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Dr. Nana - lovespell.tips

Chrissy Golez

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I think I was scammed by Dr. Nana and I'm beginning to believe his reviews are fake.

I found Dr. Nana through a review on one of his youtube videos. He has been helping me to bring back my husband. However, I'm starting to believe that I was scammed by him. I purchased the Passion Panacea from lovespell.tips back in May and I haven't seen any results. This prompted me to do research on the spell he cast which lead me to this forum where several people have said that Passion Panacea is only offered through Ashra.

He also insisted that I pay him through bitcoin instead of Paypal or credit card which I foolishly did and now regret. I tried contacting Dr. Nana through email (info@lovespell.tips) and told him that I believe he stole Passion Panacea from Ashra. He flatly denied it and started to threaten me. He refused to continue working with me and blocked me from being able to contact him.

Has anyone else had any experience using Dr. Nana's spells? I'm feeling completely lost right now.
Yes, Dr. Nana is a scam. I looked on his website and also looked up reviews and someone else went through what you did. I did see that he stole Passion Panacea from Ashra and made his own versions of it. I see a lot of videos on his website, but honestly are they even real? The review that I read said that they paid $380 through Paypal to Dr. Nana and he promised the client a one time fee, but kept asking for money later on. I didn't know that he didn't accept payment through PayPal in your situation, Chrissy. It said that if you do not have money to pay him then he quickly disappears. What he does to trick people is he is kind and patient when a lot of Spell casters are very demanding and impatient with you. The website looks unprofessional and it's hard to navigate on my end. I would cut your losses with Dr. Nana and work with Ashra instead. I'm truly sorry that you were scammed, but I think fate brought you here. Thank you for warning us about Dr. Nana. I didn't know about him stealing the Passion Panacea name until today.
I had bad experience with Dr Nana as well. He is an African witch doctor and he actually rung me up not long after I sent an application or something to him. He said that he can bring my lover back and he said it will be forever, he wanted $400 for a love spell and then he wanted extra money for like a necklace or something to keep the spell strong which is something I never went through with. He never answered my emails and only replied when I talked about money and not my situation. Don't believe any fake reviews he created about himself. He is nothing but a scam and there is nothing real about him at all.
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Any spell caster who is willing to steal material from another spell caster is not someone I would trust. He asked for bitcoins? One would have to wonder if he is a registered business or operating illegally. If Dr Nana is a real spell caster, when he has a lot of explaining to do for why he is stealing content from his competitor.

I don't trust his reviews because a lot of fake spell casters hire people off of Fiverr to create testimonial videos for them. They look more like actors then real clients.

Another obvious fact is that Dr Nana doesn't provide any photos of himself. What is he trying to hide?

I personally think Dr Nana is copying more then just Ashra spells, he also created a forum which hasn't seen any activity since last year.

@Chrissy Golez, Passion Panacea was a spell created by Ashra and she is the only one who casts this type of love spell.
Wow guys... these people sound scary:laugh:. It's so sad that they stoop so low to steal Ashra's spells to make a living. They are filled with so much negativity. I guess Dr Nana's spells didn't work for you because they are not real. I personally have never been to lovespell.tips, but reading reviews about him stealing Ashra's stuff is enough to steer me away from his services.
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@RubyXRed, do you still have any emails that were sent to you from Dr Nana? What about the phone number he used to contact you? I had no clue he was from Africa. Did he sound like he was from that country? I find that a lot of the scammers pretending to be spell casters are usually from Africa or Nigeria. This would explain why he kept asking you for more money and why he accepts bitcoins.

Also, I was just on Youtube and noticed that the same person hosting the videos about Dr. Nana is also advertising Dr. Jamil Zen of powerfullovebinding.co.za, myeffectivelovespells.com by Dr Zain and DR. Muusa of lovespellsthat.work . All of these websites appear to belong to the same group of individuals.

I found a couple sites hosted by them called Spiritualpsychicandhealer.com (Dr. Gutta Dana) and loveandspells.co.za (Mama Janat). These two websites were closed down by them likely after they bilked a lot people of their money.

Notice a theme... They all call themselves doctors (Dr) and they all have websites with a lot of similarities.

I'm no investigator, but it doesn't take a genius to believe that several Africans are behind this scam.
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After watching the thread I have just opened the page of Dr. NANA. Wow, the specifications are nice and he offers so much spells. But I dont think its free of cost so there is no point that I am going to contact him. He demands that his spells are better and different than other spell caster. But the thing that catches my eyes, which is he can make your partner marry you within 3 to 6 months. And in all the law of attraction and manifestation threads I have read in google I didnt found it anywhere that this type of thing is possible. I don't think he is a genuine one.
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That's really interesting, Andria. Thank you for sharing that. When I saw videos on Dr Nana's website, I got a vibe thinking he put these people up to it. Maybe he gave them the money that buyers were giving him. You are right about Nigerians. There are so many scammers that are in Nigeria. I've emailed quite a few of them and when they all called me, they were from Nigeria. I don't trust any spell caster from Nigeria now. Oh yeh, the whole Dr thing is a scam. Whenever a spell caster gives themselves the title of Dr, they are a scam. It's interesting that these websites have similarities like you said. They must all be supporting each other and scamming a lot of people to make profit for themselves without actually casting any kind of ritual. Definitely stay away from these websites and Dr Nana.
I am not sure if I had ever come across this specific website, but as Andria mentioned I have been to quite a few similar ones to it that use dr in their title. I think they might all be run by the same person under different names. I actually did try emailing one of them a couple years ago, and he tried to get me to send him an insane about of money through MoneyGram. After that, I just stopped replying to his emails, and he actually started sending me THREATENING emails after that! He said things like "My oracle is very angry at you for ignoring me. I had to kill a goat to appease it. You better beg for your life." and then a few days after that, I got another email saying "If you do not send me the money, you will die in 2 days." I think it is so low when they use threats and scare tactics like that. I knew he was just trying to scare me and I didn't fall for it, but still. I am really glad I found Ashra. She would never be mean like that!
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I was scammed by a Prophet Ajagbandi based in Nigeria. That alone should have raised a red flag but I was emotionally vulnerable at the time and didn't know much about spells. Its a pity I didn't come across Ashra before him.
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I have never heard of this one Dr. Nana. I only contacted a few spell casters before I found Ashra. I would have remembered this name. Angelica sanders is the one I encountered and sends long long emails and asks for money.

I wish I had more to say about Nana but I feel people should read the reviews posted above left by others.
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Thank you guys for sharing your experiences with Dr Nana or your knowledge about him. I literally just found out about him today and felt the need to warn everyone about him and how is stealing Ashra's work and claiming it as his own. I'm sorry to you guys who have scammed by him and lost your money. I feel for all of you and I wish I could get that money back to you. As others have said, many spell casters who call themselves a Dr is a scam. Being a Dr requires years of education and based off of some of the emails that I have gotten from these "Drs", their emails were full of bad grammar and spelling. Doubt they have much education at all. Since he is from Africa, he is most likely a Nigerian and they have been infamous for scamming people. Working with Dr Nana isn't worth it! Stay away from him.
I dealt with dr nana a long time ago and he called my phone he wanted $500 in order to have my lover returned to me I said no way in hell was I going to pay that. When I heard his voice, I knew he was not in the United States as bad as that may sound, but so many scams come from areas that are not part of the United States. It's truly sad how people can do that to others giving them false hope and scamming money.
Also, what kind of payment does Dr Nana accept? Is it through something safe like PayPal or does he demand a kind of payment that's a scam and dangerous like Money Gram or Western Union? If you guys have lost your money to him, I'm so sorry and I wish I could give it all back to you. I still resent Dr Nana for stealing Ashra's work. That's just plain low and I hope he loses support big time because of the truth behind it. Eventually, Nana will be stopped and no longer supported. For now, just ignore him and pretend he does not exist.
I have been looking for a while some one to help me with my problem. I did see Dr. Nana website but I felt uneasy with him. Did not see anything good. But I did find angelica sanders and I felt ok with her. Boy was I wrong 3 month and almost $300 later I'm still waiting for result. She does contact me and ask for additional fee for faster result. I ask for my money back but I got nothing but "the coven are working hard with her to bring him back. " or "this will work she got this" email. Thanks for Ashra I felt comfortable and at ease with her.
Hiya Deadly~
In my experience with one of his knock-off websites, they demanded payment through MoneyGram. I am not sure if it was the same person but it was very similar, so I wouldn't be surprised if he did the same. I thankfully did not fall for it so I did not lose money to him. But yes, it is very low of him to steal Ashra's work. He definitely does deserve to lose support because of it. But you are right, that will happen eventually, so we should continue to just ignore him and not acknowledge his existence.
I have been to Dr Nana as well. He wrote on google that he works for free so I contacted him and later I got to know that he charge money as mentioned within the email he sent back to me. He said that my situation is really bad and directed me to a page on lovespells.tips with instructions on how to send him money. So I didn't bother to waste my time as I read reviews that people send money but didn't get any of there love back. Thank god I heard about Ashra and joined her. Truly I am grateful for her help her.
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I went to visit someone like this named dr. Shastri few months ago. She is a very reputed person here. Even celebraties too go too her here in bengal. But what she said that, 1st I will never be with my girl because she is not in my destiny. I mailed that can she help me to get her back because I really love her... she didnt reply at all.

The 2nd said, I will never have a good job or will have any kind of business and will never success in life. I think she was trying to scare me. When people like this will tell you only negative thing about something you need to understand that they are trying to catch money from you.

Dr and spells just don't go together. If someone is calling themselves a Dr in spell caster, I see this as a red flag.
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I had emailed this Dr. Nana once asking for help with my situation and he said he could fix my problems in 3 days. That was my red flag. I knew it would take more than 3 days to fix my problems. However 3 days is plenty of time to scam me out of my precious income and fix all of 'his' problems. Luckily i walked away from that and found Ashra instead.
There are lots of fake spell casters around the world who assured that they will do the work and results can be seen within 48-72 hours which is completely lie. Spell takes time to manifest and no one can assured a result with a certain period. Ashra doesn't give any false hope. I been working with Ashra more than 5 month and she is still in touch and she is trying to help and she didn't gave me any false hope. I would advise everyone to stick with Ashra only and believe her. Don't trust Dr. Nana or her sister sites which are likely run by the same group on people. They all call themselves a Dr of spell casting.
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Hey Andria,
I do not have any of the contact details for Dr Nana but I know he did say that he was from Africa which back then I did not see a problem with. I did think he got back to me quite quickly which was fishy and he did want a lot of money for a love spell and of course I did not have the money for that. I am so pleased I realized what he was and I am so pleased I came across Ashra because she is the real deal.
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Unfortunately it's obvious from his website lovespells.tips! :( I thank God for bringing me to Ashra! For once I was lucky in my life! I have been cheated with losing a lot of money with two other spell casters.:(
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Dr Nana is fake. All of his reviews are fake. I contacted and got a reply that things will be free. Than later on he showed up wanting to charge me a lot of money. I had to quit that and come out of it. There are many fake ones.... another one goes by the name of Mary. She sends same message to all about past present and future.

Guys be careful from these fake peoples.
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I emailed Dr. Nana before because Ms. Ashra is not responding because maybe she was too busy at the time. I tried lots of spell casters who said that are doctors and professionals. Dr. Nana said that she can help me out, but he charge me for more than $240 dollars and I think to her work service too worth of $150 dollars. I begged to him to help me and do it for free but he said to let me just pay 180 dollars to cover up and I will pay later on. I begged to him again to do it for free because I can't afford it. He said no and kept on asking me to send money and what is just that I can afford. I didn't reply to him later on.
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This man stole Ashra's Spell and we can clearly see that. There are lots of scammers around the whole world. We don't know them by the time we don't get scammed by them. They always take an advantage of people who's are in need of difficulties.
Dr Nana is fake there is nothing real about this person and it is a shame that there are people on the internet pretending to be something they are not because it disheartens people a lot. He wanted a lot of money off of me for a love spell and also for certain jewelry for the spell or something which again was too much money. Also he asks for money via money gram which is another red flag for me.
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Hello Everybody
I have send him an email. And he email me back saying he will cast a love spell on my lover in 3 days, and then he told me it cost money like $400. I ask him why does it cost money, he said the alter cost a lot, so I stopped. I don't give out money, and I knew right away he was a scam. I stop email him. There are a lot og scammers out there we have to be careful, they will ask for money. Don't do it.
Ashra is the one and the best Spell caster. I believe her, and she is not like those people out there.
Sending Positive Vibes, and be careful
Dr. Nana is very fake I found him online and emailed him about my situation. It took him days to respond and when he finally responded he sounded like he was a computer. He sounded like he was just going through an automated questions. Then he told me the price and I knew right there that he was fake because it was way overpriced. I asked him if he can do it for a lot less because I know most people if they care they will. But he stopped answering me do you like my missing and I never heard from him again. Also another thing he told me he can bring him back within 3 to 5 days which I know it does not take that short period it takes longer than that.
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Hello Chrissy! I am so sorry that you have been scammed by Dr Nana. As far as I know all people go by "Dr" before their names are completely fake. I didn't have any experience with him, but I got fooled by someone from Africa too, I kind of forgot what his name was, but he went by "Dr" too. Yeah only Ashra offered Passion Panacea, I am glad that you found the community before he got cheated out of your money further. You should contact Ashra Koehn right away, I am sure she will be able to bring your husband back. Have a good luck!!!
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Good evening everyone and I would like to share my personal experience that I had with Dr. Nana. First of all, he is not what he claims to be because when he first meets you, you can feel something wrong and I did but I continued to go and see where it takes me. His spells are for a ridiculously priced and they were way out of my range. My gut feeling was telling me right then and there that I should have lied and said I found someone else to work with but I can't lie. So then I had to face up and lie to him just for the sake of finding someone who can help me for real. I had told him I had paid and right off the bat he wanted to see everything of mine and what I paid with the receipt. I have never replied back ever again. Which is a blessing because I could not deal with the whole spell gong wrong and I am trying to get my ex back and not lose him even more but the other thing to look for if the comments are real and that they are fake. But I hope that you all have a great night tonight and please do not forget to smile each and every single day! Spreading positivity and sending positivity! If your not smiling then your doing it wrong!
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I too went through Dr. Nana he asked me to send a lot of money to buy the items he need to cast the spell but I didn't send him money because I can't afford that much. I asked him to help me even though I can't afford it he said without items he can't do the spell. He ask me to pay it part by part even that was hard on me, but I felt what if it didn't work or if he just disappear. I'm so Happy that I found Ashra because her prices are very reasonable and she was able to offer help.
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I went to Dr. Nana, I really do not care for his site. The reviews weren't good and I had a few people tell me not to trust this site. I tried to contact Dr. Nana and he never responded to me. I decided to contact Ashra and she replied instantly to be honest Ashra Kohen is the only spell caster I would trust. I feel like other spell casters are out to lie to you and steal your money. Ashra is very nice, and she truly cares about helping people change their lives. She made me feel comfortable and she truly makes me believe I can get my ex back.

Dr. Nana is a fake. I have tried this sites spells none of them worked. I have lost so much money and wasted so much time on fake spell casters its not funny. I tried Dr Nana, before I found Ashra and right from the start I didn't feel comfortable but I was desperate so I went with it. I soon realized that none of my spells are working so my friend told me about Ashra, I actually saw one of Ashra's spells work for my friend so I new I had to try Ashra. I have been super impressed with Ashra.
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Hy All,
I too have been through Dr. Nana. I emailed him saying my situation on that same day I got an e-mail saying that he can help me to bring my lover back within 48 hours and he has written that he want take money. So I thought he will help me and 48 hours that's a big wow. But then the second email he has wrote to me that he need money..I was like what you said that you don't want money and Now..o_O even before that I didn't felt any positivity towards him like he sounds like so scary to me, my mind was filled with thoughts what if something bad happen to my lover after he casted it. Even though i asked him for free spell I'm glad that he didn't offer it. I'm way more comfortable with Ashra and her spells. I now have faith that we are going to be back together :inlove:
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A lot of people have told me he was a fraud and that he doesn't work. I believed them luckily! Reading all these reviews just makes me happy to know that I have dodged so many bullets with these spell casters; especially Dr. Nana and his website lovespell.tips. I was close to buying a Passion Panacea spell from one of them who weren't Ashra. I had no idea Ashra was the only spell caster who did Passion Panacea. Now I do andI'm glad I stuck with Ashra. I wish you all the best of luck , sending positive vibes all around! Much much love, Ari :inlove:.
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I came across Dr Nana and I feel so silly that I trusted him. I used to email him and the only time he replied was when I mentioned money so I knew then something was not quite right. There are hardly any reviews on him so that is a huge red flag for me also. He wanted money through moneygram which is a dodgy way to send money I did send him some but not too much. Then he asked me for more money for a piece of material I need to buy for the spell certainly out to scam people.
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Hey guys I also fall for that trap and contacted Dr Nana and I got that I have obstacles in my way and it needs to be remove and he ask me money. I mailed him and said that its written free service and I was told material will be brought to use and to send him money and way he use to mention money a lot I felt its a trap and I just stop replying him and didn't bother to reply his email after that. I'm glad that I quit on him cause on way I found Ashra and I'm getting success with her spells. I'm fully positive and I know her spells are number one and she is truly a best spell caster I have ever come across.
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I came across his site but I was skeptical so I moved on and I'm glad I did. So many scammers are out there taking advantage of people who are heartbroken and desperate and that's terrible. I'm glad I found Ashra when I did before I could fall victim to anymore fakes. I'm glad that Ashra can help us repair the damage caused by these fakes.
I never tried Dr. Nana before, but personally, I believe that anyone who uses the title of "Dr." In spell casting is a fraud. A lot of Voodoo priests tend to use it, but being from Louisiana, I can say that their practice is very real, but it is also very dangerous, and you are dealing with some serious stuff when immersing yourself in that kind of art. If you want genuine spells that work and not harm you or anyone else, look no further than Ashra. I wish everyone who is potentially falling into a fake spellcasters' trap would get this huge gut feeling to back out and be drawn to this forum and Ashra's websites.
I regret coming across Dr Nana he was so fake and I just do not know how people can do this to earn money it is so sad. He was asking me for loads of money for the love spell and also jewellry for me as he said I would need to purchase this which did not make much sense at all. I stopped talking to him once I realized the pattern, he only spoke to me when money was mentioned and nothing about the spell itself. I am so pleased I found Ashra when I did, I trust her with my life and I know she will bring my lover back.
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I did contact Dr Nana and I was told that I need to send money as my situation is very bad I told him I don't have cash and after that I never got any mail from him. I'm happy that I didn't fall in his trap and found Ashra. She is truly the best spellcaster I have ever come across and best thing is her spells does work and you wil get to see the results we need to be patient and have positive in us to see how fast our spells works.from time I found ashra I never contacted any other spellcasters and ithe ones I had I have unsubscribe them now I'm only with Ashra.
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