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Does anyone know if Dana from Bequest Crystals is real? Last month I paid for $145 for her to complete a Triple Cast Ultimate Love Spell.

However, a little over a week later, she recommends that I purchase another item to help the spell’s manifestation.

I was barely able to afford the first spell that she offered a discount on. Now she is asking for more money and I’m afraid that I will lose my husband if I cannot make payment.

I need to stop my divorce, but I cannot afford to continue paying Dana if it isn’t going to work. Can someone point me in the right direction?
Hi @Christinehu

Dana is not who she claims to be. She uses many aliases such as Bethany and Nicole to sell her services.

When she recommended your first spell, did she ask you to purchase a Crystal or Stone from Abala Express?

If this sounds similar to you, it's because many others on this forum have received the same EXACT offer from Dana at Bequest Crystals.

Dana is the same woman behind the listed sites below. First she asks you to provide your full name, lover's name and dates of birth so that she can run a chart or compatibility check before proceeding. Then you will receive another email where she offers you a nice discount and says that she is only asking for $145 USD and nothing more.

As soon as you agree, you will be instructed to purchase a rare stone or gem from a website called Abala Express.

Here is a list of the other websites controlled and operated by Dana.
I noticed that NONE of these websites show any pictures of the spell caster. They are faceless made-up people and you don't even know who is actually casting, if anything.

Christine, you are not going to lose your husband. There is a spell caster who is real and her name is Ashra Koehn. Try reaching out to her and explain your situation. She will be honest with you and guide you in the right direction. She does have photos and videos of her work.
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@Christinehu I wouldn't recommend continuing to use Dana. Someone who never gives you an update and asks you to buy another spell is a huge RED FLAG. The amount of that spell is also widely expensive, especially for your first spell with her. I remember getting my first spell from @Ashra Koehn and the price was 70 something USD, not too bad and she gave a report. I would focus your intention on someone that is more direct with how they're going to help you. I wouldn't want you to feel scammed and taken advantage of hun. I hope this helps and points you in the right direction!
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Anybody who asks for more money and anyone who keeps recommending you to get more things to help your spell without any context is sadly a scam. There are many spell casters that give you a price, discount, then wants you to buy more things is too sketchy for me. Ashra play these kind of games with her clients. She is genuine in wanting to help others.
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I agree with @leogirl and @munchkin95. There are a lot of fake witches and spell casters out there. You should've stuck with Ashra Koehn. She gives a report on the spell that have been cast and how the casting went. You should contact her and let her know what your situation is. She'll help you bring your husband back. A lot of us on here have been trying to get our lovers back for a while.
Are these people mail blasting threats when you don't purchase?

I thought I would share this with the community:
I do understand if you have gotten cold feet, but I ask you please AT LEAST let me know...as I have setup for you and these materials will expire if we do not continue...I also could be having someone else badly in need as well on the schedule - but instead have you on the schedule right now --- if you can please let me know either way. I WANT TO HELP YOU - but I am also VERY UNDERSTANDING if you have gotten cold feet, and would simply wish you the best possible luck from the bottom of my heart! Please AT LEAST let me know though!


Someone on the forum named @Florencearun received a similar threat from Nicole. Any thoughts?
@Leftfootedrabbit it seems like you are correct about the blasting emails and threatening. A REAL GENUINE CASTER will never make a client feel threatened, verbally attacked and manipulated into feeling bad about backing out. This Dana character is another scammer that tries to be humanly nice but then at the end of the day wants her money's worth. This person sounds like Nicole to be quiet honest, she could be using different websites and names. People seem to be getting more and more eager to make some money. Pathetic. Let's strive for better and chose @Ashra Koehn every time. :partying_face:
I definitely agree with @leogirl and @munchkin95, along with the rest of you that there are indeed a lot of fake Spell casters and Witches out there in this world unfortunately. A lot of them would have different websites and change their names to make it seem and appear as if they are a completely different person than they say they are like Bequest Crystals. Although, a lot of them, will overprice their spells and will go ghost on you. I've also noticed that they would either be rude or threaten you because you didn't want to pay for the spell and use their services. These are super red flags.

However, Ashra Koehn, is a REAL and GENUINE Spell caster. She is honest, will tell it like it is and doesn't cut corners. So, I would advise and say to choose Ashra because she is the REAL DEAL.
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Thank you for making the forum aware of Bequest Crystals and leaving your reviews. I am a true advocate and loyal member to Ashra I know she is 100% genuine and I never would think or say otherwise and I know I'm in the right place most definitely its fate as to how I even found this site and all surrounding Ashra is a blessing to each & everyone one of us. Doesn't matter about any other spell caster because what's the point there is no need or desire to ever look elsewhere. Thanks forum fam & everyone who contributes to this wonderful unity we possess. Your all amazing I thank all of you!!

As always sending positive energy and many blessings!!!
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Dana, Bethany and Nicole have two other websites where "surprisingly" Bequest Crystals, Legacy Love Spells and The Strawberry Path received a perfect 10/10 on their reviews. However, the sites Spiritualist Review (spiritualistreview.com) and Moonbean Starchild (http://moonbeamstarchild.com/tag/spell-casters-that-work/) are own and controlled by the same group of people.

Not only is there enough compelling evidence to link all three of them together, when you don't follow through with the purchase, they resort to making you feel guilty and threatening you.

Once again, there is no photos of either of the three women. They are just made-up names.
@leogirl this so-called "perfect score"makes me question this and think, is she putting all of these reviews up herself? YES, because she isn't legitimate, to begin with. You once again found links to other fraudulent culprits! No photos, plus threats equals dishonest scammers. Sucks that these kinds of people keep rising to the surface but then again, it proves @Ashra Koehn to be always the best option. :star_struck
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@leogirl I've attracted all that for many years, and it took a toll on me. People found ways to make me feel bad to get money out of me. I'm pretty glad I didn't run into any so-called spell casters, and fake witches. Dana, Bethany, and Nicole just want money so bad that they're willing to scam people just to make a profit.
Dana from Bequest Crystals emailed me again and said:

"Sighs. I don’t know why people treat us this way, but I cannot let my family get taken advantage of. It’s a true shame. I was very kind to you. I cannot help you if you don’t let me though. Dana"

Somehow I'm treating her badly and taking advantage of her family... How is that possible?:unsure:
@Leftfootedrabbit it wouldn't make sense to how you can affect HER family. Why would she buy all the ingredients before you say yes also, think about that. This person sounds very desperate and manipulates some words to help her get some extra dough. Pathetic and extremely sad. I am happy you didn't continue using Dana from Bequest Crystals. And if I can offer some advice on crystals, if you still want to work with them. You don't need to spend much, find a stone with properties you feel you need, buy it, sage it or palo santo (a type of cleansing herb) then speak to your stone and ask for something you'd want. This is a type of law of attraction, I use to work at a shop and little stones/crystals cost 3.00$. I would put them under my pillow, still do, and ask for signs that something good is happening and use stones like Moonstone that hold a lot of properties that attract love and abundance and ask for my guy to return. I hope this helps! Stones and crystals are awesome and you don't need someone ripping you off to use them. :partying_face: :thumbsup:
Dana from Bequest Crystals emailed me again and said:

"Sighs. I don’t know why people treat us this way, but I cannot let my family get taken advantage of. It’s a true shame. I was very kind to you. I cannot help you if you don’t let me though. Dana"

Somehow I'm treating her badly and taking advantage of her family... How is that possible?:unsure:
I feel like she is just trying to manipulate you into buying spells and crystals from her by guilt tripping you into thinking you took advantage of her family. Pretty much she is just trying to make you feel bad because she is just desperate to scam you out of your money. A real spell caster would never behave this way towards someone asking for their help. It's good you decided not to go with her because you would have just wasted your money. If you haven't already then you should contact Ashra because she would be able to help you. Sending positive vibes and love to everyone!!
Too many fake witches and spell casters out their out to scam people. Guilt-trip is just an unfair thing to do. People have guilt tripped me into giving them money claiming to need it this and that. That often causes me to be distant from them.
@Leftfootedrabbit This sounds more like to me that Bequest Crystals is guilt-tripping you and even worse trying to manipulate you. This is also a red flag. This honestly bothers me and gets me heated to what she said to you. Dana shouldn't have a business because doing this to a person belittles them and is super unprofessional too. She believes and thinks that she can get away with blaming you on things, but none of this is your fault, though. It is sad that she tried to scam you out of your money. Although, I'm glad that you turned away from this horrible person.

I would definitely say contact Ashra if you haven't already. She is always going to be there for you and will listen, as well as to respect your wishes too. She will be able to help you every step of the way. Plus, she is a really nice person and a spell caster. :)
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Dana from Bequest Crystals emailed me again and said:

"Sighs. I don’t know why people treat us this way, but I cannot let my family get taken advantage of. It’s a true shame. I was very kind to you. I cannot help you if you don’t let me though. Dana"

Somehow I'm treating her badly and taking advantage of her family... How is that possible?:unsure:
Bequest Crystals is trying to get free money out of you!! Don't do it, work with Ashra and you will see movement!

I have been scammed out of 3800 dollars off of EmilyRoselovespells.com (Emily Rose Love Spells) and I don't want anybody else to experience losing this much money!
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@ScorpioQueen and @Ginas @EricaLeeCollins199226 @Believer430 I agree with you ALL full-heartedly because I too, have been scammed many times and I would rather not see anyone go through what I have gone through.

We all want results and they only want to get real results is with @Ashra Koehn because she is legitimate and she cares. It is so hard to find people like her nowadays and i really enjoy seeing people post on this thread and prevent people from getting scammed.

Best wishes! :star_struck
I have been using Dana since May 26th. I've been looking online for any real reviews of her and thank God I found this forum. Nothing has changed in my relationship status and I paid her $145 plus and extra $70 for a pendulum that I have yet to receive. She emails me daily but I don't understand most of what she is saying. Has anyone else experienced this?
Hi @Sblackwell Sorry to say that you will not see any results with the spells you had cast by Dana. She has many aliases and she emails the same scripted emails to everyone. Abala Express is not a real website. Its just a way for her to get the money off your credit card.

Ashra Koehn may be able to help you. Have you reached out to her?