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Fertility spells for getting pregnant, do they work?

I'm hoping for a spell to get my husband to agree to a Vasectomy reversal. He keeps saying maybe and it's heartbreaking... I just want to add more blessings to our family.
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Fertiliy spell thats just wow. I read many success story about fertility spell. There are lot of women out there who could not conceive. I had seen many relation broke and marriage came in to an end. Ashra is having such spell its like an life saver. I would suggest it to many people. I always thought Ashra Koehn helps in bringing our love back but she is expertised in all the field.
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Yes,fertility spells cast by Ashra Koehn do work and they work very fast. You only have to be positive. I have read reviews where married couples were trying to have a baby and failed, then turned to Ashra for fertility spell and had twins a year later. Ashra's spells are very powerful. Her fertility spells have been known to be powerful and successful over the years.
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I’m still trying to figure out if Ashra will cast the fertility spell on people that have a tubal ligation. My ex husband made me get a tubal ligation and I want to have a baby soon. Will Ashra cast the fertility spell on me? Has anyone here gotten pregnant with Ashra’s fertility spell while having their tubes tied?
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I was wondering, whether this spell also works on changing his mind about having a child with me? He is sending confusing signals about that issue, at times he is like “if I ever get one more kid”, and other times he is totally against the idea. However, he is rather confused about everything and he is working, as well as the spells are working on him to sort all that out soon. I just came across this thread again and the thought crossed my mind, whether it works on that issue as well.
@A.G. Since spells can be customized, I'm sure Ashra would be able to be able to cast a spell to help him change his mind about having a child with you. If the fertility spell can give you twins or allow you to chose the gender of your baby, I don't see why it couldn't be customized to help you partner overcome his fears of having kids with you. When in doubt ask Ashra.
Fertility spells have actually given hope to those who are in hopeless situation. It's seems to be a real blessing thanks to Ashra.
I have read so many wonderful things about Ashra's fertility spells!!! Although I have a set of boy/girl twins from a previous relationship, I do want to get a fertility spell for when me and my lover Tyler begin to become closer and want to have a baby of our own.
If Ashra can give successful results to many woman who wants to have babies when science medicine denies it and were told impossible, what more to expect for love spells! Everything is possible, just believe in her. She will deliver. We will get our lover back. I just wish it is fast as Godspeed. Waiting for movement is really challenging my patience. I wish I could skip the waiting and move on to the result.:rolleyes:
I was shocked when I saw that Ashra can cast this spell. I’m really glad that she can. Not everyone can have kids and it’s great that she can help people with a fertility spell. Maybe one day I could get this spell cast :)
Wow that is such a miracle. Congratulations. Ashra truly is out there just to help others and isbso sweet to make sure you are ok. Im glad shes blessed you all with a baby girl
I was really shocked when I found out Ashra can cast a fertility spell. I never knew that a spell like this existed. I’m so glad that it does. There are couples that really want children but have trouble conceiving. You can also choose the gender of the baby and how many you want! :D I don’t know if I am able to have kids, but in case I can’t I’ll definitely get this spell cast. I really want to have boy-girl twins. I’ve wanted them since 2014. I wanted to have them with my lover, so I really hope that one day that will happen for me :)
I can't find the spell we talked about it few nights ago and he said do what you have to do to make it work he is paying for it so I just have to find the spell and lets isle it happen. If it is a girl Ashra will be the middle name I promise you that
I think the successes of all the fertility spells are just amazing! I posted yesterday, but I was not sure how long my post will get approved. Ashra's spells are definitely a life saver and help two people who love each other create a family together. One of the joys in life is being able to create a life and Ashra's fertility spells definitely help create families. Thank you ashra for all the miracles you bring to everyone's lives
I have heard great things about her spells for fertility. I have read many many stories that Ashras helped many couples achieve a pregnancy. Believe in her and believe in yourself. It will happen.
I’ve been saying for a while that I’m going to purchase this fertilty spell. I’m having trouble conceiving on my own and it’s getting a bit frustrating but I know this spell will work if I purchase it. I’m hoping to purchase soon being that my lover and i are ready to have our own baby. For anyone that has had this spell cast please keep us updated I’m willing to hear about the success.
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Ashra's spells on fertility have nothing but positive reviews! It has saved a lot of couples from the sadness of not being able to have a child. I think it is amazing what her spell can do too. I am really happy that a lot of couples have gotten help from Ashra. I know I have many couple friends who would benefit from getting a fertility spell too. Of course they would have to believe that it works since believing is the hardest part. Sending positive thoughts :)
Fertility spells by Ashra Khoen really work and so many people have had success with her spells. So many people had trouble getting pregnant and can't afford IVF treatments and having fertility spells to make them bear them have children and be happy in their marriages. I have watched videos of how these spell enabled some women to get pregnant so I believe that they really work. I will get this spell when my lover comes nack so that I can bear him twin boys. I know he loves children so I know It will make him so happy.
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Ashra's fertility spells are amazing. I think it is pretty cool how she is able to work miracles so everyone can start a family of their own. I am not at that point yet, but I really do want to express my gratitude. When I do find the love of my life and settle down, I think a fertility spell would be pretty cool to ensure a smooth and safe pregnancy. It will be great to work with Ashra on this, since I know she is the only one who can accomplish such great feats.
The fertility spell of Ashra is definitely do work and you can check the media section, because if I'm not mistaken one of the previous client of Ashra posted there the picture of a baby girl that born ever since by getting the fertility spell.
That is the proof that her fertility spell has worked and brought happiness into the family.
I know that the fertility spell is really powerful so if any of you trying so hard to get pregnant, you should get the fertility spell of Ashra because it's definitely do work.
I have read reviews about Ashra's fertility spell and it really works. I read that some couple have had this spell and it really gave them results. It is amazing to know that Ashra and her spells really work wonders. I think this spell could only be bought by cash. I haven't seen it in the resource section. But no matter how high the price may be, its still worth it.
I'm really curious to know if Ashra's fertility spells can help you have twins?
Does it work like that too or it just removes all the obstacles from getting you pregnant, and help you start a family?
Do let me know about it!
@AshleyV Omg that is awesome congratulations. My two questions are if you don't mind me asking. One how soon after did you find out you were pregnant? What spell did you use i know there are two types so which one is it? Once again congratulations
Just ordered the Fertillity Pregnancy Spell I’m happy because I feel that Ashra is on the case! Im definitely so excited and anxious for the results! I can attest that Ashra Spells work I’m praying she takes my case as it is seemingly complicated. I know she can see what is unseen . I have asked God and my Angels for assistance in this matter too. Good luck and blessings to each of you trying to bring forth life. Cant wait to report that We have a healthy child after years of infertility!!
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Formysoulmate :) congratulation I also purchased a spell last month my tubes are tied though and me and my spouse has been trying as well and hoping that it works my cycle is due for the 23rd of this month so fingers crossed that she has helped us as well :)
FORMYSOULMATE hey how are you doing? This is the first time I have talked to you I believe so nice to meet you and hopefully we will talk again. Welcome to the forum family as well. CONGRATULATIONS on purchasing the Fertility Pregnancy Spell I am so happy for you. May I ask did you get this spell under the resources section or did you have to email and Ashra send you the link? I would love to get this spell in the future so I can start a family. I wish you all the best with this spell and please keep everyone updated. Good luck to you. Love hugs and blessings sent your way.
Hi Formysoulmate
How are you dear? Congrats on getting the fertility spell of Ashra, I do believe that it will gonna be work on you amazingly, just be positive.
I saw someone shared her experience on the media section and it really did work on her, I saw her baby and she is so cute.
I know the fertility spell is going to work great on you, just be patient and positive. That spell will never fail you and of course Ashra.
I am looking forward to try this spell in the near future but this is not the right time for now haha.

I'm wishing you goodluck for it and don't forget to keep us updated on what will be your results.

Sending positive vibes on your way!
I have read here before that someone got this fertility spell and it worked for them. Ashra is really amazing and all her spells work. Those who can't have a child and would like to have, they could really use this spell. It is really effective. I would really suggest this spells to those who want to have a child.
I'm not sure if this thread is still available but I still want to answer this.

Fertility spells do work if cast be real expert spell casters. Biological or dna samples is not needed. Just your basic information and maybe some extra then it can be cast. Madame Ashra do has these types of spells. I saw one available on the forum but it is only accessible to member-plus and exclusive members.

The name of the spell is Fertility Spell - Fertile Grounds. What surprised me was that you can choose the number of children you want to have (singleton, twins, triplets and quadruplets), the gender of the baby and even the genetics you want the baby to (mostly) have. That is really interesting and helpful to mothers who can't bear a child or have infertile problems. I wonder if it works for virgin women too. I think it does.

~Love and peace to all~
I just met Ashra a few weeks ago so she wasnt around when I was trying to get pregnant with my last son. But I did meditate upon a peach candle ever night before bed and saw myself with a growing belly. I put faith that i would have a baby boy. The day i found out I was pregnant my sons father moved out while I was at work. I tracked him down to his work the next day and infront of his buddies told him i was keeping this baby and he can go to hell. He called me a few times during the pregnancy and even helped me to pick out his name. I had an emergency c-section 2 and a half months before he was due. I prayed and asked the gods and goddesses to please help us. I was put under and immediatly died. they worked on me and removed my child. he was only 3 lbs. They were able to get him to breath and they brought me back even after another flatline. In my coma I saw nothing but light. I was in a dark room and there was light. But i didnt go to it. I forced myself to back up and my eyes opened and I saw a nurse. I know this was off topic but I am so blessed every day i am here and so is my beautiful son. But there are many ways to help with fertility. And a spell cast by Ashra is the way to go. If I had her I might have had a healthier pregnancy.
I am considering a fertility spell one day. My periods have always been irregular, and my doctor wants my to get tested for endometriosis and polysystic ovarian disease. If I have either one it will be hard for me to get pregnant, or stay pregnant. I have always wanted a big family, and multiples run in mine. I would love to get pregnant with multiples. Good luck to everyone who is getting this.
Hello, how is everyone doing? I hope you guys are doing fine. Yes, Ashra offer spells which can help in making you pregnant. It is so sweet so Ashra to be offering such spells. It is such a big spell. It is good news for all the couples that want babies and cannot have them. Ashra can help you. You do not have to worry. There are people telling about their experience with fertility spells. Anyways, sending positive vibes to all of you. Stay happy and blessed. Keep on smiling and fighting because your life is worth living for
Without a doubt the fertility spell would definitely work! I have complete faith in Ashra and i know for sure that whatever spell she cast would definitely work. She does not just cast love and money spells. She also cast many other kind of spells too. She also casts spells that would help you win a case in court! I want a moderate family. Not too small and not big. If you ladies or gentlemen find this spell helpful then you should definitely go for it :)
What's amazingly beautiful about Ashra's fertility spells is that she can customize them to fit your needs. She has been known to help infertile couples conceive very quickly. Even better, she has even helped a lot of them conceive twins and sometimes triplets!!! I know that when my lover and I finally are together, I'm going to buy a fertility spell for us. I desire to have another set of twins. I want them to be boys. I have plans to name the 1st one Tyler Jr. and the second one's name will be Jeremy or Spencer.
Hey everyone! Yes, fertility spells by Ashra definitely works, there's absolutely no doubt in it. There's so many people who tried it and it worked for them just like how they wanted it. It's more amazing that she can customize the spell according to your needs and situation. I will be getting this spell in my future, I have already decided everything but I may change it in future if I feel the need to, I need triplets who are girls and then I want twins who are boys. I haven't yet decided any names cause I want that to be decided together with my lover. If any of you guys have any dreams or want to really try it, go ahead! They really work and you will be really very happy with your results.
I am totally sure that there is a spell for that. I think for a lot of people who cannot have children on thier own I think this is an amazing opportunity for them to have children. I think it first to be did sound kind of odd I guess because I've never heard of anything like that before in my life but I also have to realize that there are so many women out there who cannot get pregnant on the road and this is all they have. And a lot of the one children's so bad but sometimes you have to take it to the next level in a positive way. So I have to say that this spell is 100% it will help so many women around the world. This honestly shows how much ashra truly cares. She is a real spell Caster with a big heart.
Hey there everyone. As far as I know ashra's fertility spell is really working. I read all reviews that the other share here it's work from them, so there's no doubt about that. Ashra's work is really amazing you don't need to worry about it, so if you want to try that spell just go for it because you don't have to regret purchasing it. Her fertility spell is even more amazing because she can customize it according to your need and desired situation. Wish you all the best guys. Just stay positive and happy in life
@Marcela where exactly did you find the fertility spell? I’ve been looking online for them since my love spell started to work. My ex asked for a baby for like the last year of our relationship and we tried getting pregnant but never conceived. He won’t do things to help us get pregnant. He thinks it’ll happen when it’s meant to happen but I want to have another baby so bad!
I have question what if you tubes are tide and you been wanting a another baby is there away she can make that happen I mean I know its a crazy question but I just had to ask because I made a mistake and hade my tubes tide after my 2nd child and now I want another one I have two girls and no boys and I would love to have anther baby and if there is a spell that can help with that like oh my that would be a blessing