spells casted but these kind of person think about nothing but money . I also got in many such traps and now left with nothing. I'm grateful that Ashra has agreed to help me. This karma point system is an brilliant idea for people like me. Thanks Ashra!
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@darleen brooks - those are the same exact emails that were sent to me by one of Cynthia's aliases, Sapphire!!! I had deleted all of mine after I accepted that she is a fake, but I remember seeing those exact same words and phrases, and how they were using fires and runes!!! This madness has to stop now!!!
Cynthia Madison also refers to herself as a priestess. I don't know of any real spell caster who refers to themselves as a high priestess. Another red flag and reason to avoid this person.
I can't believe what she did and still have the nerves to text my phone... I'm glad I found ashra when I told her and sent her the emails she was stun...
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Lydia, you are very right. Any spell caster who calls herself high priestess or druidess is a scam just like high druidess Alison. These people will use any name to convince you that they are real spell casters. They don't have people to claim of their success with their spells and that is the only thing they can do.I am so sorry to all those who were scammed by this one. I also almost fell for her trap but God led me to Ashra in time and I am so greatful to her. People like Cynthia Madison should stop lying to people and taking their money.
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Sapphire works with Angelica Sanders. Angelica Sanders is nothing but a scam artist. Keeps promising that things will start to manifest but nothing ever happens. She always comes up with an excuse to get money saying there’s some special moon or just anything to get a few quick bucks. Ashra is the only true real Spell caster that can actually help people. Just beware of Angelica Sanders and Cynthia Madison please!
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I really dont know how this person can sleep at night knowing what they have done to people and how that person can live with the lies and knowing she is spending people's hard earned money on herself. I am hoping this person will be brought to light very soon and I hope more people realize that Ashra is the real spell caster and this person called Cynthia Madison certainly aint real!
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I have been scammed by Cynthia Madison as well. I paid her 125.00 and told her all about my marriage personal things I would only tell someone because I was desperate. She will say what you want to hear and really tries to make you feel like she's is really going to help you. It went on for over 2 weeks and then she was asking for more money. She asks you to send emails everyday about updates and what you want. And what you picture the success looking like and what you want it to look like. And then eventually she will stop messaging you everyday and she gives these fake updates on what has been done. But when she stops and you getbin contact with her she asks for more money to finish the spell. Do not use her she is a scammer. I am so glad I found Ashra.
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@darleen brooks , What phone number is she sending you text messages from? @Randi Farris , Cynthia is also connected to Angelica Sanders, Sapphire Spells and Clarissa White to name a few. What did Cynthia specifically say to you if you don't mind me asking.
@Randi Farris what did your bank statement read? Did she provide a receipt? I am so very sorry that she scammed you and you have found the right person, Ashra. She is an angel and she is here to help. She is very busy. I am trying to get as much information as possible so that Ashra can continue to do her job. More information the better! We are trying to take these scammers down!!

@darleen brooks she must have one of those ghost phone numbers she is texting you from. I can’t believe she is actually texting you. I’m with @Andria...what is the number? Is it the same number every time? What did she say on the emails? She is bound and determined to slip and get really messy with this little operation scam she or he has going on!! An email to me today from “Sydney Violet” stated “we” work globally but I’m in Virginia, born and raised. I replied back are you casting my spell or someone else because I only want to work with one person. She has not yet replied and she may not, but I’m working on getting as much information as possible!!
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Cynthia Madison said all of this even when I said I was afraid she could be a scam. Below are the emails she sent to me.

Randi, I would LOVE to help you with this man of yours. I can REACH HIS HEART and SHOW HIM how important you truly are to him! I KNOW I can give you two a REAL CHANCE to be happy together Randi! Please, tell me more about the two of you, how you met, what things were like in the beginning and when you were happy together? How are things now and what do you want to see happen and change? Full names and dates of birth help too if you don't mind! I am VERY GOOD at what I do and hope to hear from you soon! Email me back Randi!
Cynthia Madison

: ) I would never scam anyone. I just am very busy being one of the only genuine covens online honey. Please excuse my delays– I am a real caster, so I spend most of my time OFF the computer, doing the work I’m hired for. : ) I promise, it is entirely for your advantage! I am VERY devoted when I take a case…which is what you want : )

Thus, I CAN help you. I KNOW I can give you two a REAL CHANCE to be happy together! I can help REINVIGORATE THIS LOVE BETWEEN YOU and I KNOW I can get him to actually ACT on the passion WE BOTH KNOW he has for you deep down Randi! I would like to offer you a really AWESOME discount given this is your first spell with me and all. I can do my Triple Cast Diamond Love Spell (normally QUITE expensive), for only $125.00 and NOTHING MORE! Can you do this somehow Randi? This is as STRONG AS IT GETS IN FACT! It is top of the line and has EVERYTHING WE NEED! Includes Cleansing, Sealing, Spindling, protections, and all custom work. Cleansing is a process of removing ALL negative energy - this is so that no bad karma, negative spells or hexes / curses will exist in between US AND RESULTS. Protection means we create special shells around the work to ensure that no future spells can break this spell or your happy future. Binding means we cover the spellwork tracks so that psychics cannot see what has been done. Sealing closes the work up, making it both PERMANENT and EFFECTIVE. : ) We include spindling. Spindling is a technique where we combine ALL of your spell sets and energies, and sequences into one LARGE setwork. This creates a greater amplification effect and makes things MUCH STRONGER! Plus, 6-8 TRULY DEFINED, custom sets. We add as we go and decide these as go so it is TRULY Flush and custom, and never rigid or rejected. I keep you updated on all this so you will understand everything happening! Shall we take care of things for you and Dustin? I can begin ASAP if you are ready! Email me back Randi!

Cynthia Madison

I didn't use my bank because my husband and I share a bank account. So I bought a prepaid card because I didn't want him to question what I spent the money on. And also because I was afraid she could be a scammer because I have used one other before. I use to work for a banks call center so I know people like Cynthia Madison can get a hold of your card info that way.
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THAT IS THE EXACT SAME MESSAGE I GOT FROM SYDNEY VIOLET!! OMG!!! Definitely the same person. I hate this and they live somewhere around me and I am going to find them!!
@Lynsey , That's not all... Here are a few more emails I received from Cynthia. Its quite the read but should help you understand what she has done to me.

Please excuse my delays– I am a real caster, so I spend most of my time OFF the computer, doing the work I’m hired for. : ) I promise, it is entirely for your advantage! I am VERY devoted when I take a case…which is what you want : )

And to answer your questions --- firstly, we are real casters, and unlike the dirty competitors who will lie and tell you anything you want to hear to get you to pay them, we are ALWAYS HONEST. We do things the RIGHT WAY here and never focus on times. After we get started, we will immediately be helping, however, we do not focus on times here like other casters. My competitors, as you may or may not have noticed are very quick to give you any time you want to hear...however, after they fail that time all they do is ask you for more money. Here, our work will immediately begin helping, and we do the MOST WE CAN FOR YOU With what we have to work with to bring the fastest possible results. I guarantee my work for life, literally, the guarantee never expires. This is to ensure that you always have control and that my work is infinitely permanent, and will not fade on you. If you want a real caster, who is going to cast you a real spell that will get ACTUAL RESULTS, that you can see, YOU WANT US : ) Most people greatly appreciate my honesty. You will NEVER find me dishonest with you. INTEGRITY IS MY MOST IMPORTANT VALUE. If you would like someone to REALLY care and get the results you want, let me know! I'll be ready! Currently, to our knowledge, we are on the only legitimate coven online, which is probably LARGELY due to our unorthodox strategies.

This will work if I am given a chance, and you will be happy. I truly hope you will make the right decision and bring me on board…I KNOW IN MY HEART that I am DEFINITELY the answer you need! I CAN DO THIS if you give me a chance : )

That said…Well the sooner we act the sooner we can fix this – honestly, the longer we wait, the harder it becomes. That’s the solid truth. I did get your other emails. I DO understand your hesitation, but VERY HONESTLY RANDI – I typically TURN DOWN cases if I feel someone is too skeptical. I DO KNOW I can do this, and I FULLY guarantee everything I do…and I would NEVER take money for something I cannot do – I find that VERY CRUEL to do to someone. You can’t lose your money here – the guarantee is good for life – it never expires. That said… I DO need to be given a chance to help in order to actually help. As for what you look for in results, actually, you get to tell us what you want to see happen. Generally after you pay, however, if you would like to do so now, you may….we ask for the customer to type up 1-3 paragraphs explaining a day in the life of results. Meaning, How would you describe your life RIGHT NOW If you had results and were happy TODAY. That's the beauty of custom work!

I KNOW I Can do this if you give me a chance and I DO HOPE you’ll let me on board!



And this is how she had me pay.

THANK YOU! WONDERFUL JOB! If you are ready I am ready Randi!


You can pay by following that link and in the who you are paying field, place my name: Cynthia Madison.

Let me know after you pay, i'll check back as soon as possible. This is going to be the best decision of your entire life. I will setup for you and get ready!! Please confirm for me full names/date of birth (so I can be 100% sure I have it all right please) and if you have any photos to add or favorite memories, now would be the time! I am very excited to truly help!

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@Randi Farris , Cynthia is obviously a scam pretending to be many people at the same time. The reason why so many of her clients are upset is because she BOLDLY promises a money back guarantee, but she does not honor her promises. Before anyone hires a spell caster or psychic, read their Terms and Policies because they are legally binding agreements. If the spell caster you are hiring DOES NOT provide Terms and/or Policies... Avoid them all together.

I'm sorry to hear that she did this to you. Rest assured that me and a few other people are trying to located this person.
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Thank you Ashra for warning us about this spell caster. I too went through some spell casters before I met Ashra, but I do not remember coming across this Cynthia. Am happy and grateful that I finally found Ashra and I have no intentions of search for any other spell caster, Ashra is enough for me but for those who wasted their time and money to this Cynthia Madison am sorry to hear that but it is a great relief that now you are with Ashra. Let's focus on now and forget about the spell casters who tricked us and made us waste our precious time and money. Thank God we all in here found Ashra.
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She was sending me emails which I shared with Ashra... I'm so glad I found Ashra when I did because Cynthia was robbing me blind and my lover was get further and either away from me... after 2 months of him and I not having any contact I found Ashes and after 2 weeks of her spell cast he contacted me and wants to see me. We Haven't yet but I'm waiting patiently staying positive and following all rules. Ashra is the real thing people I testify this.
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It is very disheartening that there are people out there who are out to cause more pain to others at the worst time of their lives. Cynthia Madison has been doing this for quite a while and she offers money back guarantee and that is how she lures potential customers to her. I am glad that so many people are discovering that she is not a real spellcaster and that they have found Ashra after all the lies Cynthia has been telling everyone. Ashra Koehn will surely bring back your lovers and she does not ask you to pay for extra money for your spells.
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