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Extreme Spells - www.extremespells.com - Samuel Taylor - www.extremelovespells.com


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Has anyone had any experiences with this spell caster? I found his website, Extreme Spells, about a month ago and tried to purchase a basic custom spell (this was before I discovered Ashra’s website). Although, I received emails from Sam Taylor confirming the order, where to send the order, and the exact time the spell would be cast, he didn’t take much care about my situation as he didn’t ask for a lot of details or photos and didn’t provide a report of his findings during the cast. He actually gave me a list of stuff I had to do afterwards, like... light a red candle, write my lover’s name in red ink on white paper, place the candle on it for 10 minutes, place 3 rose petals and some of my hair on the paper, wrap it up and stick under my mattress for X amount of days... some of it said to burn it depending on the situation—I mean, I didn’t go through with it because it wasn’t required and I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into.

For a while afterwards, Sam Taylor continued to send emails mainly offering promos for double-casting and other things, but I wasn’t impressed with his attentiveness to my needs to say it’s enough to keep doing business with him. Besides, I’m not feeling the effects of the spell, so I’m beginning to think he’s a fake.
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Sam Taylor from Extreme Spells is definitely fake. I tried him about a year ago. I order a love spell, and I received a email confirming my purchase. He email me back saying the spell was cast and things I need to do like you stated about. Burn candles and etc. I immediately did my research and found out he was fake. I emailed him stating that I would like a refund because I heard he was scammed. He threatened me saying bad things will happen to me and he will get the evil forces to get me. I was terrified. Because I actually thought he cursed my life. He’s not real.
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Hi there. I have actually heard of extreme love spells, however, nothing about it sat right with me. For starters, they mention that they are celebrating their 7th year online, but if you look closely, their website was created in 2016. That's only about 1 1/2 to 2 years. That seems suspicious.

Another thing is that Sam Taylor works with what he calls "A circle." How do we know that this is true if they do not have pictures of themselves posted? There is a picture of a man appearing to be casting a spell on the homepage, but I doubt it's Sam.

They have a list of their spells and services at the bottom, but they don't appear to be very descriptive about what they can do. They also have the casting strengths listed as basic, extreme, and ultimate. Each one has a higher price than the last.

A red flag I noticed again, as I do with a ton of fakers, is the 100% money back guarantee. Please be aware, if they say this, it's usually a scam. They also claim to have a 93% success rate. Okay, so, what?? Have they had to recast to get that percentage, or is it something they just made up? I take option 2.

I would not use Sam Taylor and the Extreme Circle. Whether it's more than one person behind this, or only one person, I don't believe that this site is legit. Proceed with caution, find the flaws, and act wisely.....which would be NOT to go further.
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