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Dr. Nana - lovespell.tips

Well I saw one of the videos on youtube about Dr Nana and it looked so fake. It was like an actor. Ashra's reviews are from real people who have used her and the videos are usually from mobile not and not in high quality. This video looked like it was taken from a professional. Same as the one Ashra does for herself. But that is different occasion. I haven't seen in any of Ashra's videos in the end the contact details of Ashra. I am so happy I didn't get the chance to email him. I really don't remember how I came across Ashra. I was so desperate and depressed at that point that I can't remember. But it was my guardian angel who brought me into her hands! Can't find any other reason. I was always scammed by psychics. When people are part of a platform please don't trust them! Kasamba has only fake people there. I tried many of them! None was right!
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My dear people please please stay away from Dr Nana and his website lovespell.tips. He is fake he changed me 1200 USD. Was in contact with him. Where we spoke on video calls. He is a liar and he is fake. He took my money and there was no result.
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I came across him online also and read some reviews and I'm so glad I found this because I was considering contacting Dr Nana for help. All of these reviews that I have found especially here had been so helpful because it sounded like it really is a scam. He's just trying to take your money and that is so unfair with people in this emotional situation looking for the kind of help that most people are seeking when they're looking for a spell caster. It is so unfair to take advantage of these people if someone really does have a gift in casting they should be using that gift to help people not to be greedy with it that's not how the universe wants things to be done.
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So, I have an update on Dr. NANA! I received this email from a "representative" of Dr. Nana saying the following:

Ashra Koehn, I am a representative of Dr. Nana. You have run negative reviews that are not true on him on your site and I request that you take that review down immediately. It does not represent the truth. Negative advertising is not the way to go.

I feel as a spells caster, you have no place writing wrong and negative reviews on another competitor.
You must take that down or I will follow it with action.

Dr. Nana, I know you are reading this forum. If you don't want people writing bad reviews about your services, then stop making them feel scammed.

Secondly, you stole the name Passion Panacea and claim to be able to cast this spell for your clients... doesn't that sound scammish? The reviews posted are from YOUR concerned clients and people who are entitled to give their point of view. It appears whoever wrote the initial post about you was confused why you would be selling a service that only I offer. I don't believe this topic about your company would have even exist if you did not steal my product and cause confusion among the public.

Here is the IP address of where Dr. Nana's email was sent from:

IP Address:
Country Code: UG (UGA)
Region: Kampala
City: Kampala
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Hey guys.
I have heard of this guy once. What is happening with this? I do know that I saw that he has a Passion panacea love spell as well I'm not sure if it was stolen or what. But I think that's it always a scam if they ask for money right off. Or tell us to send it thru money gram. I think it is a bad idea to try to get bad vibes about someone else. Its just not right. I know that Ashra handles this so he won't do this is her because she is a good person.
oh yes once you see UGANDA, NIGERIA any country with African locations you can bet that is a SCAM these countries are known to scam. They do all types of scams. So buyer be ware!!! its sad but you have to be aware!!!
Wow!!! It amazes me how many people are out there trying to steal your work!! Then they have the audacity to email you concerning you badgering them.... :laugh:... This is a true site Dr. Nana!!! Ashra doesn’t need to write her own reviews nor does she have to write bad reviews about you. The people you have been scamming caught onto your little game and now WE all know you are a fake!
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Wow. They actually decided to come at you for exposing them for the frauds that they are? Besides, they stole from you; Passion Panacea is YOUR specialty. I wouldn't even so much as worry about this because they aren't gonna do anything to take action, less they be exposed for the scammers that they are.
Amazing update on the situation! The fact that his "representative" is getting so defensive means you all are exposing the truth. Keep up the amazing work. It really is important to expose these scams so others don't fall victim and lose money, time, and faith in spells. Thank you Ashra for providing us a community like this so we can connect and share with each other both positive results and warns about scam artists.
Love and light
Thanks Ashra for your post. I was never bothered or tempted with people like Dr Nana or anyone else after I found you. I will always swim with you. My one and only advise is that once customers have found you, they should NEVER bother with anyone else esp after 17 years of successful spell casting.
So I just texted Alexandria asking her who would I send the money to when I'm ready to pay. She gave me a different name from hers!!! Myah Nicholas !!? Wow , if she's the one who is going to be doing my work why am I sending money to another person shouldn't my info be private and confidential?? I'm so thankful that Ashra replied back to me today!! I would have been out of 250$. I don't understand how someone could lead you on to trust them knowing you are in need of genuine help .
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Nigeria is located in Africa, Africa is the content, not the country, just to inform everyone in case no one knew of this.. :)

Anyway, Dr. Nana sounds familiar. Back in 2014, i was trying to bring an ex lover of mine back in 2014. I was in love with this man from Texas who i met online and i was trying so hard to get that love back that i had in middle school.

One of the spell casters who i came across too was Dr. Nana, he wanted me to send a picture of me & my ex, so i did & i told him the situation as well. He said he could help me, i was younger than i am now, but I’m glad i didn’t actually give him any of my money.

Plus, i didn’t have any money at the time anyway. If i did had money it was from my parents..
Glad that I came across this thread. Read all the posts made by everyone on the two pages. I have also visited so called "Dr" Nana's website a few times and even I at first got the feeling of going with him but later on my gut feeling told me not to. He is nothing but a scamster I realised then and am confirmed now after reading the comments of people here who have interacted with him. Even when I emailed him he was charging a ridiculous huge amount of 300-400$. I decided to abort then itself. After few days of casting the spell fake people like these would again charge extra money to "clear the negative vibes" that may "hamper the spell", sell certain ingredients like lotion, necklace,etc and eventually bankrupt you. Thank goodness I trusted my instinct then itself and went with it. Also Ashra, just do not pay any attention to these people and ignore those emails. They want nothing but more attention.
Yeah passion panacea is only offered by Ashra as far as i know. I so in internet months ago that someone had stole the name passion panacea . Probably by then i did not know Ashra. May be Dr.Nana stole the name. Also i saw many people posting positive testimonies about Dr.Nana. May be that's how people get caught to these fake spell casters. Also no matter what now you found Ashra. She can solve any of your problems. Also i once saw in the internet that sometimes spell casters frighten you by telling that they will cast mad spells on you. Don't get trapped and they will ask money from you again. Just block them:):thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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I looked up the named Dr. Nana while I was researching for spell casters because I was being too impatient. At first, his reviews seemed like it was good and real, and I was tempted to email him. Thankfully, Ashra responded to my emails during that time and it stopped me from going any futher with contacting Dr. Nana. I never knew he stole Passion Panacea till I read on the forums. Now I think about it, if a spell caster stole and used another spell caster’s spell without their permission, that’s somewhat against the law, right? Anyway, I wouldn’t even bother using or contacting Dr. Nana and I’m glad I didn’t allow myself to go any futher..plus, his website was hard to read for me.
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Wow everyone, people threatening safety of others and blocking you after scamming you out of your money and not only that but your happiness sounds like scary stuff :( i hope all is well. Me, personally never heard of Dr. Nana. Sometimes these people sound so suspicious but sometimes there no way of really knowing.
Dr. Nana is truly a scammer. I have heard of him but luckily I did not get any spells from him! I have been told he has scammed many people or blackmailed people into getting others to go with him. He is just wanting the money he doesn't actually do anything to help. Ashra is the only one we can trust. Only trust her guys because she is amazing and knows what she is doing.
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I am glad I found this forum before I contacted any spellcasters. There are many frauds and fakes that use threats. I personally will only ever use Ashra's services. beware of people who promise instant results, most relationship problems take time to fix and resolve in a way that feels natural.
I have heared of Dr. Nana before while I was looking for spellcasters and his name popped up too but I have this feelinf that he is not real. So before anything else, I searched for reviews about his spellcasting and I saw that he is really a scam. I am glad that I searched about him first before contacting him. I did read something abiut him that he also cast passion panacea and it cost $300+ and it cost pretty much. I guess he must have stolen Ashra's spells and sell it to a much higher price to rip off people. Do not trust Dr. Nana, he will only get your money.
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I also came across this doctor nana. I was browsing around for a love spell, he was one of the many websites I came across he acted all nice trying “help” me but he was just a greedy anonymous dude just doing it for a quick buck. It’s honestly very very sad that people like these exist. Trying to profit of someone’s crisis and not helping them out, is a horrible thing to do.
I came across Dr. Nana I think he was the very first “spellcaster” that I came to for help. I asked Dr. Nana in email if he could help me get back my crush/lover. He said I needed money and my loves date of birth. I remember finding this man because, some girl wrote down on youtube that he helped her get her lover back oomph. Dr Nana and all the other spell casters are frauds. I will not pay the attention of anyone else except for Ashra and it HAS to be her or else. She is the only one that can be trusted.
I believe that Dr. Nana was the first spell caster I come across, I looked on Google and I filled in a form then not long after he rung me. I thought this was quite strange too because I could not see why he did not just email me back.He said he is a witch doctor from Africa and the love spell I want will last forever but it was very expensive. Also he was talking about purchasing jewelry on top of that which would of cost a bomb too.The only time he ever spoke to me was when money was mentioned which again was fishy and something just didnt feel right.
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Dr. Nana was yet another caster that failed to bring me hope, faith or my lover. He contacted me via Whatsapp and told me he needed to sacrifice a goat and then a cow and then a bull he needed to be able to get the demon in his soul out of him??? The bull he said was 1,000 USD... When I couldn't afford to keep going he kept on contacting me and threatening me. Telling me If I don't finish the spellwork then I would under a curse my entire life. When I became seeing the Red Flags, the threats, the amount of money he was asking, the constant bullying...it was too late he had 500$ and hit the road. He sent me this video that looked photoshopped and fake, it was a dead goat on the floor with swirls on it. As soon as I said it looked ingenuine, he got frantic and lost it. I hope no one comes across this website, PLEASE, refrain from contacting this person. NOT AUTHENTIC.
Dr. Nana tried to scam me out of my money asked me to send him $125. https://lovespell.tips/free-spell-casters-that-work-fast/
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