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Cynthia Madison - cynthiamadison.com Reviews


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@darleen brooks I’m so sorry that she tricked you into believing Cynthia's lies and false promises. Thankfully I had been only tricked by Xara Matasogou, I’m extremely happy to hear that you have found success with Ashra, hoping to hear about your meeting with your ex, sending positive vibes your way


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@brooke Hi Brooke ! It is really great that you posted this . When people find about Cynthia Madison to know the reviews on her and if people find this out it would be a great help for people to stop them from doing the same mistake as you did and to stop them wasting money on Cynthia Madison.

These are the worst things that I hate to see. Where Cynthia Madison and other spell casters who are fake cheating people and stealing their money for their own money. I feel very upset after seeing this about Cynthia Madison. Plus good thing that you did not have $100 dollars to pay back by then . or else you will loose all your money to Cynthia Madison .

These people like Cynthia Madison will have to pay back one day for all their sins . Where they make money by cheating people. There is a saying that what goes around comes back to you Cynthia you will have to suffer one day . You will . People in heaven will be making preparations to make you suffer for the wrong nasty thing you are doing to people.

@brooke Sorry to hear about what happened to you from Cynthia . But do not worry Brooke our Ashra is there to help you . :):):):):):thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


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I’ve been fooled by Cynthia Madison as well. I now found Ashra I hope her spell will work for me. This is my last hope

Lana Cooper

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I have never heard of this lady before but it right away seems like a scam! I don't understand why people like causing pain for others by taking their money and not actually doing anything to help people? Ashra actually cares about all of us and wants to help us all get our lovers back. I truly believe that only Ashra is to be trusted. Don't let the others fool you.