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Fertility spells for getting pregnant, do they work?

Hi, may I know if you did fall pregnant after the spell?
I just purchased a fertility spell from Ashra and waiting excitedly to hear from her.
This is awesome that Ashra can help with fertility spells for getting pregnant! I am sure there are a lot of couples that are working hard to have a baby and there is something that is blocking that from happening. I am sure that with all of Ashra's power she will be able to help anyone. I believe in Ashra because you know what? The spell that she casted for me to get back with my lover is giving me movement. He is more responsive, more talkative and overall, more relaxed with me that he was before. I'm sure Ashra's powers can do anything really. We just have to be patient.
Hello Amonique93! How are you doing? If you want to purchase a fertility spell, you better check on it on Ashra's another website or you can email her to send you a link to help you find the spell. I am so happy that your love spell did work on your significant other! It is time for you guys to have beautiful babies around. You should write any details like you want him to do things to help you get pregnant or something like that. I believe if we try our best, the universe will grant our wishes sooner or later. Sending lots of kisses and hugs for you.
Hi there, everyone where ever all of you guys are in the world! Hope everyone is doing just fine today! That is amazing that Ashra Koehn has a spell to help people who are having problems with pregnancies! I hope that everyone who purchased the spells for pregnancies will help them! I am sure that all of Ashra's spells work and for me, I am still working on getting my lover back as he broke my heart! I am so close to getting my next spell! I wish everyone the best of luck! :inlove::inlove:
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I didn’t realise that ashra can also do fertility spells that’s is unreal. I’ve always wanted to conceive twins call me crazy. I’m hoping when my lover comes back that he will want to try for children. I’ve wanted more children for a while now. I have one daughter. I think anyone who is having trouble conceiving or even if they need to have a little boost, I’d reccomend they go to ashra for help. I’d love to know if the last who did this forum conceived after or if she did indeed contact ashra. I hope she was able to find what she was looking for.
I would love to have a fertility spell to look after my future pregnancy. You know, IF I was to have children. I do not know if my lover will want to have children or not. Although I some what sould like to I know that he is not the type to want to have kids or ever be a father while I would. His mind might change his heart over time but I know that I must respect and act according to how he feels about this.
That's wonderful that Ashra offers a fertility spell. I personally had no trouble getting pregnant, no trouble at all up until delivery with both of my kids. but I know there are a lot of people out there who would give anything to have had my problems. I can say that all I can do is imagine what it must be like to want something so precious in your life so badly that you would do anything to have it. it is my wish that anyone who comes to Ashra for help with a fertility spell is blessed with success.
Gabriana Wohl,
I’m so happy that you came to Ashra Koehn and she helped you and actually gave you the results you wanted!!! I’m thinking maybe when I’m in my 30s and am financially stable and married, I’ll give Ashra’s fertility spells a try! Reading all of these success stories about fertility spells really makes me believe that Ashra would be able to help! You’re right, never joke with a hormonal woman!!! But I’m glad your friend convinced you to look into a fertility spell! I’ve been trying to convince my friends who need help to come to Ashra for their problems. I hope they do!
Hello Astonelizabethalley1999! How are you doing my dear? Having kids with your partners is all girls big dream. I would love to give this fertility spell a try once I have my lover back. If we had a baby together, he would have fully commited to me and looked after me I am sure of it :laugh:. As for your concern, you can make wishes like you want your lover to have a change of heart and think of having children with you. You can ask whatever you want in regards to your future pregnancy like having healthy twins or triplets. I hope your wishes will become reality and you will have beautiful kids with him. Sending lots of kisses and hugs for you!!!
I think his main confusion about the fact is that we've slept together quite a bit before. He doesn't fully understand why I won't, now, I think. But I believe it's best not to, now, given the current situation. I've known this guy for 6 years, now, and we've been thru a lot together. I miscarried a few of his babies, before. I'm actually considering a fertility spell, once I get things on the right track with him.
Hello everyone
The fertility spell of Ashra is very powerful. I haven't tried it yet but I saw someone on the media section she claimed that it's really worked on her. She even uploaded a picture of a baby girl on the media section, checked it guys if you haven't seen it yet. I believe it's still there.
I felt really amazed when I saw that and I no doubt that the fertility spell is really powerful and can change your life.
I am looking forward to get it in the future , I don't know but I think it is worth getting and It will be work wonders to those people who have been struggling on getting pregnant.
It's seems a miracle spell :)
I am curious if this is a spell that would help/work on finding surrogate mothers who are willing to carry and give the birth to the babies for you while also making the babies look only like me and my lover?

The reason I’m asking is because once Arte is officially together and living with me, I really would love to start a family with a twin and plus more! @Ashra - would you be willing to answer this one for me please?
I haven't had a fertility spell cast or even a spell cast yet but from reading through the forums I know Ashra's spells really work. She is really the only spell caster I would ever trust because she knows what she's doing. After all she does have a lot of experience because I wouldn't trust someone that doesn't have experience. If I wanted a fertility spell she is the spell caster I would go to because I trust her and nobody else. I am sure her fertility spells work just like all her other spells because anyone that's had a spell cast by her got good results.
I remember seeing a lady come on here and tell us about her movement with the fertility spell, because of Ashra's work she was pregnant with twins! I haven't seen her on here for a while, I guess you would get extremely busy having your hands full with twins ;)

I don't have any issues with infertility as far as I know, but I would get this spell to determine the gender of my baby.

I wonder if you could also request things for your pregnancy? such as to make sure you have a healthy pregnancy with no complications. I think I will talk to Ashra about this when the time is right.
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Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing just okay today. As of now, I am not planning to go with fertility spells and I don't have any partner yet :laugh:. However, I should say that it is a brilliant idea to use a fertility spell To help you conceive. I know some people have trouble getting kids or conceiving due to their health issues. You have nothing to worry about. Ashra offers a spell that can make you more fertile so that the chance for you to have babies is getting bigger. I also would love to get pregnant with my lover's baby. Hopefully it will happen one day. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way!!!
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing just okay today. To those who have no problems conceiving, you must be thankful to Lord who blessed you with fertility. To those who are still struggling, please don't ever stop trying. There is always solution in every problem. You have come to the right place. Ashra has a fertility spell to make your wish of having kids come true. I am not sure how it costs. You better check on its description by yourself. This spell is kind of popular and some many got results with it, so you should stay positive. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way!!!
Hi everyone,
I ordered the fetility spell. I'm waiting patiently for it to be casted. I'm also waiting for my other spells to fully manifest. My ex is in touch but he still doesn't want a relationship. I know how much he wants children and i want to give him that. I have full faith in Ashra's spells but what if my ex doesn't ejaculate inside me? I wonder if the spell would still work, any thoughts?
@Darkangel Let us know how it goes @Butterfly07 Looks like Ashra can cast the spell regardless, I'm not sure how it works if you aren't back with your lover yet.

I had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy that destroyed my right fallopian tube. I was never wanting to have children and wanted to prevent another ectopic pregnancy so I had the other tube tied two years ago. My lover and I are both on the same page, not being too keen on the idea of babies/kids but he wanted to know whether the option was there and I told him yeah. Because it's still possible I might feel differently. Obviously all of my efforts now are in bringing him back to me but if the idea of raising a family becomes serious, it may be worthwhile to investigate a fertility spell for a surrogate mother.

I hope that all of those who have entrusted Ashra with fertility are seeing wonderful results and having their dreams realized with a family with the ones they love.
Good morning, good afternoon and good evening everyone in the forum. Even though I am 48 years of age I still want to have another baby. I have 3 beautiful daughters but I have been craving a son. My baby is 25 years of age. I have been wanting a son since my baby was about 5 years of age but I think I messed myself up on that because I had a tubal ligation done the day after my baby was born because I was in an abusive marriage and I did not want to have anymore children by him. Now I really regret that decision and I am trying to see if I can get someone to help me become pregnant with my son. I believe that once I have my son I will be truly happy in life. Sending prayers, peace, love, blessings, serenity and positive vibes to everyone.
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I had to get a hysterectomy due to cervical cancer. My boyfriend told me Friday night that if I could get pregnant he would be the happiest man alive because he has always dreamed of having a baby with me. I'm hoping Ashra can help me get pregnant because that would complete my fairytale with my boyfriend. Please Ashra help me if you can.
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I wanted to ask everyone on here, should I get this spell if I want kids with my person that I have spells on? Will this help your person want to have kids with you? Because I don’t officially have them back yet but I’m really getting baby fever and I’m ready to really settle down soon enough. I found this thread and I thought hmm
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I would love it to be pregnant one day and I wonder if Ashra's Fertility Spell can give us to have Triplettes or Twins. My boyfriend has been talking more and more about wanting 3 daughters, which I am not sure as to why, but we already know the names. The only person that I want children with is my boyfriend and I believe that he will make a great Father.
Will Ashra know if someone is pregnant before that person knows? Because I would like her to know before me if at all possible, so I know if I should be buying baby clothes or not... Plus this way I also know if I should start telling people I'm pregnant... I just don't want to take a pregnancy test and it come back negative that would break my heart. I would like Ashra Koehn to tell me I'm pregnant.
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I really want a child so badly, not only because of my age but my boyfriend and I have been discussing a lot about having children. I fear that with being on Birth Control, I will not be able to conceive at all. I heard that being pregnant is an amazing feeling in the world and I want to be able to explore this. I just wonder if Ashra's Fertility Spell will help both myself and my boyfriend?
Hello, I just want to share my movement from my fertility spell. Well yesterday, I decided to take a ovulation test, and I was at peak fertility. All yesterday me and my dear lover baby danced away! I am hoping this is my month to conceive.... I have not had a positive ovulation since I’ve been trying to conceive.. so I know Ashra fertility spell she casted upon me is working. I also purchased a reading from another spell caster and she saw me conceiving the months of September/ October. I am so excited and delighted. Thank you Ashra! Although I am not pregnant as of yet. I see the progress! Thank you so much