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I was glad I found out, Dr. Nana was a scam and didn't send any money. However, everyone should be forewarned that he hides under another alias as Dr. Khan. Both of his websites have terrible reviews about him.

Before I realized he was a fraud, I did provide him with my phone number and details about my situation. Luckily I was at work at the time he called, but this guy wouldn’t stop contacting me…. Eventually I did pick up and he said suggest a spell that would cost $500 USD. I told Dr. Nana at the time that I didn’t have that kind of money and he offered to reduce the price. However, I did decline and ended the conversation. I eventually forgot about him and came across Dr. Khan’s website effectivelovespellsthat.work . At the time, I didn’t know he was the same person. I filled out the contact page and I was eventually contacted by a guy referring to himself as Dr. Khan, but the voice on the other end sounded exactly like Dr. Nana. I questioned him about this and he denied any connection to this other person.

I felt really uncomfortable talking with Dr. Khan and ended the call. I did additional research and found out that he was the same person based out of Uganda.

I would avoid this person at all costs and use Ashra Koehn instead.
I am glad you post this as it was very helpful! I have never heard of Dr. Khan or effective love spells that work, but it already sounds like a scam. I am glad you did not send money to him and that you did not get scammed, otherwise it would have been really sad. Always trust Ashra Koehn, as she is the only spell caster who can produce successful and effective spells. She is the absolute best and she will be able to help you with any situation you may have.
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I have never heard of Dr. Khan before, but I am looking on his website right now and the website looks like one that fake spell casters have. I can’t believe that there’s so many people that are pretending to be spell casters just to get money. I really feel bad for anyone that has wasted their time and money with Dr. Khan/Dr. Nana. I’m glad I never found them. Hopefully more people will find out about Ashra and her spells. Ashra really seems like the only real spell caster out there and she is the only one that I will trust.
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Thank you for making us aware of this Dr. Khan. A lot of people mention to watch out for spellcasters who call themselves “Dr”. Some would say, if someone is suppose to be a “Dr”, why would they want to be a spellcaster? So please everyone be very cautious. Just give your trust to Ashra now. She knows the best for us. I’m glad you realized this person is not who they say they are.
Hey, hi, hello!! I've never heard of Dr. Khan before, but I have heard of Dr. Nana, so I guess, in a sense, it means I heard of Dr. Khan, :laugh:!!

Anyways, I would not proceed with Dr. Khan if he's actually Dr. Nana. The reason being is because this fake spellcaster stole Ashra's Passion Panacea spell and claiming it as his own. I can guarantee you, if he does cast it (highly unlikely, he's a scam artist), it's not going to work. But if by chance he did, the spell would backfire and make any problems worse; don't work with this person. He's based out of Uganda, I believe. Places like Uganda, Nigeria, Togo, etc are notorious for having fake spell casters who like to use Western Union as a form of payment. If a service is asking you to send money via Western Union or Money Gram, don't do it!!! You'll never get it back, and even the companies warn you not to pay for stuff like that. Big red flag!!

Bottom line, since Dr. Khan is actually that thief Dr. Nana, stay away from him. There are ways to find out how to avoid fake spell casters, and Ashra even has a thread on that here in the forum. Also, members here have made videos on YouTube and the exclusive area here on the forum that you can watch and learn how to spot them. I hope to access the exclusive spot soon; still working on it.

As always, work with Ashra Koehn. She's the only real legit spellcaster out there that I know, and she won't con you, like Dr. Khan. (Oh, wow!! Khan rhymes with con, :laugh:!!) :laugh:
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Any so called “spellcaster” from Nigeria are usually scammers especially if they want you to pay via Western Union or Moneygram.

I got scammed that way before by a Prophet Ajagbandi operating out of Nigeria. Dr. Khan/Dr. Nana would fall into the same category... a scam!

I believe Ashra Koehn is sincere & genuine despite her spells taking a little longer to bring me movement & results.
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Thank you. Dr. Khan (a.k.a Dr. Nana) did not have any payment options available on his website. He tried to get me to pay him using Bitcoins or Ethereum. No photos on his website and the payment methods are shady.
Usually anyone without PayPal or Secure Credit Card options available is a scam. Ashra uses Pay Pal and so far, she is one of few spell caster I know who uses that. Other spell casters tend to use Western Union or Moneygram. Also, I have noticed that other spell casters always have a whatsapp account, which is super sketchy. I would say just trust Ashra. There is not need to go to another spell caster when she is able to help you with your situation. Be careful of Dr. Khan and avoid using the website (effectivelovespellsthat.work)! I am glad this forum exists to share information because otherwise, some people can get scammed by these so-called Doctors(DR).
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I also encountered this DR. Nana before I found Ashra. He basically said in email that he could return my lover within 3 days. :hilarious: Yes, I know... its unrealistic.

He asked for $261 USD along with photos and dates of birth. Dr. Nana/Dr. Khan never even asked about the problem. Dr. Nana asked to be paid through Western Union/Moneygram.

I believe his name is Musasizi Beswa and he is from Uganda. This was the payment name he provided to me for Western Union.
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These Nigerian/Uganda spell casters just know how to trap people. I never contacted this Dr. Khan. God knows what the hell he wants claiming to return my lover in some hours...
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I was in contact with Dr. Nana before I found ashra he whatsapped me asking me for details on what I was wanting my date of birth and asking for pictures he did tell me we was meant to be together and he could do it for $500 I explained I couldn’t afford and he seemed to get a little nasty towards me asking was the money worth getting the life I wanted obviously it still is but I don’t have that kind of money I got accused of wasting his time. I believe in ashra everyone. She’s the only one that showed compassion and care in me. If I didn’t get a spell, she didn’t tell me to get lost. Ashra is now someone I see as a friend.

It does not surprise me that dr. Nana is hiding under the name of dr. Khan.
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@Raz82 - Yes, white magic spells are naturally gonna take a little longer than if you were to go the black magic way, but the results are long lasting, if not permanent. You will naturally have to wait, but they DO work. Would you rather wait for satisfying results, or go the black magic way, get fast results, but wind up having those results backfire on you? Or go with someone who is gonna completely scam you? Trust in Ashra; your spells are going to work. It's just like wine; you must wait for the grapes to ferment to perfection before having a taste of its product. If you don't wait and have a sip, it would be just awful.
You've got this. Just be patient and positive. Your lover will be returning really soon.
Ah, what a very familiar name. A few years back before I had met Ashra, I had decided to contact Dr. Nana because at the time I was feeling down and super desperate to have my ex back to me. I didn't think anything of it at first but then I slowly have begun to notice how within his emails he would become suddenly mean to me. I remember him saying, "if you don't pay me the money, you will become cursed." Honestly, I was frightened and then I quickly had unsubscribed him. Thankfully, when I had found Ashra I felt comfort and ease. I'm only sticking with her and nobody else. Stay away from Dr. Khan too. I have complete trust in Ashra.
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It's such a relief knowing I'm not alone in contacting this scam, Dr Nana aka dr Khan.

He takes advantage of people's vulnerability. He asked for me to send him $261US. And he wanted me to send the funds via Western Union. Dr. Nana wanted the funds sent to some ladies named Sabina Nakazi.

He said I will hear from the person I wanna be with in 3 days.

Then he calls me on Whatsapp demanding more money which is suppose to help charge the spell and make it stronger. He said he'd return the money once the spell is complete. I didn't have the money and broke down in tears. He then got upset with me and said I'm insulting him by crying and making him feel bad. I thought it over many times and didn't know what to do.

He'd keep calling and when I said I don't have the money, he said that he needed to consult the others to see if they can reduce the cost. He called again demanding less money this time saying he's doing me a favor.

When I didn't get back to him for a while, he said I had no respect for his time and that he's been spending several hours daily on my work. He was starting to get mean.

This is when I thought I'd do a search on his reviews if there was any. That's when I came across Ashra's Forum. Thank God I did. Otherwise I don't know what situation I'd be in right now.
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I always wonder why other spell casters use "Dr." in their name. I really don't trust spell caster with "Dr" in their name. I always have this feeling not to trust hem and I was right because they are just scammers. I have never heard on Dr. Khan and I just recently knew that Dr. Khan is also Dr. Nana. I was not able to contact them. I know they will do anything to get your money and not help you at all. Why don't they stop doing this, they keep on fooling people and they are gonna pay for it. Karma knows what they are are doing.

I am glad that Ashra is the only spell caster I went to. She really cares for her clients is no after the money. She really has a kind heart.
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I had the same experience with both Dr. Nana/Dr. Khan. I have filled up their contact form, in desperate need of assistance with my current situation. Immediately, Dr. Nana had emailed me and Dr. Khan started calling me. I was not able to answer his call the first time as it was in wee hours of the morning but he started sending me whatsapp and calling me as well. My next action was to google his phone number to see if he is a scammer. I have seen that his phone number is registered under different names and websites... I screen shot it and sent it to him afterwards, asking why his phone number appears under different names... he then started calling me again and saying that he needs to explain this to me. I did not bother replying as I know that he is a scammer now.
Always try to make sure you check up on a person to know if they're real or not. Before trusting Ashra I searched her on plenty of different sites and read all the reviews. There are many Dr. From Uganda that claim to be real. Most of them are the same person. Also a good pointer Is to check the website history. Many sites are reused from failed sites. If a spell caster cannot offer you someone else to speak to about them also ,they may also be fake.
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I also got scammed by a Nigerian going by Dr Marvin. He quoted me, asked for funds via WU or MG, then said there was a black magic spell cast on my lover and needed $650 to remove it. Ha, no way! I turned to Ashra for help. She’s legit all the way through!