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Do love spells backfire?

Hey all, no I do not believe Ashra’s love spells backfire, because she works with white magic. I think if you are trying to get a spell cast from someone who uses black magic, then yes it can backfire, but with Ashra you are in good and trusted hands! She is a very kind hearted and nice person and helps people free of charge. She is amazing at the spells that she casts and they always work, but remember if you want your spell to work, you need to be positive! It is all about energy and if you are giving off negative energy then you will have negative effects. It a spell ever back fired, it would likely be because the person the spell was cast for was full of negative energy and darkness instead of positive energy and light! Remember to always stay positive!
I don't think Ashra's love spells backfire. She has a lot of positive reviews and she has been casting for 17 years, soon to be 18 years. I agree with majority of the community that spells will backfire by an inexperienced spell caster.
The most common cause of a backfiring spell is an inexperienced spell caster. Someone untrained in the magical arts is sure to cause spells to backfire. Nowadays do-it-yourself magic is also a thing, it has become increasingly common for the uninitiated to dabble in casting. As a result, unintended results from backfiring spells have risen. The first step, therefore, in preventing a spell from backfiring is to find an experienced spellcaster. And guys believe me you won't get more kind hearted, generous and experienced caster than @Ashra She is an angel. She only uses white magic to help people to deal with the situation. Moreover if you are seeking Ashra's help then you dont need to worry.
Also in some cases if target selected is wrong then can have issues with the person involved. However Ashra's spell never backfire. All you just need is to be positive and calm.:thumbsup:
Love and lights
Ashra uses white magic in all her spells, and white magic does not backfire if cast correctly. Even incorrectly, white magic has minimal damage. So if love spells are cast with white magic, meaning you are not forcing your lover to love you but rather providing them opportunities to do so, then they will not backfire. Ashra's spells uses your positive energy to make your lover realize you are in their lives and amplify their feelings so they realize it. They will not backfire nor fade over time :)
Hi! I firmly believe that Ashra's spell won't back fire. That's one of the reasons why I chose Ashra to work on my situation. It is pure white that focus on the energy link which is why it won't force the person's free will. Instead, your lover will naturally feel the love inside him. :inlove: Aside from it being safe, Ashra has the most powerful spells that you can't ever imagine. And she is fully devoted working with you sincerely. I am happy to have Ashra as my spell caster and my friend (even if we did not meet personally). I know that everything will be alright and all of us here, our lover will really come back to us. :)
Love spells do not backfire as long as Ashra cast it and the spell is a white magic spell. It will only back fires if back magic is used. All of Ashra's spells are white magic especially her love spells so you shouldn't be afraid of back fires because it won't. Also, experiencenced spell casters will not make their spells back fire. If you don't want back fires, just go to Ashra because she is the best spellcaster and she casts her spells without any back fires.
ashra's love spells are white magic and pure. her spells dont backfire. plus ashra has alot of experience. she knows what she is doing
In my case like 3 years ago, I was in a different relationship with someone else who I’m over with now. I remember I was extremely heartbroken and devastated I wanted to end my life...

I tried finding spell casters to help me because it was that serious... I was dying inside.

So anyways,
I researched non stop and came across a site full of spells that people can personally do themselves...
Well I thought maybe I could try it since I couldn’t find a caster to help me... It involved lighting up candles and so forth.

But...... when I did it one of the rules was that nobody could see it when it was lit up or it could backfire(I had to leave it on for like 2 days straight). And I was really scared since I lived with my mom and brothers, I didn’t want them to randomly walk into my room and see while I wasn’t there or something like that...

You guys...... I remember that my mom had gone into my room and seen it and she told me she saw it and didn’t understand what it was that I was doing.
So after that everything was ruined and I felt even worse, it backfired badly to the point that that ex blocked me from everything and never talking to me again... He left me like this without closure till this day.

So YES THEY CAN BACKFIRE if you do not have the experience when doing it yourself. I learned my lesson to never cast my own spells again! You have to be careful...

But honestly now that I found Ashra I think about it as a blessing! I don’t have to worry about anything backfiring because she uses White Magic and her spells won’t ever backfire! :)
Hello everyone!
Ashra's love spells do not backfire because she uses white magic spells. Now when it comes to other spell casters i dont trust them. I wouldnt doubt if another spell caster's love spell backfires. I would just stick with ashra because she has experience and she is truthful. Dont trust the other spell casters. Anyway i hope i helped. I hope you have a wonderful day. God bless you all!
I believe that Love Spells will only backfire if the spell caster is very inexperienced with their work and that if they are using Black Magic too. However, Ashra's spells are all White Magic and they will not backfire at all. She has been casting spells for 17 years and is so very close to almost being 18 years. Also, she is a professional but also knows what she is doing as well.
I am scared too of my spell back firing to me, because I have been trough alot already and I dont want anything bad to happen again, although I am still waiting for my spell to be casted. Though there is no reason to be scared when Ashra is casting the spell. I believe that Ashras spells will not back fire and I believe that she will do the best work to make the spell work. :)
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I don't know exactly that whether it'll backfire or not... I have not experienced backfire yet. And as I have read many reviews of Ashra that she's best...so I don't think that any of her spells will backfire as she is hardworking and care about her clients and their emotions and situations . She is fully devoted for her spells. But sometimes due to some negative energies between the know it might backfire, but Ashra is the lady who will never back step and Will help u further and she will make sure that everyone will get the desired results.
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Ashra's spells do not backfire because she uses white magic which is pure so there's no need to worry about our spells backfiring.The spells that backfires are the black magic but Ashra uses white magic and I trust her and I believe in her spells and if you stick with her you won't regret yourself because she knows what she is doing and she is gifted so her spells won't backfire.
Ashras spells will not backfire on you as she only uses white magic so everything is safe the only ones that could backfire are black magic ashra does do them but she is extremely talented in what she does there’s less of a risk with her ashra has put on a post somewhere stating her spells do not backfire nor does she do spells that would cause someone serious harm it’s not her nature she is here to look after each and everyone of us trust her spells you really are safe x
If the spells are cast by an experienced castor like Ashra, they will not backfire. Ashra's spells don't backfire, but if you go to another caster, with little experience, they most likely will. And they don't have to be black magic to back fire either. Even a white magic spell cast by an inexperienced caster can back fire. But none of Ashra's spells will. If you stick with Ashra, none of your spells will backfire.
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I believe that a love spell may backfire. Mostly because the person asking for the spell to be cast doesn't believe. With an experienced spell caster on your side who can help you keep positive it will work.
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I don't think Ashra's spells backfire, love spell or not. The reason is because she has over 17 years of spell casting experience and her spells are customized for each person's situation. When someone has a lot of experience in white magic, their spells do not backfire unless you distort it personally. Ashra also uses spells that redirect energy instead of forcing feelings onto the other person so they are permanent instead of temporary. Thus, they do not backfire.
@Claudia Tanni you need not scared any more . We all are in safe hands :). ASHRA is so professional in her work and at the same time she is kind, generous and helpful lady. Whatever wrong happened with you had already gone and now will come new hopes. There is no question if you are taking help from Ashra. She always preferred and uses white magic for her work.
Just stay positive :thumbsup:
I’ve been in touch with Ashra for a couple days and I feel confident that the spell will work once I take that leap of faith and do it but is there a chance of it not working I’m usually positive but right now I’m completely depressed and devastated and my mind is all over the place I’m really negative right now and I just can’t stop think about the hurt and pain I have been going through I’m just hoping for the best
Hello everyone. I hope you all had a good day today :)
All of Ashra’s spells are white magic, so they won’t backfire on anyone. Ashra is also an experienced spell caster so her spells definitely won’t backfire on anyone. White magic is very safe and won’t harm anyone. Black magic will harm you or someone else if they aren’t cast correctly. Ashra does have some black magic spells, but since she’s been casting spells for so long they won’t backfire. Everyone should trust Ashra and know that all of her spells won’t backfire on any of us.
If spells are casted by an experience spell caster, then they will not backfire. The spell caster must also have benevolent intentions for you otherwise they could backfire if there is malice. White magic never backfires because it simply reroutes energy to make your result happen. Black magic will back fire because it forces thoughts on to the other person and it can become temporary. Ashra's spells are great because they use positive energy and will backfire if you have negative energy. But essentially, they do not backfire.
Love spells do not back fire especially if the one doing it is a well experienced spell caster like Ashra. Only black magic spells backfire, especially of you have bad intentions to other people and if the spell caster is not skilled enough, there is a tendency that love spell may backfire. Ashra's love spells do not back fire, because all of her spells are white magic spells and they do not harm other people. It is best to go to a well skilled spell caster like Ashra because she has been doing spell casting for 17 years alredy and she has all of the experience needed to cast a spell. Her spells are amazing and they do not harm you.
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I do believe that Ashra's spells will never be backfire because she is already an expert spellcaster and she's been working for over 17 years in spellcasting.
Ashra's spells are mostly white magic spells and the effect of it will give you positivity, however even though Ashra has a black magic one she always make sure that it won't ever be backfire because she always do care for her client. She only want us to be happy not to suffer from the spells as well.
Ashra's spells will never be backfire, maybe for some other spellcaster who still lack of experience in spellcasting but with Ashra you can expect that you are safe and her spells are all safe.
When purchasing a spell cast from ashra, you won't need to worry about her spells backfiring.
Ashra uses white magic spells, which are full of positive energies.
They are only performed to produce positive outcomes.
Ashra's spells will never backfire or cause any harm to you.
Ashra is very well experienced at spell casting and knows exactly what she is doing.
Ashra would never cast a spell to bring you any harm. Ashra has had so many positive results from her spells and so many more of her spell casts will be positive!!
I am currently waiting on ny spell cast and i just know i will have lots of positive results from it.
If i had any doubt about ashra's spells backfiring, i simply wouldn't be here on her site. I have full trust in ashra and i know she will bring me lots of positivity.
I wish you all the best of luck!!
Thankyou for reading. Take care.
I do believe that spells can backfire especially if the spell caster who did it is not experiencenced. There are a lot of spells over the internet that you can do by yourself but, it is very much advised that you have to go to a spellcaster because if you do it by yourself and you did not follow the instructions carefully, the spells you casted by yourself may backfire. It is better to go to Ashra because she has been doing spellcasting for 17 years now and she has a lot of experience already and her spells will not backfire. Although I think tha your spells may also backfire if you do not believe in them. Once you have a spell cast, always believe in your spells that they will work.
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Ashra has 17th years of experience casting spells. I strongly believe that she knows what she is doing. Also she uses white magic for her spells which gives off good energy. Maybe if its not done properly by a person who don't have experience in what they are doing. With so much positive reports on her work you know you are in good hands. Her spell won't backfire at all.
Love spells can backfire only if cast incorrectly or by an inexperienced love spell caster. Understand that love spells cast with white magic do not force your lover to love you. They only amplify existing features so your lover can change their mind about you and start to fall for you. White magic love spells take a while to work and will not offer immediate responses unless their feelings for you are already intense.
Everyone is talking about Backfiring. I think if you have an experienced caster and faith in her or his abilities then you will not have a backfire. If you are trying to return your love then just let the spell gradually work on its own. Remember no initial contact. If your lover contacts you to talk or meet you can do so. These are steps toward the spell moving forward. I have decided when I get my spell cast I am not calling or texting my husband at all unless it has something to do about our son. Then it will be about him only. If my husband contacts me and wants to talk. I wont turn him away. But I am not falling all over him. I want his love not to be his puppy. So backfiring can happen if you dont follow the rules. Also i saw someone talking about dating while waiting for the spell to work. I m sorry but I couldnt concentrate very well on the spell or my date. I would rather stay home and play a game or read a book.
Several things need to be taken into account. Yes love spells can backfire if you are an inexperienced spell caster. Not having a clear goal in mind whenever you cast spells can result in that spell backfiring or not working. Most of the time, love spells are white spells so they just fail to work if you do not have the proper training to cast one. Black magic love spells backfire more because they inflict a certain change in willpower on the other person.
Hi all, i hope all is well.
Ashra is a very well experienced spell caster and none of ashra's spell casts will ever backfire.
Ashra uses only positive energies to perform her white spell casts.
There will only ever be a positive outcome with these white magic spell casts.
No harm will ever come to ashra or the person the spell is cast upon.
Ashra does do black magic spell casts and these are also very safe to have casted.
Alot of inexperienced spell casters will perform spell casts, that may result with backfiring.
This will never happen with ashra, as ashra knows exactly how to perform perfectly safe spell casts.
Ashra would never cast a spell cast if it were to bring you any harm.
Ashra is a very kind women and only wants to help people.
You will have no worries about letting ashra cast a spell for you.
Take care.
Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a good day today :)
All of Ashra’s spells are white magic spells. White magic is very safe and it won't backfire on you or anyone else. Ashra is also a very experienced spell caster so none of her spells will backfire on anyone. Ashra has been casting spells for people for almost 18 years now! Even if she casts a black magic spell it won’t backfire on you.
It depends on the spell and the spell caster. Ashras spells do not backfire. She has 18 years of experience and I can assure you her spells are good. I have seen many signs with mine. I made the mistake of messaging my lover he did respond by saying that we'll talk later. I'm not going to start that conversation, but to me that's a sign of her spells working. Knowing him, he wasn't sure what to do he needs a push sometimes.
Her love spells do not backfire, they work well. They take their time and work from the inside out.
The love spells that can backfire is the voodoo and the black magic love spells. That is the kind of magic that you want to stay away from. The safest love spell out there is the white spell. Most of Ashra's clients choose to go with the white magic spells because they are safe and they do not backfire like ever. People say that the black magic spells are more powerful than the white magic spells but that is certainly not true at all. There are white magic spells that are as powerful as the black magic spells and there are also white magic spells that are more powerful than black magic spells.
Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well. I don't believe that Ashra's love spells backfire. I have been her loyal customer for two years now, and I don't see any harm haunting me or my lover. We are just okay!! Ashra is a real and experienced spellcaster, she also offers black magic spells, but they don't backfire as she knows what she is doing. If you don't want anything bad to happen, then better deal with Ashra. Her spells are powerful and safe. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way.
Spells that backfire are nearly 100% black magic. Stay away from spellcasters who practice Santeria, Myal, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Satanism, dark witchcraft, and some forms of Obeah.
Keep in mind, Ashra does offer Obeah, but she uses white magic in this spell, so it will never backfire.
Spells that backfire are often performed by inexperienced casters, and a lot of times, by those who have evil intentions in their heart. The universe runs on karma, and what comes around goes around. If you put out bad energy, you will receive bad energy. And that is why black magic backfires.
The love spells that you want to stay away from is the dark magic love spells. Not only it will affect you but it will also affect the spell caster and also your loved ones. It is never a great idea that you cast a black love spell because you are basically affect their free will. But if you still think about purchasing a black magic love spell then you have to choose someone experieced. Thank god Ashra also casts black magic. You should definitely go to her if you want to cast a black magic spell :)
Hello everyone! I do believe that Ashra’s spells does not backfire since she is using white magic, which is a good magic. Ashra uses the energies of the earth to have a positive outcome from her spells. The only spells that backfires are those used by inexperienced spell casters that uses black magic. Beware of those spell casters because they might claim that there spells will work and they are legit, but they are only using bad magic and we don’t want that spells. Trust only one spell caster, and that is Ashra. Sending love and positive vibes to everyone!
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Hello everyone.
I'm sure that Ashra's spells will never backfire. She is so experienced and talented on what she does, that you shoud never doubt it. Her spells only improve your situation and would never harm you or anyone involved with it. Ashra mostly works with white magic, and as I've read in the forum from many people, it is the most harmless type of magic out there. Ashra knows what she does and she is always successful when she casts her spells.
I think that black magic only produce a short term result, in the long run the person who did the spell would receive the same treatment from the lover they work on.
@aimipapa1 I agree with you, I trust her because she uses white magic and nothing to harm us. People that promise things within time frames are unlikely, @Ashra is the real deal and she will do everything she can. She makes sure each spell is done well, another reason why she is overworked right now and must catch up. She's not a fairy godmother that instantly produces a pumpkin into a carriage, she uses the universe and its forces. These things take time and energy.