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Do spells require biological samples to work?

You dont need biological samples to be honest. Ive heard of spell casters wanting pictures for rituals and physic readings. If you think about it what happens if that person dosnt have hair? Or you need their toe nail are you gonna go to their house and cut it off? Lol
I hear some spell casters require biological sample to cast spells. They say biological materials in spells help to make the intentions stronger that you become fully involved in the spell casting process when your biology materials are used. That your biological sample are considered to be the only link to you and to the people you know. But I don't think I will be comfortable giving my biological samples or that of my lover to any spell caster except Ashra Koehn, because so far, she is the only spell caster that I completely trust.
Ashra does not need Bio samples to do a spell. All she needs is a picture and your detailed story, so she can pinpoint. Never send in ANY samples to any spell caster that asks you to do so.
One spell caster from Kenya said that the use of biological samples in love spells is mandatory and necessary in some rituals in order to achieve best results. That when your body is a part of the spell, you aren’t just an outsider to the process – you’re invested in the ritual: body, mind, and spirit. Which I seriously cannot do. If Ashra koehn requires for biology sample for my spells to work, then I will surly supply them to her because I completely trust her.
Since Ashra connects to our lovers and and ourselves through an energy network, of sorts, tells me that's she doesn't need any bio samples. Photos, birthdates and details of your situation are all she needs. People worry that she may accidently cast her spell on the wrong person, but I don't think that's really anything to worry about. It would seem to me that her years of experience would prevent that and that she may be able to find our lovers through our energy link, since we have a strong connection to the lover's we are trying to get back.
Ashra doesnt require biological samples, The most she may ask for is a picture of the person you are trying to get back. I have seen hoodoo priestesses use biological samples in their work, it seems like something that is mainly involved in black magic casting. Ashra mostly does white magic but does have some black magic spells available. But no, Not all spell casters will ask for biological samples. I dont trust any other casters than ashra anyways, but if you do. Be weary
Sounds kind of scary to think that some people literally ask for a piece of DNA of the other person or yourself! You're sending this to a complete stranger! I am planning to send ashra a picture of my ex and a picture of us together if that will help in any way? And I will send her my situation. I really hope she can see it before she casts my spell. I do NOT want the spell to work on the wrong person. I would never really go as far as sending a part of my ex to a spell caster though... it could be putting them in danger some how.. I don't know I just wouldn't trust someone who asks for that.
In my opinion, I do no think that spells requires biological materials from the caster or its target to function properly. I hear some spell casters require biological sample to cast spells. They say biological materials in spells help to make the intentions stronger that you become fully involved in the spell casting process when your biology materials are used. That your biological sample are considered to be the only link to you and to the people you know. But I don't think I will be comfortable giving my biological samples or that of my lover to any spell caster except Ashra Koehn, because so far, she is the only spell caster that I completely trust.
Typically black magic or voodoo involve using biological samples such as hair nails etc or you or your lovers belongings in order to cast spells. Some other spell casters need only your name as some others only require a picture of you and/or your lover. It honestly depends on the spell caster, their experience level, and what kind of magic they are performing. As for hiring the help of internet spell casters I would not suggest sending parts of yourself or your belongings to a stranger, as experienced spell casters don't really need your belongings to properly cast a spell. Hope this helps.
A local Spell Caster asked my unwashed cloth to give him. He said that he write something on the cloth and tell me to burn it. When I burn all the pieces of the cloth, my love will be back to my life. He already wasted my 45 days doing many things but there were no sign of result. Even the thing were worse than before. I became alert when he asked for the cloth and didn't visit him again. I thought he will do any harm to me.
Authentic spell casters will always ask you for biological materials.- Absolutely 100 percent NOT TRUE. They work with energy – not biology. They don’t need hair or blood or nail clippings. Asking for this is going for shock value. The most have ever asked for (according to certain spells) is a signature. There is more inherent energy in a signature (and name) than biological material. DNA only tells you about the present incarnation of a person. Since our souls and higher minds are pure energy what point is it to have biological material? I suppose if I really wanted to scare people with my voodoo-ness, I could make them run around getting hairs off their boyfriends sweaters, but Ashra don’t need that for her spell work a picture is fine.
Ashra has never asked for any kind of biological sample. The thought of that just sounds a little fishy and weird to me. Yes I can understand the need for accuracy, but the great thing is is that the only thing she'll ever ask from you is pictures. Pictures are the closest things to DNA for her. She's just that good and doesn't need that kind of material. It's interesting to hear that other Spell casters ask for these things. Chances are is that it will backfire or it is some kind of curse waiting to happen.
Biological samples are for those who do black magic. I experienced this before with my friend. They ask for a sample of our fingernails. They said for us to bind each other and will not leave each other. We both know that ritual because he is the one who ask me to give them also.

I was so happy that time when we are doing it. Because uts for our own good. But just recent when I came here realized that it some kinda black magic right. But they are good person. The one who ask me and my lover our nails. They are God fearing that is why I am confident they will do anything that kind of magic. I am hoping that its not.
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I would be hesitant about sending biological materials to a caster. The most I have ever been asked for is the name, DOB, and current city that the subject lives in or a picture to help focus the spell. I agree with everyone who advises caution about this. Also I have only heard of needing these types of materials for voodoo or black magic. I sent pictures to Ashra Koehn for my first love spell.
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I know that Ashra's spells have never asked for biological samples before. Imagine how hard that would be to get and send over anyway. You would have to get close to your lover and not get caught. Her rules specifically say that you cannot contact your lover so that would be going against her guidelines. Her spells may ask for pictures, but that is the closest thing to biological samples as it can get and pictures are easy to get. That's all you need with Ashra to get your spells to work and sometiems you don't even need to get pictures for spells!
All that Ashra need are pictures from you ex and yourself. That shows us that she is real spell caster and not some foe. Pictures are very powerful so the real spell caster will know how to cast a spell using only them. Does Ashra Koehn cast spells for celebrity?

Well... Ashra uses only pictures... that's all so you don't have to be afraid. She will ask you to send her a picture and thats all
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Biological samples are required in black magic and voodoo, the result must be quick in it magic but there are chance of back fire or to harm you even the results in black magic doesn't last longer. I would go with white magic even if it takes longer time to manifest and i would suggest everyone the white magic spells as no biological samples are required and its safe and doesn't back fire, even Ashra does not suggest black magic to her clients only in case of emergency she might suggest it.
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Before I knew about Ashra, I read a lot about spells to cast by myself. Most of the black magic spells that I found do in fact require some kind of biological sample, in most cases it was blood. I also read about hair, nail, and pictures too. I think that this kind of spells always backfire and are not really the best option. I've also read that if you use blood in your spell, you cannot uncast it. So before you do it you should really think if you really want this to happen.
No she will not need anything like that. She may need pictures but other than that she will not need anything like hair or blood. She is amazing at what she does!
I already heard about that before and in most cases it is always on a black magic.
I do believe that Ashra's spells are all powerful enough so that thing will never be needed.
Ashra never ask for a biological thing like hair, nail or even blood, the only one Ashra asking is a picture and that is definitely fine.
I know Ashra never need a biological samples because the ingredients of her spells are really enough to make it all powerful and for make it to work.
She will never ask you a biological samples because that is really dangerous for some point like a black magic, it can always harm you or the people involved.
Ashra does not need any biological samples to get the spell to work, mainly because it is white magic. Usually black magic requires a biological sample, which binds them to the spell. I think she might need pictures to help her better visualize where to direct her spells, just like other posts have stated. Her spells work with energy, especially positive energy, so there is no need for biological samples. Plus that would be too difficult to obtain and send to her anyway :p
Hello everyone!
Ashra doesnt ask for biological samples. The only thing she may ask for is for a picture of you and your lover. Spell casters asking for samples may be frauds or casting a hex on you. Dont trust those spell casters. i wouldnt send any if i were you it seems a bit sketchy and dangerous. Anyway i hope you all have a wonderful day. sending lots of love luck and joy. god bless you all
This is a very interesting topic. Ashra will never need anything like that. I have never heard of someone actually needing anything other than a picture of you and your lover. Ashra has only ever told me to give her a picture of me and my lover. I don't think you need to send actual hair or anything to a spell caster for a spell to work. Pictures are the best thing really and they apparently work a lot better as well.
What do you mean biological samples? Are you talking about DNA or something that your lover has touched? I don't think you really need that for the spells but I could be wrong. I don't know how you will be able to do that if you purchase the spell using your points as she will not send you anything. I know there will be a form you need to fill out when you purchase a spell. I haven't purchased a spell yet, but I'm guessing she may ask you to provide a picture of him/her. You don't need to worry about giving her something that your lover has touched.
@dtm10110 Biological samples means hair, nails and even blood too . Biological samples are used mainly for black magic and it is required because they believe that it will have a lasting and early effect on the person. I would be definitely be hesitant if some spell cater will ask for such things . These things can be used in any negative sense .
Ashra never ask for such things. @dtm10110 , yes you are right while requesting for the spell you need to fill out the form providing a details of your situation. After this Ashra will send a conformation mail suggesting you the spells which may help in your situation . In the same mail you are also asked for the picture of both of you .
I don't believe that you will need biological samples in able for the spell to work.
The only thing that's been needed are your names and birthdates together and if Ashra will be the one who will cast your spell yes sometimes she is asking for your pictures, even separate pictures.
I don't believe that any biological samples will be needed because in the first place, your lover don't know that you are casting a spell for them so it's very difficult to steal any biological samples.
I also think that sometimes, the spell which needed the biological samples like blood, hair or something else is the black magic spell, but with the white magic spell your names, birthdates or even pictures will be enough for your spell to work.
You don't need to do anything just the spell to work, and you don't need to steal any biological samples.
Biological samples do help amplify spells but they are hard to obtain. A good spell caster does not need biological samples and Ashra is no exception. She is the best spell caster around so she is able to cast spells without biological samples. Also, black magic usually needs biological samples but white magic does not, which actually helps alot with Ashra's spells and prevents us from having to collect samples.
A great and expert spellcaster like Ashra don't need any biological samples at all because she already knows what she's doing and for over 17 years of experience into spellcasting I do believe that she do not need any biological samples for her spells to work.

For me I think the one that will be needed biological samples is the black magic one because it will really need a lot of effort to the point that you'll be need to steal someone's hair, thing or even blood that's terrifying in some ways, and to think that the black magic spell can be backfire anytime because of it's powerfulness.

But with Ashra, you will never need biological samples, she will just ask you your lover's name and of course your name. The birthdates of the two of you and sometimes Ashra ask your pictures, and only those and no need any biological samples at all.

And all of her spells are all white magic so it's 100% safe and guaranteed.
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When I think about biological samples, I think about potions in harry potter and how they were used to make potions stronger. Ashra for sure does not need any samples because first she is using spells and second it would be too difficult for her to sort for all of her many clients. Please don't collect biological samples for Ashra because that would make it realyl difficult for her. Trust in your positivity to do the work for your spells :)
About this question, the answer will always be a big NO.
Maybe if you are casting some kind of black magic spells, maybe you'll gonna need some biological samples like hair or even blood however on the other hand I don't think so because if you are already an experienced and professional spellcaster I think you don't need some biological samples at all because for me having some pictures is enough to cast a spell.
Most of the time, Ashra is casting a white magic spells and she's just asking for your both names and birthdates and your both pictures are enough so no need to get some biological samples that can cause you in troubles.
Yeah , some spell casters ask you for biological samples. But they all are black magician. They require it to totally control the target. I have not come across any such spell caster till now. But I have seen spell casters who ask for birth details and pictures. That is normal. No one would have an issue with that. But involving biologocal samples does not sound good. It seems like there is something wrong. As you all said , I also believe that I can trust only Ashra on this whole planet with my biological samples. She does white magic and she is trustworthy. You know very well she is not gonna let you down in any case. I completely believe her. And yes never ever trust any other caster with your biological samples.:thumbsup:;)
I heard before that black magic requires biological sample like hair, nails or whatsoever. There are even dolls and needles too. But for ashra, i do not think that she requires all these. But i have came across spell casters that asked for pictures and other information about the two parties. However, some did not ask anything but just do the cast like that. Not sure what is the difference and if they are real or not. But so far after reading ashra forums, she looks real. Many successful stories about her.
I know from experience that Ashra does not use biological samples to do her spell work. I know when I first started my spell casting journey with her she did ask for a picture and my former lover. She never asked my to send her anything, she never asked me to give her anything except for what she wanted like birthdays and for what happened between us. Like I said no DNA was needed.
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Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing well. I believe that you should not work with people who ask for biological samples. People who ask for biological samples, I think they are using black magic. With black magic always backfires your spell, not like white magic. Ashra doesn't ask any of her clients for biological samples. Ashra understands and cares about our problem, and she knows what she is doing to help us.
I agree with you @Mirica Choi You are right! Ashra never asks anyone for any kind of biological samples, chances are if someone does I believe they are doing some black magic or some curse on you and it's more likely to backfire on you. The least Ashra may ask is you and your lovers pictures cause that's only needed for her. She's very successful and experienced in her field for many years and her spell casting results will be accurate and what you wanted.
Hello everyone! I believe that those spell casters who asked biological samples are the ones who uses black magic and that is not a good magic. Ashra uses white magic, and it is the good one. It inly uses the energies from within and of the earth. She does not requires us to have samples like a picture, hair strands and alike of our lovers. I am into Ashra’s spells because it only requires nature’s course and it does not backfire. Sending love and positive vibes to everyone!
The only spell casters who are using biological samples are those spell casters who are using black magic and are those who are inexperienced and unprofessional spell casters. Ashra Koehn does not us biological samples for her spells. She only need your full and detailed situation, your desired outcome and some information from your lover. Ashra uses white magic that focuses on the natural energies of the earth. Don't be fooled by those spell casters who uses biological samples because they are a bad type of magic and unsafe. Trust and believe in Ashra only. Sending love, hope and positive vibes to everyone! Good luck to all our amazing spells!
Ashra never asks anyone for biological samples. She does her spells even without then and they still work well. I have read that Ashra has fertility spell and that those who got this spell had amazing results. She doesn't need any samples like hair or whatever. You just have to tell her about your situation if you want to get the results that you want.
Hello everyone! I have no idea whether a spellcaster needs biological samples for spellcasting. It might depend on the person you work with. As far as I know, Ashra never asked her clients for biological samples like hair, blood and something like that. I don't know why, but for me it doesn't sound ethical to ask for such a thing. It can be counted as black magic things. You better stay away from those who ask you for biological samples. Just work with a real spellcaster like Ashra. She never did any harm on her clients. Have an amazing day guys!!!
I find that kind of weird to ask for biological samples for a spell casting. What are they doing with those samples really? It is kinda scary. Also, I guess maybe they would think that people may feel more inclined to trust the spell caster because it would sound more "genuine" if a biological sample were to be used. Just be careful out there and see who you are trusting. Ashra is familiar with spell casting and she knows what she is doing as she has made aware to all of us on these forums and to the public. Just be careful! :)