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Full moon love spells with fast results

I think most of us waiting for the update of the Solaris soul seeker spell. I hope we gets the positive results whoever is waiting for their their lover to return. I can't wait for my update and I am hoping that I will hear something special from Ashra.
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Has anyone received confirmation that the spell has been cast? I just finished watching the eclipse here in the United States. I thought about my lover coming back to me and my wishes to come true for the whole thing.
I'm so happy to all who have got full moon spell and solar seeker active. Both are very powerful and will give you the results fast. The full moon is very powerful itself. Many people pray during full moon to get what they want. I'm glad so many people get lucky to purchase it. I wish I had job so I can also purchase spells, but sending good wishes who have this spell active hope this spell give you all a fruitful outcome soon.
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Hey guys. I got the report of Solaris Soul Seeker today. I must say Ashra did a great job with the report. She believes this spell will eliminate the obstacles between me and my girl. I'm super pumped and I believe in what she said. I cannot wait to see the results soon :)

Hope everyone else had a great spell casting session. Sending lots of love, light and positivity to everyone here :D
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Watching the eclipse yesterday was a powerful and beautiful experience! It was even more amazing knowing that Ashra was casting Solaris soul seeker for me. I'm excited to see the power of this spell manifest. Lots of love and positive thoughts to all of you on this forum. This is an amazing community filled with caring and supportive people.
I would like to thank Ashra for doing the Solaris Soul Seeker in my end now I'm just waiting for some more movements. I must say the first sign I received was my ex lover texted me this morning greeting me a our monthsary where we have this every month to celebrate once in a month on being together. I got excited although confuse since we are not together. I asked Ashra if I should contact him back or send him a txt msg. I understand that there is a no contact rule and I'm aftaid that this might slow down the process of my spells but also there is a side of me wanting to reply back to him. Let me know what you guys think If I should message him back or not.

Also, I'm sure Ashra must be exhausted from all the spells she did for us in Solaris Soul Seeker and Full moon spells. We would like to Thank you Ashra for all that you do. We will do our best to stay positive in our end to help you.

Alot Of Love,
Chay :inlove:
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From what I understand, it's totally okay to reply to your lover if they initiated contact. It's important to NOT initiate contact until the situation has improved - meaning there's movement towards being back together again. So if you miss a phone call - wait for them to call again. In this case, if they texted you - it's better because you can reply at your own convenience.
Hello everyone! Congratulations all of you for the Solaris Soul Seeker spell. I thank Ashra for casting this Spell for me. I am started feeling change in me very much. I want to ask a question with all of you. What is the period of no contact rule after an spell to be active. I hope any of my friend reply me back. Thanks a lot Ashra for casting this powerful spell. Lots of love and hugs to all of you. Sending all of you positive vibes.
Hi Chay! Congrats on such a lovely sign! Hearing from your love must have you feeling so special. If your love texted you first it's completely fine to respond. Please remember to keep your responses positive. Any time your love initiates contact it's perfectly fine to respond in a positive, upbeat manner. ;). *hugs*
I received an email from Ashra that Solaries Soul Seeker has been cast. I hope this would speed things up to remove the obstacles between us once and for all. I am looking forward to see some major movements soon, like her to re-initiate contact with me as I have been waiting for months now.
Ashra has cast my solaris eclipse spell and I have received a detailed e-mail from her. I am very calm now and awaiting developments. I am personally quite surprised how Ashra knows/remembers the names of my lover and me when she is helping thousands of people throughout the world. She is truly great and a very remarkable lady.
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The no contact rule is about initiating contact with him. If he contacts you replying will not delay your spell.
OMG! Imagine he popped up and said hello and when I was driving home I saw him turn a corner... would you say that's movement? As when the car drove past I felt this big energy!
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Ghazali, it doesn't matter if you requested a full moon love spell or solar eclipse spell, the no contact rule applies up until the two of you are completely back together. So that means if he contacts you thru a text it is okay to text them back but always be positive with your response and also do not ever tell them how you feel about them first. You can not be the one to tell them how you feel or text them first that is breaking the rule. Also if he calls you and you missed his call you can not call back. You need to wait for them to call you back. I hope this answered your question.
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Thank you Everyone! @ ScarlettFox, Ambrosia_421 and allagash

Your replies were very helpful I wasn't sure what to do. I don't want to scare him away but yet there was a part of me inside saying don't replied back you might ended up getting hurt again. I do want to let you guys know that he again initiate a contact to me for the 3rd time just now. He asked me if I'm going back to the jewelry store and get our promise ring fix. I don't know why he is sending me confuse signals and greeting me on this very special day for us eventhough we are not together anymore. I will do my very best to stay positive although sometimes I must admit it breaks my heart when I get the feeling that they are spending time together and flashback the memories when I have to asked him to take me out and just spend time together. I can't wait for Ashra's reply back she recommeneded me another spell. Meanwhile I will reply back to him in a positive and send him Love using law of attraction:thumbsup:

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Very grateful Ashra was able to cast the Solaris Seeker moon spell for so many! I have seen signs here and there since the cast. However, it is important to stay positive and do not contact your lover. Let them be the first to contact you. I am staying in good spirits and cannot wait to have him back in my arms. I have a very good feeling it won't be long! It has been a long 6 months of very little contact with my lover but I have to say I know the spells are working. I've been at ease, staying positive and haven't cried in months. That is not normal for me since I am very sensitive and can get upset easily. Ashra has not only taught me to become stronger but she has taught me to never give up and most importantly to love myself first! Hope everyone's dreams come true and we all live a happy rest of our lives!!
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Can anyone explain to me the different power levels and exactly what each one does and how powerful each level is for lets say a full moon spell? For Example:
  • Full moon spell Standard Cast
  • Full moon spell Triple Cast
  • Full moon spell Quad Cast
  • Full moon spell Fury Cast
  • Full moon spell Fury DD Cast
  • Full moon spell Quintessence
  • Full moon spell Quintessence DD
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I received my update about the Solaris soul seeker spell and I think I am the first one who received an update from Ashra because I purchased the spell straightaway after receiving message from Ashra and I am really impressed with her report as she was right about everything. My lover is the most stubborn and egoistic person that's why my spells taking time for my desire results but I am sure I will get my results very soon. I wish I could spend quality time with my lover on his birthday which is this weekend. I am hoping if something miracle happens within this days and he makes an initial contact again with me before his birthday. Ashra does care about everyone and she tries her very best to maintain everything about our situations. I do really appreciate her hard work...
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Hello Everyone,
I'm new to the community I'm still trying to figure out how to communicate with you all w/o harassing Ashra:laugh:. I also got the Solaris Spell moon spell casted last night. Being patient & positive is so hard these days. Ashra updated me and I felt 90% better. I also have a few spells already active on him now and I'm looking forward to seeing positive changes happen.
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Hi, Everyone!

I want to share my brief experience from what I witnessed yesterday. I was fortunate to catch a glimpse of the Solar Eclipse in my city. It was the most magical experience that I have ever seen. Throughout the entire day, my thoughts were focused on my lover. I just felt soo calm and relaxed. Just short minutes after the Solar Eclipse, I witnessed amazing signs right after the casting of the Solaris Soul Seeker Ritual. Then I received a wonderful very very positive update from Ashra. I was just speechless, and couldn't really think in that moment. I feel the wait is now coming to an end. Very soon my lover will be in contact with me. All I need to do is follow Ashra's instructions and remain positive and not let my energy drag for my Lover. Fall is very near and there are soo many things I would love to do with him during the Fall/Winter season. It was hard not being with him during Spring/Summer. But, I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT HE WILL COME BACK! He knows that we belong together. He has always known that. All he has to do is listen to his heart. I got soo excited when I was driving, and there were signs everywhere. I screamed, "I LOVE YOU (lovers name)". :laugh: :)

I owe Ashra soo many thanks. I think her eclipse spell is more powerful then any full moon spells available. I can't thank her enough for all that she does for me and continues to do for me and her clients. Ashra is the best hands down!!
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I had my Solaris soul seeker spell cast and have been so excited form when Ashra emailed me how it went Iv been feeling so positive and happy and tonight my love messaged me again then said I will call you which he did we spoke for two hours on the phone he told me he missed me 3 times in our conversation and wants to see me all I kept thinking is wow this spell really has worked quick on him and I was also thinking how lucky are we to have Ashra Koehn helping us bring our loves back to us I can't thank her enough. I know it's early days still but this movement I have been having is the best and positive thinking and believing it will happen with also remaining happy helps so much.

When is the next full moon? I wonder if Ashra Koehn has a spell for the harvest full moon in September.

I hope everyone is and will continue to get positive movement from there spells and get there loves back with them.
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Wow this spell sounds great! I couldn't buy it because I don't have money. The power of the sun and moon together will surely give great results. Post here for results I can wait to hear them. I wish you all good luck with this magical spell... believe in Ashra!
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Hiya Lollie Lou~
That is very exciting that you were able to have Solaris Soul Seeker full moon spell cast! I was too and I also very excited when Ashra emailed me telling me how it went. I have been feeling very happy and positive about it too! And wow, sounds like you have already been getting some amazing movement from it! That is such a wonderful thing that your spell is working so quickly! :) We are indeed very lucky to have Ashra helping us all and yes we all should be very grateful for it.

The next full moon will be on September 7th! Full moons are usually once a month :)

I hope the same for you in return :D
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Lucky are the people who got full moon spell and solaris soul seeker spell together. This spells are very powerful and you get the results very soon and specially if it has been casted by Ashra, I too wanted to purchase this spells but I was lacking money at the time. Once I save enough, I will the Full Moon love spell as suggested by Ashra Koehn.
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@Ashra I have been wondering if there is any benefit to having love spells that are not specifically full moon related cast during a full moon. Would this increase their power or do the spells need to specifically be using lunar energy for this to be beneficial? I am considering purchasing a love spell you recommended and I am debating on if I should order it today to be cast tomorrow or wait so it can be cast on the 5th to take advantage of the full moon. What would you recommend? Since you are familiar with my situation and changes in my partner that have been happening recently.
Spell casted during the full moon must be the most powerful spell ever and that why its result are very quick. I wish I could have purchase the soul seeker spell during full moon but during that space I did not know about the Ashra as I was seeking help from other spell caster. If some other time I can purchase the spell i will definitely try to purchase spell with higher power and effect. I as i want my lover should soon come back to me.
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Is it better to have a spell cast during a full moon? How does the full moon help the spell? Has anyone had a spell cast during a full moon? I know so many questions im so curious about this topic. I don't know much about full moon cast. I have heard of it before but I don't know if it is better for a spell to be cast on a full moon or not.
Ashra I had you on my mind during the Super Moon and I said this is the best time for Ashra to cast many spells to bring even faster results tonight. Those who are having spells cast you couldn't have did it a better time .
Has anyone heard about the upcoming Super Blue Blood Moon on January 31st? I wonder if Ashra will have any spells available for this day. I imagine that this moon would be a perfect one to get a full moon love spell cast.
I am super excited about the full moon on 1/31! I ordered the Blue Moon spell. I like to take advantage of the power of events like this. I feel like it makes the spells stronger with all that lunar energy. I hope you all have an amazing week!
I think a full moon really does increase the effect of spells. I know there is a blue moon coming up too on January 31st, so I feel like the spells will be extra potent. I hope I can save up enough before the blue moon so I can cast my spell before then. However, I know Ashra is super busy so I might not even be able to get my spell casted but I know I can trust her and hope.
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Does casting a spell in the full moon time make your spell stronger or more powerful? And does this work for any of Ashra's spells or is there a specific spell or spells that has to be cast in the moonlight or a full moon?

I know that a full moon is a strong power source as I knew that you charge crystals in the full moon light but I wasn't aware of spells being cast in a full moon.
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I am not too familiar with the logistics of spell casting, but I do think that the full moon is a great power source. It is very possible that spells cast during the full moon will produce a more amplified effect. It is not necessarily more powerful than ones cast during a non full moon night, but it could have an additional boosts. All of Ashra's spells are powerful and are designed to have similar potency no matter when they are cast (hence how she is able to handle so many requests). I think the moon does matter though, if you do not have as much experience as Ashra and you needed an extra magical connection to make your own spell casting powerful.
Spells done on the full moon always work wonder, there really is something magical about it. I think spells are more prone to work wonderfully on a full moon, astrology is very real!
Love spells or any spells for that matter that are cast during a full moon has amplified power but does not necessarily have faster results. They are more potent, but depends on your particular situation, it is important to let Ashra advise you on the time limit for the spell. Generally 2 - 8 weeks are when results will occur, but a full moon might expedite the process and make the love spells work at a more powerful rate.
So, I read and heard that there's going to be a rare blue moon on March 31st. I wonder if Agra is gonna have a lot of clients requesting very powerful spells to be done then. I don't see why not. These rare blue moons really seem to add a lot of power to spells. I had my last spell cast on the night of the super blue blood moon, and I'm amazed by how well it has been doing. I'm sure Ashra is aware of the blue moon that's approaching, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to inquire about some powerful moon magic asap.
I really don't know much about spell casting escpecially about full moon spells, but I have read over google that some spells are cast during full moon because they said that the moon has some powers. I don't know if its true or not, but all I know is that how Ashra cast her spell is amazing and it really works. You just have to be patient for the result to come.
Good evening everyone, i do think full moon spell casts do have a more magic effect and it makes it more magical. Do spells work better with a full moon spell cast? I don't really know much on full moon spell casts. I would really like to know the benefits of these spells? I have read that some spell casters will only do a love spell on a full moon? Why is this? Are the spells more powerfull when cast with a full moon? I am rather interested in this thread and would appreciate some feed back please?
Also does ashra do full moon spell casts? Thankyou all for reading. Take care.
Yeah it's always better to cast love spells during a full moon as they're a lot more powerful and I they also show the results faster. I'd prefer my spell to be cast during a full moon, I'm just working on getting enough kp! Hopefully I get then soon enough!
Good luck to all you guys! Spread love!
On another thread, Ashra posted about a rare spell opportunity on a Blue Moon, which is today. Blue Moons make spells stronger and are more potent to getting results. They are just a full moon but its twice in a month based on the rotation of the moon, which makes it rare. The next blue moon is in 2022, so I think if you can afford it, you should purchase the spell so Ashra can cast it. I'm assuming there will be fast results from any spells cast during the blue moon :)