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Free Magick - Freemagick.com Scam Reviews Site


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Freemagick.com is a scam and the reviews on their website are fake.

Freemagick.com is a huge scam that has been luring desperate people trying to get their lovers into their lives for years. The scammer behind this website goes by the alias Candace Lightheart, and even she is a made up character. Her picture is stolen; it is a picture of Miss Russia 2006.

The comments you read within their forum and chat box are not real. Candace Lightheart created each comment using multiple fake accounts.

This Candace person, who claims she is a wiccan and believes in karma :facepalm:, cannot be accessed by any potential victims. She is the one who created the fake chat room that looks like tons of guests commented on what spell casters are real and who are a scam. Never once did they ever mention themselves to be fake because they are working to knocking out the competition. This Candace person has claimed she has hired many scammers that are a part of this, and said they all worked for her. :laugh: I have listed some websites that fall under freemagick.com (Free Magick) that are scamming people. Each site is owned and operated by one or two people who pretend to be spell casters and use 12 different alias names:

Sapphire Kridell, from www.sapphirespells.com, claims to have spells that are seemingly impossible, such as *** change spells. She will promise you a refund and money back guarantee, which is nothing but a lie.

Cynthia Madison from cynthiamadison.com is one of their new websites created this year.

Angelica Sanders, from www.angelicasanders.com - love spells that work 100%. If you contact Clarissa White, chances are she will refer you to using Angelica Sanders. Don't be fooled, its the same person behind ALL of this made-up characters! Her email is angelsandersspells@gmail.com

Sasha Londons, from www.arelovespellsreal.com - used to go by the name "Diamond Londons," offers to do a complete cleansing of your aura for only $9, but wants you to sign up for a monthly cleansing for $9/monthly. Sasha Londons email is: arelovespellsreal@gmail.com

Clarissa White, from www.clarissawhite.com - Does pretty much the same exact thing as the rest of them. She will continue asking you for more money and feeds you unrealistic stuff in a cut and paste email. Clarissa's email is: clarissawhite38@gmail.com

Tiffany Gold, from www.24kspells.com - This is another made up character and alias they created.

The list of websites and aliases above are controlled by one or two individuals. They are not spell casters and they will tell you what you want to hear to get you to trust them. They all "coincidentally" have gmail accounts which should be seen as a big red flag!

Another source that promotes the scam artists is www.astral-source.com - Nothing but good reviews about these scam artists. This website is, no doubt, owned by the same group of scammers who use this platform to lure you to one of the spell casters listed above.

What exposes them to be fake is the appearance of their websites, the fact that they all offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, and that they do not go into detail about any of their spells or services. There is no doubt that they all work together, if they're not all the same person: The emails they send you are all alike; same font, super incredibly long, same UPPERCASE words every now and again to make them seem like they are really skilled with what they do, which is absolutely nothing, and that stupid :) they place here and there to make you think they really care, when all they care about is your money.

If you inquire from at least 2 of them, and get a response (which, of course, you will - they can't pass up the almighty dollar), compare the emails: They will be exactly alike, word for word. Proof there that their responses are definitely cut and paste. There is absolutely no way that 2 different spell casters who work together will have the same method of font and UPPERCASES in their emails, if they were legit. Oh, and they also tell you to email them back every day, so that they can update you on how your "spell" is going.

Back to the freemagick.com forum: It is ran by all of the above fakes that were mentioned, along with their websites. Go ahead and try to submit a comment in the guest spot. It will not be visible; same thing goes with the websites' testimonial spots - they will not appear because the administrator (Candace Lightheart) writes all of the testimonials and reviews for all of them to make it seem like they are legit.

The sad reality is that the real reviews never get posted, so that they cannot be revealed as a sham. The most smart thing to do is just get the word out, especially here, and save people from getting scammed out of their money and time. Freemagick.com is a network of fake spell casters, so no matter who you choose here to help you, you will get burned. :rage::banghead::mad:
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Thank you for this post! I have visited a few of these sites before finding Ashra and they made me skeptic of all spellcasting for a bit. I think it's sad that sites like Free Magick are up and running, giving people with difficult situations false hope for a solution. I hope that the people seeking help from these false spellcasters some how find Ashra and seek the genuine help that they need and deserve.
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Wow, I just peeked at the chatbox on the freemagick.com website, and get this! One of the fake chat members was slandering Ashra! They were saying things like "Ashraspells is a total scam, it didn't work for me at all" and "I think Ashra runs blacklotusrituals". I am almost positive blacklotusrituals is yet another scam site.

Those comments were only posted very recently, so my guess is that "Candace", whoever the heck she ACTUALLY is, saw this post and got her shoe strings in a wad about it, so she decided to try to turn people against Ashra in a pathetic attempt to make herself look better. That is just messed up. Very immature and petty. And I am sorry to say that I DO have experience with Sasha London too. A few years ago, I had an ex I was trying to get back, and I was so desperate that I completely overlooked all the red flags and bought the "aura cleansing". She claimed that if I got the aura cleansing, then she would cast the spell itself for "free" and that I could pay her any amount I wished AFTER I saw results, and that I would see results within 2 weeks. So I agreed to it, and surprise surprise, no results after 2 weeks. When I tried to email her about it, she simply replied "Please just be patient and positive. Thank you." So after that I just cancelled the monthly aura cleansing subscription and ceased all contact with her. So all in all I did only lose $9 to her, money-wise. But I definitely wasted a good deal of valuable time and emotional energy on her too.

Another thing I noticed with Sasha is that she also had a "chatbox", full of so-called customers raving about how well it worked. But then both I and my friend who also was trying it tried to post in the chat talking about how we felt lied to, both our comments were deleted almost instantly!
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@Pranky But Saintly , There is no doubt Candice wrote those comments about Ashra along with all those fake comments praising their list of "trusted" spell casters. I posted an update on the thread about Angelica Sanders earlier today. Candice Lightheart and Angelica Sanders are the same person, or should I say couple. They are in a relationship with each other and I found out they both live in Virginia within the United States. All of these phony characters, they call spell casters, are the creations of the two people behind this scam.

Ashra has no association with Black Lotus Rituals which sounds very much like a magic card from Magic the Gathering. Whoever is behind Black Lotus Rituals is likely young enough to be a Millennial. Maybe there should be a new thread about them. I'm going to do some digging around...

Its sad to hear that you lost $9 on them, but thank god they didn't get more out of you. I can only imagine the amount of people losing money by trusting the information hosted on the Free Magick website.
I just visited the Free Magick site, and it look very poorly put together. The comment section like what was said in the starter post is very fake, I've seen those dozens of times on tons of websites.

I have never gone any of the casters listed, I've emailed several but none of these.

I did see the comment staying Ashra was a scam, but there was also one about Zara, which made me laugh. There is a caster I'd like to make a thread about, but the ability to do it isn't shown for me for some reason.
Woah I cannot believe that there are still people online trying to make an easy buck by saying they are spell casters. I really think this is morally wrong of Candice Lightheart. If you are not a spell caster or have absolutely no experience in that then do not promise this to anyone! A lot of people fall into this trap all the time and it is horrible and I wish that these people behind Free Magick will be punished for what they are doing. Ashra is and always will be the only real spell caster and psychic online and someone who actually cares for her clients . I know I am in the right place now.
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I have been finding out some REALLY incriminating information on freemagick.com and how they function. Ashra personally emailed me asking for my help, which I gratefully obliged because she is awesome and wants no one to be scammed out of their money, and neither do I because it is a very bad feeling and you lose trust in people when it happens. I sent the info to Ashra, plus I posted what I found out in the Angelica Sanders thread, because she is a part of freemagick.com as well, and is a total scam.
I strongly feel we will be able to locate the people who claim to be a coven of 12. I received a new video that reviews Freemagick.com and the spell casters associated with their website. Please show your support by LIKING the video below.

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I hope someone on here can help me on this. So I wanna know what spell casters names are the same person? There has been so many spell casters and websites mentioned I have forgotten what spell casters are the same person but have just put different names on the websites. I hope someone can guide me on this as I do wanna make some videos of these topics and want the information to be correct :) .Thanks in advance.
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The comment section of the freemagick looks so fake and they even said that Ashra is a scam. This people will do anything to discredit Ashra because they know that she is a real spell caster and that are fake. That is what fake spell casters do.They will try to lure potential clients to them by discrediting the real ones. Shame on them.
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Hi @RubyXRed - Maybe I could help you with that question. If you're asking about all of the fake spell casters on Free Magick, the same person is behind these names:
  • Candace Lightheart
  • Angelica Sanders
  • Sapphire Kridell
  • Clarissa White
  • Sasha Londons
  • Londa Marks
  • Michelle O'Hara
  • Samantha Robinson
  • Tiffany Gold
There has been some speculations that Katerina Guarantee with www.katspells.com (which is no longer on the internet) was a part of this big elaborate scam, but we need more proof behind it. The names I dropped are all of the ones that I know of that are the same exact person. If anyone else knows of any I didn't name, please share. We need to know who they all are so that we can help others to avoid them at all costs until they are taken down.
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I glanced at the website Freemagick.com, and my computer nearly crashed! That site is very glitch, and looked like a 7 year old created it. Very poorly made! Also, why must they lie about Ashra? She is defiantly a real Caster! Otherwise, she wouldn't have the growing loving community she has today. Why cant they just find a job, or actually practice spells until they can successfully cast. Scamming will just get you in serious trouble, and hated by all online and in real life.
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I hope everyone's doing good and having a nice day. Thanks, @SierraB123 for creating the thread and giving all of us warning, I have been reading a lot about this Free Magick website and this fake spell caster, looks like they have scammed and hurt many people's feelings. This person has different websites with different names right? That's very creepy. Also, the website is poorly put up and using different fonts and sizes in different colors to attract others is a huge sign that they are fake, also the 100% money back guarantee is SO NOT TRUE! I have come across other fake spell caster's website where they mention the same but that's not the truth, they will just steal your money. Also the website not showing the spells or no description along with no price shown is dangerous. Don't trust them.
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