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Do love spells backfire?

Discussion in 'Ashra Spells' started by Carmen, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Liza Hites

    Liza Hites Well-Known Member

    I have a question. My previous caster told me things will always get worse before they get better. Does anyone know if thats true? Everytime time i ordered a spell from him things fell off the charts instead of getting better. I ordered 3 spells in the last year alone and now I've not heard from him in over 3 months.

    I'm hoping that will all change soon though and that my spells are not backfiring.

    Ashra is pretty fast with answering my questions most of the time. I know she gets really busy. I know she genuinely cares about her clients too.
  2. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hi Liza!

    I would highly suggest that you go for Ashra's spells, because Ashra's spells do not backfire.

    Spell work does not let you down as long as you are getting it done by a high experienced spell caster.

    I don't trust any other spell caster, Therefore I have always stuck with Ashra because she hasn't let me down.

    Many spells have been known to backfire if the caster is inexperienced, maybe this is the case with your chosen spell caster?

    Try Ashra's spells, you wont be disappointed or misled!
  3. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    Hey Liza Hites! You haven't been on this forum a lot. I hope you're doing fine. Well, as for your question, I'm not quite sure whether it's true or not. As far as I know, you just need to follow the guidelines rule after the spell has been cast so you won't rush the process of the spell's manifestation. If you break the rules, you will wait for your outcome longer, and maybe there's a possibility that your situation will get worse. And for your information, Ashra's spells don't backfire on anyone else. She uses white magic which is very safe and natural. She will never let you down, just keep up with the faith. :)
  4. Liza Hites

    Liza Hites Well-Known Member

    Thank i have done just that. She cast Freedom Fire and repulsion for me 3 weeks ago. I'm just waiting on movement now. The person I've used previous had told me that things can get worse before they get better. He has been around for many years. He gave me some, but I hired him again to help us get close. Each spell he did drove is farther apart till he won't even speak to me now. I've not seen or heard from him in over 3 months. So yes backfiring really does happen. Even with experienced casters. I feel different this time . Even though I've not seen anything yet. I just know with Ashra i will.
  5. winterly

    winterly Well-Known Member

    If you ask for help from an experience and legit spell caster the spell won't backfire. As long as your intention is good, as long as you love him sincerely it won't backfire. Just like they said, positive thoughts generate positive energy. So think positive! Maybe the forbidden spells like voodoo and black spell will back fire if the spell caster was inexperienced and most especially if that spell caster hold grudges with you lol. No worries my dear! Everything will be fine. Just pray, remain positive and always trust Miss Ashra. That's all.
  6. Lashayl

    Lashayl Member

    I am not sure how they backfire, but I hear that she gives you specific instructions on what to do and what not to do while the spell is casted. So maybe if you do something that she told you not to do, maybe that could be a reason that it could backfires.
  7. queen stephani

    queen stephani Well-Known Member

    No, they don't usually backfire when you have the right intentions with the person whom you want to cast a spell on. Have faith that the spell is going to work. Its all about being positive and avoiding negative thoughts.
  8. kwng25

    kwng25 Active Member

    I don't think a love spell will backfire if it's use with good intention. Ashra uses white magic for her spells. White magic will not backfire. Just by reading your review, I know you love you lover very very much. You are worried for him more than yourself. If you couldn't be together with your lover, the who deserve him more than you? I wish you will be reunited with your lover very very soon. Stay positive. Good thing will come to you before you realized it. Send my best of luck to you.
  9. Liza Hites

    Liza Hites Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much. Its true. I love him so much i would just do anything for him to come back to me. The most important is his happiness. I know he is not happy. If he was he would have never came back to me so many times. She uses his big heart to hold him. She just wants him for his money. They have not one thing in common. As he said he had to pretend to be someone else he is not. And it makes unhappy. I love him so much. I want him so bad, but I also just want him to be happy. If he left and doesn't come back; yes it would hurt.
  10. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    I totally agree with your statement. If we have a good intention, the love spell will never backfire on anyone else. I got my spell cast on my lover based on true feelings. What I have done so far is purely because of love. I won't do much harm to him or the girl he is dating with at all. I want to make them fall apart, but it doesn't mean I want to make them feel sick or something like that. I know Ashra uses white magic spells, so it's safe to say that they will never backfire.
  11. Bearhugs

    Bearhugs Well-Known Member

    Gaby I totally agree with you. Recently after trying those scam spell casters they emailed saying that I have negative energy around me and if I don't take action it will back fire. I was scared because I don't know if it's true. I then contacted Ashra and she told me not to worry that they are scams and that I have no negative energy around me, they just trying to scare me so that I can give them money. Don't fall for anything either of them says. Ashra spells don't backfire, trust her.
  12. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    You have points by saying those lines BearHugs! Ashra's spells will never backfire. She uses white magic spells, so it's safe to say that all her spells are guaranteed.
    Don't ever trust those quacks, they only tried to scare you so you would give them the amount of money. Ashra has 15 years of experience under her belt, so
    she won't do any harm to her clients and anyone else. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way.
  13. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I believe love spells backfire, IF they are cast by an inexperienced spell caster and if they are not done correctly.

    I only trust Ashra's spells, I have been working with her since June last year and never have I had a love spell backfire, I am completely safe for as long as I work with Ashra Koehn.

    Spells take a lot of your time, a lot of focus and a lot of energy only a real spell caster can tell you this.
  14. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    Hello Gaby! You are totally right. I never believe those who claim that they work for free on internet. I mean, sometimes, they only want to test their spell casting with anyone else, whether it works or not. Usually, an inexperienced spell caster won't charge much money because they know their own skill. It's really dangerous though. I have full faith in Ashra, because she has invested her time, effort, energy to focus on spell casting. It's safe to say that her spells will never backfire.
  15. Verycurious

    Verycurious Active Member

    I think the only time spells backfire are if you don’t follow the guidelines that Ashra has put in place.

    Other than that, if you have true intention in your heart for your lover you should be fine, and not worry about anything. We are bring out our lover’s desire to want and need to be with us. So as long as our love is pure and true there is no way for our spells to backfire.
  16. sweetlady

    sweetlady Well-Known Member

    I strongly agree with your comments. Love spells cast by inexperienced spell casters/amateurs can backfire and they can be even dangerous in some ways.

    It's better not to trust everyone especially not to trust those fake free spell casters online who are unknown to the world and known only on their own pages with fake testimonials on how they changed someone's life but I believe that's self promotion only!

    Ashra's spells will never backfire because she's the only real spell caster I know, and she has lots of experience in spell casting as well!

    She's the only one we can trust and her spells will never do harm to anyone!

    Sending positive vibes everyone's way!
  17. Juliejoy88

    Juliejoy88 Well-Known Member

    Ashra is pretty experienced and specific in her work so I don't think any of the spells casted by her will ever backfire. We should have full faith in Ashra and all will be well.
  18. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    You are definitely right! Love spells can backfire if we don't follow any guidelines rule after the spell has been cast. So, that is why it's really important to comply the rules, because otherwise, our situation will get worse. Also, just like you said before, as long as we have a good intention for our lover, those spells will never backfire.
  19. Liza Hites

    Liza Hites Well-Known Member

    I've actually tried other casters and i got the same thing. You need your aura cleansed I've heard. Pay me and I will take the negitive away. If not, your spell will backfire. I've heard them all. I use to use a specific spell caster all the time and he use to be pretty good. I think he lost his touch though. I had him try and help me and Kevin get closer last year. We just got farther and farther apart. I ask him whats going on. This was suppose to be bringing us closer together. He told me it had to get worse before better. I said he's not even speaking to me know. He told me give it 6 months to a year to see results. He said that was a normal time frame. Wish I would have found Ashra sooner. Maybe I should have ask before paying him close to a $1,000. I thought that was normal. I didnt know.
  20. Jewelson

    Jewelson Well-Known Member

    The spell can only backfire if there is a spell over you which allows it to do so. Most casters carefully research on the subjects story when they want to help them and also prepare spells that will be effective against backfiring. I know know much about the magick they do. I believe they can only backfire if the caster hasn't reinforced it in someway. Please don't worry Ashra is experienced and she know what she is doing.
    Liza Hites likes this.
  21. Juliejoy88

    Juliejoy88 Well-Known Member

    I think we all want to have our lovers back in our life in good health and we don't want to hurt them in any way. We only want their love and so love spells aren't gonna backfire or harm us since our intentions are good enough.
  22. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    Hello Liza Hites! I'm so sorry that you were got ripped off by the bad quack. $1000? You gotta be kidding me!! He asked you for the amount of money.

    I know, sometimes, we never think about something well, when we are falling apart. We just give them money off hand, without knowing that we will get cheated out of money. It also happened to me in the past. They said that I had bad aura, so maybe my spells would backfire on me or anyone else. I needed to give her some bucks. Of course, I blocked her quickly.

    I just believe that spells will never backfire if we have a good intention and of course deal with an experience spell caster. Ashra has 15 years of experience, she knows what she is doing. She is so professional and really concentrates on spell casting. I really trust her by the way!
  23. orjon

    orjon Well-Known Member

    I don't think love spells backfire as long as you follow Ashra's advice. She brought my love back into my life and even helped after but unfortunately it went wrong again my situation is very complicated and even though Ashra told me to be patient and up beat when I was around him, I got impatient and tried to rush and as a result I pushed him away I truly believe if I had just be patient and listened we would be together properly now.
  24. Bearhugs

    Bearhugs Well-Known Member

    It's a terrifying thought when you think about love spells backfiring because nobody wants to get hurt in any way. Black magic is terrible and backfires for sure if you don't follow that instructions, but I trust white magic over everything. There is no way white magic will backfire and love spells that derives from white magic is completely safe. Ashra casts white magic, and she is real so there is no need to be afraid that love spells will backfire. Rest assure nothing wouldn't go wrong as long as there is ashra with you.
  25. Tyan

    Tyan Popular Member

    I think spells only backfire if the spell caster does not know what he or she is doing or if they are voodoo or black magic. My reason is nobody has ever talked about any backfire from Ashra's spells and she is a white magic spell caster, but she will do black magic if it is like very highly needed. Everytime somebody says something about a black magic spell people talk about it and say that it can make things backfire. I really don't want anything to backfire on me so that is also why I love Ashra.
  26. Bearhugs

    Bearhugs Well-Known Member

    Gaby I understand your concern because if I was in your position I would probably be wondering the same too. He is going back and forth and it's stressful. Because one moment you think he is back and then the next moment he is gone again. Have you been thinking negative for time he was with you? I mean like scared that he might leave you again for his ex or the relationship might experience some ups and downs? I think these negative thoughts can hinder your spell.
  27. brokenhart5

    brokenhart5 Active Member

    I believe that love spells can backfire only if someone cast some dark spell on you. I believe that Ashra spells are all good and will never backfire on you. But if you were looking for other spellcasters you never know what they will do to you. I am a little scard about spells, but I trust Ashra will help us all and that her spells ar white and strong and will never harm us or backfire.
  28. specialneedsmetalpunk

    specialneedsmetalpunk Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Hey, Carmen. That all depends on how experienced the person who is doing the spell casting is and if they cut corners. If they are not as experienced, then there is a good possibility that the spells are going to backfire. Ashra has 15 years of experience under her belt and she doesn't cut corners with spell casting at all. I would highly recommend Ashra because she knows exactly what she is doing in terms of her business. She is not going to let you down.
  29. Nolight

    Nolight Active Member

    As someone else said, if the caster is experienced, it shouldn't backfire, because they know what precautions to set into place, and they know what they're doing. Ashra has 16 years of experience (Right? Isn't that what she said?) with casting spells, so she knows what she's doing for sure. Whatever the case was, I'm sure that she was able to handle it with ease :) Hopefully everything went well! And if they did, I hope that things are continuing to go well for you :)
  30. Diane

    Diane Member

    Good day everyone! Has any of you already had their spells casted by Ashra and what you asked really came true? For how long did the spell work that you finally see the results? Didn't you experience any karma or it backfired at you like for example the situation got more worse? I just saw one article about the backfire of spells casted by an inexperienced and the results where way much worse than you could imagine. I do believe in Ashra, I'm just afraid it will backfire at me, which causes one of my doubts (aside from the negative actions that I've been seeing with my ex lately.) But as I read some of the posts here, it truly states here that we're on the right hands. Though I think Ashra's been busy lately, she didn't contact me anymore after I asked her how much would it cost me to speed up the casting of spells. Well, I hope almost all of us can have what we all wish for. Just keep on believing with Ashra and be patient, so that things will turn out right for us. :)
  31. Xomaira

    Xomaira Active Member

    I don't think that love spells backfire if you approach a real and specialised spellcaster. In my situation the love spell backfired for sure, because the person I fell in love with was single before I let the spellcaster cast the spell. After a short time I'd noticed that the person I fell in love with had a boyfriend. Now she is even engaged to that guy. I had bad luck. This all happend during a period of 3 years.
  32. Jewelson

    Jewelson Well-Known Member

    Hmm. What does really happen when a spell gets backfired? Does it slow the process down or make it more worst or both. I don't have any experience on backfired spell but it worries me if it did.

    Usually in YouTube videos they show how to cast a spell and many other website. But I haven't noticed anyone saying to cast a protection spell before it.

    Its good that we don't have to cast our own spell. There was one spell website which tell us to cast our own spell and all that ingredients and all needed is listed. I would not do that.. Rather be here and make Ashra cast it for me.

    Its good that she has a long experience and passionate about it. Stay happy and stay safe people.
  33. Xomaira

    Xomaira Active Member

    I think that a spell can get backfired and it can manifest in different kind of ways. If you cast your own spell, you must be really strong inside. You can't be a desperate person in life, you will need to have full mindpower to cast spells. Most people don't have that kind of mindpower. If you are not strong enough inside the spell wouldn't work. Most of the time we lost our powers, because we are getting to desperate when we lost the person we love the most. We are losing faith in ourself and that is the reason why a spell will not always work for us.
    Liza Hites likes this.
  34. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    Hello Jewelson! Different things can happen when a love spell backfires but luckily we do not have to worry about that because Ashra is a very trustworthy spell caster. She uses white magic with her spells so they won't backfire. The only spells with the possibility of backfiring are black magic spells. Ashra has those too but she usually warns her clients about them before they decided to get a black magic spell.
  35. Jackie

    Jackie Active Member

    I can't wait... I am excited what the surprise will be, thank you Ashra congrats again and again. Ashra Koehn is a true professional at spell casting which is why I want to congratulate her on her 16 year of success. Don't worry, her spells will not backfire. She has a good reputation and an amazing work ethic! Ashra is like a miracle worker, motivator, it is wonderful to see someone helping others so open heartely. I see hope in this forum and so many happy people.
  36. marionh8813

    marionh8813 Member

    This thread is very interesting. I have been worried about spending money on a spell only to have it backfire. It's so great to read and hear that if I stay positive and believe in my spell, backfiring is not something that will happen. I too have talked to other spell casters before finding Ashra but no spells were cast and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't know how to cast a real spell anyhow. It was pretty fishy. So thanks for starting this thread. It's been very helpful.
  37. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I have never had a spell backfire while I have been working with Ashra.

    I strongly believe her spells do not backfire.

    It makes me confident to know that Ashra has been in her spellcasting business for 16 years now.

    Ashra is very experienced and she knows what she is doing, she is very knowledgeable in what she does.

    I feel so secure working with Ashra, she is changing my life!
  38. marionh8813

    marionh8813 Member

    Wow awesome is all I can say. This makes me at peace. I have often worried about whether or not my spell can backfire. I have found so much information here and so much encouragement. I don't want to do anything that could slow down or hinder my progress and from what o can tell as long as I follow the guidelines everything should be fine. Thanks Gaby for being so informed and I've noticed that you are very knowledgeable in how this all works. I appreciate you.
  39. Phoebe Jugalbot

    Phoebe Jugalbot Well-Known Member

    I'm still new to all of this but from reading and from the research I did, one thing you should do is find a genuine spell caster who is very experienced or skilled. That way, no effects will happen and nothing will go wrong when casting your spell. Also, find a spell caster who is understanding and willing to help you out with your situation and someone willing to use a spell that is very much suited for you and your problem. I hope this helped!
  40. rita13

    rita13 Well-Known Member

    I agree with all your comments. I never ever heard of a spells that backfire.

    Ashra's spell works smoothly and I never heard anything negative about this from her clients. All she wants to do is to help more people around the world. She don't criticize people, she entertained people well. Very amazing woman indeed!

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