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Free spells offered by Ashra

It's very helpful that a kind and caring person like ashra understands our troubles. Most of us can't afford to purchase spells. Even though some of us may have jobs, it's hard to take care of expenses and purchase spells. The system Ashra created for us to earn karma points means a lot to me. I'm very thanful for that because most spell casters requires money and I can't afford most the spells. They are very expensive so it's like Ashra is casting the spells free for us.
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Hello Guys,

I chanced upon Ashra's site when I was surfing the Net, trying methods to regain my lost love.
I emailed Ashra and she responded to me. I explained my inability to purchase the spell.

She understood my situation and invited me to join the forum to earn Karma points. I believe, I found Ashra by Divine Plan. I am Thankful and Grateful to Madam Ashra for showing me this route and method to buy the Spell.

Please guys, do not have an iota of doubt for the spells offered free. If Ashra has initiated this system, then she is genuinely our well-wisher.

And She will see to it that we obtain what we all are aiming at or desiring for. Only when we have positive thoughts can spells work.

Also please understand, Ashra is bound by a code of conduct by spiritual standards. Do you think she will put all her years of hard work, her credentials and credibility at stake offering free spells which do not work?

Ashra will do everything in her capacity to put the smile back on our faces and the joy back in our Lives.

I think all of us have this implicit faith in her.

I am really in awe of the Karma point system initiated by Ashra. For her kindness and generosity. For forming a genuine and robust support system to help one another. For spreading love, joy and cheer. She continues to be a source of encouragement for all of us.

She has initiated this System only for the well-being of those like us who are unable to pay for spells. Her care and thoughtfulness for all of us is indubitable and cannot be expressed in words.

I am extremely happy and honored to be part of ttis Forum. I think we are the luckier ones. There are many in this world who do not have access to such resources as Ashra.

With Ashra firmly backing us, I am sure and confident that the dark days and black nights we have seen without our other halves would soon get over and be only a memory of the past. All the trials we underwent until now would seem like a bad dream. (phew some Love story of a movie! :jawdrop:)

I am confident New Year will be very memorable positively for all of us on this forum...
Blessed are we...:thumbsup: Blessed is Madam Ashra :innocent:

Thanks guys..
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When I first came to Ashra, it was a few months before the point system came out. I emailed her and I said I can't afford to get a spell. She replied back and I was so surprised that she understood and right away offered to do a free spell for me. It was so generous of her. I knew right at that moment that I could trust her. She truly is an angel.
Ashra, I am sending lots and lots of positive vibes your way!!
These free spells are the ones that Ashra offered before the destiny and karma points system came out. The free spells weren't as powerful as the ones bought with cash. Because they were made with inexpensive materials. The free spells could take 2 months to 19 years to manifest. But thankfully that's why Ashra came out with the karma and destiny point system because it gives everyone a fair chance to have powerful spells working fast and it doesn't matter if they were bought with money or points. They are treated equally and gave the same priority. And like Ashra said points are worth as much as money.
I'm kinda new to this forum. I joined last week. I'm curious but has anyone here ordered a spell with karma points? If so, how did it turn out for you? Which spell did you order?
Ashra recommended a free spell for me and I've read about it on her site. It seems very promising. I want to know if anyone has ever used it before and if it has worked for them? I want to be motivated. Everyone here is so positive and seem to have success stories.
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I have been a firm believer of Ashra since last year June when I stumbled upon this forum while desperately searching for a spell caster and ever since then I have become a big fan of her. Who is even offering free spells by introducing karma points system. Amazing!

No spell casters will do like Ashra herself is helping people out in their needs.. she's been such a sweetheart!
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I told Ashra that a lack of money has always been an issue for me, but I was so ecstatic when she introduced me to the point system and that I could still have my spell cast if I saved up enough. Ashra is very generous, you have that right Ms. Kate. Sending positive vibes to everyone!
When I came to Ashra for help, I had told her that I couldn't afford to pay for the spells, although she had understood my situation and had told me a way that I could get spells for free is by earning karma points in the forums, engaging with members, logging in daily, and so forth. I find it to being very neat that there's a point system to earn points in many different ways. Even though the Karma Points are treated as valuable money. It's so very kind and nice of her for also understanding that many of us do not have any jobs, having financial problems, etc. I trust her with everything.
Hello everyone!

Writing in the forum can do wonders, you know. I just noticed that my desktop version of the forum now shows me my KP and the resources! So I can tell when and if I get enough for a spell. You should write in the forum and read everything, as well as make a video! Testimonials are really good too. If you do enough, you can gain more than enough for a free spell.
Right now I am saving up Karma Points to have a spell casted. It is free as long as you earn the points you need. Ashra has mentioned to me before that money does not matter and that she likes helping everyone out. I'm thankful that Ashra is actually casting spells for free and has a small community so that everyone waiting, saving, or just upset can communicate. I think that's awesome of her.
I feel so happy that Ashra is doing something like this for free! Like, I have known many casters who refuse to do things like this for free because ingredients are really expensive, but I am sure Ashra is getting paid in page revenue, so I am really happy to hear that she can still do things like this for people, and honestly, I do not mind visiting the page a lot and putting food on her table.
I think it is really nice of Ashra to give free spells to those who can't afford them. She has a warm heart and such a caring spirit as well. I have been buying all my spells but I hope to earn some points as well.
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Even though there is a lot of load on her. She still offered us a free spell which are as good as the one bought with money. I thought the same too, how very kind of her. Very understanding. Wouldn't know what would have happened, if not for ashra's generosity. Also yes, this community is so wonderful. I feel and understand all of your pain. If i were rich I would have bought spells for each of you. Currently I only have 2 spells active and aiming to buy object of desire. :)
Well I am new to the forum and I can't afford a spell so I explained that to Ashra and she told me about the forum and the karma points. So I really need to earn these points because I feel desperate and I need this spell that Ashra told me would be the best one to cast for me. Everyone has been so helpful and understanding. Positive vibes!
I like how ashra has free spells for the people that don't have money or don't have a credit card etc! It makes it awesome for the people that don't have those things. Ashra is so amazing for thinking about the people that don't have any money or no credit card!

You have to work to get the spells by posting on the forum a lot and collecting points but yes the spells are really free!
It takes a lot of hard work and dedication
Lucky for those who got a free spell from Ashra. I came late in this site so I wasn't able to experience that. But as a matter of fact I got a free spell also but in a different aspect. I was so happy on that day and I am lucky to get a spot from so many members who joined. Ashra never failed her member to surprised us. Every now and then she is giving something for her supporters.

You know what she is an angel coz being active in this site yiu could get her spell for free still. By helping other members coz for rules she wont be able to cater with their everyday concern. Ofcourse in terms of the actual spell, she will handle it. Following her rules and regulation will make your problem solved.
She's amazing guys! Like, who seriously goes out of their way to make people smile? Not a lot. But, she gives everyone an opportunity to gain her spell work and that's so entirely sweet of her. ❤️

It is so sweet of her that she takes acknowledge of the people that cannot afford spells since the prices can be a little it of hand and most spell casters never give that as an option, they seek making money a option. But she goes out of her way to make all of her customers happy which is really kind of her to do for so many heart broken people. Thank you!!!! It's so sweet and I hope you all get the opportunity to receive a spell from her I am yet to reiceve one but I have so much confidence that it'll work!
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Yes Ashra really does free spells. She had introduced the karma point system. And at first when she said she was willing to help me for free I was overcome with happiness, and I was just a tad skeptical cause other spell casters asked for money and never emailed me back after I told them about my money situation. But even though I was skeptical, my faith had grown a lot which is great. Ashra really does do spells for free. I'm very grateful that I found Ashra when I did. :hilarious:
She is a very sweet lady after all the spells that I bought from her she offered me a free spell as well because I had got laid off from my job and couldnt do much and basically needed help with everything.

Ashra has such a big heart and she keeps me sane when im having one of my fits and getting all upset when i shouldnt have too. Love that sweet lady!
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Ashra is a blessing to each of us and I am so grateful to have been a client and now just that I consider Ashra as a dear friend that I know I will never meet. I can feel her spirit so that is a strong connection for me.
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I do believe everyone is skeptical at first! I mean, it is personal to open up to strangers about your love life, because you do not know how they will respond etc.. but it is great that you accepted the free spell, so now she can do her very best to achieve a great favor for you. I am happy for the ones that have had success and I am trying to reach towards success as well. We are only human, but with the right outlook I believe anyone can do anything. :)
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The only free way to do it is getting karma points doing various things. I heard that you can give her a video and she'll give you up to thirty karma points. That's only if you follow the rules of sending that video and what should it contain. The ways you get it is by earning badges and posting comments on this forum. I don't think asking her for free spells will work.
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Hi everyone.. I have been having a really terrible Time of life and trying to find someone to help I somehow I reached this site that is actually made by I really good human being name ashra every time I talk to her I felt like I was talking to a friend it was easy for me to tear my situation with her not even that she actually helps you out even if you don't have anything to offer her in return for example money..

I researched many other people before this that pretended that they were going to help me out but then even after paying them I couldn't get any results..

But I'm definitely sure that I'll be able to see a change in my life because of the way Ashra has responded every time I talked to them about my problem through email..

Before reading this site when I was about to email her I thought maybe this is going to be the same as other spell casters that are looking for money and if you don't give them the money... then they don't even ask you where you are and how you are.. well I'm very thankful to this team and ashra for helping me out they are like Angels for me..

Thank you for welcoming me and thank you for helping people like me who have given up freely without any cost Attached..

I can't really put this in words but I've tried to put my feelings into words...

I love ❤️ you all... I am thankful your kind gesture..
I joined this forum few days ago. I have love problem. I wish to reconcile love with my boyfriend. I google search, I found Ashra. I told her about my story and situation, she is clearly understood and offered me to cast a free spell. She never force me to pay money to her but she guides me to earn karma points. I'm very appreciate Ashra.

Blessing to you and Ashra. :)
Ashra is setting an excellent example for how a true spellcaster should handle their clients. In reality, she is gaining clientele and bringing people together to support one another to stay strong in these hard times. At the same time, when people converse, they get rewarded with points witch then turn into spells that bring their loved one back. It is all a win win situation, and this a perfect system that is focused on helping people rather than money.
I believe Ashra is the only spell caster who offers free spells, with no catch.

Ashra lets you earn your free spells via the forum, all you need to do is participate on the forum, and communicate with other members.

Other spell casters I have heard say that you do not need to pay for their service, just the materials needed to spell cast, however, this is a lie, do not believe them. This service is not free at all, they try to trick you into emptying your bank account to them.

Ashra is legitimate, and the only one who casts free spells. She does this out of the kindness of her heart. :)
When I first contacted Ashra, I was hoping that the spells would be free, because I didn't have any money to pay at all. I told Ashra about it, and she was very understanding! She told me about the way I could get free spells by using Karma Points. As she said, the points essentially serve the same as a dollar value. This goes to the first timers of this forum! Just collect points, and then when you have enough for a spell, you can request it. I'm 10 away from requesting my first spell. I'm very excited!! :)
Hey Gaby, how are you today? You are right, Ashra is the only spell caster who happens to offer free spells to be casted, yes it does take time to earn up to enough karma points to get the free spell you are wanting to purchase, but its good that we have the forum, yes also other spell casters will trick you into making you spend all of your money, and they dont care about your feelings, but Ashra actually cares about her clients and loves to help us out.
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Ashra spells aren't ever 100% free. That's not a bad thing because she helps a lot of people. You can either pay her cash or earn karma points. Karma points can be used to buy a spell or trade it for other points like Destiny points. I can't afford her spells so I'm actually collecting karma points. Honestly it's been hard, earning karma points isn't something that is easy. But it's worth it! I will also say that Ashra is the only real spell caster that is real. The rest aren't as nice and are more greedy. They don't care whether you end up happy or not.
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The truth is I found out about Ashra Koehn a while ago and I emailed her and she actually sent me how much money I would need to pay. I didn't have any money so I thought she's not real, but then I emailed her again last month this time including my financial problem and why I couldn't pay her the money. She introduced me to the community and my life changed. I knew from that moment that she was as real as can be. Because she understood my situation and still wanted to help me.
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I have met a lot of spell caster that offer had offer the "FREE" spells. But I know that they all are so fake and all of them are making me feeling so disappointed. I am feeling so lucky and happy that I have met Ashra. She had brought me to here after knowing my situation and problems. She is very kind and generous. She told me that she is truly care about her clients and she had told me that I can get my spells with the karma points. I am feeling so grateful for Ashra. She is my angel and she is the best. I love you Ashra and may God bless you always.
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I think Ashra did a great idea with the forum she did it so the people who can't afford her spells are able to come here and earn karma points by commenting on the forum or making videos and email to her Ashra is a kind hear not all spell caster are like this most of them are just interested in the money and don't care if the spell worked or didn't they just care about taking your money and living you dry but not Ashra no wonder a lot of people come to her for help. She is a genius Ashra god bless her soul everybody enjoy there night.
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Ashra does offer no cost spells but you have to buy those spells with karma points I Destiny points. Which if you upgrade your account should take no more than a week. But All of Ashra's work is worth the money or points. Throughout the process of the spell you learn more about yourself. You learn how patient you can be, how strong you can be but also how weak you can be. This website helps you feel more postive and these folks on here make you feel better. I promise you won't regret nothing .
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I believe almost all of Ashra spells are offered for free except for the very powerful ones. As long as you can earn the points you can get any spell you want for free without having to pay a penny for them. I don't think there is anyone like her in this world that would do that for us and care for us as much as ashra cares for us. If she wasn't real then none of these spells would have been for free and I can assure you guys that these spells are amazing.
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Daisy does make a very good point.

Although Ashra helps people out with free spells, they are not 100% free, which is completely understandable.

If you ask for free help from Ashra you need to work your butt off to earn your points in order to have a spell cast free of charge.

I strongly believe Ashra casts more free spells then makes money because she is not casting for profit, she is casting because she cares about each and every one of us and she wants to see us happy again.

She puts a lot of time, energy and effort into casting each spell, the least we can do is earn our way.
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Hey Bearhug! Yeah I also notice that she has added some powerful spells in the resource section to choose from, and they all are free of charge. We don't need to spend much money on love or money spells and also readings. What a generous spellcaster! Yeah as for the most powerful spells, it may coat some dollars, but it's worth it I think. She got all my spells cast without asking for some money at all. I hope our free spells produce thee best results for all of us.
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Ashra is truly amazing and wonderful right? People like us love Free even food. But Spell caster who offer a free one is not normal. Some of them are trying to fool people then afterward they will for some sort of donation.

We are very lucky before and after this pointing system came out. WHY? because there is no difference. Its still FREE until now. But in terms of working on the points before we could avail the spell she need is something. Members will value more her help. Most of the members that have good result already happy now with their lovers. Wish one day we could have them again and find time to chat what is happening to them.
Ashra's free spells are the only one which actually work. All other sites providing the free spells and claiming to give results are false. Ashra is the one and only real he home casted and now I am a total believer in her and her spells. I knpw that she has the power to make everything possible and she can do it for all of us who reached to her for her help. Ashras spells are amazing and are real. They work so well and they don't harm anyone.
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Hello everyone! I am one of members who only purchased spells from Ashra free of charge. She never asked me for much money or even forced me to go with more spells against my willing. To those who may buy spells with cash, I have heard that Ashra always recommends powerful spells for them and never pushed them to go with more spells just for money. I am glad to meet Ashra. I have been working with her for a quite while and didn't expect that I have seen lots of amazing results with free spells only. I am really hoping that I will see my full results soon. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way