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Fertility spells for getting pregnant, do they work?


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I found a couple fertility spells listed on Ashra's page. Do they work for getting pregnant?

Recently we had unsuccessful IVF treatment. I didn't have any eggs at collection and I have history of very low ovarian reserve. My left Fallopian tube is blocked due to having endometriosis. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the last 5 years. We yearn to have a healthy baby or twins is my wish a boy & girl.

Do fertility spells actually work?
Hi Marcela,

I can relate to what you are going through with your husband. I asked for help from Ashra Koehn near the beginning of the year and I'm now pregnant. At the beginning, I looked at her fertility spells and asked myself the same questions.

My husband and I have been trying to have a child for two years, and the trying, fertility doctors, tests, hormone shots, and miscarriages had begun to be a stifling force to our marriage. My husband was ready to give up and I was emotionally exhausted. A friend simply mentioned a fertility spell as a joke one day (don't joke with a hormonal woman, first of all!) and I decided to look into it. Ashra agreed to take my case and help me to conceive with a fertility spell. Considering the cost of fertility treatments I had already gone through, the fee seemed nominal, and my hopes were extremely high. Ashra understood and knew the devastation and conquered feeling that hopeful mothers with fertility issues were likely to go through, and I could feel her sincerity and her hope for me. We talked for a few days back and forth, and we finally decided to go ahead. I continued to have conception on my mind, but I felt my anxiety release little by little. In my heart, I knew that it would work. After five weeks, I took a pregnancy test and it was positive! I wanted to wait to share the positive news, since I've repeatedly had miscarriages in my first trimester, but I am now seven months pregnant with a healthy baby girl. I'm glad that my friend made the joke that she did, and I'm equally thrilled that my frantic hormonal brain took it seriously.
Congratulations Gabriana. I was diagnosed with PCOS and never thought that I could have a child until I met Ashra. I'm currently 5 months pregnant with twins. IVF was not an option for us because of the costs involved, so I went looking for an alternative. That's when I read about her fertility spells and decided to give it a try.

Marcela, if you are having fertility issue, I would definitely recommend contacting Ashra Koehn. She was the miracle my husband and I were looking for.
My husband Dean and I have been trying to have a baby for the last five years. My husband has very low sperm count if any. I have done IVF six times using donor sperm. On the last IVF cycle I became pregnant but lost our baby at seven weeks. I am so scared of miscarrying. I am trying another form of Fertility treatment next week called IUI.

I'm happy I found this forum and I will be contacting Ashra as soon as I get off work tonight.
I just thought I would write a review to tell those considering Ashra about the positive experience I had. My husband and I spent 4 years trying for a baby. It was something we wanted more than anything, I always saw myself as a mother and was desperate to start a family. We tried everything to conceive, at first we tried some simple old-wives tales like certain positions, or eating certain fruit, but as time went by, it was obvious that something was wrong and it wasn’t going to happen. From there we tried IVF, it was a long process and it ended up being unsuccessful. I spent thousands of dollars on IVF. At this point, I was very upset. All I ever wanted was to be a mother and now that I felt like it was an impossibility. I spent days online looking for ways to improve my fertility, then I found Ashra Koehn.

It was my last hope of having a child and Ashra Koehn made my dreams come true. I asked for the spells, but didn’t tell my husband. We carried on trying to get pregnant as normal. I had a really good feeling about Ashra. I felt pregnant or like pregnancy was coming very about a month after the spells were cast. I began to vomit in the morning from morning sickness. I thought it was the toast. I’ve never felt like that before. And it was true! I went and grabbed the pee stick to show my husband. I went to my doctors at the earliest possible time to have a test and it came back positive. I immediately rang up my husband to let him know that the pee stick was not a false positive. He asked me how it was possible. He was certain that the pee stick was passed the expiry date. I told him all about Ashra, the fertility spells and he was amazed. We now have a very beautiful baby boy on the way and we are expecting to use Ashra in hope that I can have my baby girl.

Thank you,
The Messer Family
Me and my husband have been married since June, and have been trying for a little over 6 to 7 months to become pregnant. Many times i thought i was indeed pregnant due to missing my monthly, but never was it really makes me sad because i would love to become a mother of twins or even just one. I don't believe I have any fertility issues. If Ashra Koehn can help us start our family I would be so happy. Before I get the fertility spell, does anyone know if Ashra is able to make me have twins with her spells? One is fine, but if I can have twin at one time its even better.
I want to become a father! My wife and I have wanted a child for a few years now and I believe that this is something that would make our family complete. For us to have a beautiful, healthy baby boy would be the greatest blessing we could receive.

If I request her fertility spell, is this something Ashra can cast on my wife?
As far as I know, this spell can be cast on your wife. Someone else on the forum mentioned that she was able to customize her fertility spell for having twin and predetermining the gender of her babies.

Having children can bring a lot of joy into your life. If you and your wife are ready to start a family, then Ashra may be able to help.
I never knew Ashra had pregnancy/fertility spells until I read this thread. It's amazing what Ashra can do.
I think it's so amazing how people on this forum just happened to find Ashra right when they needed her. I can only imagine how hard it is to not be able to conceive a child. I also think it's cool how you can choose twins, the gender, etc. I find it very fascinating! If someone I knew couldn't conceive a child I'd definitely recommend using Ashra's fertility spells to help them, or if I could never conceive either. The comments on this thread are very heartwarming and all of you seem very happy!
That is sad to hear, I most definitely cannot imagine what it's like :-( but I'm sure if you stay in good spirits that whatever spell you choose will work for you! :)
When my lover comes back home, then after a couple months I'd love to start a family with him! The reason why I would want to have a fertility spell casted though is because I am still kind of young (not comfortable saying my age) and I want to make sure I have a healthy pregnancy. Children are the greatest gifts on earth. I wouldn't want to have something bad happen such as a miscarriage and disappoint my lover. I might try this spell out in the near future to make sure things go smoothly!
What a lovely story to share! From the point of greatest desperation to the point of greatest success with your fertility spell! Congratulations to the both of you! Really, nothing is impossible with Ashra! She is indeed great and really has a mastery on her craft. The more I read positive messages and inspiring success stories, I tend to have stronger belief that someday, soonest time possible, my ex boyfriend would come back to my loving arms again and would never leave me anymore. I have this strong feeling and belief deep within me that Ashra could do that great favor for me. She would tell my ex boyfriend's heart to come back to me and leave that other girl. I really hope to the fullest that the spells would manifest very very soon in my ex boyfriend's heart. I want my story to be one of those successful stories been told here. Wish me luck guys!

When my lover is finally back in my loving arms, I would love to start a family with him, too. As planned, getting married and having kids with him. I would try everything for us to be a happy loving couple. I really hope he would come back soon. If you are not comfortable to tell your age, because you think, you are still young, well, here, I think I'm already passing out the right age. I am already in my line of 30s and the marriage and the kids, we have planned have been ruined with that other woman. I really felt that like it's gonna be the end of the world for me. I really cried an ocean that time. How I hope, Ashra could help me get my ex boyfriend back the soonest time possible, I would love to have a fertility spell cast for my as soon as my lover comes back.
I am thinking about getting a fertility spell when my lover finally returns. I want to make sure I have a healthy pregnancy like anyone would hope for and I want my next baby to be a little girl, hopefully Ashra can make that happen for me. My lover would be a great dad. He took on my son as his own from birth, I could only imagine what he would be like with his own blood child! Being pregnant and having a baby I honestly one of the best things that can happen in life!
Let me know how that all goes.

I am not eager to have any children yet, in my current situation, but I will be 30 this September and I know after 35, I have heard, that it is harder to get pregnant as you get older.

That may need to be something I may need. I pray that is not the case; but only God knows what is in store for us.

The will of the universe will determine all; I hope that it does go well for all who are seeking that assistance!
I would like to get a fertility spell too when my lover returns! I just wouldn't want to be greedy or anything since there are people out there who actually have a problem conceiving and NEED a spell.
Gaby, you and your lover will make a beautiful baby when he returns!

Anomaly0923, I truly hope that you and your lover will be able to have a child when he comes home!!! Also, you are right; only God knows what is truly in store for us.
I am sending positive vibes to the both of you!
My son is absaloutely gorgeous. He is a mini me all over and he is healthy. I would still get a fertility spell to make sure my next pregnancy is a healthy one. I wonder if I can request that Ashra makes it so I don't get morning sickness while pregnant haha, I was so sick in my last pregnancy. Being pregnant is an incredible feeling though. I'd love to feel a baby moving in my belly again!
I am happy that you and your son are doing great! I'm sure that things will be even more perfect when your lover comes home. I'm sure you could ask Ashra to get rid of the morning sickness! Lol! I would be so happy when you come on this forum with great news of your lover returning and you two expecting a child not long after! I am hoping for the best for you Gaby!
I wonder if anyone has ever got a fertility spell from Ashra to have twins. I have been thinking about it all day, I wouldn't mind having twins but it would scare me if they came out conjoint or if they were premature with health issues. Having twins can be scary. what if I can't tell them apart? :laugh:!
A friend of mine learnt how to tell her twins apart because one of them had a freckle on their right ear and the other one didn't. Hopefully if I ever have twins I have a girl and a boy!
OMG, I have thought of those same things before too! I think on one old post on this forum someone said that they wanted twins and Ashra's spell gave them twins with the same genders they wanted the babies to be also. I also think with what you said about telling them apart, it would be an instinct since you would be their mother. My lover wants 4 kids so I think having twins at some point would help things move along quicker. Lol! I want to get this spell once me and my lover settle down when we get back together.
Today I kept my mind distracted. The night ended for me in some great news form a friend of mine. I was at a friends house most of the day and then my best friend and I had an argument. When I got home she tried to ring me, I didn't want to argue so I didn't answer as I thought she was just trying to pick a fight. But then she sent me a message saying that she was freaking out and that she wanted me to answer my phone. It turns out she was pregnant and didn't know how to tell anyone else. (She fell pregnant on her own not with spells)

I got majorly excited as I LOVE kids. It made me realize how much I really want another baby. My son is 2 in June, I cannot hold him in my arms like I used to and it makes me sad.

I'd like some advice please!

I don't have any problems falling pregnant on my own naturally. Would it be bad to get a fertility spell just to make sure I fall pregnant with a healthy baby and so I can hopefully ask Ashra if she can make the baby a little girl?
I would love to get fertility spell done with Ashra. Simply to have good results my daughter was born with many complications and disabilies I wouldn't want that to happen again. I was in labor for 13 hours! I love my daughter but because I have all sisters with little to no good experiences I would really love for her to have a brother to protect her. I think she would benefit having a brother then a sister. There are more girls then boys in my family and women can be very competitive and spiteful towards one another. I think another male figure in her life to treat her with love and respect would do wonders for her.
This is random a few family members of mine had dreams I was going to get pregnant and that my love left me. Well my tunes are clamped and such. Well he left and moved away so what does this mean.
I am enchanted reading all these stories. Oh my God, I am so happy for being here, it is a gift.
I am so happy for each one of you. In every single way.
Ashra, thank you, you have no idea what you are doing inside my heart.
Amazing to get to know all these people.
I'm curious about the twins spell too, I would love to have twins. But first I need my lover haha
Elizabethque, I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. I'm sure you still love her all the same! She is still human like all of us, regardless of her disabilities. I was in labour for 24 hours with my son, it was torture! I would get this spell to make sure my next baby is to my lover and that it will be a healthy little girl. I have a son, I'd love one of each! I am glad I had a little boy first. So that he can be protective of his siblings.
When me and my lover get together physically and decide to have a family, I want to get fertility spells from Ashra. We want to have a big family with 5 kids, preferably all boys since my lover wants to keep the tradition of playing hockey continuing. Girls can play hockey too though! Also my lover is 13 years older than me and he's getting older, so I want to make sure we would have no problems conceiving.
wow reading every story in here is so amazing! I never thought there was a fertility or pregnancy spell that can help creating a new life inside you. thats one of the greats new i heard today. helping life with spells is so amazing there is nothing more special for a couple than changing their love in something amazing as a child . i cant wait to hear people that has this spell and they are just holding their baby in their arms and being happy. Thats so amazing :inlove:
When me and my lover get together physically and decide to have a family, I want to get fertility spells from Ashra. We want to have a big family with 5 kids, preferably all boys since my lover wants to keep the tradition of playing hockey continuing. Girls can play hockey too though! Also my lover is 13 years older than me and he's getting older, so I want to make sure we would have no problems conceiving.
Katie, mine is 12 years older than me :laugh:
And I am getting older too :laugh:
Would love to make this spell too, just as guarantee right?
I have heard a story about a woman who was 52 and her husband 55, they conceived a baby naturally.

I am sure we all will have the chance to have our beautiful family :inlove:
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It feels great to know that I'm the only one with someone more than 10 years older than me! And yes, at least with the spell we would know for sure that we would be able to have a family. Also, conceiving at 52 and 55 years old is amazing! It's rare but definitely not impossible. Like you said, we are all going to have a beautiful family. It may take some time but it WILL happen.
For sure Katie :) When it comes to love, age is not a problem.

Lets focus on our good thoughts and spells, once we have our men totally with us we will start a family and if we need help getting pregnant, we can have Ashra cast a fertility spell.

Step by step, slowly but surely :)
Best of lucky to you ;)
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I know Ashra has fertility spells, but is there one for being able to adopt a baby? I'd love it if my first child with my lover were adopted because it would mean something special to us knowing that we changed that child's life. My lover also does a lot of charity work involving children too so I know it would mean something to him. I also feel like it would be like a gift to us because we made it through all of the obstacles and are starting a family. So do any of you know if Ashra does these kinds of spells to make sure you can adopt a child?
Katie, that is a very good question! You know, I wouldn't doubt it, Ashes has many spell books, there's many spells we don't know about as they are nor displayed on her websites or on the forum. Have you asked As he a about this? I absaloutely love your caring heart! adopting a child is one of the best things you could do. I'm quite sure adoption these days cost a lot of money
I haven't asked Ashra about it but I will once my lover comes home. One step at a time! There are so many children and babies out there who spend their lives in foster homes or switching around to foster families, and a child should never have to go through that. I would want a spell cast so me and my lover could be able to adopt a baby as soon as possible. It would change me, my lover, and that child's life!
there is a lot to learn about a child that isn't yours. as I am a parent myself I know what my child likes, his allergies, any health problems, his interests, etc. so to me adopting a baby is a big step. Im sure Ashra has a spell that will help you do this, if not then don't forget she has custom spells! Either way Ashra can make this happen for you. I hope we hear about your adoption journey! :)
I think if me and G could not get married as soon as we want to then I would want to get a fertility spell from Ashra to see if we can adopt a child. I like the idea of being married first then having kids, but at the same time I'd love to have my child walking down the aisle with us at the wedding! Then in the future I'd get this spell to make sure I have a healthy pregnancy and that the baby does just fine while it is growing! I can't wait to have a family with G! I am so excited!
I don't need a fertility spell cause I am very fertile, im pregnant as we speak. Me and my husband are on our 4th child. I was wanting to buy a fertility spell for my sister because she is having a hard time conceiving and really wants a baby. She is freshly married and ready to start a family and sometimes it breaks my heart that she is having a hard time even getting pregnant with 1 baby and i am pregnant with our 4th. I'm contemplating on this and I think i really want to help her out.
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Indeeplove, that's a really kind gesture! Having kids is a gift. I have a toddler and I wouldn't trade being a mum in for the world! The only reason I would get the fertility spell is to make sure my next child is as healthy as my first one and t determine the ***. If that's even possible.
I feel sorry for those people who cannot conceive.

Katie, I see where you are coming from. At first I wanted to be married before having a child but my son came unexpected so getting married first didn't work out but I'm glad I had my son first, his my entire world. I can't wait to get married to my lover and have my son walking down the isle!
Seeing her like this is what breaks my heart. She is newly married and they want to have a baby, but she can't. When I get paid again, I'm going to get the fertility spell for her and not even let her know. I just want to see the look on her face when she gets a positive pregnancy test. She has been trying since 2012 and now its 2016. I just can't watch her go through this pain anymore.
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I want a big family so I'd use the fertility spells to make sure each pregnancy goes as planned and that my babies are as healthy as they can be :) I also heard that when you get the fertility spells that you can even choose te gender of your baby! That would be pretty convenent considering the fact that me and G want all boys so they can play ice hockey! Lol!