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Do spells require biological samples to work?

Ashra's spells do not require any biological samples from us. The only things she needs in order to cast our spells are our names, our lover's name, both people's birthday days and a recent photo of us. And that's all. She knows exactly what to do with these information and the spells she casts are always so powerful. Many spell casters might ask for some strange things to cast your spell , but it's up to us to choose who to trust and work with.
Have a nice day everyone and take care.
Hey everyone!!!! I hope your all doing good and having an amazing day. The spells which Ashra offers never requires you to ever provide any sort of biological samples, requiring biological samples for the spell sounds very scary to me since they are black magic and will only cause harm and it won't bring a good ending and also never a lasting result, it will also backfire in a bad way. Ashra is safe, you can trust her, her spells never backfire and also she never wants you to have any kind of this biological samples, it is very weird, stay away from those people.
Ashra does not require any biological samples for her spell to work. Her spells are powerful as they are and she doesn't need any hair or any other things from our body. Her spells will work as long as you believe in them and have faith in them. Its going to work if you stay positive all the time. Ashra had many clients already but she never asked for any biological samples. I don't even think its necessary in casting a spell. Just tell Ashra about your situation and she will help and it will work as long as you are honest with what you asked for.
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Hello there to everyone of you guys here. How are you guys doing all so far? Well as far as I know, if the spell caster is real they don't need a biological sample to cast a spell. Those spell caster that ask for biological sample is not a legit spell caster. Ashra didn't ask for that kind of thing. Ashra's spell does not required biological sample because she is a real spell caster and only asking your situation every little detailed of your situation and suggest a spell that is better suit to your situation. Never give a biological sample
Hey, everyone! Good afternoon! How are you all doing today? Good, I hope.

Ashra has casted two spells on my behalf so far and she hasn't asked me for biological samples. All Ashra has ever required from me were names, birthdays and photos of me (but I had enclosed a photo of U to assist Ashra).

In any case, I would steer clear of any spellcaster who asks you for biological samples. They're likely frauds or practitioners of black magic (voodoo perhaps). Why would anyone use biological samples in spells anyway? It sounds cool in fantasy television shows or novels, but in reality it's frightening.

Please don't entertain such spellcasters. Stick with Ashra, because she's the genuine article and a white magic practitioner. You and your loved one are safe in her capable hands, because Ashra's been in the business for eighteen years already.

At any rate, have a wonderful day! Sending positive vibes your way!
Surely anyone who needs a biological sample from you for a spell is a dark person. I have never in my life come across somebody replied asking for your bloods and things like that. It just does not seem natural to me at all and to me that is work of somebody who is dark and practices dark magic. Why would you happily give fragments of yourself to somebody just for a spell. They could then use that for anything and could even curse you. Please don’t give any samples blood hair anything. Stick to light magic and your safe.
Spells do NOT require bio samples to work at any means. I mean you have to wonder if some one asks you for bio samples, even a spell caster, what are they doing with those samples really? It is just something that you need to have common sense on. Especially if you are going to be working with an online spell caster who you have never met in real life.
If someone tells you that they need a biological sample from you in order to cast a spell for you, run away. a biological sample could include blood, saliva, hair, or fingernail clippings. you should know that you are dealing with someone who is performing black magic or dark arts. possibly the occult. no legitimate white magic spell caster will ever ask you for such things.
Hi Everyone,
Hope you all are doing good.
I do not have aything belong to my lover as mine was distence relationship.
But I have heard that some of the spell casters want from their client some biological sample of the target.
Ashra do not want these kind of things from me and I believe she wont require these for spell casting.
Better not to involve with this biological stuff with anyone.
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Hello everyone! How are all of you doing? Ashra requires only names, birthdates and for some a picture of you and your lover, for her to cast the spell. Ashra does not requires any biological samples like blood, or anything from her members. Only trust Ashra because she really cares for her members and she knows what is best for us. For me, it is best to stay away from those spell casters who requires biological samples from you, because maybe they are inexperience. Good luck and take care everyone!
I wouldn't trust a spell caster that asks for biological samples because you don't really know what they're going to do with those samples. It's highly likely they're just a fraud trying to scam people. Honestly that would be creepy to me especially if it's someone I don't know. I haven't had a spell cast yet but I'm sure Ashra would never ask for biological samples because she doesn't need them. She is much more trustworthy than a spell caster who asks for biological samples. After all she is a genuine spell caster so you would be better off having her cast a spell for you.
Hello. Ashra's spells do not require you to use any biological sample. The most she has ever asked from me was a picture of myself, michael, our city/state, birthdays, and what we would like to see happen.

I personally would not trust any spell or spellcaster that asked for a DNA sample. I don't know what they are really going to do with that.
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Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing just okay today. I agree with Breanna Batten. Ashra never asked us anything but our personal information and pictures of both parties. Those who demand you to give them your biological samples might deal with black magic or Voodoo. I know my situation is very difficult, but I wouldn't trust anyone who ask me for such things. We need to be smart and careful when it comes to hiring someone to work on our cases. I know we all want to get fast results, but we should do a lot of research before taking a quick decision. Don't fall into co-n artists trap. Ashra is the only spellcaster I trust. She will never steer you wrong. Have a wonderful day folks!!!
Hello everyone! How are all of you doing? Ashra does not need biological samples for her to cast your spells. She only need the names, birthdates and your desired outcome from her spells. I had also read in a comment on the forums that Ashra also need a recent picture of you and your lover. I had just sent Ashra a recnt photo of me and my lover. Those spell caster who requires you to give them a sample are unprofessional and unpracticed spell casters, and you should tay away from them. Trust only Ashra :)
No, spells do not require biological samples in order to work effectively.

Ashra can work with a spell and work with your situation with just your name and date of birth and your lovers name and date of birth, full names that is. So that she knows she is working on the right person for you. To help with the accuracy you can send Ashra photos of yourself and your lover, or one of you both together. This is what I have done.

If you do not have photos then it does not matter, Ashra can still work with you. She will never ask for biological samples for a white magic spell.
When I searched for a love spell to return an ex-boyfriend, the first site I found recommended only two spellcasters who were supposedly legitimate and both these people claim biological samples were necessary. However after no response, I'm certain neither of these "professionals" are practicing anymore and may well have been frauds.

The interesting thing as many have pointed out in this thread is that Ashra casts white magic which does not require samples. One of the aforementioned witches I had tried to consult claimed to practice Egyptian white magic but required hair and nail samples. It does seem that those who ask for hair, nails, pieces of clothing, e.t.c. practice black magic or voodoo, which seem to carry potentially disastrous consequences.

And as at least one person has said, if biological samples were required for a spell to work, how is it so many of Ashra's clients, who don't use them, have been successful?
Hello everybody! Good Morning! No, Ashra’s spells does not require any biological samples for the spells to work. Yours and your lovers name and birthdates are what Ashra needs. Also, a recent picture of you and your lover will also be helpful. From what I had known, the only spell casters that needs a biological samples are those inexperienced and uses black magic spells. You should never trust those spell casters because know that it is black magic spells and cast by an inexperienced spell caster. Good luck to all of us with our own active spells! Take care and stay positive always!
Hi everyone! How are you all doing today? :)
If a spell caster asks you to give biological samples then they aren’t using white magic. They’re probably using either black magic or voodoo. Ashra doesn’t ask for biological samples to be able to cast our spells. She’ll only ask for your names and pictures of you and your lover. I wouldn’t really trust spell casters that ask for biological samples especially those spell casters aren’t that experienced. I would stick with Ashra and her spells since she doesn’t ask for things like that.
Hello everyone! Good Evening. Ashra’s spells does not need to have biological samples for the spells to be cast. Ashra uses white magic and she only need the names, birthdates and a recent picture of you and your lover can also help. Those spell casters that requires you biological samples might be that they are using black magic spells and those spell casters were inexperienced. Choose and trust Ashra and her spells only. They are much safer and 100% legit works! Good luck and take care everyone!
I have also heard that some of the other spells do requested samples and I don’t think that is a real spell caster and it is odd that they ask for it and it is not a good idea to send it to them because I can cause trouble. Ashra does not ask for any of those things the only thing that Ashra Ask for a Picture if you and your lover and that is a good idea because it can help her. But if they ask you for a sample do not give it to them you best bet is to stay with Ashra because she is a great spell caster and she only uses the good spells not the bad that will hurt people in a bad way.
Ho everyone, i hope everyone is doing great today.

with my experience with working with ashra, you certainly don't need biological samples for a spell cast to be successful.
I have been working with ashra for over one year now and ashra has never asked me for a biological sample to perform my desired spell cast choice.

In my personal opinion, i think for a spell caster to ask for such personal information is a danger.
I don't think it's right or necessary for anybody to give a complete stranger a part of you.

Biological samples are very personal and i wouldn't share them with just anybody.
I think alot of thought must be put into this before you make that choice.

I can't tell people what to do, but i would advise people not to hand this over to a spell caster.
Ashra is a real genuine spell caster and can perform your spell casts without biological samples.

Take care.
The answer is plain and simple, NO.

Spells do NOT require biological samples to work. Ashra has worked with thousands of people and she has received many success stories regarding her spells in which she never asks for biological samples for.

If a spellcaster is telling you that they need biological samples of any kind for your spell to be successful then do not trust them. Chances are they are using black magic which isn’t safe.
Hi Kristy, Unfortunately there are black magic practitioners who require biological samples for their spells to work. They are effective and frightening. I would avoid going to any spellcaster that asks for those samples.
Of course not :jawdrop: Any real "spellcaster" doesn't use those types of samples. It is really out of the proportion. Just imagine if you got in touch with one of those kinds of casters and they say in order for it work you would need to give them say a broken tooth so imagine they ask you to pull your tooth out for a sample :eek: or even more bizarre a hair strand. It really is scary because these people could be capable of doing much like animal testing. I'm glad Ashra never asks anyone for biological samples and does rituals instead. It is quite frightening I couldn't imagine giving away my personal belongings for something like that to happen.
Before finding Ashra i was doing alot of research on youtube. I was watching videos and taking notes. I noticed alot of people on youtube we were doing spells for others were asking for biological samples. That seems quite nerve racking to send part of you to someone that you don't know. A-lot of things can be done with biological samples but I figured it was normal because I kept seeing it. I never sent anything because of the pricing for them. I dont think i would have if it was affordable. Im happy to have found Ashra. She has been the ONLY one who truly care and I actually saw movement from.
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It is quite remarkable that they need all his extra stuff and Ashra can do it with a picture. True spell casters can easily complete casting without biological samples. Would it make the connection stronger-I don't know. Though if Ashra had to collect samples her service would cost more and it wouldn't be delivered as fast.
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