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Do love spells backfire?

Hello there to everyone of you guys here. How are you guys doing all so far? Well I think love spell backfire if you go to a spell caster that is not as professional as ashra. Because those spell caster is not same experience as ashra. And a black spell that those spell caster been offered is really backfired. But ashra's spell is never backfire because ashra has been in this journey for a long time and she already know what she's going to do. So don't look for the other and just stay with ashra
Hey, everybody! Good morning! How are you all doing? Hopefully in finer spirits than you were yesterday.

I've never practiced magick, because with that kind of power comes responsibility. If a novice spellcaster casts a love spell, then there's a high chance that'll backfire. Love spells should be casted by rather accomplished and experienced spellcasters such as Ashra Koehn in my opinion.

However, I'd rather have a spellcaster use white magic than black magic; I don't trust black magic because it's dangerous, unpredictable and thrives off negative energy gathered from sinister forces. You're affecting free will plus bringing yourself and possibly your loved ones some very bad karma.

White magic, on the other hand, draws strength from the forces of nature. Sure, it may be slower but white magic will never harm anyone nor bring about bad karma. In addition, Ashra uses and prefers this type of magic, which is another reason why I trust her.

Ashra is the one and only spellcaster who'll have your best interests at heart. You should definitely put her faith in her, because she'll never lead you astray. Also, her high success rate speaks volumes, does it not?

Have a wonderful day, everyone! Shining love and light to all! Here's some positive vibes headed your way!
Hello everyone
Most of the time the love spell is backfiring for some people when they are using black magic one.
However when it comes to Ashra, I believe her spells won't ever be backfire whether it's white magic and or her black magic one because Ashra is already an experienced spellcaster and really proffessional. She knows what she's been doing so we can expect that the spell that we are getting from her will never be backfire.
Besides she is the best spellcaster and I really trust her, her spells won't backfire because she also personalizing those spells with our situations.
Ashra is so genius and really an expert so we can trust her believe me guys her spells will never let us down and it will never backfire.
Unless you are experienced it is advised that you don't practice magic. If you aren't experienced it's not good idea to try it. But if you are experienced then go for it. But I would say just have an experienced person like Ashra cast the spell for you. My parents/family all don't believe in magic or spells, but I will and always will believe in it no matter what. I will always even believe in ashra. She is a talented spell caster who helps a lot.
Hey everyone!!!! I hope your all are doing good and having an amazing day. Ashra's love spells will never backfire on you, or your situation. It's always very safe and it's also white magic love spells that Ashra does, and also she does everything with care and to guarantee success for your spell. The kind of love spells which can possibly backfire is black magic love spells and they are not good and they are really dangerous too so stay away from it as it can bring you only harm and to the one who does it and also for your situation as the result will never last. Ashra's spells are amazing and they are permanent too.
I don't believe that Ashra casts any love spells that would backfire. she is a very experienced spell caster who primarily deals with white magic spells that harness the power of the universe and the energy around us and that comes from us. I believe that our actions and vibes that we put off are what guides and affects her spells and nothing harmful. she also offers some black magic spells and those can backfire if they are cast by someone who is inexperienced or if they are cast with malicious intent.
I’m so sorry that has happened to you!! Did Ashra fixed the problem that the previous spell caster did to your situation? Did you tell Ashra what happened? And I do believe love spells can backfire depending on the spell caster and their intentions behind it.
Heather Dulgar,
you’re right! Ashra’s spells don’t backfire! As long as you follow the rules and guidelines she has posted for us, then we will be fine!!! :)
I don't think that Ashra has had any of her love spells to backfire. I doubt very seriously that she would have all of the success stories, positive reviews, and an ever growing client base if that was ever the case. I would not trust a love spell from any other spell casters to not backfire. if that is one of your concerns, then your best bet would be to stick with Ashra. I would not even look at another spell caster.
Usually white magic spells do not back fire or harm anyone but if you use black magic and are inexperienced it will hurt the spell caster and the target.So stay with Ashra and you can’t go wrong you get experience and no harm to anyone because she would not cast a spell to hurt herself or you or the target.Most other casters take your money and don’t care because there spells don’t work unless it’s black magic.
Since Ashra uses White Magic, it will never backfire because it is pure and good. Although she has lots of experience with it as she also has been doing it for years. However, Black Magic will or can harm you, if it is not handled in the right way but it can definitely backfire to you and the spell caster. So yes, I would say to stick with Ashra.
Hello everyone! How are all of you doing? The only spells that backfire are those black magic spells that are done by a unpractice spell caster. Those kind of magic really does backfire in the long run. For me, I will only trust Ashra and her spells. I think Ashra also offers black magic spells but with Ashra, we know that those spells will never backfire. Only trust the best spell caster, and don't trust those spell casters who claimed that they can work love spells for our situations. Good luck and take care everyone!
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing just okay today. I agree with Michele Dedel. Love spells can backfire if they are performed by an inexperienced spellcaster. This is why we need to be more careful and do a lot of research before asking someone to cast a spell on your behalf. I have been working with Ashra for so long, and I haven't felt anything strange from her spells. She has been casting for almost 19 years and I could say that she is very talented in this field. If you plan to buy spells, then just go to her. Her white magic is pure and safe to deal with. Sending lots of kisses and hugs for you all!!!
The only reason that spells backfire is if they are casted by someone who is inexperienced, or someone who uses black magic. In our cases, Ashra is neither inexperienced (obviously she has 18 years of experience), nor is she a black spell caster (which again makes us lucky). Just take a deep breath and rest assured that Ashra only uses white, and her spells won't backfire on us.
I have read that spells can backfire if cast by someone inexperienced. Black magic and voodoo have potential to backfire as well
I do agree with others that Ashra knows her stuff and have no fear your spell casted through her will not backfire. Not only that, but it will work!!!
Hello everyone! Good Morning. How are all of you doing? Spells does backfire if you had entrust your situation with a inexperienced spell caster who uses black magic spells. Black magic is very unsafe. It uses biological samples for the spells to work and yes, it does backfire in the long run. You really need to avoid these kind of spell caster using this type of magic because it can cause harm to yourself and to the people surrounding you. Trust Ashra Koehn only because she uses White magic spells. Good luck and take care everyone!
Hello all you wonderful people how is your night going. I just came across this thread and I wanted to see if love spells to actually backfire I never thought of it till came across this threads. But I know Ashra spells do not back fire because she knows what she is doing and has a lot of years under her belt with spell casting so you can always trust her spells. But if you run across spell caster that do not know what is going In their spells or is ignoring your about questions about the the spells then their spell will mostly back fire. If you all could just stick with Ashra I know her spells will not back fire.
Hello everyone, i hope you are all doing great today.

I don't think love spells backfire, when you have a spell casted from ashra.
Ashra is highly skilled and knows exactly how to perform the perfect love spell casts.
Ashra always has her clients safety put first and will never cast a spell to harm you.
Ashra was born into spell casting and has a life time of experience with spell casting.
Ashra has the knowledge and powers to perform only the best love spell casts.

If you decide to have another spell caster perform your love spell casts, i would advise you not to.
The other spell casters out there are not as trustworthy as ashra and there's no guarantee they are actually real.
It's really not worth having an inexperienced spell caster perform your love spell casts, as there could be alot of backfiring.
It's not a wise move to make and things could be alot worse than how you started out.
It's best to stick with ashra, as there won't be any backfiring with ashra.

Take care.
If a spellcaster is very inexperienced and doesn't have enough or complete knowledge about spells, then, the answer is yes that it can backfire. Ashra is a professional spellcaster and has been casting spells for years. So, of course, she would know her ins and outs with casting spells. One of the things that I love about Ashra Koehn and her spells is that they never backfire. All of her love spells and others don't. She will never cast a spell that she feels is risky or harmful. I advise and recommend sticking with her all of the way.
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Yes a love spell could backfire if the spell caster is inexperienced. Ashra has been doing this for almost 19 years and she is an experienced one. She mostly casts white magic spells but if its black magic spells only she could be trusted with that. Black magic spells have more chances to backfire and also the caster is affected in the process. But she has experience of many forms of magic but she is specialized in white magic spells. But she too offers few black magic spells like force of will. She is very knowlegeable and cares for her clients. So she does take care that she does everything right to get the best results for her clients. As long as you are working with Ashra you are in good hands and there is no chances of backfire in white magic spells.
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Ashra’s love spells do not back fire. She uses white magic only and she performs her spells with great care.

Some spellcasters use black magic which isn’t safe and definitely hasn’t the potential to backfire!

Rest assure you are safe with Ashra.
I have never experienced negative effects from Ashra spells. From the first spell she casted for me, I started feeling better emotionally... I suffered from depression and anxiety before meeting her... I remember that the day before I purchased my first spell I had my last panic attack they never returned after that day... She was definitely a blessing and her spells do not backfire. She doesn’t know, but she saved me.. I don’t if I would be still alive if she didn’t help me.
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Spells can backfire if they are cast inaccurate and if they are cast by someone who is inexperienced. However Ashra has years of experience and knows how to cast each spell perfectly. Also Ashra Koehn specializes in White magic which is natural and does not have a chance of backfiring. I know there are spell books that people can buy in shops etc... but it is best not to cast spells if you have no idea what you are doing. Leave it to a professional aka Ashra.
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Ashra's Spells do not backfire at all. In fact, they are all safe and will not harm anyone. She is super experienced and knows what she is doing. Plus, she has many years of experience and is also a professional too. Her spells are White Magic. Since White Magic is based upon nature, it will take time to see results. Along comes with being positive because this will help the spell(s) manifest efficiently and at their own pace. However, spells can backfire to those that use it incorrectly or are super inexperienced with not knowing what to do.
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