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Do spells require biological samples to work?

Bio samples essentially pinpoint the target(s) more effectively than a picture. Using them can be used for black or white magic, however black is more common. They are usually meant for love magic, primarily binding spells because it locks down two people together. Bio samples in magic are deceptively powerful and should be taken with extreme care and caution, because a simple tieing of hairs in a knot maybe enough to lockdown someone to you.
Hi Raregemstoneamber,

I did not go ahead with the black magic spell. I cannot speak for the other member.

As I stated above, Black Magic does require bilogcal samples, however, this is another reason Ashra does not suggest black magic to her clients.

I chose to stick to white magic, even if it takes a little longer for results, then black magic would.

I would rather have my lover return naturally, then by force.

Hi Husky,

I do agree with you, Ashra asks for basic information only so she has the right person and gets the right two people together.
Hey Tyan! Yeah Ashra doesn't bother us with biological samples or stuff like that at all, so yeah I only believe in her always. I also can't judge anyone who feels allright to send any samples like hair, nails, to other spellcasters because it's their decision. However, I personally will think many times to do the action because I am not comfortable with that. Do you think it's anything to do with black magic spells?
I only know that the black magic does required the biological samples. And will not choise to use the black magic as it is very scary, dangerous and risky. I am feeling happy and lucky that I have met Ashra. She is using the white magic to cast ours spells and she didn't have asking me to send her the biological samples. She had only asked for me and my lover pictures. Ashra know what she is doing and I know that she will bring my lover back to me soon. I believe and I trust her 100% with all of my hearts.
Biological samples should never be a requirement for spell casting in general. It all depends on the type of energy and how powerful the energy is. White magic is most recommended because black magic is too dark and mysterious and doesn't necessarily lead to positive outcomes. With white magic, the positive things you desire will be sought.
I think the only type of magic that needs samples is Black Magic I believe.
I personally would not be comfortable sending samples let alone doing Black Magic. I know this type of magic does have repercussions and can backfire badly sometimes so it is not worth the risk. I am gonna stick with White Magic no matter what happens :) . White Magic is natural and safer.
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Hey Yanyan! As far as I know it is a black magic which uses biological samples in spellcasting. I am not into black magic spells at all that is why I stick with Ashra's white magic love spells. One time I contacted an African spellcaster to bring my lover back and he told me to prepare some materials like blood, nails, hair, or anything related to me and the significant other which is crazy. I blocked him right away.
I have never heard of having to give some sort of body samples for a spell. I honestly don't think I would trust sending pieces of my body off through the mail to someone I don't know because you don't know what exactly they are doing with your samples. If I came across one of those spell casters I think I would run the other way from them:laugh:
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Yes I believe when doing black magic is always going to deal with hair, a person body fluid and pictures to make sure whoever the target is the spell will gone and work to either hurt them or just want that person into their life for good. Black magic isn't always used to hurt a person it depends on how it is used.
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I think that it is creepy and disgusting if someone ask for biological samples. Why would anyone ask for nail clippings, hair, or anything like that to be sent in the mail. For one I don't think they need any of that stuff to cast a true spell and to make it work. Ashra doesn't ask for anything like that and she has thousand if not millions of positive reviews of success stories. I think if someone ask you to send you anything like that I would not send them anything or respond to them and contact Ashra, she is the real deal and will be the only one who will be able to help you.
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I wouldn't do that because they could it for something illegal and get you in big trouble. Ashra is the best and she does not ask you for samples. Stay away from spell casters who require samples, they could be just criminals trying to I don't know do like I said illegal things and blame it on you. I wouldn't believe anybody once they asked that of me. I'd be creeped out that I don't want any contact. Well hope you get your hearts desire.
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You are absolutely right about Ashra Koehn not requiring biological samples in order to grant our requests. She asked me for a photograph of us too and that was it. In my country some psychics and spellcasters use samples a lot and cast real powerful spells which are destructive if not properly handled or when used for the wrong reasons and I am most definitely sure it's black magic.
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If a spell caster is asking you for biological samples such as finger nail clippings, hair, saliva, blood, or other bodily fluids... DON'T DO IT!!! Think about it... your DNA can be used or sold on the black market to people looking to cover up a crime scene using your materials. I couldn't live with myself not knowing what is really happening with my biological samples.
In my personal opinion, I would not be comfortable sending any kind of sample to a complete stranger as I do think it is kinda weird and I definitely think it is a dark magic that they will be using which is not good. Ashra does not ask for samples and she does specialize in white magic which is good and it is natural.
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Very good point, Andria! It is nearly impossible to know what happens to your biological samples when sending them to someone you know absolutely nothing about. I can maybe so providing samples to a spell caster you have met in person and have grown to trust. But a complete stranger in a far away country and no way of verifying if they are legit or not... No way!
That is no way I will send my biological sample to any stranger and I will automatically think that it is definitely use for the black magic. So far I only know that the black magic is required ours biological samples which I have heard from others. I am super happy that I have met Ashra as she is using the white magic and she is only asking for ours and ours lovers picture and not the biological samples.
When I first read about this the thought of sending things like this really creeped me out. I think when people need samples from you the magic must be dark which can go wrong. I would never go with black magic or voodoo magic as they are known to backfire and go horribly wrong :(. Ashra only specializes in white magic which is safe and natural. I would never feel comfortable with sending samples to a complete stranger.
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If my spells required biological samples to work then I would still be at square one.

Ashra has never asked me for biological samples during my spell castings, I have simply sent her pictures by choice to ensure that my energy link is linked to the right person.

Without the use of biological samples I have had amazing results.

Biological samples are not needed, especially when you have an experienced spell caster casting your spells for you.
I have never had a spell caster ask for me for any hair or nail samples usually they ask me for money. If a spell caster is asking for hair and nails I think it is safe to say they aren't really a spell caster because you only see that kind of stuff on tv. So the next time you come across spell caster that is asking you for a biological sample I think ot is safe to say that person is not a real spell caster and that person is looking to preform some type of fraud against you. My advice once you see that stuff happening leave that site as soon as possible and cut all contact with that caster.
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I know a spell caster from Taiwan, she does use client's lover's hairs in her love spell. She claimed that her spell is white magic. Many clients also comment all her Facebook that the spells are working for them and get positive results. In my opinion, not every spells that require biological samples are white magics or black magics, it's depends on certain situation, certain rituals and certain spells. If the spell casters think the spells need the biological samples, I'm respect for their opinion and decision, but I would like to say that before we give our biological samples, please make sure that the spell caster is professional, true and no harmful to people. For me, I will follow Ashra and stick for her spells because she is a true spell caster.
If somebody ask for a biological sample or anything that will come from his or your body. Please don't try to send anything to them. They might let you do something that is not good. Just like, deposit all your money to this account. It happen so better prevent it while still we are in our own mind.

I experienced that but not biological sample. I drink the water that they ask me to drink and in no time I gave them the next day the money they are asking. It only water I drink huh. What more if I send them Anything on my body.

I might have a husband already if I did that. That is the only thing they can't do for me. To marry him. Thank God the spell caster friend of mind and my faith in God is so powerful.
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With Ashra we don't need to provide any biological samples. She is so talented and experienced that she can cast the spells without the use of any biological materials. She just needs the full details of us and our lovers and in case you have photos of yourself you can submit them to Ashra and she will cast your spell with those things alone. She doesn't require any other thing from you. I think this is really incredible on Ashras part she is really so smart and talented.
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I agree with you, Gaby. I shouldn't have to send any biological samples. That makes me suspicious right away. I don’t know who the people are, so no samples or money from me! Sending pictures is an awesome idea. I'm going to send some, too!
I have heard of this in doing your own spellwork but never from a spellcaster. I wouldn't trust that at all. I get the impression that Ashra knows what she is doing. :)
Julie, you are right. We don't need to send Ashra a biological sample. She is the best one that no need of this. She may ak for photos but not all the time. Maybe for the best result why we need to give her one.

Thank God that Ashra is so great not asking for this. It means that we are very safe and can walk with no worries.
This the creepiest thread I've seen so far :laugh: it makes me just change my mind about spells altogether. I would never give someone anything of mines cause you never know if they're being serious or if it's just some creepy little spell they use on people for fun so no thank you. But then againo_O as crazy as I am it's making me think about locking my ex to me like that "Tamara" movie :hilarious: jk but then again:sneaky:
Maybe its possible that some spell casters require biological materials whereas others do not. I think its personal preference which type of spell caster you want to be working with.
Guys the spells Ashra casts for us are White Magic and work on the principles of Metaphysics :thumbsup:. That is thought waves and energy flow. Biological samples are required in Black Magic spells. Hence due to the white nature of the spells, Ashra has not asked for bio-markers :cool:. If someone asks me bio-markers, I cannot provide them because I have not preserved nail, hair clippings of my beau! :inlove: At times for certain spells Ashra has asked for a photo to enable her to focus energy onto the person. I have not given her for my 2 spells. But for the 3rd one I will mail her the soft copy. I hope to clinch the deal with the 3rd :woot:. It will be the full and final spell. Amen. No way for bio-markers and the like! :p
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I do know for a fact that Ashra's spells NEVER require DNA samples or biological samples of any kind.

Ashra is an excellent spell caster and she doesn't need those things in order to bring results and accuracy. Just think about how difficult it would be to get biological samples off your lover anyway, However, Ashra may ask you for pictures of you and your lover as it helps with your spells.
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I have heard that some spell casters require biological samples like hair, nails clippings, tear and blood for spell casting. It is said that in the magical realm your biological sample Is said to be the only link to you, and your lover, hence they are essential or mandatory. That biological material in spells help to make your intentions more stronger. How true is that?
Thank goodness Ashra's spells doesnt require that. And even if it does, no problems I completely trust her.
Wow. Isn't that like Voodoo spellwork? I glad Ashra only does white magic. I don't think I could perserve my lover biological sample. She has asked me for pictures of me, him, and the female he is seeing. That's all. I really don't think I would want to work with a spell caster that needed DNA sample. I like Ashra. She is very nice and she is sweet;););););)
Ashra doesn't require a DNA sample to cast a spell. She needs to know your situation in detail so that she can help you in the best way possible. I know of no spell caster that requires biological samples.
Now that I think about it, sending over biological samples is not only creepy, but if put in the wrong hands, it could potentially backfire or harm you. If it is given to a stranger who knows nothing about you, it can be abused in so many ways. I am glad that Ashra doesn't require these things and only asks for common information like names, dates of birth, age, location, and sometimes pictures when asked. Ashra has had many success stories so this proves that she is too good for biological samples :laugh:. Never feel like you have to send biological samples over to Ashra because you won't need to in order for your spells to work.
I have heard about it too. Mostly biological samples like drop of blood and hair or nail requires for those spells. I think its need only for black magic purpose. When you want to do black magic on someone you will need biological samples.

Some people also ask for materialistic things like clothes or some hair clip or just a pen.
But biological samples are needed only for black magic i guess. And i think you should never do things like that with someone where you have to give someone's biological sample without their permission of course.
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I personally feel that different spell casters use different approaches to casting spells and asking for a sample doesn't necessarily mean their a fraud but would require a bit more work. I feel like it would take a lot longer for your spell to be cast one because you have to send off the package containing the sample and wait for Ashra to receive it. She would then have to keep up with every sample thats sent to her. Some people Im sure live far away and probably would have a problem shipping their sample out to her in a timely manner. Last i wouldn't want my sample picking up any other energies from the different people handle the package before the spell caster would be able to receive it to cast the spell. Though Dna does have its strong points by providing a very personal connection to the person you wish to cast a spell on im very happy that Ashra does not require it.
Hello Kristy!
Many online spell casters will say they need samples and that may just be their spells. Ashra's spells do not require a biological sample because of her experience and he spells. Her spells are more powerful and may take a while but it's worth it.And most spell casters that ask for samples might curse you and it's not worth the risk.
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The only thing Ashra asks for is a picture of us holding a piece of paper with our first name and the date, just to confirm. Some spell casters ask for biological samples, although, it's not necessary. Some spell casters just ask for a signature, as a signature contains more energy than a biological sample. DNA only tells you the present incarnation of a person. Since our souls and higher minds are pure energy, what point is it to have biological material?
Ashra's spells have never required any kind of biological samples to send in to have a spell work. She may ask you to send in pictures for particular spells, but never has she asked you to send in samples of your DNA and your lover's DNA. Her spells are powerful enough on their own and have proven to be successful.
I dont think that biological spells works you don't need to do that... It might be a scam or this person is after your money. Don't go to anyone but Ashra Koehn.
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That is a good question. Usually they only require a birth date and name of the one your trying to get back or just explaining your situtation to Ashra. But other psychics may just ask for both. Ashra has a part in the spells to describe in detail of what your situation is and she can read it and understand it more on an deeper level and know exactly what spell that you need for that situation that you are going through. Ashra had 16 years of it and I believe she will make a difference but always ask what type of information they need upon the type of psychic your going to.