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Do love spells backfire?

Discussion in 'Ashra Spells' started by Carmen, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Carmen

    Carmen New Member

    Do love spells backfire? If so, what can I do to prevent my spell from backfiring and causing harm to myself or someone else?

    My boyfriend ended our relationship and I've tried everything I can to convince him to give me one more chance. I want to cast a spell but I'm worried about the consequences.

    Should I be concerned?
  2. carbonkitty

    carbonkitty New Member

    I strongly believe inexperience plays a large role in why love spells backfire. About a year ago I hired a spell caster to help return my husband who was having an affair with a younger woman. The person I hired claimed he could help, but when I asked him about what was involved in the casting he completely ignored getting into detail. I also found his website to be dated and he was fairly new online. My gut was telling me to find someone else. However, he sounded confident that he could help and his fees were a lot lower then what others were asking.

    About a week after my spell was cast my husband said he wanted a divorce and he moved out the next day. My situation continued to get worse and there was not a single time I saw any improvement. I almost lost my husband but fortunately I was able to find an experienced spell caster a few month later.

    Whether you are casting spells yourself or you decide to hire a spell caster, it is important to make sure experience is involved when spell casting. This will prevent your spells from backfiring and causing harm to your situation.
  3. Anya83

    Anya83 Active Member

    Using cookie cutter rituals can cause your spells to backfire. Free rituals you can find online are a perfect example because they are design for the masses and might not be specific enough for your situation. Spells need to be fully customized to work effectively.

    If you don't have the level of experience to be casting spells yourself, it's always better to use a professional spell caster.
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  4. LuvAlliIz

    LuvAlliIz New Member

    Make sure you have the right intentions. Don't cast a spell on someone if you are unsure about your feelings. Ask yourself if this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Sometimes your spell working as planned can actually backfire if you come to realize later that you are not in love. Then your faced with how to get out of the relationship you thought you wanted.

    This happened to my friend who found someone she was physically attracted to, but they didn't have anything in common and she became bored after a few month with him.
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  5. VHfromNY

    VHfromNY Member

    I like the point about inexperience. The more experience someone has with casting spells, the more successful the outcome. The chance that your spell will backfire is less likely if the spell is cast correctly.
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  6. Anya83

    Anya83 Active Member

    Attitude plays an important role. You need to believe your spell will work. Don't allow yourself to dwell on the negatives. Staying positive always generates a better outcome then being doubtful. I do believe in auras being directly associated with a person's frame of mind.
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  7. SaraT

    SaraT New Member

    Positive thoughts generate positive energy. If you find yourself being doubtful, try to think about something that makes you happy.
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  8. Daisy Torrez

    Daisy Torrez New Member

    I had my spells cast by Ashra Koehn and they didn't backfire, so you were right about experience playing a key role.
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  9. VHfromNY

    VHfromNY Member

    Ashra's spells will never backfire. I believe Carmen was asking a general question about the steps to take to make sure your spells will not backfire.
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  10. CT-Jarvis

    CT-Jarvis Member

    Thank you. I've had spell backfire in the past but they were cast by other spell casters; not Ashra.
    I'm waiting to here back from Ashra Koehn so that I can request one of her spells. I trust everyone's comments so I will not worry about the possibility of her spells backfiring.
  11. Anya83

    Anya83 Active Member

    Spells shouldn't backfire as long as you are using an experienced spell caster with a solid reputation. It may be possible for someone to learn to cast spells, but I think a lot of people underestimate the amount of education, training and experience that goes into mastering spell casting.
  12. Megosa

    Megosa Member

    Try not to use more then one spell caster at a time. Every spell caster does things different which may cause spells to backfire.
    I don't know if this is true or not. It's what I believe. When in doubt, contact Ashra and get her opinion.
  13. Tracon

    Tracon Active Member

    I totally agree with you, I was in two months when I had Ashra cast my first spell . My spells from the other caster backfired, my ex went back to his ex and they went on a vacation that we were suppose to go on. Since then they are happily together going strong. Even though Ashra cast my spell I believe the non progress has a lot to do with the initial caster. Comparing Ashra to others her price is really affordable. I am sure if I had gone to her before, my situation would have been resolved. This is a long discussion relationship.
  14. Saundra-Thames

    Saundra-Thames New Member

    I want to request her help but I do not want my spells to backfire. I know everyone is saying that they don’t, but what if you are religious… wouldn’t their be consequences?
  15. Ashra Koehn

    Ashra Koehn Well-Known Member Staff Member

    The types of magic you don’t want to use are Voodoo and Black Magic. Although I am experienced in several forms of magic, I specialize in pure based white magic which works on the energy of nature; natural energy from the earth.

    I would say about half my clients are religious and none of them have experience any negative side effect or have had their spells backfire.
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  16. Gabriana Wohl

    Gabriana Wohl New Member

    Ashra's spells do not backfire and I did get results early. However, I didn't want to post my comments right away in case I miscarried. I'm now 7 month in and my husband and I couldn't be any more excited! Our biggest concern will be adapting to parenthood in a couple months:)
  17. Linkle

    Linkle Member

    Ashra Koehn is casting for me tonight. I read a lot about spells and how they can backfire. I dread the thought of that happening. I'm already in shock that he left me so I couldn't take anymore disappointment.

    It's nice to hear her spells will not backfire. One less thing to worry about.:)
  18. Fiona

    Fiona New Member

    I don't know if the spell caster I used was fake or inexperienced. My spell did backfire and now I believe my boyfriend hates me. What can I do about it? Is there some way to know if my ex still loves me?

    Everyone is suggesting I contact Ashra Koehn, but can she undo a spell cast by another spell caster that backfired?
  19. Tracon

    Tracon Active Member

    HI Fiona,

    Please talk to Ashra Koehn directly and she will advise you accordingly to ensure you are using the right spell that will produce the fastest results. Good luck to you and i hope your situation will work out in a fast manner.

    Let Ashra know what your problems are and what you are hoping to accomplish.
  20. Cesar

    Cesar Member

    I sure hope her spells don't have any type of blow-back. I know trying to change someone's mind can backfire completely, but I feel this case is a bit different. I still feel there is a flame between us that I don't want to die out, and I can't let that happen. This is a last resort for someone who I love very, very dearly.
  21. roshmodayz

    roshmodayz Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Honestly, I am the most religious person and I was very hesitant in doing spells and rituals, but I believe Ashra is the right person to go to help anyone in their situation. For any specific questions you can ask Ashra here: http://www.ashra.net/contact.php
  22. Anya83

    Anya83 Active Member

    It is impossible for any spell to backfire or cause any kind of blow-back when cast correctly by an experienced spell caster. Ashra has been offering her spell casting services for over 15 years and I can only imagine how many people she has helped over that time span. I haven't heard anyone say that their spells have backfired. I had a couple of them done and they didn't cause anything negative to transpire. Daniel and I are still together and doing fantastic.
  23. roshmodayz

    roshmodayz Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Yes, Ashra is experienced! I can tell, feel, and know her spells will not backfire because of her experience. Imagine having over decades of experience and having spells passed on for generations by her grandfather. When she is busy and has a tight schedule she personally tells me to wait for my spell to be casted and be patient because she does not want to rush a spell and wants to makes sure she puts the time, effort, dedication, and make sure each one of her spells are done correctly. It is great to know that as a spell caster she is not there to rush your spells. Ashra really cares about QUALITY VS. QUANTITY of the spells.

    I cannot wait until all 17+ spells just work their magic into my life and situation. I am sure they are full manifested in power, but it is only time when my lover comes back. I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL HE IS BACK INTO MY LIFE, IN MY ARMS, AND WHEN WE ARE TOGETHER HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

    I will be sure to keep everyone posted on Ashra's forum when I see little movements and bigger movements.
  24. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    More than 17 spells sure is a lot! However, it goes to show that you truly care and will do anything to be with your lover. I'm the same way. I email Ashra a lot and she doesn't answer all of them, but I know that she's just busy. Even if she doesn't reply, I always feel better once I get everything out and I tell her. I hate to offend anyone, but since me and my lover are connected telepathically, I can feel his presence when he's not around (which is all the time.) I think maybe when everyone pictures themselves with their lover, they should try to feel their emotions too. It makes you feel so loved and worthy of being happy. I love feeling my lover hug and kiss me from far away. I know it will feel so much better physically.
  25. SingleInRed

    SingleInRed Active Member

    I doubt Ashra spells backfire... the people at the office would not be happy and telling me to get love spells from her. Why would they send me here? I have stopped crying. I am hopeful... my spells are cast and I just need to wait now.
  26. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    I don't believe Ashra's spells would backfire either. She is so different from other spell casters and obviously cares for her clients. I think other "so called spell casters" such as the ones who use black magic are the ones who cast love spells that backfire. They tell you things like "I can return your lover in 24 hours" (that happened to me) or they will charge you such a high price for the spell. I would never trust any other spell casters besides Ashra. Luckily she was able to cast two free spells for me because I said I couldn't afford the other ones. And it hasn't brought anything bad to me and I know it never will. Just stay positive and try to get rid of any doubts you have.
  27. So what happen... did you get Ashra to cast a spell for you? Did your husband come back to you or did he go through with the divorce and move away? Was it to late to do anything?
  28. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I dont believe love spells can backfire if you choose the right spell caster.

    Ashra has had 15 years of experience and I have not read on this forum that her spells have ever backfired.

    Either she is just too good with what she does or her grandfather is a really good teacher when it comes to using magic!

    Ashra is a verified spell caster, she has awards to prove it. i am sure every time she looks at her awards it motivates her to help more and more people every day!
  29. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    Gaby, I agree with you. I think someone might've posted on here one time that they had a love spell casted by a fake spell caster and their situation just got worse. I was amazed when I found out how long Ashra had been spell casting. I knew she was the right spell caster by her tone of voice in the emails she sent me. Ashra deserves more than awards! She does so much for people and I'm surprised that not many people know who she is! I am beginning to see movement from the spells and I have a ton of faith in Ashra!
  30. mystery girl

    mystery girl Well-Known Member

    Hello everybody! How are you? Yes, all of you are right. Ashra's spells will not backfire because of her well known reputation. She even had an award for being the best spell caster. I do not think she would be awarded if she is not good enough and if her spells backfire on someone. It might have been reported and she might not have been awarded such. Do not be afraid. Ashra is real, not fake nor a scam. Just trust ourselves and trust Ashra, follow the rules and everything will be alright. Just the way as we wanted it to be.
  31. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    I haven't heard any bad things about Ashra. I really don't like how most fake spell casters put on their websites a bunch of comments all claiming to have their spells work fast, guaranteed, etc. Ashra is honest with the average wait time to see results, and gives the guidelines to follow. You can tell that she is very professional. Her website is organized and her tone of voice when speaking to clients is calm and generous. I know that I can trust her 100% to bring my lover home! Best part of all is that her love spells do not backfire.
  32. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    When Someone is referring to a spell 'backfiring' what exactly does that mean? How can a spell backfire? What happens when it does? Does it ruin the spell?
    I'd really hate for my spells to backfire. Please someone give me some reassurance! I am deeply sorry for my negativity tonight I am feeling quite low and down due to an incident that happened over easter weekend.
  33. mystery girl

    mystery girl Well-Known Member

    Hi Gaby! Backfire means that your spell for one person, would get into you. Example: If you want a person to have a miserable life, then your spell backfires on you, then instead of that other person, you will be the one who is going to have a miserable life. But, if you have been told by an Indian spellcaster, don't be afraid. They are just plain scammers threatening you and wanting your money for that fake spell. Don't let that negative emotions rule your heart. Your spell will be weakened. Try to smile, watch the videos. It would encourage you watching those clients who have been successful upon their spells with Ashra. Sending you positive vibes and keep smiling please.
  34. Ali

    Ali Member

    I believe one of my spells by Ashra backfired. My ex told me today that he wants nothing to do with me and blocked me on everything when we were on good terms 2 days prior.
  35. anomaly0923

    anomaly0923 Active Member

    The only thing that really will happen that can cause your spells to backfire is yourself.

    Most of the time, and this is from talking to other spell casters as well, the clients can sometimes do more harm than good; by initiating contact, etc.

    I've had spell casters tell me that I should just forget about my boyfriend completely and go out to dinner with a gentleman friend, that way it sends out the "aura" that my ex has competition. I could certainly do that, but I relaly don't want to confuse or hurt some other guy.

    Just stay positive. IF you feel lonely, go out and date around a bit. Not saying to go out and sleep with a bunch of guys/girls: but go and have some fun.
    The more distracted you are, the better it is because it gives your spell caster the time needed to really work on your lover.
  36. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hi Mystery Girl, I have watched all the videos in the media section. I was just wondering what backfiring was because my lover broke up with a girl in January, then he came back to me, then left my town to go back with her and now is with another girl. So I thought that may be a kind of backfiring. I'd never wish upon someone that they have a miserable life. I don't hold grudges ☺
  37. anomaly0923

    anomaly0923 Active Member

    Usually, when you let negative thoughts come in to play, that's when you start to see things "backfire".
    You reap the negativity that you sow. That's why staying positive is such an important part. Not obsessing over it either. It's hard not to do, but that's why keeping yourself busy and trying to focus on the good things for YOU will do the most work and help. Don't give up; just give yourself more time.
    Try to live as happily as possible, I know it is difficult sometimes; I struggle daily, but you find little ways to do stuff; and that's the important part.

    In the mean time, dismiss all negative thoughts and rebuke the bad thoughts that come to your mind ASAP. THEY WILL DROWN YOU and they will turn things bad.
    I'd even recommend doing a cleanse, a spiritual cleanse, or maybe trying to do a chakra cleanse.

    Do a cleanse for the 12 chakras instead of the 7 though; that works better for Twin Flames and soul mates.

    Love and light,
  38. mystery girl

    mystery girl Well-Known Member

    Hi Gaby! If you requested a spell with evil intentions, then expect a sure backfire on you. Or if you use a black magic. Or if you requested a spell from an inexperienced spell caster. But, with Ashra, I don't think so. Ashra is close to her 16th year of spell casting and that already gave her a mastery on her craft. She knows what she is doing and she wouldn't want any of us to have our spells backfire on us. And besides, she uses pure white energy. So, there's really no reason for her spells to backfire. Do you ask a spell from other spell caster. Analyze your situation first. You might have done something wrong or maybe, that other girl used black magic on your lover. Because, it so happened with my ex boyfriend and his other girl right now. She used black magic on my ex boyfriend. I hope this post helps you or give you even a bit of an idea.
  39. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    That's strange Gaby... I don't think your spell backfired. I think that since it happen, it was MEANT to happen. So then once you get him back, you two will come out stronger than you were before. Ashra's spells do not backfire. At least your spells worked the first time! Ashra will help you once again and make all of your wishes come true, and I can assure you that this time when he comes back that you two will be together forever! I am sending positive vibes your way!!!
  40. Heather Dulgar

    Heather Dulgar Active Member

    Ashra is amazing spells caster. Her spells don't backfire. its likely your spell needs a little longer then expect it all depends on the situation. Some thing might get in the way and push it back a few days, but it's going to over power and work it's magic and the outcome is going to be unstoppable.
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