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Free spells offered by Ashra

Truly a kind loving person to be the only legit spell caster to cast spells for free. Also her karma point system is so truly helpful. I was without a job when I contacted Ashra. She told me about the karma points system. I am currently waiting to accumulate enough karma points, in order to get my spell cast. I am so thankful for Ashra and this karma point system she has in place. In order to help people who can't afford to pay for a spell.
I know that I for one could not appreciate more the fact that Ashra is in such a position to be able to offer us free spells. I am on such a limited income that I can barely afford anything free. it was truly fated for me to have run across Ashra when I did, at a time when I was distraught and in need of having something good to happen to me. finding Ashra and her free spells was it.
I encourage all to trust in Ashra's process. Her work is amazing and even with her first spell that she has cast for me has been amazing!!!
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing just okay today. In all honesty, before I came to Ashra, I was a bit sceptical and had thoughts that her free spells weren't effective. But I was wrong. The spells I purchased with my earned karma points did bring me some cool movements. I know most of you might assume that free spells aren't as powerful. Ashra does believe in good karma that's why she always puts her thoughts and efforts into her work. Either free spells or the ones with real money does work. I am going to buy another love spell in the resource section. I hope I will get there soon. Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way!!!
Ashra has created this amazing system out of the generosity of her heart!

She offers a range of free spells on the forum, they are easy to access, all you have to do is post comments on the forum, once you have enough points for the spell you desire you will be able to request your spell.

I believe before Ashra created the forum she casted some free spells on certain occasions too.

Without this system I wouldn't have a second chance at getting my lover back.
It is very generous of Ashra to offer the karma points system as an alternative way to pay for spells. I have heard others have gotten assistance from her explaining their financial situation and she may have cast for them for free or lesser expense based on circumstance.

I just wish I could see how many karma points I have, does anyone know?
Ashra has this forum made for us especially for the people who are not able to pay! There are so many different spells that Ashra offers us here on the forum! It is even easy to access to purchase! From these free spells, the way you are able to purchase them is by commenting on the forum and earning points! And while you are earning some points, you are able to talk with other people who worked with Ashra! :inlove::inlove:
Ashra Koehn is the only spell caster that I know who offers free spells! She created the karma point system for those members who is short in their funds in purchasing a spell. Ashra’s spells are 100% legit and really works! I am very thankful for Ashra fo creating the karma point system because with the system I was ableto purchase five spells already and right now, I am racking up my karma points for my sixth spell. Ashra is the best and being caring towards her members is just amazing that she had the karma point system. Good luck to us all!
Exalted light, do she email you after she has cast your free spell? I was wondering because she is going to cast a free spell for me on my situation...
Hi everyone, i messaged Ashra about my issue and she recommended the passion panacea spell but i couldn't afford it because i have no job for now but she still offered to help by a free spell and thats really generous of her though I haven't heard from her yet. My situation just keeps getting from good to worse and I even feel like giving up but I can't because i really love my ex-boyfriend whom we've been together for 5yrs. I just keep hoping for @Ashra Koehn to cast the spell she offered for free and get him back.
Ashra, is the only spell caster ever to offer free, authentic, legit spells. We are all truly lucky to have her. Especially, the ones who received her help. I feel happy for you and fortunate for you. She is such a kind person to offer free rituals to help others. I do not know any spell caster that generous.

The majority of spell casters trap you, ask for money, and never respond to you again. Ashra Koehn is the complete opposite and I believe we all need to give back to her in some or form once we all have our lovers back in our life. Ashra is such a kind soul and truly an angel from above with the power and gifts she has received... SHE IS A BLESSING! GOD BLESS YOU ASHRA! I hope you receive all you've ever wanted in life because you deserve the world!
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How many karma points are needed for job seeker spell to be cast for free?
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