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Fertility spells for getting pregnant, do they work?


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I hope my fertility spell worked and I'm pregnant. RJ really wants to move out of state and is being very difficult. This morning we played video games together and he asked if he could come over and she heard him whisper that. Then he denied it I think he just enjoys messing with the both of us.


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Hello, I just want to share my movement from my fertility spell. Well yesterday, I decided to take a ovulation test, and I was at peak fertility. All yesterday me and my dear lover baby danced away! I am hoping this is my month to conceive.... I have not had a positive ovulation since I’ve been trying to conceive.. so I know Ashra fertility spell she casted upon me is working. I also purchased a reading from another spell caster and she saw me conceiving the months of September/ October. I am so excited and delighted. Thank you Ashra! Although I am not pregnant as of yet. I see the progress! Thank you so much
Have you conceived yet? I’m wishing you all the beautiful blessings of parenthood. I’m pregnant now and absolutely love it.


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Hi everyone,
I ordered the fetility spell. I'm waiting patiently for it to be casted. I'm also waiting for my other spells to fully manifest. My ex is in touch but he still doesn't want a relationship. I know how much he wants children and i want to give him that. I have full faith in Ashra's spells but what if my ex doesn't ejaculate inside me? I wonder if the spell would still work, any thoughts?
Hi wondering if you ever got pregnant? I have same issue, partner doesn’t *** in me, but hoping the spell will still work.