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Do spells require biological samples to work?

Discussion in 'Ashra Spells' started by kristyJ, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. kristyJ

    kristyJ Member

    I noticed some spell casters say that you need to provide biological samples in order for spells to work. This is true? Do I need to provide my biological materials such as nail clippings, blood and hair in order to have my spell work?

    Ashra doesn't ask for biological samples but there are some spell casters who claim spells will not work without it. Are they just scaring me or should I only be purchasing spells from spell casters who ask for biological materials?
  2. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    Hey kristyJ! Welcome to the forum! You should never work with a spell caster that asks for any kind of samples. This is one of the signs that they are a fraud. Ashra does not ask for things like hair or nail samples. They are not needed for the spells to work. I believe if you want a spell cast Ashra is your best bet. She has been spell casting for 16 years and has been helping thousands of people. I hope this helped :)
  3. specialneedsmetalpunk

    specialneedsmetalpunk Well-Known Member Member Plus Account

    First of all, I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to the forum. Huh, I don't know if you should send any biological part of you through the mail. This might sound a little odd if a spell caster is asking for you to send your DNA to them. I would definitely recommend that you just stick with Ashra. She is probably going to be your best bet in the spell casting department.
  4. LeanneS

    LeanneS Well-Known Member

    Hi Kristy. Ashra's spells do not require biological samples to work. Ashra is the best and most experienced spell caster so I would never use any other spell caster. Are you looking for love spells? I have purchased a few love spells from Ashra and I am confident I will be back together with my ex boyfriend soon. Ashra is amazing and has had a huge amount of success.
  5. raregemstoneamber

    raregemstoneamber Well-Known Member

    I do know that a lot of times biological samples and materials are for black magic spells, but Ashra uses white magic. She would only use black magic in extreme cases. I don't even know if she still does black magic.

    It is extremely dangerous and it can cause sickness, death or backfiring because it bends another's free will. I do know that Ashra, many months ago, cast black magic for a couple other members. I think they said something about sending some biological samples or some kind of genetic materials to Ashra.

    As far as other spell casters are concerned, I would stay away from them because a lot of them are frauds.

    I only trust Ashra. So I would advise you to stick with her.
  6. Andria

    Andria Member

    If biological samples were so important, then why are people seeing results with Ashra? I don't believe they are required as long as you use an experienced spell caster.

    I can only imagine what customs would think when they scan packages containing someone's DNA.:laugh:
  7. Krystle

    Krystle Active Member

    I'm sure that there a some spell casters who require biological samples for what they need to do the spells they are doing. As far as I know Ashra does not or at least she has never said anything like that from me. I would just stay with Ashra and keep thinking positive and not worry about any of that. I hope that you get the answer you need.
  8. raregemstoneamber

    raregemstoneamber Well-Known Member

    I personally wouldn't trust sending genetic materials to someone besides Ashra! Because I would be afraid that they might use it to clone me or something :laugh:! It gives me the creeps to even think about it they would do with it. Plus I couldn't imagine having to collect the materials. It just seems weird. But I do trust Ashra. She is the only one I would send stuff like that to. The good thing is that her spells doesn't require that and her spells shouldn't require that. Just because a spell doesn't require genetic materials doesn't mean that the spells won't work. Ashra's spells have worked many times for many people without the use of biological materials.
  9. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    Wow this is an interesting topic! I have never heard of this kind of thing before? Why would they want or need samples from us? It can't be a good thing can it?
  10. Tiffanymarie2017

    Tiffanymarie2017 Active Member

    I just want to say that I would not send any biological material to any spell caster. That is why you should stick with Ashra, because she does white magic instead of black magic, and she doesn't have you send her anything like that. She cares of each and every one of us. Stick with Ashra, and I promise you won't be disappointed! :) Like I said, I wouldn't trust any caster who wants you to send anything like that to them. That just has red flags all over it. Sending positive thoughts though! :)
  11. Liza Hites

    Liza Hites Well-Known Member

    Actually its not. Its a common practice among some practicing wicca or black magic practitioners. Ashra uses only white pure energy spells. She can use pictures of the parties involved. To my knowledge she does not do that type of practice involving biological materials.
  12. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    I agree with you. I think only black magic uses biological materials. Just like you, I personally don't want to work with spellcasters asking for biological samples like nail clippings, hair, blood, tears, or stuff like that because it will do harm to anyone else, including me. No matter how powerful the spellcaster is, I still go for white magic spells because they work in a natural way.

    Hey Liza! You have points by saying those lines. Ashra never asks me about those biological samples when it comes to casting my spells because, as you mentioned above, that she can picture us and the object of desire and just put the spell on the recipient.
  13. Pratima Pillai

    Pratima Pillai Well-Known Member

    In India there are some spell casters who ask for biological samples. This depends on the type of spell casting. Samples like nail, hair, some bizarre ones like dust under feet, etc. :eek:

    Now where do I get these from when my love is in another Country? I never dreamt of this situation to preserve nail and hair.

    In any case, Ashra's spells work with the psychic aspect and she has never asked for biological samples.

    There is a lot of power in Psychic Science and The Mystique World, hence it works.

    Remember, Ashra has been in the field of spell casting for over 16 years :thumbsup:. She has had infallible success without these genetic markers so far :). Thats the primary reason why you and me are here.

    he may ask for is date, time and place of birth of the concerned people along with photos.

    Hope this helped and put your doubts to rest.

  14. dolly_34

    dolly_34 Active Member

    I also heard about spell casters asking for biological samples. I also read somewhere that some spell casters even ask for tears. :laugh: However, many of the spell casters here in India ask for the photographs of the lovers and the birth details like date of birth, time, age, place of birth,etc... But the biological thing can't be denied though. I don't think Ashra asks for such things.
  15. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    In my opinion I think it's kind of creepy for a person to want a biological sample and to give it to them.

    Think about it: Sending a nail sample for example is bit strange considering the fact that it's for a stranger who claims to cast spells. I'm glad Ashra doesn't ask for these samples and she just asks for pictures. We should all stick with Ashra because she is the best spell caster around.

    I am hoping for the best for everyone and I am sending lots and lots of positive vibes everyone's way!!
  16. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    Hey Pratima! You are definitely right dear. I don't think Ashra needs genetic markers to help her in spell casting. If she did require biological samples from her clients, she must have asked for those things ahead of time instead of date, time, and place of birth as you mentioned above. I never sent her any single picture of me and my significant other, and it seems like she can feel the connection between me and him easily so that's why she has success rate. Well, I am so against sending biological samples to any spellcasters because it's private things I think. :laugh:
  17. rita13

    rita13 Well-Known Member

    Most probably they are using black magic and that's why they are asking for biological samples. I don't know why they are asking for this stuff, though I haven't encountered any kind of spell caster like them. I just don't feel sure about giving them biological samples no knowing if it will actually work.
  18. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    The only time I have heard of samples being needed is other magic except white magic. White magic is pure and does not do any harm. Everything I have heard about black magic or voodoo isn't good, they are known to back fire and give bad results. The only thing that Ashra may require which is optional are pictures of you and your lover which I have given her:).
  19. Fera

    Fera Popular Member

    I couldn't agree with you more. If any spell casters ask us for biological samples, then they usually deal with black magic spells or some type of witchcraft. I haven't heard of anyone saying that white magic spells use genetic markers in spell casting, so that's why I personally will stay away from them. If I am not mistaken, black magic and witchcraft mostly needs biological samples for the accuracy, like hair, nail clippings or stuff like that, whereas the white magic will focus on full name, photos, day of birth, just like other people have said.
  20. Liza Hites

    Liza Hites Well-Known Member

    I do disagree with biological samples. Picture on the other hand helps add a human elimate to spells though. I have sent Ashra pictures of myself and the lover I want back in my life. She says pictures help bring accuracy to spell casting. Maybe we all just have different circumstances and sometimes the pictures help. Then there are some spell casters who don't need pictures and I don't know why. But the sample part, no. I think just a trick of some sort. What if you sent your DNA or biological samples and they tried to use it against you and things started happening? Then the caster tells you to send more money so bad things stop happening to you? That would worry me alot.
  21. Sky

    Sky Well-Known Member

    I am wondering the same thing as well about biological samples used in spells. I have been looking up how to perform love spells. Every spell that I find online requests for my lover's hair or candles or other items. They require certain chants that are kind of hard to pronounce. Are these spells even safe to perform? These sites don't even mention if they're black magic or white magic, which kind of terrifies me because I've heard terrible things about black magic.
  22. LuvHim8590

    LuvHim8590 Well-Known Member

    In my personal opinion, I don't think you should ever give a biological sample to a caster. There is no telling the things that could be done to you if they are real casters. Ashra's spells only requires a few things from you. Positivity, belief in your spell and her and patience. Very simple but yet extremely effective! Hope this helps you!
  23. yanyan44

    yanyan44 Well-Known Member

    I haven't heard about the spell caster that need to use the biological samples such as hair, finger nails like that. Personally I think it was very strange. I think that spell caster that requires biogical samples are someone who deal with the black magic. This makes it feel so creepy and I really feel scared about it. However, I know that Ashra is using the white magic to hers client. She didn't request for her clients to send biological samples. Her spells only required the details about her clients and many have seen successful result with Ashra spells.
  24. Whitenight

    Whitenight Member

    In theory, biological samples are really a link to those being involved in a spell. Pictures are better because the actual target(s) are shown. It is like looking down a scope to pinpoint who is going to be affected. Miss Ashra asks only for images, and I have always given her everyone who is involved; that is the best way to assure all the parties are handled.
  25. Kate

    Kate Popular Member

    I don't think a biological sample is needed for a spell to work. In my opinion it's a bit creepy to be giving someone you don't know a sample of your hair or your nails. I'm glad Ashra doesn't ask for these things because I wouldn't send it. Ashra sometimes asks for pictures of us or of our lover and people have seen results from her spells, so it goes to show you that a biological sample is not needed for a spell to work. As long as we stay patient and positive then we will see results from our spells in no time!
  26. Vesperavega

    Vesperavega Active Member

    I wouldn't feel confident giving any biological sample, especially to spell caster that I don't know well. At the same time I believe that spells are kinda stronger once you have biological material. My constant fear with spells is if my spell is aiming at the correct person. Once you provide some part of you at least you are giving spell better power to work correctly and maybe even faster, but that is just my opinion. I am less afraid now since I already experienced once positive outcome. I really hope it will happen again for me.
  27. ValkyrieRoberts

    ValkyrieRoberts Well-Known Member

    I do know of some spells that require biological samples, but those are mainly curse spells and should never be played with. I am curious as to whether or not Ashra needs a photograph of you and/or your loved one to be able to properly focus her spell on the right person? I know many love spells do need it, so I was wondering.
  28. Mssdat

    Mssdat Active Member

    I hear in Pakistan spell casters use biological samples to cast spells. Sometimes they prescribe that the wisher use their own blood in the ritual to ensure the spell is effective. It is so commonplace.
  29. Nengpi

    Nengpi Member

    Some spell casters requires biological samples like saliva, nail clippings, tears, eyelashes, hair, blood, menstrual blood and so on. I think this is mostly for black magic ritual or something like that. It sounds so crazy and uncomfortable too, but some might even work. I mean the spell casting ritual which includes our biological samples. It depends on the spell catsers on which way they want the outcome. Thank goodness that Ashra is totally different and never asks as such. Ashra is the best.
  30. Sky

    Sky Well-Known Member

    I have not heard of a spell caster that have requested for biological samples. However, when i tried performing spells myself, I would look online what was needed for a spell. Some spells would require biological materials. But then again, remember there are many other love spells that may or may not need them. I think it depends on who is casting it and what kind of magic they are using.
  31. Mssdat

    Mssdat Active Member

    I'm glad that you've confirmed Ashra uses photos. I was wondering how she would be able to ensure accuracy of the spell without samples/images.
  32. Amya Lynn

    Amya Lynn Well-Known Member

    I am really grateful that Ashra does not do any of the nail clipping and hair stuff! All of these reviews are very positive and when your relationship is in Ashra's hands no one has anything to worry about. She will take care of all of us and we will all be just fine. Although some people's lovers may take more time I suggest that you never give up if you really love someone because Ashra replied for a reason, to help you and give you a fresh new start with your lover! Take that chance and go down the right path! xoxox
  33. Pratima Pillai

    Pratima Pillai Well-Known Member

    Hey Amya wlcome to the Forum and way to go Honey. I am pleasantly surprised with your positivity. You are bang on about the never give up; Ashra replied for a reason. How very re-assuring for the oldies :D and refreshing for the newcomers. I second your thoughts, come what may I shall never give up on my Beau. Its is for a purpose that I, you and the others have been steered here. Nothing happens without Divie Will. In our culture we say not even a leaf stirs without God's will. So there!

    Ashra does not ask for any Biological markers/DNA. If Ashra needs photos to focus I will give it to Her. Some practices as in Reiki healing need photos only to focus and have a positive, calming, healing effects.

    Mssdat its not only pakistan, in India too practitioners ask for bio samples such as hair, nail, dust under feet, worn clothes, etc. They also ask for exact time, place and date of birth. This is for consulting the astro charts.
  34. RubyXRed

    RubyXRed Popular Member Member Plus Account

    I have sent Ashra a few pictures of my lover. I do have more so I will send them to her when I next request a spell from her.

    I think it helps her so much more so I am definitely gonna do it and it gives me piece of mind too. I know my situation is in the right place now and I know everything is gonna get so much better.
  35. Sky

    Sky Well-Known Member

    Hi Ruby. When you say you sent Ashra pictures of your lover, was this voluntary or did she ask for them? Did you send a picture of yourself too? When did you first send in the picture? I was actually thinking about sending Ashra pictures of me, my lover, and the girl he kissed. Do you think that would help with my spells? Do you think sending the pictures helped your spells?
  36. Jenny79

    Jenny79 Active Member

    I do wonder about the biological samples. What do they do with them? Do they strengthen the spell? It definitely sounds like a practice more suited to black magic, but I'm not sure why I think so. The only problem is, a lot of us are estranged from our lovers and don't have such things readily available.

    I am glad to know that Ashra does not require things like that. A person's basic information and a picture should do the trick, I should think. Although, I don't personally know a lot about magic and what makes it work. It's so fascinating and I would love to learn more, though...
  37. Mssdat

    Mssdat Active Member

    Dear Ruby

    Did you happen to send photos of you and your lover on your own accord or did Ashra recommend that you send them to her in order to guarantee efficacy? Does she require headshots? Or would it be acceptable to submit normal, candid-like shots? And multiple photos would be necessary? I’m just curious as to what supplementary information you send to Ashra (other than the story of your own situation). Really appreciate your help in advance.

    God bless.
  38. candigurl34

    candigurl34 Active Member

    I don't think she requires biologicial materials of any sort. Th only thing she asks for is photos of you or your lover that's all I know as Iam new to the forum..and don't know much so I'm still learning.
  39. Jenny79

    Jenny79 Active Member

    Hey, Candigurl. I've only been her for a little over a week myself. But you're right. I have not heard of Ashra asking for that kind of thing. Pictures of the people involved with the spell would make sense to me. Biological samples might add strength and accuracy to some kinds of magic, but I don't really know. I do find it interesting, though.
    Good luck with raising the kp that you need for your spell! Have a nice day!
  40. ValkyrieRoberts

    ValkyrieRoberts Well-Known Member

    candigurl Well... She did not ask me for anything like that, but I sent her pictures anyway, mainly because I know things like that really help out. I will admit I am in a circle/coven right now, but they never want to help me, so I am thinking about leaving it. They will not let me learn the spells that I want and therefore I am very inexperienced, so I am trying to learn about what I can while having experienced ones cast for me until I get to that level. In any kind of spell, you need some sort of basis for anything and pictures/samples help incredibly.

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