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Extreme Voodoo Spells - High Priest Jean Emmanuel - www.extremevoodoospells.com


I have been scammed by so many spell casters that it has left me in financial ruin. The last spell caster I used was Extreme Voodoo Spells. The guy claims to be a High Priest who goes by the name of Jean Emmanuel. I couldn’t find any reviews on www.extremevoodoospells.com so I decided to ask if anyone has had any experience using his Voodoo spells.

I am so lost in life and all I ever wanted in life was love and of course being so desperate I allowed people like Jean Emmanuel to advantage of me.

Is it just me, or am I right about High Priest Jean Emmanuel being a scam. I’ve tried several times to get ahold of him, but continue to be ignored.

Is Jean Emmanuel a real spell caster? If not, is there someone else I should be using instead?

My life has just been truly awful this year. I finally find a guy I want to be with forever and he just either doesn’t feel the same or is too afraid to take a chance on a girl like me. He has a kid and has been hurt from a past relationship, but I still love him and continue to fall for him each day. Can anyone here help point me in the right direction?
@DanaRay, Jean Emmanuel is nothing more than a fictional character created by a scammer. Extreme Voodoo Spells, like so many other scammers, use stock images to create their false reality. Look what I found on iStockPhotos (Stock photo ID:108177468)! The same man, with his eyes photoshopped with some sort of glaze effect to make him seem more magical.



You gotta love the story too:) :hilarious: He came from a long line of Voodoo practitioners? YEA RIGHT!:laugh: Dana, you were definitely scammed by whoever the person is behind this High Priest Jean Emmanuel character. I did a little more digging around... did you know that www.extremevoodoospells.com has been around since 2011? I'm shocked no one exposed him sooner.

As far as I am concerned, Ashra Koehn is the only real spell caster. You should contact her and see if she can help you with your situation.
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Jean Emmanuel is a familiar name if i'm not mistaken I tried them a while back too and to my surprise, nothing about them at all helped. You can say my try for them was a little experiment to see if their spells worked. Because there was a 'Request' section? and I did something for both Beauty, and Rekindling, I remember seeing reviews though I do not know where they are from. I noticed they all had stated it was a scam and that is along the lines of where I heard about Ashra Koehn who I can assure you is a very real and Genuine person who cares about everyone here.

If I got the wrong person mixed up with someone else, I do apologize but yeah, all I can say is now you're in good hands and we'll all support you.
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I have never heard of Jean Emmanuel so I can't really say if he is a scam or not but then I only trust Ashra to cast spells for me. I do find it suspicious there's no reviews of him on his website though. If I were you I would stay away from him completely. I would recommend going to Ashra instead because she is the real deal and has helped so many people. Plus she has a high success rate and she actually cares about her clients. I have been working with her for over a year and I am back with my lover because of her and my spells. Though my relationship isn't perfect and I might need another spell cast because of some issues, it is much better than before I found Ashra. So email Ashra and explain your situation in detail because she will help you.
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The fact that you don't find any reviews except for one that is negative a big red flag! I think you should avoid this site completely.
He was one of the first spell casters I tried. Sadly, I lost $139 USD. When he emails you back from highpriestjeanemmanuel@gmail.com , he gets straight to the point of asking for your money. His email was a generic response asking me to make payment on this page: https://www.extremevoodoospells.com/spell-request-details

I feel gutted now knowing that I know he is fake.
The fact that you don't find any reviews except for one that is negative a big red flag! I think you should avoid this site completely.
That is so true about Extreme Voodoo Spells!! Anybody who does not display good reviews only bad ones is a huge sign that you or anyone should not be working with. I learned that the hard way!
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It's a horrible feeling to get scammed by spell casters such as High Priest Jean Emmanuel. I know Ashra can make things better for everyone. She is helping me so much. I think as soon as me and my man are able we're gonna spend the night somewhere cause he wants me back. And that's all because of Ashra Koehn.
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