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Do love spells backfire?

I was wondering about the same thing! I believe that Ashra's spells won't backfire because she uses white magic, and it's for good purposes. This is how I believe it works:

Your ex may be clouded by negative emotions or did something rash, the spell will clear their mind and help them get to a place where they can think rationally again and allow that love for you to fill them up. I'm not sure, but this is what I think it is!
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Love spells will not backfire as long as the spell is cast by a professional spell caster who knows what they are doing. Often times people will use an inexperienced spell caster and have their situation backfire.
The spells cast by Ashra do not backfire as she is a professional spell caster with years of experience behind her.
She takes all of her time to help her clients and she makes sure the spells are cast successfully and everything runs fine.
I have a lot of spells active now and I have seen a lot change. Nothing bad has happened and there has been nothing but good happen in my situation. There is nothing to worry about guys I promise.
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Love spells only backfire if the spell caster is new or does not know how to cast a spell the correct way.

Ashra on the other hand has been casting spells for a very long time so I would highly recommend going to Ashra when it comes to having a spell cast.

Ashra has been doing her spell casting business for sixteen almost seventeen years!
I think that is amazing.

As long as you have someone that is experienced, such as Ashra then you are okay and the spells will not backfire on you at all!
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Nobody wants a spell to back fire, however, there are spell that can backfire, so be careful of whom you hire to cast a spell for you, because you are the one that has to live with the consequences of a spell gone bad.

The most common cause why spells backfire is when you perform spell casting with inexperienced casters. To prevent spells from backfiring you need to find an experienced spell caster like Ashra.

If a spell backfires, it may cause an opposite reaction instead of instilling a feeling of love on your partner. Avoid those online free spell caster cause they hardly never customise to your specific situation. So please guys be careful who you hire to cast your spells. Grateful we have Ashra.
Ashra's spells do not backfire.

Ashra casts her spells using white magic.

White magic is known to be used for good intentions only. White magic is proven to be safe and always has been.

I have purchased spells from Ashra and not once did they backfire. They may have made me a little tired, but I believe that is only because spells need our energy too, not just the energy from the person that we love.

Ashra's spells will always be safe!
Ashra would never hurt any of her clients or put them into harm's way.
You can trust Ashra.
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Hello everyone! How are you doing? Do Ashra love spells backfire? The answer is Big NO NO. I have been working with her for almost ten months, and I haven't seen anything negative with her spelld thus far. Ashra has been running this business for sixteen years which only indicates one thing that she is the success rate. Her spells are really powerful, she never forgets about the quality when it comes down to spellcastings so we have nothing to worry about. If you don't want your spells to backfire on you, you should make sure that you get a help from an experienced spellcaster like Ashra. Sometimes inexperienced casters use improper ingredients to cast a spell which is why it gives you bad impacts instead of getting results. Just stuck with Ashra guys, she is the best spellcaster ever! Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way.
The most common cause of a backfiring spell is an inexperienced spell caster. Someone untrained in the magickal arts is sure to cause spells to backfire. With the advent of the Internet and do-it-yourself books about magick, it has become increasingly common for the uninitiated to dabble in casting. As a result, unintended results from backfiring spells have risen. The first step, therefore, in preventing a spell from backfiring is to find an experienced spellcaster like Ashra or become competently trained in magick. The combination of inexperienced casters using junk spells is a particularly bad one, and it is easy to see how success rarely arises out of such a combination.
You should not use more than one spell caster as this will confuse the whole issue. Stick with Ashra, as she is real and genuine and is all out to help us. I have taken some spells with Ashra and none of them have back fired. I also cannot understand why anyone would want to go other spell casters when you have got Ashra. Her reviews speak for themselves. So stick with Ashra, the real spell caster.
I would say sometimes. I believe all spells have the potential to backfire, or if anything, manifest in unexpected/unseen ways. Spell casting is an art, the process may be precise, but the outcome may not necessarily be as precise as the process. No spell caster can 110% guarantee that their spells will not backfire, however with Ashra, you know that you are protected and the chance of your spell backfiring is very, very slim. Ashra is probably one of the only spell casters I know whose spells are safe and you know that they have a very slim chance of backfiring.
Ashra's spells do not backfire, Ashra is an experienced and dedicated spell caster who has got 17 years of experience behind her. Ashra's spells are harmless and they do help anyone in their situation and help with whatever they want to achieve. Ashra is very trustworthy and there really is nothing to worry about because she would not let us down. Ashra specializes in white magic which is harmful and does not manipulate or force, it influences as it is natural. I have got a lot of spells from Ashra and I have always seen great results from them.
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Hello Mz Ochyx! Yeah I agree with you. I noticed that lots of people have tried to do their own spells based on the information they got on internet. Well actually it is awesome to do something that makes us believe in spells and magic, but we should be aware of getting unintended results. It only results to backfiring on you and other people. We better consult with an experienced spellcaster like Ashra. I haven't gotten any problem with my spells so far. Everything has manifested for real as I wished.
To those of you that feel like Ashra's spells backfire and are skeptical about it, you don't have to worry about anything because she uses white magic and it does not backfire at all. Also, Ashra's a very skilled, trained and an experienced spellcaster that has been doing this for over 17 years now. All you have to really do is trust within Ashra and her spells because everything will be fine. Her magic is not harmful in any kind of way and is natural. What also helps her spells is to be positive. I know that it's kind of a very hard thing to do, but I believe that if I can do this, so can all of you too. Lastly, sending everyone positive vibes your way.
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Hello Carmen!

Love spells are different. There are Black Magic love spells and White magic love spells. Ashra's spells are white magic and are pure. They do not force someone to love you and don't backfire. On the other hand, Black magic spells and voodoo have a high risk of backfiring and usually come back to haunt you later. Ashra's spells are the best i can find. Her spells may take a while depending on the situation but it's worth it. I recommend trying Ashra's love spells! I hope what i said help.
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You should talk to Ashra! I'm sure she can fix your situation. She may be able to cast a protection spell to prevent backfiring spells! I recommend getting spells from only Ashra because she is the only genuine spell caster i know of! Her spells never backfire and she has 17 years of experience! Be sure to email her and ask her and questions or concerns you have about a spell you got and if she has anything to fix it.
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Hello guys, nobody really wants their love spells to backfire. Most spell casters out there are inexperience so you have to be careful who you hire to cast a spell for you because you will be the one to live with the consequences of a spell gone bad. The most common cause of a backfiring spell is an inexperienced spell caster. Someone untrained in the magickal arts is sure to cause spells to backfire. Another reason a spell backfires is junk magick. What I mean by junk magick is that the spell is essentially cosmic junk. Spells that combine incompatible or opposing energies are more likely to backfire than those that combine compatible energies. But with Ashra and her years of experience in spell casting, you have nothing to worry about. Love and Hugs!
Definitely do not be concerned of it backfiring. Ashra is very trustworthy, and the best spell caster there is. If you want to have a spell cast for you by Ashra, all you need to do once the spell is cast, is follow the guidelines. Ashra's spells are not harmful to you, your lover, herself, or anyone else for that matter. Don't try to have another spell caster cast a spell for you while Ashra's spell for you has been cast.
I know everyone has answered this question. Well maybe not everyone but most of us on the forum have come on here to say love spells don't backfire well.. if you lose a spell caster that has not had experience with spells or anything then the spell could backfire on you. advice would be to stick with ashra no matter what as ashra is highly experienced in spell casting
Ashra's love spells have never been known to backfire. The only change that I have noticed is that I have become a lot more tired and my emotions have changed quite a bit. I think that's only because her spells are taking my energy in order to make it work wonders and to send it off to my lover. Ashra uses white magic and white magic has always been proven to be safe. Black magic is known to backfire and I know that it can be dangerous and also very risky. I know that Ashra's spells have been known to be successful without any risk included.

No, Ashra's spells do not backfire and never will backfire. These spells and rituals are performed only by using white magic which is known for good intentions instead of bad intentions like black magic has been known to do. Her spells will not hurt you or the person you love. Ashra is a kind person and would never put her clients into any danger because she cares about us deeply. White magic is as safe as it can be, it is a natural power. Results will still show even without something as forceful as black magic.
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In my opinion I don't think love spells backfire especially if you used Ashra. I know her love spells would not backfire because she would make sure that they do not backfire on you.
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Some scam spell casters do backfire but Ashra's won't do that. I have a great belief in her ability. Am sure Ashra spells are full of positive and it will never harm the person.
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One of the best things about Ashra's spells is that the don't backfire. If there is something slowing down your spell, try getting a seal or casting another spell with it. Ashra's spells are white magic and do not cause any decrease in quality of life. If you feel that something is working against your spell it can be negative energy. Email ashra is you feel you are having problems with your spell. I hope what I said helped in one way or another. Anyway, have a wonderful day!
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Spells will backfire ONLY if you go to the wrong spell caster. Some have very little experience on what to do to cast a spell. Ashra's spells do NOT backfire or even take over free will. Her spells are white magic and very natural... it works on the energy link.
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Ashra's spells certainly do not backfire and they are very safe. Ashra specializes in white magic which is pure and it does not manipulate free will. Spells cast by an inexperienced spell caster can go wrong but Ashra has nearly 17 years of experience and she has helped thousands of people all over the world. I trust her completely and I know I am in the right hands now.
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I think love spells would only backfire on someone if they are done by an inexperienced spell caster (or one who does not focus on their intentions and the task at hand), or by making a mistake (specifically when using black magic). I also believe that if one does not have a connection with the universe and the planet, it (the energy) would most likely refuse to be used in any way. This is also why spells seem to slow or not work when a person doesn't believe in them; it seems as if the earth does not believe in the intended outcome either. (Perhaps negative thoughts 'cancel out' the good energy which comes from the spell, neutralising it and making it nonexistent?) Ashra only uses white magic, which does not mess with the flow of the universe, i.e. it does not release bad energy to be converted into neutral and bring in good. Besides that, I believe Ashra uses rituals and spells that she has created herself, which makes an outcome more powerful than if she used someone else's.
If you go to the wrong spell caster, then there is a possibility that their spells will backfire because most spell casters do not go into detail about what they use or what type of ritual that they might be performing. I do know that Ashra's love spells do not backfire though. She uses white magic for most of her spells and white magic is only used for good intentions. Her spells are never capable of hurting anyone, it is all pure and works from the inside and then on the outside.
What is the meaning of backfire? I heard this word but didn't understand the meaning of the word exactly. If any spell backfire What exactly happens. Please tell me the whole detail about it. I am eager to know about this. Many fake spell casters who took money again and again from me said If you won't complete the spell by sending more money, the spell will backfire but I didn't understand anything.
I am new on this forum, but i also think that spells don't backfire if the spell caster knows what he is doing, especially if he uses white magic. Have faith in Ashra and everything will be fine, positive thinking is all you need. On the other hand, all your wishes are positive, we all want our lovers back and we all want true and fateful honest love and those are nice and positive wishes. I am not afraid of backfiring her spells and you shouldn't either.
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It feels good to know that Ashra's spell does not backfire. She is very experienced and knows what she is doing. This is where we have an advantage over others. I am just learning about the energy links so it takes great measures to being able to bring our lover back naturally and increase how they feel. I'm glad our spells will not hurt us:)
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I know that Ashra's love spells do not backfire and they are safe to use. I don't know the same for her black magic spells though. They are exclusive and hard to earn so I don't know if I will ever get one of her black magic spells. I don't know the story about the other spells that other Spell casters offer customers. They may very well be dangerous and could have a negative effect. I would advise to stick with Ashra's white magic love spells because they are powerful and have given results before.
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I'd like to offer a slightly different perspective on this subject. I agree with everyone who has already posted that Ashra's spells use white magic and will not cause harm to you or your loved one by having them cast. It can sometimes seem in the short term like your spell is backfiring although it isn't. What I mean by this is sometimes the consequences of actions taken by us or our lovers need to play out first as the spell is working on the core issues. Sometimes the night is darkest right before the dawn. Keep positive that your spells will fix the situation even if it takes some time. Your situation didn't break overnight so we can't expect it to be fixed overnight either.
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Love spell casted with the real spell caster do not backfire. It may only back fire when fake or unexperienced spell caster cast the spell. I have read many reviews about such spell caster who's spell has backfired. I would always prefer ashra for any kind of spell to cast as for me she is the one and real honest spell caster, who genuinely helps others her spell never backfire nor do they harm.
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I too have heard that spells can backfire. it doudted me too so When I searched about it trough Google I found that it will be only back fire if an inexperienced spell caster made it. Ashra has 17 years of experience on spell casting and she alllways thinks about her clients. And as she's using pure white magic as it want realese any bad energy to universe so it want get back fired. That's what I believe.
Carmen, if you want a real spell caster contact Ashra Kohen her spells won't backfire unless your negative towards the spell. Ashra has the best success rate with love spells and her spells actually work and last forever. Remember if you want a spell cast stay positive. Ashra Kohen is real she's amazing she loves helping people and she's successful. Make sure when you contact her that you tell her your whole situation and what you want to happen leave nothing out and Ashra will make it happen. Just believe it will happen believe in Ashra and her spells and you will get what you desire. Stay positive always. I hope this helps.
Ashra's spells do not backfire, they are perfectly safe because she uses white magic and not black magic... do not worry dear as you are in safe hands with ashra and should trust her because she is the best spell caster. Love spell can back fire if another caster uses black magic, but not Ashra, she is a very safe spell caster. She nearly has 17 years of experience so everyone can trust her.
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I don't believe that Ashra's spells backfire. Most of her spells consist of white magic which is pure. It's the purity that has an effect on our lover's and brings them back into our lives. They begin to think clearly and have everything placed in front of them in a way that they are able to understand wholeheartedly so there really isn't a reason for the spell to backfire. Black magic has a higher possibility of backfiring so if you want to go the safer route, stick to white magic. Besides with Ashra casting the spell there is no reason for there to be any backfire because she puts a lot of thought into all of the spells she does for us to protect us. She has plenty of experience and knowledge on what she does so don't worry guys just have faith in her!
Ashra’s spells has not backfired me and I don’t think they will. Other spell casters who I have used, they have all backfired on me. Xara’s spells all backfired on me eventually and another spell caster from spells4free website had either didn’t work or backfired. However, so far, I’ve been getting some positive movements and signs from Ashra. I believe it has to do with how experienced the spell caster is and your positive thinking. Are you positive? Are you finding ways to remain positive and have a positive outcome? Ashra’s love spells hasn’t backfired me and it’s been about two months so far, but I’m glad they haven’t back fired on me. :)
@Carmen Hi carmen . How are you doing. Like many people told you in this thread i believe that inexperience causes spells to backfire. Love spells done by a inexperienced person may cause the spell to back fire. If you are getting Ashra to do the spell you do not have to worry about a thing. She is experienced and love spells wont backfire I am hundred percent sure as Ashra is skilled and experienced.

Also Ashra uses white magic and do not use black magic. So I think her spells do not backfire.

But in case if your love spell back fire just contact the spell caster. If you choose Ashra just talk to Ashra immediately. She will reply soon and help you. But dear do not worry her spells do not backfire. If you stay positive and follow her guidelines your spell will not backfire.
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Hello everyone! Ashra's love spells don’t backfire. Ashra uses white magic. Just trust Ashra Koehn guys! She would give us spells that backfire on us! I have 2 spells active and nothing negative has happened to me. I believe that when spells backfire its mainly the kind of magic being used. But im not experienced. i wont know. Anyway guys I hope i helped. If you have any other questions email ashra, im sure she will know.
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I do not believe they backfire! Just believe in Ashra. I believe the more positive you stay the more your spells casted will work more efficiently. She is truly gifted. Just believe in her!