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Free spells offered by Ashra

Discussion in 'Ashra Spells' started by Kierra, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. ExaltedLight

    ExaltedLight Member

    Hey, everyone! Good morning! How's everything going with you? I hope great.

    To say Ashra is unlike the other spellcasters is an understatement. She's prudent enough to understand that not all of us can afford her spells due to the economy (they are worth every cent in my opinion, having purchased two myself along with a seal), so she devises innovative methods to make them accessible. That's one of the reasons why she had created the forums undoubtedly.

    I trust Ashra more and more each day, because she knows what she's doing. She has been a silver lining in my life, a light in the darkness, a confidant and a friend. I wouldn't go to any other spellcaster except Ashra; she's the real deal and a beautiful soul to work with. In addition, she cares about her clients deeply despite her business. Even though Ashra's behind schedule, she hasn't forgotten about us.

    Thank you, Ashra.
  2. Angela M Faircloth

    Angela M Faircloth Member Member Plus Account

    Truly a kind loving person to be the only legit spell caster to cast spells for free. Also her karma point system is so truly helpful. I was without a job when I contacted Ashra. She told me about the karma points system. I am currently waiting to accumulate enough karma points, in order to get my spell cast. I am so thankful for Ashra and this karma point system she has in place. In order to help people who can't afford to pay for a spell.

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