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Defamation against Ashra - Ashra Spells scams and fraud comments

I would like to thank everyone for their support.:thumbsup: I'm currently working with my lawyer and I'm going after (Jane Doe) legally for slander and defamation. I don't think she was too smart when she created her account on this forum. I have her IP addresses and my lawyer can and will subpoena the other websites to gather more evidence against her.

Bullies love attention, so please don't entertain her on these other websites. Let my lawyer take care of her.

IMPORTANT: At this time I'm referring to this attacker as DIANA320 (Jane Doe) until more concrete evidence is collected by my lawyer on who is specifically behind this IP and these attacks.
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This isn't the first time Ashra has been going through this with other people. Ashra isn't that kind of person and she gets upset when people out there trying to degrade her name so that she will lose her clients. Ashra has feelings and we have talked about this about two months ago. I don't like the fact people out here trying to destroy her but the fact remains it isn't going to work. I trust Ashra with my life and I will continue to be her client and friend. Ashra is a loving and caring friend to me and she have always been here for me. Especially at my lowest moment and if she didn't care she would be just in it for money and not bringing back our lovers. I know for a fact Ashra has looked our for me without paying the full price that's how generous she is to her clients. Ashra we all have your back and we believe in you.
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Diana320. I don't know you are one of the spell casters or not. No matter yes or no, please respect to other spell casters. Don't send threaten post or emails to other people such as Ashra. It's not Ashra's fault. Ashra didn't say any bad words about you before. It's just a comment from the peoples. Peoples follow her is because of they really see the signs or movement about their loves, jobs and the other problems of life. If the spells not work, people can leave in anytime. Ashra didn't force peoples purchase spells and stay at this forum.
I have seen Xara's website not worth the time at all. It is all automated and cold and impersonal. Anyone going there should know it is fake.
I hope your lawyer gets to the bottom of this situation soon. It's disgusting how low some people will sink to ruin someone's reputation just because she is clearly jealous of your success. She obviously knows you are genuine and a very successful spellcaster and that is why she is so jealous. I trust and believe in you and have complete faith that my spells will work. I know I'll be back with Dean at some point this year and it will be because of you and your spells. Keep smiling and don't let her upset you
I honestly don't know why others would bully and attack someone else that is innocent and trying to help people out. I get one thing that they are jealous but by going too far and off of the rails with everything is outrageously an inconsiderate thing of them to do. It wasn't smart of them either because they had shown their true colors to taunt someone else for their own pleasure and to get attention. Ashra is true to her words and she honestly does love to help because she is a warm-hearted and a very kind person. She doesn't deserve any kind of this mistreatment from Xara.
We will support you Ashra no matter what. You have lend us your helping hand so this time we all will put together those thousand hands and protect you. We will stand by you as we believe in you to the fullest. I am extremely glad to have found her. She will be the coolest and the best spell caster for me. I trust her more than I could sometimes trust myself. Her undettering spirit restores my confidence. Sending lots of positive vibes to you, Ashra. We are on your side always.
Ashra is real trust me! I seeked her help for my situation and I've been seeing movement. You just have to be positive and follow the simple guidelines Ashra has set so the spell is successful. Also Xara shame on you for attacking Ashra. People who have been talking about you on the forum are real people who clearly had a bad experience with you.
Dear Ashra, we know who is what and you have our unconditional support. Let these fakesters first give free spells the way you do. I think this is what is hurting them the most that you mange to help people with free spell casts. They are unable to take this fact. Hence they are going on with their rantings. We don't trust and believe such people. We all have been through all this muck before! and are the wiser now. Times are really bad and you need to take care. Hope your attorney makes a very strong case and they are made to pay for it heavily. Disturbing the harmony and peace of all. God Bless you and keep you safe, and secure from malice.
Wow, I can't believe I only just now found this! I can't believe someone came on here just to slander Ashra like this. Definitely not a smart move. I hope Ashra's lawyer has made progress in finding out who this person is and bringing them to justice. And then another person came onto this thread and said even worse things! That's just crazy and messed up. I hope Karma hits both of them soon if it hasn't already. I am really glad Ashra stood her ground against them though <3
Hello Ruby! I couldn't agree with you more. It is my first time posting on this thread, I am so shocked that Heather and Xara are trying to badmouth Ashra on the forum. They thought we will believe in their words, it only shows us their true colours as you stated before. I didn't get any results from Xara spells, but wait what should we expect from her? She is not a spellcaster. Ashra is one of the best spellcasters and has been helping lots of people out there. She is so genuine and caring. I have seen results from my spells, so I will still with her only.
Dare you call ashra fake. She is really genuine and a beautiful person inside out. I didnt have money so she offered her free help services for me. for which I cant thank her enough. Stop defaming her. Your stupid rumours are not going to change anyone's views for her. everyone knows how caring and genuine she is.
Before you order her spells read this!!! Ashra is a fake spell caster that has been operating under a false name you can find several reports with proof of purchase about her real name Emily J. Cole and she lives in Colorado and not Australia.

Now she or a "client" (which is always her by the way using another name) will find this comment and either say that this is a lie of an "Ashra impersonator" the problem is all of these "impersonators" use the same exact paypal address as hers which only she has access to! So this is another of her excuses to get away with being a fraud.

Here is how Ashra works: She sets us her own forum completely controled by herself and no one else, tells clients to leave positive reviews and to leave negative reviews for every single other spell caster, if you take a look at her forum there is not one single positive report for other spellcasters only for herself, among 100's of reviews!! This is a strategy to get more customers!

Youtube videos: You will find several youtube reviews of her claiming how wonderful she is, these channels only have 1 single video each out of 100's they always only post one single video, this is a clear indicator that this is completely fake. It has been mentioned and found out several times that these people are paid actors and are paid to make the video. You can find paid reviews for cheap money on services such as fiverr and others.

In 2008 and 2009 she left a note on her site stating that she was voted best spell caster by the "Certified Spell Casters Association" you can google this yourself if you use archive.org and go back to September 2012
this association has never existed! She just made an association up and gave an award to herself!!

She controls her Forum and manually accepts each and every single comment so that if you post something negative about her work such as it never working or that she does not reply which happens over and over again she either doesn't accept it or removes it.

Be aware that she will read this comment and say it's a competitor posting or that all experiences are fake or that is was all an impersonator.

I am not a competitor as I don't scam people but a concerned man who has dealt with all of this first hand and I know of which I speak and am warning you so you don't do the same mistake!

Ashra spells reviews - nearly all positive reviews about her are fake, paid or from people that have not even had success yet and still rate her services!!!

It amazing how this comment by @PASTOR2018 got posted right after one of Ashra's competitors threatened her clients. Here's news for you Pastor... everyone's reviews are real and no one was paid to write them. You are just lashing out at her because someone exposed you on this forum. YOU ARE A COMPETITOR! Without a doubt!

You should be a politician since you are really good at trying to manipulate people with false information.

And why did your negative comment get approved on the forum if only positive comments get approved?
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Ashra is definitely not fake! She is not a fraud and she isn’t trying to get money out of people at all she is only trying to help others! The reason why your spells are probably not working is because of how negative you are being towards it haveing good vibes and staying positive has a very strong impact on how your spell will work...the comments I have read are disgusting how could you be so rude towards someone who has helped thousands of people! I don’t understand it one bit this is outrageous! I pray for the people who are like that they need to understand that she is only one person and spells don’t always work immediately and also having negative energy is a big no no! Ashra is a wonderful person she is not a fraud!
Do not worry, Ashra. Your community loves you and is grateful for your support and caring. Please,continue with your work and don't give up. These people are clearly impersonators and bad competitors who are upset that everyone is going to you and simply want attention.
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My goodness, Xara. You are one wicked lady.
You tricked people , and now you are asking Ashra to take down the comment.
What person are you? Have you not have a heart to help others? Where is your empathy?
And to all haters here, if you hate ashra, hate her all you want, because we are here to protect her with all of our hearts.
Besides, we will report you haters out there, so what is the worry?
To Xara, You are a scammer. Please kindly put down your website fast. You do not have any knowlege on spellcasting, so why would you do it?

I guess there are alot of people who are trying to defame Madame Ashra. Such a shameful act!
Poor Ashra she needs to entertain these clowns. Aren't these clowns have enough scamming people? Why would God allow these clowns to live in this world?
If you clowns want to attack Ashra, you should be ashame of yourselves. Being a spellcaster has to be genuine and not ripping money off from people. You guys should look at the mirror and rethink about what happen to the world out there. Hundreds of people are having issues, and they are in need of miracles.
If you guys get this opprtunity to grab some cash from people, then let me tell you this, you are devils!
I really pity those people out there, striving hard to earn some to support themselves or families.
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Ashra is not a fake, and anyone who is claiming that she is is completely wrong. Ashra has been helping people for many years, and people have seen success with her spells, so clearly if she was a fake those spells wouldn't have worked for anyone. People who are claiming that she is fake, are jealous and have nothing better to do than harass Ashra and try to make her be a bad person when she is not. She is caring, amazing, talented and she doesn't ask for money if you can't afford a spell. That shows that she does the spells because she cares, not to benefit from it. Don't worry Ashra, we will always be here for you, don't let anyone bring you down.
Hello, which spells did you ask Ashra to cast for you? I'm very sorry to hear that they didnt work for you. I hope to hear soon that the second round worked.
I once thought that ashra wasn't real and wasn't true, but the spell manifested so I knew she had to be. and she's helped me tremendously. though I was a bit harsh with her a few times. to which I sincerely apologize. you have to have a good attitude when it comes to spells. you have to have faith in the magick and the ability of the caster whether it be yourself or another. yes, there are some frauds out there, but I believe ashra is for real.
Hello everyone! Ashras’ spells really do work if you follow her guidelines and be positive during its process. If you had been carrying that negative vibe with in you and you did not follow the guidelines, surely your spells won’t work. The spells can also take time to manifest, give it a time and let the spells do its job. I do believe that people might be trying to bring Ashra down but they won’t succeed because Ashra has the purest heart and she is not greedy. Unlike the other spell casters who claimed that they spells really do work but a person must pay before they assure you there spells really do work. Sending love and positive vibes to everyone!
Hello everyone! I don't know what you are talking about Heather. Ashra never forced anyone to purchase her spells. She only offers them spells that she thinks they will be perfect for their situation, so decision is yours. I have to agree with Sweetcake. She never asked me for money either. I purchased her free spells on the forum, she also never charged me for recast. You shouldn't have defamed her like this just because you don't see any movements. Your negative thought might affect your spells progress. If you are really her client, then just tell her to do something to help you see result.
Ashra is real an her spells do work.. it upsets me a great deal for to here that your bashing her when she is nothing but kind an generous to us all an she goes out a her way to help us... she did this kforum to help low income families and I believe in her an have had very positive energy an keep my faith up...I'm in the process of hopefully getting a cleansing spell to clear my path an let my spells manifest..so plz don't bash her for something that she has tried to do for you..stay positive an stay hopeful an believe it will work an it will...I'm sorry you feel so negative but that could be why your spells are not manifesting...Good luck blessed be
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She is not a fraud! That is ridiculous how these people are saying such awful things about Ashra. I just started last week and she has been communicating faster than I expected given the timeframe we are told. She is so understanding of my situation and is willing to work with me. I haven’t met anyone that has been so kind and genuine with wanting to help out of the goodness of her heart!
Not true. I wanted a love spell to reunite my experience and I back and I too complained that it did not work but it happened in the timeframe after I wrote the complaint. Sometimes things take more time and not always the timeframe we like. I personally want to apologize for making claims that Ashra was fraud.
My ex reached out to me. We both decided to remain friends and I am now engaged to my fiance. Things worked out in the long run.

Also would like to thank Ashra for taking the time casting the spell. I apologize for being impatient and being rude.
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That is a false claimment. Ashra is not one of them spell casters that give people false hope. Ashra is very real legitimate she is trustworthy and as genuine as it gets. Ashra is very credible and not a scam. Ashra intentions are not to hurt anyone. She is honest and caring. The reason spells don't work is negativity and breaking too many guidelines. If we are negative we are throwing negativity things into the universe well so it throws back what we give in. The spells also pick up on the negativity energy. We shall feed our spells with positivity and be patient. Let the spells do their thing. The universe is not failing us rather it's about us passing the test. We shall feed our spells with positivity and if you feel positive you are having positive energy and it's picking up. When the time is right everything will manifest. Good luck and take care. Sending all my love and positivity feels.
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I hope everyone is doing well. I have given my faith and trust in Ashra and she hasn't let me down. I've read every section of this forum and seen so many success stories from her spells. I myself have seen results and even thought it's in a negative direction for me right now, I don't think anything would have happened if it weren't for her, which is why I also have faith she will turn it around and lead me to my heart's desire.

I do not believe Ashra has a personal agenda or scams anyone, you can see this just from all the successful testimonials alone. I do not believe any of the Youtube testimonials are fake, and obviously everyone here is real, with real stories. Yes, Ashra manages these forums herself, BY herself, but it's not to be manipulative, it's not to force her clients to sing false praises and never allow negative comments. I do see negative comments posted every once and awhile and if there are more that she does not approve to be posted, I don't see this as manipulation for her own reputation, you have to consider there are tons of RUDE people who try to say nasty things without a solid basis. Just think of all the hate mails the poor woman probably has to deal with on a daily basis.

I'm a firm believer in Ashra and her abilities, and while I can't fully blame anyone for being skeptical, especially those who may be skeptical by nature of the spiritual realm, try to think of things logically. I use my reasoning as well as faith and I do firmly believe Ashra is real and will continue to help countless people achieve their goals and desires.
Don't you dare say anything bad about Ashra.

She's been incredibly friendly and she's real. I see her as my divine feminine guide. I'm a boy of 19 years of age and she's the messenger from god. There's nothing negative about her. Oh my god i love her. She's the best. She's like my only true friend and helper.
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I know there is nothing to worry about with Ashra, she is a real spell caster and the only real one out there. Most other people who are trying to defame her are people who know they are fake and ant to ruin her reputation out of jealousy. Her spells do work and I am talking from experience. I encourage everyone here to stick with her, you will not be disappointed and you will get the results you want from your spells.
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