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Divine Love Light - www.divinelovelight.com


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Divine Love Light is another person I used. I spent a lot of money on this - around $2000- $3000 for a couple of spells to bring back a partner. I was drawn to it so when I went with my intuition, obviously it was wrong. They send out a little package and poem to read. I did this. I had zero movement from these spells. I did contact them and they told me that they do not recast. She said that the spells are always active and they can't guarantee everyone did what they asked. They did reply to emails quickly. I understood no refund but no recasting was a shock considering what I spent. I would not recommend using them.
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That’s crazy that Divine Love Light treated you this way!! You spent $2,000-$3,000 dollars to help get your partner back!! Usually spells are recasted to make sure that it works and I totally understand that each persons situation is different. You even followed the steps to get them back into your life! You did your part and I feel like you got cheated by divinelovelight.com. It's like you paid to get help, but then they didn’t do their part to help you. I’m sorry but this sounds like you got scammed because because no real spell caster would treat you like dirt. I’m glad they responded quickly, but a lot of things are not adding up! I’m hoping and praying that your partner comes back to you super soon!!
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I almost fell into this trap too! When my guy and I broke up and then had a fight and we're talking, I was frantically trying to find someone genuine to help me. Divine Love Light told me she would be able to help and then recommend a spell worth 200$...I couldn't afford that and she dismissively said she couldn't help me without the funds for this spell I needed. I knew this was a red flag right away and I had learned from people lie Dr. Nana who i have dealt with that people will try to get money, make you feel lost and sad and then take the money and flee. Thank you for creating this post thread on the forum.
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This lady is on Youtube and goes by the name DivineLoveLight. I find it odd that she never shows her name and doesn't provide her first name. Someone online said her name is Michelle, but I very much doubt it.

@c_c_7 Divine Love Light ripped you off and left you for dead. Her reviews are horrible, she hides her identity and doesn't show her face. This scammer is just as bad as Emily Halifax, who is another psychic caught scamming people.

Ashra Koehn is the only spell caster I would recommend. She doesn't hide her face and she has one of the highest success rates.