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Do love spells backfire?

Discussion in 'Ashra Spells' started by Carmen, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Dinah Muehling

    Dinah Muehling Active Member

    I feel like they have a possibility backfiring if the caster is inexperianced. However, Ashra is celebrating 16 years now, so that right there should show you she has a ton of experience.

    Just have faith and confidence in yourself, Ashra, and the love you want, and if you work hard enough, it will come to you.
  2. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Spells from Ashra do not backfire at all. She has so many years of experience and she is very dedicated to her work.

    I have been working with Ashra for 5 months now, and I have seen some amazing things happen in front of my eyes. My lover is different and he is the person I have been waiting for.
  3. Jewelson

    Jewelson Well-Known Member

    Nah they don't backfire. Ashra do white spell and they are Angelic spells as she mentions that this casting will add more angels to work on your situation. So the chances that the spell backfiring are so less as also because this is indeed a white spell. But there are things that we should consider, white spells need lots of positive energy while black spells do without them. So to make your spell work make sure you remain positive about the outcome. Sure you will feel down now and then but the outcome won't change and you will see positive results..
  4. MariaAngela

    MariaAngela Well-Known Member

    Hey! No, Ashra's spells don't back fire. She is a powerful spell caster and her spells are permanent. You have to stay positive and believe your wish will come true and it will :) I admit I never heard that a spell can backfire but I am pretty sure Ashra's spell don't. She really cares about us and I know she would not let this happen. I am positive that Ashra will make my wish come true and I don't worry anymore about anything since I met her. I recommend you to stay positive and trust her.
  5. Indeeplove

    Indeeplove Well-Known Member

    I don't really believe that love spells can backfire because you have to have the right spellcaster to really be messing with you to have your spells to backfire ever since I have met Ashra Koehn none of my spells have backfired and i dont think they ever will because i trust Ashra and what she says is true 100% guarantee! I am seeing signs and she is a miracle worker!
  6. queen stephani

    queen stephani Well-Known Member

    I think love spell only backfire when cast by inexperienced love spellcaster, i do the last african love spell caster whom i thought he was going was not even a professional lovespellcaster , i remember him telling me that i would get my results in 24 hours and when it reached in the evening i had not seen any change and when i asked him why the only thing he had to tell me were excuses,so love spell only backfire when cast by an inexperienced spellcaster
  7. Electra White

    Electra White Well-Known Member

    Yes spells do backfire from the lack of knowledge and unexperience of the spell caster. It takes a lot for someone to learn from basics and up to the official decision!! Most do not realize the importance of learning a new concept, and they think "this is easy", but really it is not always like that at all. I hope people learn any smart way, so they don't mess up their lives.

    People are so careless and they do not really think before they do something and it is so dumb.. people need to take acknowledgement into factors. They need to acquire and accept things are going to be difficult at first, but it all just takes practice and a good environment.

    I do believe only few are blessed with the ability to do so anyways. Because, everyone is different and not everyone can take on certain tasks and some people do not realize that themselves!!

    It is important for people to teach and go step by step with the unknown. There is always an answer to a question, and for that you must learn. It is not gifted to all, and everyone needs to accept that as well.
  8. Scarred

    Scarred Member

    I believe the spellcaster's conviction also matters. Most spellcaster's that I have encountered online and in person are only doing it for the money. They are acting on our emotions. Ashra seems to be one of the few caster's that are out there to be serious about wanting to help. When I told her my situation, she was understanding of the fact that I couldn't pay, and pointed me toward the karma point system. She didn't have to do that, and she isn't getting paid. She has a serious conviction to help.
  9. Astuti Bhasin

    Astuti Bhasin Active Member

    Carmen! Have you tried a spell with Ashra as well? I am not an expert, but I do think love spells may backfire but only if they aren’t meant to be. Sometimes we may think we are in love when we are not? I think love spells only go through when the love is hindered between two soulmates who are meant to be together!! IF someone is not the one for you than maybe the spell wont work! Have you talked to Ashra? maybe she can follow you up with some insight on your relationship
    Estella likes this.
  10. Electra White

    Electra White Well-Known Member

    Hello there, Heather Duglar. Thank you for sharing your positivity throughout the forum! I think everyone deserves to know, that Ashras spells will not back fire on them. Ashra does everything 100% professional and not only that, but she has been a spell caster for 16+ years!! That is truly, hard work on her end! She works her tail off for other people's happiness. It is honestly great of her.

    I hope everyone gets the experience to receive a spell casting from Ashra, she will be sure to make everyone happy!
  11. Jewelson

    Jewelson Well-Known Member

    Okay important thing I have learnt.
    Spells won't backfire but they would certainly stop working effectively if you remain sad and do nothing about it. Although It's okay to feel sad time to time, you should always ask forgiveness from your spells for being sad and negative.

    Ashra's spells are angelic spells which certainly do not backfire. Rest it remains on how you proceed. The positive you proceed the faster and stronger your spells. Being negative means slowing down your spells and making things worse for yourself.

    Why wait longer when you can have faster results?
  12. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    The only way that spells can backfire is if the spell caster is inexperienced or cuts corners with casting spells.
    Ashra has never done anything like that she believes in quality of spell casting and I know she has got years of experience and her spells have brought success every time. I believe in Ashra and I know she is gonna bring my lover back to me soon.
  13. Buttercanes

    Buttercanes Active Member

    The only thing we have to go on here is the testimonials from other forum members who have worked with Ashra and have had success with their spells. I truly believe we need to remain positive and keep the hope. I have been up and down and back and forth on the internet and struggled to find anyone who is anything like Ashra. She gave me hope and I'm truly thankful to her for that. Remember, stay positive!
  14. Racheal S

    Racheal S Well-Known Member

    Yes, love spells can be backfired, but no is for Ashra's love spell. It can be proved at Ashra's reviews. Many people were succeed to get back their lovers after purchase Ashra's love spells. Moreover, Ashra got 16 years of experiences to cast the spells. She is a right spell caster.
    Believe Ashra. Believe the spells. Believe miracle. Be patient to waiting for the sighs too.

    Sending you a big hug and positive vibes. ☺
  15. KenVermilion

    KenVermilion Member

    This is my first time here and I'm also wishing someone I lost would come back to me. I thank the stars for leading me to this page and spell caster Ashra. I definitely trust in her ability to do the spells that are needed. Just believe in your heart that's what you truly want to happen.
  16. rita13

    rita13 Well-Known Member

    I don't think Ashra's spell backfires, as she is well experienced and very professional. She is been in her service for 16 long years. She helps thousands and thousands of people all over the world. She wouldn't have come this far if some of her clients are complaining that her spells is backfiring. Besides, Ashra uses white magic as it is pure. I think it backfires when the spell caster tat you have worked with is unexperienced spell caster and you'll see fast results with them it only takes days for them to give you your results and they are using black magic i think.

    Yeah I agree with you Indeeplove, as you have already an experienced with the spell from Ashra. All we need to do is to trust and have faith in her and her spells and always trust her words for you.
  17. amandashanee

    amandashanee Active Member

    I agree with dinah about it maybe having it backfire if the spell caster doesnt have much experience.

    Ashra has 16 years experience and everyone is saying and im very confident and feel comfortable in having her cast the spell.
  18. Estella

    Estella Well-Known Member

    I keep stressing it 16yrs experience with this much positive reviews is hard to come by and definitely harder to sustain. I don't have that fear for Ashra's spells. They do backfire especially here in my country where spellcasters are after making money the fastest way. When spells backfire it can really et ugly and destructive. Ashra's many reviews are genuine and mind you even celebrities aren't left out. I am looking forward to working with her with all pleasure.
  19. MariaAngela

    MariaAngela Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone, I saw that some members met some fake spell casters. I think only black magic spells backfire. Anyway I don't trust black magic at all. Love spells that backfire weren't casted properly and for sure we should not trust that ''spell caster'' again. My final answer is that only some kind of love spells backfire but I guess this is really painful.
  20. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    If spells are cast by Ashra then there is no way they can backfire as she is very experienced and she does not cut corners.

    I think black magic spells can backfire badly if there not cast properly or by someone who is not experienced enough and it can have terrible results. Ashra specializes in white magic mostly because it is natural.
  21. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Love spells backfire if they are not cast correctly or if they are tampered with by an inexperienced Spell Caster.

    Since working with Ashra I have not had my spells backfire, any repercussions or had my situation become worse.

    If you trusted another Spell Caster before finding Ashra Koehn, Ashra can fix any mistakes made by another caster!

    When it comes down to trusting people, I am no good at doing so, however, something told me to put faith in Ashra and give her services a go and I don't regret it.

    Ashra is honestly the reason I am happy today!
  22. Daisy

    Daisy Active Member

    If the spell is cast by someone inexperienced it has a chance it might backfire. I feel that if someone who knows what their doing does the spell it won't backfire. Negative energy might also cause the spell to backfire so we have to stay positive and always think of the brighter side of situations. I think love spells are the most used, asked for. I'd just becareful with who i ask to cast my spell for me. I wouldn't recommend you cast the spell if you never have casted a spell before.
  23. Ambrosia_421

    Ambrosia_421 Active Member

    I'm going to agree with everyone here. Ashra's spells don't backfire. I have not experienced anything negative from her spells. I attribute this to her 16 years of experience and the fact that she casts out spells with the best intention possible. She wants to make each and everyone of us happy. Even those stubborn fools called our lovers :hilarious:. I say that lovingly of course :inlove:.

    Love spells, in particular, can back fire. Mainly because of lack of experience in the caster's part and the wrong intentions when casting. We all want our lovers back, but many of us do not want them against their will. And Ashra's spells do not force their will, they merely help our lovers realize why they love us, and why they can't live without us. :). So I think it would be very difficult for her spells to back fire.
  24. Love spells cast by Ashra does not backfire, I had 4 active spells casting on my ex gf during past 2 weeks and I have seen signs and movements. It's been 3 months since our breakup.
    Kindly reminder for everyone trying to get their lost love back, DO NOT initiate contact! My ex gf posted on her Facebook (as public) that "she is missing me but she feels like there's nothing else she can do now and telling me goodbye" the next day I had "Never let me go" spell on her, and I posted back on my Facebook (as public for her to see) that we can be still together regardless of our past. Guess what, she backed off and run away again! So, I learned my lessons that we need to avoid direct contact or indirect contact during our spells working. It could make your ex run away since they realize you actually want them back and they are testing the water (well, I fell for it). I am getting another spell within this week to get her back on the right path. Patience is the key here, if you and your ex have strong connection and true love I believe it is just a matter of time to get them back into your life. For her, I would wait no matter how far we are or how long it takes.
  25. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Hey Gaby!
    I completely agree with you here, spells can go horribly wrong if people cut corners or are not cast properly.

    I know how many years of experience Ashra has got so there is no chance her spells can backfire or go wrong in anyway.

    I trust her completely and she is the only person I would go to if I have any issues in my life.
  26. Priyal Gupta

    Priyal Gupta New Member

    What if the relationship isn't meant to be? Will the spell work anyways? I feel like even magic can't force something that isn't there.
  27. Tyan

    Tyan Popular Member

    The only way a love spell can back fire is if the spell caster is a new spell caster meaning they don't know what to do and how to cast the spell. Ashra has had many years with spell casting there for Ashra's spells will never ever back fire unless people dont follow the guide lines then their spells will slow down. Well, I know Ashra is the greatest spell caster and I bet a lot of you even agree. I am sure there are many other spell casters that are real but Ashra is the only one that is true to her work and really enjoys helping people.
  28. Whitenight

    Whitenight Member

    Love magic is possibly the hardest type of magic that exists. The only possible way of love magic backfiring is if the caster was not fully aware of the certain spell that they're casting and how they went about casting it. Also a huge factor, black magic is a powerful force, but it is a double edged sword. When practicing love magic, especially black, there has to be every possible outcome kept in mind, because black is very unpredictable.
  29. yanyan44

    yanyan44 Well-Known Member

    I don't think that Ashra spells will back fire. She had 16 years experience with the spell casting and a lot of people from around the world had successful with her spells. Ashra is using the white magic to cast ours spells and the white magic is safe and pure. I have heard a lot of positive reviews and positive comments about Ashra. Ashra know what she is doing and I believe and trust her 100% with all of my hearts. I am really can't wait to successful with her spells.
  30. Leandrea

    Leandrea Well-Known Member

    Love spells shouldn't backfire due to the immense energy levels that are put into them. Plus, Ashra is a real deal, legit spellcaster. She puts extreme effort and dedicates valuable time in her day to cast these spells for many individuals, so I highly doubt that they would backfire. There are also a lot of good, positive reviews about the spells that Ashra has cast, which should be taken as another good sign. Instead of focusing on the negative side and doubting that things will work out, focus on the positive side instead. Ashra knows what she's doing, and she's extremely helpful, so she will fix your situation. It may take some time to see results, but you WILL see them :) just focus on yourself, stay motivated, and keep on being positive. If any type of doubt about the spell is put forward, that may result in the spell taking longer to work. Just convince yourself that in the end, everything will turn out alright. Believe, and things will go well for you :)
  31. Sot

    Sot Well-Known Member

    I believe that Ashra's spells do not backfire at all, she has 16 years experience and she knows what she is doing, and when she casts your spell she makes sure she takes her time so that everything goes well for you. She will never put us in difficult situations where a spell will backfire on us. So I believe and trust in Ashra's work 100%. Sending positive vibes and energies.
  32. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I don't think spells cast by Ashra can ever backfire, she has so many years of experience and she is a very skilled spell caster.

    She has helped so many people all over the world with different problems and have never been unsuccessful. I have never read a negative or bad review about Ashra's spells so I would stick with Ashra always as she knows what she is doing.
  33. Husky

    Husky Active Member

    It depends if you followed the guidelines or tried to stay positive. I think spells only backfire if there's too much negativity involved or you broke one of the rules while it was taking place. I advise anyone thinking that their spell is failing on them to retrace your steps of what you did or thought. It also depends on the spell caster's experience in spell casting because the experience is everything.
  34. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    Hello everyone! Do love spells backfire? Yes they can backfire if we work with an inexperienced spellcaster. As far as I know, Ashra's clients always feel satisfied with her work and even keep coming back onto the forum for her helps. Thus far, I don't see anything negative with my spells. I believe that spells will go wrong if we never follow the guidelines rules and keep having negative thoughts during the spells working. We should always have a beautiful and positive mindset to boost energies of our spells. Everything is gonna be okay guys. S
  35. Gabbie

    Gabbie Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I don't doubt that love spells can backfire, however, I only believe they can backfire if the spells were cast by an inexperienced spell caster.

    I have never had a love spell backfire because I have only ever trusted Ashra with my situation and with casting my spells, Ashra's love spells don't back fire.

    If you want to feel secure knowing that your love spells are safe from any harm and will not have any repercussions then you best stick with Ashra.
  36. JHarleux

    JHarleux Active Member

    Hello everyone,
    I have heard of some love spells backfiring, but in my own personal opinion I feel that if you're not strong in your manifesting when you cast a spell that it plays a part in how strong or weak your spell will become. If you don't put any effort into it or maybe the connection between you and that person is completely gone and they've moved into another relationship and genuinely want to be with that person and have established a good bond it may not work and may cause more harm on your end than anything. This is my first go around with spells so I'm also learning as I go along but I wish you the best in your journey. Blessings!
  37. Ginas

    Ginas Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    Since Ashra is a very experienced spell caster, I strongly believe that her spells don't backfire. If a spell was casted by an inexperienced spell caster then yes it would most likely to backfire. Such as like breaking the guideline rules a lot, it could possibly show many of ways of negativity by pushing our lovers away from us. Although Ashra's spells do not backfire at all, so there's no need to really worry about it.
  38. sydney hoffacker

    sydney hoffacker Well-Known Member

    Not having much experience, lack of resources, and the intentions behind the spell all play a roll.

    If you're getting a spell cast because you know you're meant to be with your lover and if you know that things are fixable with just a push, you won't have any negative back lash.

    When I was studying witchcraft and trying to do things myself things backfired because I didn't know what I was doing and my intentions weren't as pure as they are currently with my love situation.

    Analyse your intentions and always use Ashra.
  39. Juliejoy88

    Juliejoy88 Well-Known Member

    Getting spell casting done by an experienced and professional spell caster like Ashra would never ever backfire you. I have so much faith in Ashra and her spells and I know that her spell will never ever backfire any of her clients because she uses white magic as the key ingredient in all her spells and she is such a good and kid hearted lady that her spells would never harm any one in any way. Ashra and her spells are so trustworthy and they are always going to be harmless.
  40. Claire

    Claire Well-Known Member

    I honestly believe any spells Ashra casts do not backfire she has been casting spells for a very long time and she knows what she is doing.

    I personally think if I or any person that don't know what we are doing could so it could make any spell backfire so I would leave to a expert like Ashra her ability is the best to go about it she puts so much effort to personalise each and every spell so the is no way that Ashra spells will backfire.

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