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Full moon love spells with fast results

I do believe that the spells that casting during full moon are the most powerful spells because the energy are so high during full moon.
I haven't tried purchasing spell from Ashra that is casting during full moon but if ever I have a money to buy her spell I would really get her spell that has been cast during full moon because it's so powerful.
Not sure if casting spells during full moon will bring more effective results. After reading some posts on this thread, i think there is a possibility that you will be able to see movements faster compared to normal times to cast the spell. I have not try before casting a spell on full moon with ashra. I hope there will be more reviews on this so that we can hear more successful stories about casting spells on full moon. Thanks in advance! Sending positive vibes to everyone.
Hi everyone,
I do believe the moon has an effect on spells and somehow has the fastest results.
The reason i say this is because Ashra is always offering spells that have something to do with the moon. It may be a full moon, a rare blood moon, a lunar eclipse and so on, some of the rare moons will not be seen for hundreds of years so Ashra usually offers a spell when there is a specific type of moon approaching.

I think in general spells are best cast in the night time, unless thats only in movies :laugh:
Hey everyone! I know the moon has lots of power so I would not be surprised if a full moon made the spells power stronger. I have never gotten a spell casted under a full moon but that sure would be cool! I also think it would be hard since the US (where I live) and Where Ashra is are completely different time zones. I wish my spells did have more power though so they could work faster! But I know, I have to be patient. Anyone who has gotten a spell casted under a full moon then darn aren’t you lucky!
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I don't have much knowledge about spells being casted during the full moon, however, I would assume that spells during the full moon would work faster, because, on such nights, there is so much energy from the full moon, you would think they would work faster. I have never tried to get a spell casted during a full moon so I really can't give a personal opinion on that, however I would say that there is a possibility and I would double check with Ashra because she is the person who will know best whether a full moon changes the speed of spells and their results.
Hello everyone! I think that spells that are being casted under a full moon can really be full of energy. I think because the moon has a higher potency of energy, so whatever spell that can be casted when it is full moon, it will be believe that the spell can be stronger and can manifest fast results. I do believe that whatever spell Ashra will have to cast, it can really help us with our situation and can really help in bringing back our lovers. Sending love and positive vibes to everyone!
Hi all, i hope all is well.
This is a very interesting thread topic.
I have always wondered, if a full moon spell cast is more powerful than a normal spell cast!?
My personal opinion is, i think they are more powerful.
I might be wrong, please correct me if i am.
I purely think this because, i feel with the energy from the moon, it puts more power into the spell cast.
The moon alone has alot of energy and it's positive energy.
I also think spell casts work perfectly fine without the moons energy too.
I think the moon will help more with more stubborn issues.
I believe that love spells work better with the moon and should be cast on a friday!?
I remember reading this somewhere on more than one occasion.
Take care people.
Hey everyone! I wish I had enough money and that I was staying on my own, then I would have been able to purchase these spells with works very fast and has the fastest results to bring my lover back to me and marry me and not the other girl. I feel so sad, so many things that I am going through really hurts me. I just can't wait for time to move faster or god to show me some way soon so that I could purchase the spells to bring my lover back to me forever and love me and stay beside me. It's been so many months since I spoke to him, I miss him so much.
Hi there, everyone where ever all of you guys are in the world! Hope everyone is doing just fine today! I am still pretty new to all these spells, but I feel like casting your spell when the there is a full moon will help! I think this because full moon is powerful than we think! To double check, I would email Ashra and ask her as she is the one who is casting your spells! With spells, you need to let them work on their own as different people have different situations! :inlove::inlove:
I was so close on getting a full moon spell, but unfortunately I didn't. That time , another spell caught my eye and my intuition told me to go with it. I'm not regretting it though. I know I'll have the chance to get it in the future. I have always been affected by full moon's power. These days I'm really intuitive and all of my forecasts come true. I practice devination and these days are perfect for having a successful reading. I hope I'll have the chance to get a spell associated with moon's power because it's something that will undeniably affect my spells and me.
Hello, everyone! Good evening! How are you all feeling tonight? I hope you're in the best of moods.

I'm really interested in getting a full moon spell cast one day. Imagine being under the light of the full moon, feeling its raw power radiating outward. Then again, I'm drawn to the moon so it's easy for me to picture myself bathed in shafts of moonlight.

I'm positive that if I'd purchased such a spell from Ashra, then it'll be rather powerful because it's bound to a celestial object. Though we're taking about the standard full moon. A supermoon, a blue molm and a blood moon surely must have more power because they're rarer celestial occurences and thus have more energy to channel from. However, I wouldn't know for sure because I'm not a spellcaster. Though there's no denying the Moon's power.

Anyway, enjoy your evening and the new moon! Sending positive vibes your way!
I believe that spells are cast during full moon maybe because the moon holds some great power. I often see in movies that spells are cast during full moon and I think that spells that are cast during full moon become strong. I don't know when does Ashra cast her spells but I know that all her spells are powerful. I know that Ashra offers a full moon spell, I remember that she offered a blue moon spell I think, and many of her clients purchased that spell and I guess its really powerful. I do hope that one day I can purchase a full moon spell from Ashra.
Good evening forum family, I heard on the radio about the Full Moon for January 2019 rises on the 21st. Here is some info I found for you all:

Traditionally, this Moon was called the Full Wolf Moon. This year, we’ll also have a total lunar eclipse! The Full Wolf Moon reaches its peak on January 21, 2019, at 12:16 A.M. EST.

Total Lunar Eclipse (“Blood Moon”)
This year, just a few hours before the peak of the full Moon, a total lunar eclipse will be visible from all of North, Central, and South America. The eclipse will begin at approximately 9:35 P.M. EST on January 20 and end at 2:50 A.M. EST on January 21.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes into the shadow of the Earth, which causes the usually bright white Moon to turn an ominous red (giving the eclipsed Moon the nickname ”Blood Moon”).

In addition to a total lunar eclipse, we’ll also be treated to a Supermoon. A Supermoon occurs when the Moon is both full AND reaches the point in its orbit where it’s closest to Earth. A Supermoon is ever-so-slightly larger and brighter than a typical full Moon, though the difference is negligible when viewed with the naked eye.

OMG Ashra, please please tell me you have a spell for this incredible and once in a lifetime moon!? :)
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I just recently purchased a spell that only can be casted on full moon/blood moon and things of that nature. I’ve always heard that these types of moon phases has great power. I read that when I was researching how to cleanse my crystals.

Reading the many comments about it here, I’m even more excited to have this spell cast. I want all the energy that it’s suppose to have so my ex and I can finally get back together. Peace and Blessings
Hi everyone I have read that full moon brings the energy that can fulfill all our wishes. When we have the help of the Moon's energy, we want to choose the right one. The phase of full Moon will enhance the effect of any love spell we would like to be casted. We see this celestial body in its full shine when it carries the most energy. This energy should be used for good causes. That is why the night of the full Moon is perfect for all things that concern love, the beginning of new relationships, or the intensification of passion.
Hello everyone! I hope all of you are having a nice day ahead. I saw a full moon a few days ago and that's when Ashra performed a spell called Touch Moon. I am not sure what this spell can do, but some members have made their requests and started seeing signs here and there. If you miss it, you can purchase full moon love spells on her website. They will be customized to your situation so just choose wisely. I hope we all are seeing movements soon.
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Ashra suggested that I get another spell too, but I also know that she is probably going to announce a new spell for the Black Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse in two weeks and I won't have enough money for both so I have to determine which one would help me more and go with that one.
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Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing fine today. They said there will be another full moon at the end of this month. Wow I am super excited about it. Ashra just announced a new spell called Dark Moon and you guys can order one on the link she provided. It sounds amazing! I have always wanted to have full moon spells active but I have no money on me yet, maybe someday. Congratulations to those who have requested full moon spells. I hope you will see movements soon. Stay positive and helpful guys.
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I believe that all full moon spells bring in the best results. I personally haven’t got any myself but with me being on the forum up to recent I have seen so many people reporting their results they said it works and they been getting so many signs like cray cray from it. I notice it happens after they first get it casted the next day. Ashra has done so many of these moon spells I know it has been working very fast she always does them I think every once or twice a month. I would not mind purchasing me one someday. It seems to have more power over the others :) so don’t hesitate get you a moon spell next time.
I wonder if Ashra is doing full moon spells for this week coming week.
I love using spells that involve the full moon's energy because I believe it helps generate faster results. I keep repeating to myself “ amazing changes are coming” I feel everyone deserves change when they are suffering especially someone who always gives to others.
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WHO IS EXCITED FOR THE STRAWBERRY MOON!!!! One more day :) it is Andrew's Birthday today, but I am not breaking the guidelines. I'll tell my spells to make him think of me and send him an air kiss. He could've had me for his bday gift ;) hehe, I am feeling very positive despite the news. I guess I am knowing the outcome right @T.P.W84 ? @Ginas ? @EricaLeeCollins199226 ? How is everyone feeling with the energy?
So this full moon might be the first full moon I get to see in long time as weather in the UK has not been friendly lately. However, here in Patmos although is not quite dark yet but I can see the beginning of a gorgeous full moon. The energy is exciting. I am keeping my fingers for us who are patiently waiting for our lovers return to us. Sending warm hugs to everyone.
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