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Free spells offered by Ashra

Offering us a way to get us what we need for no money is so generous, it really sets her apart from other spell casters. When I told her about my situation she did not email just once, but TWICE. She really seemed to care about my situation and recognized how urgent it was. I cannot be thankful enough for how sweet and kind she is. I can't wait to get my spell casted and to see if the love of my life returns before summer rolls around. There's a concert we were supposed to go to but we broke up before it could happen, so I'm hoping things will get mended and we get spend that time together. It would be a total dream. My heart is telling me I'm running out of time, and that scares me, but regardless i'm going to be working hard in order to receive the results i desire so greatly. This system is really unique and amazing and I'm thankful for it! Thanks so much Ashra. It means the universe to me.

I really enjoy the system Ashra created for gaining Karma Points. It really helps you understand your situation fully before casting your spell. It's also a great feeling cause you work for your points! Being rewarded for being active in the community is a great feeling. I'm grateful for her compassion and I can't wait to move further down the road!
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I agree with what everybody else has said! Her spells actually work, and many people have confirmed it, even if they were free! I think that her karma point system also makes the free spells very authentic. I would be a little skeptical if I didn't have to do anything at all to get a free spell. Also, most free spell casters just tell you to put your names into a box and they'll say that they will cast the spell for you! Ashra really gets to know your situation, even if it's free, and I think that adds to the reliability of her spells.
Hello Whitetitles! You couldn't have said it better. I thought free spells with karma points weren't as powerful as the ones we bought with cash. Ashra is more than a generous spellcaster I guess. Mostly, love spellcasters will put money stuff before going into the details of our situation. I remember that Ashra asked me about what's happened with me and my lover in details, she offered me a spell with ninety points, and then I told her honestly that I was not in the position where I was able to purchase any spells. She happily welcomed me to join the forum and collect up points for free spells. She's a light-hearted person.
I was honestly so happy when I came on the forum and ashra said she could offer spells to me for free it made me feel like she was the real deal and then I always just wanted to have ashra as a spell caster. She is truly amazing. I love that ashra koehn the best spell caster in the world offers spells for free to the people that may not have any money to get a spell from ashra or anything. I love the forum and I love being on here talking to you all. It is really fun and cool that we have the forum. We can make new friends as we are working to get our lovers back. We are all a big community! Don't take the forum for granted! Being on the forum is like a gift from god! I love it on here and I think everyone is super nice and it makes me want to stay on here regardless if I get my baby elephant back (hes baby elephant and I'm kitten :laugh:)
Ashra offers us free spells by creating the karma point system in order for us to earn our own kind of currency. Ashra understands that sometimes money can be hard to give at times and she is not in this for the money.

Ashra is the only spell caster that I know that offers spells for no cost.
Karma points are just as valuable as real money and should never be taken for granted.
Other spell casters that offer to work for free either have no results or negative reviews from what I've seen online.
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When I first contacted Ashra, she mentioned the Karma Point system and I think it's a great way to earn free spells.
Since I cannot afford to purchase them, I'll be using this system.

I am working for my points. I know Ashra's spells are legitimate.
(I have chosen the Effusive Lottery Spell) and when I'm able to cast it, it'll be a good day.
Ashra recognized how serious my situation was and emailed me to see if I was ok.

I can't wait to request my spell!
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Ashra casted a cleansing and ritual spell for me at her own expense and I wanted to say thank you for being so kind and generous. Ashra is amazing and I have to say I keep having chills and tingly sensations running through my body. I can't help to not smile when I have these feelings. She is about to cast another spell and I am feeling good about my lover returning to me very soon. I just wanted to say Ashra will offer free spells to help with your situation. I have purchased spells from her as well and will continue to do so!
Ashra does work for free, but like the spells offered for purchase on her websites, the spells offered on the forum have their own kind of currency. Ashra does not simply hand us these spells for free, so she created the karma point system in order for us to work towards spells to fix our situation. Like the spells she offers online, she puts a lot of work into these free spells and casts them out of pure kindness and love. Ashra has never been in it for the money, she cares deeply about all of her clients and always provides quality over quantity.
Ashra is such an amazing and sweet woman who sincerely cares about her clients, she is not into spell casting for the money, but for helping us all. That is why she offers free spells. And her free spells is of the same quality as her paid spells and will still yield results which the paid spells yield too. Ashra is always willing to help, even though you are on a low budget and financial restrictions, speak to her she will help you.
Free spells that are offered by Ashra are here on this forum. When I told Ashra that I was not in the position to pay for the spell she gave me the forum to earn the points. I believe that it is the best thing that she has created for people who are not financial to pay for the spell and earn Karma points. Most people earn them in a day or two. But believe me Ashra knows what she is doing. She says that she cares more about people than money and that is the most genuine thing I have ever heard. She is the most kindest sweetest lady you will ever meet and she is honest about what she does and she makes a difference in people's lives to get to their happy endings.
hi, Ashra is the only spell caster I know that casts free love spells, so take the chanche and try to earn Karma points online you can then cast a spell.
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Hello guys, the only real and Genuine spell caster that really offeres free real spells is Ashra Koehn. She is so real, caring, nice and a very amazing woman. She offers free spells for those who can not afford to pay for her spells by giving us a forum where we can participate, earn points that are very valuable which is also like money that we can use to purchase our recommended and desired spells. She is such a wonder woman with a heart of Gold. And her free spells are of the same quality as her paid spells.

Ashra is such an amazing and sweet woman who sincerely cares about her clients, she is not into spell casting for the money, but for helping us all. That is why she offers free spells. And her free spells is of the same quality as her paid spells and will still yield results which the paid spells yield too. Ashra is always willing to help, even though you are on a low budget and financial restrictions, speak to her she will help you.
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I think that is very cool that Ashra came up with the karma points system because not everybody have the money to pay for a spell. So she created this system so that we can comment on each other's post and earn points at the same time so that we can order spells with
I will not say they are actually free, because here karma points are like money. However, you see it takes as much effort as it takes to earn money, karma points are same. but still you are able to earn karma points as much as you can and purchase the spell you want. Its not affordable for everyone to buy a spell with money and Ashra provides this easy alternative. As i am from india, the difference between dollar and indian rupees is huge. Its not possible for me to buy a spell. but earning karma points is same for everyone.

You are not buying anything with money, but you are earning spells with your effort by posting on the forum, so technically its not free.
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Ashra is the only spell caster that I know of that works for free and has had a bunch of positive reviews praising her work and how it changed their lives. If there are other spell casters who tell you that they work for free, don't be surprised if they ask you to pay money after you see results. Ashra's free spells are always casted once we earn enough points to purchase our desired spell. I have had a lot of movement from her free spells, so remember that they are powerful. Just as long as you earn your karma points truthfully, you can purchase as many free spells with karma points as you want :).
Yes indeed Ashra offers free spell casting and they are equally effective as the ones purchased with cash, in a situation where all you have time do is make time and build points after which you purchase your desired spell and it is casted for you, no hassles, no partiality whatever, nothing beats that, her spells are genuine and highly potent so long as you keep to the rules, for me she is the only spell caster who does that and I will always respect her for this.
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I had read in various places that Ashra had cast spells for some people for free, and I couldn't believe it was true at first because of how amazing it sounded. She does though, using the Karma Points system that has been introduced here some time ago. The fact that it's a possibility that has been given to each and every one of us just shows how caring Ashra is, and how she isn't focused on the money. Her spells don't differ between the ones you can purchase with actual money and the ones you can purchase with Points, and that's what makes Ashra the best spell caster.
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I'm new on the forum and i just wanted to say that unfortunately i also don't have money to buy Ashra's spell. I think that all of her spells are great if I could buy them I would buy them all. I'm earning my spell by karma points. I think the system is great and that Ashra is grateful of love and understanding for each of us.Also i have to thank all of you because you are all so full of support and kind and we are all in similar problems.
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I totally Agree with you Mz Ochyx!
Ashra is the only spell caster who offers free Spells. She made this Forum to earn points and avail free spells. She is the only genuine and real Spell Caster who offers free Spell. I didn't tried any of her spell till now because I have not enough points but I am sure when Ashra cast any Spell for it will work and give result.
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Reading everyone's post about Ashra casting free spells reassures me that everything is going to be alright. Just to get a responds on my situation & giving me so much details have made my dark clouds go away... I may not know her personally nor have I worked with her long but she have gave me hope & faith that anything is possible Ashra is the best at what she does.
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She offers free spells by her karma point system on this forum. This system allows you to earn your own kind of currency to buy spells that are in a similar price range that are sold online. The beauty of it is that some of these spells are exclusive to get and are not offered online. The points are easy to earn and the best way to do it is by sending in videos to her about a certain topic that she suggested. She does work for free to anyone who was curious. You can't just ask for a spell for free, but you can certainly earn points to buy one without using any actual money.
Ashra is amazing to offer a free spell that's very sweet of her, she really cares about her clients and would do anything to help us. She gives you hope and faith to keep you going in life, not just getting your ex back or whatever problems you are having, it's nice to know she always there for you to give you good advice. The karma points is so great for people to earn a spell from Ashra without paying, she is amazing and a treasure to have in our lives, she is geninune and real, I would trust Ashra over any person that says their a spellcaster, Ashra is the real deal.
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Yes she does offer free spells, instead of paying with money you earn Karma points and when you get a certain amount you can request a spell. If you contact Ashra and ask I am positive she will be able to help, she was really understanding towards my situation and I haven’t ever met anyone as kind or genuine. Worth an ask!
@Kierra Hi kierra. All you have to do is just contact Ashra and tell her your situation. she will surely help you.

Unlike other spell casters ashra is good and a real genuine person. You can contact her through the website ashra.net. All you have to do is go to the contact box and send her the message and fill in all the details and send her to.

Explain your situation to her. With your situation she will be helping you.Actually there are many people with your situation here.

So I paid to one spell and I need some more so I asked ashra for help and this forum is a great help for all of us.

So you just contact Ashra and through the karma point system you can purchase spells here too.
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I know that she offers free spells by the karma point system. But before she had the karma point system I asked her if I could get a free spell and she said that I could I just had to follow some simple steps. I am really thankful for the karma system because I recently just got one spell and psychic questions. I have not heard from her yet but I know Ashra is a very busy woman. I contacted her wednesday and its saturday now. I just have to be patient and not rush her. Even though the spell I want I want it to be fast but we can't always get what we want :laugh:!
Ashra's spells are definitely free! Free as in you do not need to use your money but you can dedicate time and effort to earn points and spread positivity. It is a little time consuming but a great way to earn points for spells especially if you do not have the financial means to purchase a spell. I am already half way to my goal and being able to work for the spells makes me appreciate it more so thank you Ashra for doing this!
I am honestly glad for karma points. I would love to get my lover back but honestly couldn't afford it anymore after spending money on other spells. I figured I'll never find a free caster till I ran across Ashra and seen she offered free service. I was unsure if it was true until I contact her she told me how to collect karma points to claim my free spell. When she told me she doesn't do it for the money it's from her heart I truly felt it.
Thank you for the opportunity to collect karma points
Also i would like to comment on Ashra who is offering these free love spells . :thumbsup::thumbsup: I think this is a good chance to comment on her service given to me and i hope this will help people to know about Ashra . :D Ashra is the only person in my life I have seen offering love spells for free. :innocent: What other spell casters do is advertise that love spells are offered by them for free and then after we contact them they charge prices . Also some others scam us by telling that they offer free spells .

Ashra is the only genuine person i have met in my life as a free love spell caster . I am totally grateful for her for that . It is not something that other people will easily do . Also im grateful for her for offering us spells so that we can purchase it through the forum . That is really a grate thing . :rolleyes::D:D:D:inlove:
Karma points are so awesome! I so glad Ashra developed a program for people to get their spells even if they can not pay with cash. This is just one of the reasons Ashra is different from those other spell casters. Ashra gives back to others. Thank you for helping so many people.
I'm looking forward to Ashra casting a free spell for me. She recommended me the spell "Passion Panacea" which is among her powerful spells. I was so excited for the spell to be casted and have my ex back!! But then I couldn't afford it since US dollars are expensive in my country :(

But I didn't lose hope. Ashra truly understands the situation we all go through. I know she's working hard daily on giving the best spell-casting services, including free ones. Honestly, I'm a spell-caster myself but not as powerful and as successful as Ashra~ ^_^

What I do best as a spell-caster are only weather spells hehe :p
I think that the Karma Point system is fantastic. There are many people who are in difficult financial situations and they can't afford to pay for spells with money. Ashra was kind and generous enough to create the karma point system that way we can gain karma points and buy spells with them. I think that is fantastic because it shows that we are dedicated to getting our desired outcomes, and we can give back to Ashra in a way by using the forum. I personally I am very grateful for this because I am in financial difficulties and I would not be able to buy a spell, but thanks to Ashra and her generosity I was able to gain enough points to buy a spell that way.
Hi I'm new here and I'm looking forward a free spell that Ashra offered for me and my situation. I would love to get my lover back but I couldn't afford the "Passion Panacea" that she recommended. I know it is one of the powerful spells and I don't have enough money to purchase. But then Ashra offers free spell casting with karma points. While talking to her through email it's like you're talking to a friend.. she's very sweet and understanding. She really cares about my situation and would do anything to help. I talked to her just lastnight and today is Saturday.. I know she's a very busy person and need rest too and give time for her family and friends especially weekends. I can't wait to have my karma points. Thanks for giving me this opportunity, hope and faith that nothing is impossible. Thank you for helping so many people like us Ashra. :inlove::inlove::inlove:
Hi Kierra,
I am actually in the same situation as you! My ex and I are also at a very bad point in our relationship too, he left me 3 weeks ago because he gave up on me so he decided to leave me instead! I was heart broken. My ex boyfriend told me that he still loves me but he couldn’t continue the relationship being with me. And now after weeks later he said he doesn’t love me anymore! But I still love him and I still want him back, so I reached out to Ashra for help!
No one in the world will offer free spells. Everyone is after money. But Ashra is not like others. When I first joined the forum and shared my problem, she got back to me as soon as she saw my post. She was so kind to ask me if I was OK. She told me that she could help me for free and introduced me to the karma point system. However, I was trying very hard to earn points but it was going to take a little time and my situation was getting worse everyday. He had stopped all contacts with me. I was so depressed and used to cry all night. Ashra was so generous to offer me free spell and cast my first spell for free. I purchased my next spell from her and I want to buy more to cover all the angles in my relationship. I only believe Ashra with my relationship.
Hello everybody! Only Ashra Koehn, the only spell caster who is offering free spells for her customers! Ashra created the karma point system where you can engage yourself in the forums that the member crated for their general discussions and updates with Ashra's spells. You can earn a karma point with every comment you posted that must be in good grammar and with 70 plus words in it. It is fun reading all the success stories in the threads, and it can really help you have that positive outlook with your spells! I am very much thankful for Ashra for creating the karma point system because it is really a great help for us! Sending love and positive vibes to everyone!
I once encountered a spell caster that offer a free spell, but I just waste my time in her site. Because I believe it's only a scam, she will not cast the spell and I think it's only automated. This is really amazing about ashra she cast a spell for free and her free spell is same as the one that purchase using money. Ashra really cared for all of her client that's why many people love ashra and believe in her. You will never found a spell caster like ashra. Sending positive vibes to all
When I found out Ashra's reviews and testimonials. I was so impressed. I immediately contacted her and explain my situation and she respond my email immediately. I cant explain my emotions while reading her messages. It feels like I'm in a cloud nine. Ashra change my perspective in life. Now I will be patiently waiting for the spell to cast and I'm so excited to see results. Thank you in advance Ashra. ^_^
I agree. There are some spell casters who are scammers and it’s a waste of money paying them. Their are some who are free, but not good at all, but Ashra I know is the best; I know she won’t let me down and neither anyone else. She is a caring person. She has a passion for what she does.
Hey, everyone! Good morning! How's everything going with you? I hope great.

To say Ashra is unlike the other spellcasters is an understatement. She's prudent enough to understand that not all of us can afford her spells due to the economy (they are worth every cent in my opinion, having purchased two myself along with a seal), so she devises innovative methods to make them accessible. That's one of the reasons why she had created the forums undoubtedly.

I trust Ashra more and more each day, because she knows what she's doing. She has been a silver lining in my life, a light in the darkness, a confidant and a friend. I wouldn't go to any other spellcaster except Ashra; she's the real deal and a beautiful soul to work with. In addition, she cares about her clients deeply despite her business. Even though Ashra's behind schedule, she hasn't forgotten about us.

Thank you, Ashra.