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Fertility spells for getting pregnant, do they work?


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I hope my fertility spell worked and I'm pregnant. RJ really wants to move out of state and is being very difficult. This morning we played video games together and he asked if he could come over and she heard him whisper that. Then he denied it I think he just enjoys messing with the both of us.


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Hello, I just want to share my movement from my fertility spell. Well yesterday, I decided to take a ovulation test, and I was at peak fertility. All yesterday me and my dear lover baby danced away! I am hoping this is my month to conceive.... I have not had a positive ovulation since I’ve been trying to conceive.. so I know Ashra fertility spell she casted upon me is working. I also purchased a reading from another spell caster and she saw me conceiving the months of September/ October. I am so excited and delighted. Thank you Ashra! Although I am not pregnant as of yet. I see the progress! Thank you so much
Have you conceived yet? I’m wishing you all the beautiful blessings of parenthood. I’m pregnant now and absolutely love it.


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Hi everyone,
I ordered the fetility spell. I'm waiting patiently for it to be casted. I'm also waiting for my other spells to fully manifest. My ex is in touch but he still doesn't want a relationship. I know how much he wants children and i want to give him that. I have full faith in Ashra's spells but what if my ex doesn't ejaculate inside me? I wonder if the spell would still work, any thoughts?
Hi wondering if you ever got pregnant? I have same issue, partner doesn’t *** in me, but hoping the spell will still work.


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I've been stalking this forum for some time now. I've a sensitive situation and I'm going to provide my feedback. I'll try my best to update as things go along.

This is with regards to FERTILITY for those of you looking.

A few years ago, I got a reading with regards to my love life, the lady I talked to said to forget about the people I was trying to get a reading on, that my baby girl was waiting and excited for me to meet her dad and be with us. The psychic explained how I would meet him, what time frame, what he looked like and where he worked… she was spot on, I met him within 2 weeks of that reading. After I met up with him in person, I realized he had approached me online and a year before at bars before and I have always been caught up in situationships and turned him down. So when he came around again, I said yes. I found that he is my perfect man, how wonderful he is and everything. But the psychic also told me that I wouldn't be with my babies daddy. I was devastated. But after getting to know him and love him, I realized he would never keep my baby from me, that he would be the most wonderful father and that a baby would be loved by both of us regardless of the situation. I've been trying to have this child for almost 2 yrs now. In this time we learned that my body had many issues with ovulation and his fertility was questionable as well considering he's never had protected *** due to always wanting to have a child and ex girlfriends of his have gotten pregnant immediately. His distant past involved heavy pill use that may have affected his ability to have kids and from an at home test we learned he has very low sperm count, so with my issues and his, its been rough.. He made joke about other people knocking me up, well, now we're trying to do just that.

I'm on clomid and it makes me miserable but I have to in order to ovulate. I'm using a dating app to seek out doners (my being with someone else isn't going to harm our relationship as we were already a fairly open couple in the bedroom). This situation is not desirable long term though for either of us. After this cycle, if we do not get pregnant, I will not be taking the clomid again and I will not be seeking 3rd party again.

If I get pregnant in this situation, it would relieve the heartache I've been secretly hiding for 2 yrs from my soulmate, hearing that I wouldn't be with my babies dad killed me. But after we've been through what we have, it brings me hope that I can still be with my soulmate AND have a baby with him. Just not biologically.

I ordered the Evocation of Favorable Opinion spell to help get a doner to commit to visiting during my windows of ovulation. Previously it was hard to get guys to come over after saying they would and then would stand me up. But this time, with the spell, I've had one good doner hit me up a few times in this cycle (hopefully I've already conceived). I'm considering this spell as a love spell and so far, aside from the mutual like on the dating app, I've made sure that he's been the one to reach out to me every time.

I priority ordered the Fertility spell and the Opinion spell on a Friday, right before (day before) my ovulation window opened (I say this for the women trying to conceive). Ashra had casted my spell by Sunday. During that night I woke to movement in my stomach and slight cramping and the palm of my right hand (my dominant hand when texting) was intensely tingling, I did not sleep on my hand, nor was the circulation of my arm cut off from positioning. I got the notification that morning from Ashra

Since then some guys that have stood me up in the past for the purpose to conceive popped outta the woodwork. Along with a new guy willing to sign a contract and commit to coming over through my ovulation window.

I've been doing my best to stay positive and to keep my thoughts focused on having babies (cause I would love to have twins). There have been signs given from the universe my favorite YouTube tarot reader for the past two days has been laying down cards that specifically identify with me AND my situation, she even accidently said "see you labor" instead of later and stopped herself and acknowledged libras in labor, considering I'm a libra, but also if I were to conceive right now, my baby would be a libra as well or just past the libra range.

Now its just time for that 2 week wait.

I know my situation isn't typical with regards to my relationship but please be kind if you choose to respond