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Has anyone had success with Ashra Spells?

Ashra is a remarkable woman who is completely dedicated to spell casting and making sure everyone has success using her spells. She has helped so many people worldwide there has never been one negative review about her at all!

She is a genuine and lovely person who puts her clients before herself all the time. I cant wait to share my success when I get my results.
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There are a lot of people who are seeking out help from Ashra. If that doesn't tell you anything, then I don't know what would. There are also a lot of people who gave really good reviews on Ashra and those who have shared their success stories with Ashra. You can find it in other threads here on the forum. I believe that Ashra's spells really work as I have seen some signs. No movements yet but I am waiting patiently and staying positive! The time will come soon that I will have my lover back.
I felt much better after reading these success stories and I do understand that my situation is very complicated at the moment. My lover is acting all weird and stubborn for the past few days. I know he is expecting me to contact him first because when I met him about a month ago he told me to message him but I never did since I didn't wanted to break the rule and now I think he is angry that I never did. It's not like I don't want to talk to him it's just that I can't. I'm hoping he messages me by Christmas.
I definitely had success with Ashra's spells. She casted the Passion Panacea for me earlier this year and of course when you got to new spell casters you'll always be hesitant about it but I read reviews and watched testimonials on Ashra and I thought she was amazing. After she had cast the spell for me no more than a week and a half later I got my signs and was back together with my lover! He left the girl he was having a thing with and told me how much he missed me and that he could only see himself with me. I definitely recommend going to Ashra and giving her a chance to work with you!
I had seen the positive comments about Ashra spells in this forum. I feel happy for them those who are had success with Ashra spells. Personally, I havent had my spell casted yet, I am working hard to save for it. By viewing the positive comments in this forum, I feel confident that Ashra can help me and I know that I will see the beautiful result after she spells my cast.
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Ashra shows success every single day. It seems like many people see success and it wouldn't be possible without her. She has a amazing gift she shares with the world. She shares not only that, but her love, understanding and compassion for all people. Just read the forums you will see what I mean. She wonderful.
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I am new here. I have been reading reviews and comments about Ashra spells and the success rate!
That gave me the confidence and I ordered 3 spells from her. 2 were just cast in the past 2 days.

My situation is quite different from you all. He is not my ex-boyfriend, we were never together. He is my best friend, my buddy, my confidant.

I fell in love with him. He's having depression relapse now and in financial debts. Just got a divorce and had tons of fling previously.

I confessed to him, but he rejected me - saying that my feelings are just one-sided and he doesn't feel that same way.

He kept saying he is not worthy of me and I deserve someone so much better. We went on a few dates previously. I can feel that he is genuinely happy but suddenly, he shut me off again.

After coming to this forum and seeing all the positive reviews and comments, I decided to give it a shot and order a spell from Ashra.

Ashra said she can make him fall in love with me, she said our connection is strong to be just friends.

The thing is, we are in contact every day. He is my best friend. We communicate daily. Keeping fingers crossed, wishing for the best. He is a very stubborn person - I hope the spells will work on him.
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Many people have seen results and success with Ashra's spells. She has helped thousands of people and she has been spell casting for 16 years. There is an entire thread on the forum also of people who have posted their success stories with Ashra's spells. The wait time may vary depending on how complicated your situation is, but in the end as long as you stay patient and positive you will see results from your spells.
I am hoping for the best for everyone and I am sending lots and lots of positive vibes everyone's way!!
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I have read so many successful reports on Ashra's spells she truly is amazing!
She has helped thousands of people all over the world and never fails to impress. I am so glad to be one of her clients and I know we are all gonna be happy soon and its all thanks to Ashra. Thanks again Ashra =) . I am sending you all lots of love and positive vibes xx
I know that many people had successful with Ashra spells. I have seen a lot of the reviews and comments. And all of them are very positive. I am so happy about it. Since I have upgrated my account, I can access to the media section there to watch videos. I have seen a lot of videos that have proved that Ashra spells are successful. I really can't wait for mine spells to successful so that I can share it with other people and members.
I've had success and I can assure everyone that Ashra spells work perfectly! I was skeptic and in doubt after my 1st spell, mostly because I couldn`t see any results myself. Passion Panacea worked for me within 3 months of casting. I believe that on him it worked instantly, since once we got in touch, he told me that he was trying so hard to find me again. Unfortunately lately something happened again and he went away again... but I am sure that with next spell everything will work out perfectly. I believe that I am just in need of more powerful spell than Passion Panacea. I really wish you all the best of luck with your spells! I really hope that my story inspired at least one person not to give up on this! Sending you all tons of positive vibes! :inlove:
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I was skeptical at first I was taken advantage of by so called spell casters that just took my money with no results - my husband is also stubborn I had ashra cast a few spells and I can honestly say that he's improving - the spells are definitely working and I'm SO HAPPY. I wish they would work a little bit faster but I definitely see a difference in him especially the past week.
I had great success with Ashra spell and I would recommend her to anyone in desperate situation. I was feeling so bad once I just joined this forum, since I was thinking that there is no way anyone could help me. I was a little bit skeptic all the way until I was able to see my first result. It just took for me 3 months, but considering my situation that was really fast. I didn`t have any way to contact him or him to contact me. But in the end spell has found a way. Now to make sure that he doesn't leave me again I am willing to use another spell on him. Hopefully this one will work faster on him :thumbsup: can`t wait!
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I feel confident that I will be back with Dean this year. I know my spells are working as I have seen signs but had no real movement yet. Ashra has told me he is my soulmate and that we are meant to be together so I have full faith in her and I know she won't let me down. We will all be posting our success stories soon. Sending eveyryone lots of positive vibes.
It is so encouraging to read some of the success stories from people who have had Ashra help them! It gives me hope for my own situation which honestly seems a bit bleak. I know that if I keep a level head, and stay positive, Ashra will help me as well and in the end I will be holding my lover in my arms for good! Thank you all for sharing your success stories. You can't imagine what a ray of hope this gives to all of us who are just getting started here! Especially if you're like me and you've been disappointed by other spell casters who said they would help and you even gave them money and saw no results! I believe from what I've heard here that Ashra is the real deal and that she really will do everything in her power to help me and all of us!
I haven't yet had the pleasure to work with Ashra on a spell, but I have seen many success stories here and on other websites. I actually found Ashra by searching for spells on a different website, and seeing all the good reviews made me contact her. So far she has been very kind, understanding and helpful. I can honestly say that I have not seen a bad review for Ashra on here or any other websites. I hope this helps all of the new people considering working with Ashra.
My spell was cast yesterday and I have not seen anything yet. I am not expecting anything yet, of course. I have been made aware that when you have your spell cast, it will first affect the other person first, and I am perfectly content with waiting, however! I will be making daily posts on my about me area. Or in here. Maybe both. I am not sure yet. I will definitely post it somewhere in the forum, that way, I can keep you guys all up to date with the process of my spell and maybe you can take something from it as well and be patient!
I think from what I have read about Ashra that she has such good results and people have success with her spells. I am hoping for one myself. Ashra has given me hope though and I believe and trust in her. I'm staying positive and I am not giving up on my marriage, I love my husband with all my heart and I want him back as soon as I can. Has Ashra ever cast a spell for you?, sending you faith.
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That's a Kind of Love Story I want with my ex-wife for us to be back together. I've been married before and this is my second marriage for some reason it felt so different and I knew she was my soulmate
I'm still waiting for the full manifestation of my spells. But I believe they are working because of all the signs I have been seeing. Though nothing from him yet, I know it's coming. Ashra told me that we have a very strong bond and there is still a lot of love between us. He broke up with me in November, after seven years of good times and bad times, because, essentially, he didn't think he was good enough. I tried my hardest to convince him otherwise but he wouldn't listen. I think he was realizing the depth of his own feelings and psyched himself out and ran. I love him with all my heart and soul and know we were meant to be together. Ashra assures me that our love hasn't died, even after all these months. And I believe her. But he's a stubborn little fool and the spells are working to help him overcome his hesitation but I'm realizing it's going to take a little more time than I originally thought.

But anyone questioning the success of Ashra's spells need look no further than this forum. She pores all of herself into her work for us and the success is there. It's just takes a little while to see it in full.

Sending positive vibes to everyone here. :thumbsup:
Hello there! Girls and guys. How are you all doing? Hopefully great. Anyways, I was going to say that Ashra has many people on the forums that have had success with her amazing spell-casting work. I am truly happy to hear all of the positivity on the forums and what all Ashra has done for each and everyone of her customers. She puts a lot of thought into them! I am really trying to post on all of the forums, trying to keep myself active! I wonder where everyone is at.
Thank you to those who have had shared their success stories with their spells being casted. It is so soothing to read such great feedback from everyone. I feel that because you are all sharing my hopes are higher to the sky. I cannot wait to get more and more spells from Ashra but I am not sure if I should do one desired thing first or work on getting all my spells together haha but thank you all so much for sharing with us. I really do appreciate your time and sharing how successful your spells have been. Looking forward to seeing more and more post from you all, I cannot wait to let you know how successful my spell will be.
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Jeheace, I was wondering why you don't know how Ashra works. Wheren you one of the admnistrator of this site. It means you've been working with her right? Just curious.

How was your girlfriend? Did you ask Ashra's help for your situation?

For me, I got some signs. In terms of movement, not 100% yet. He is still with his current one. If he proves to me what he really want in life. That is the time I will believed he has changed for me ang love me forever.

That all things he told me was all true and sincere. Proof that he won't be the same stubborn guy I know. But I am so happy with what is happening in my life now. Even if not totally successful. For me its already successful and im satisfied. Nibody can give me that kind of movement in just a couple of days after she cast it to me.
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Ashra is the best spell caster that I have ever meet before. She has helps a lot of people from around the world. I am feeling very very happy for them who have successful with Ashra spells. Ashra spells is very powerful and amazing. I am feeling so happy and hopeful after I have read the other members successful stories. It really inspired me. I am really hoping that me too will successful with Ashra spells. I believe that I will and Ashra will be able to bring my lover back to me.
My success is that my lover is checking her hangouts more often for no reason. She also replied to an old message I sent her a long time ago with toughness from what I can tell from a few words that I could read without opening the chat and breaking the no contact rule. I'm going to allow any spell I cast, to eat her up until that rough cast she set for me is gone. It's going to be a long road but I'm positive that it'll be worth it in the end. I just hope that the spell is the cause of this or I'll truly have no hope!
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She has had a lot of raving reviews, like seriously, she works wonders, I am truly amazed . I am staying positive and patiently waiting for my turn. I also want to be able to give a review. I know a lot of you out there have experienced the power of ashra, wish i could shake your hands consider yourselves privileged.
So nice to be part of this forum and feel all this positivity. I read on this thread that we shouldn't initiate contact and i don't send him anything but we meet by chance in the park with dogs. I that bad as well for the spell to succeed?
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I am so excited for this spell... I know Ashra can help me from my situation with my boyfriend. I love him so much and im still staying in our relationship even its too difficult. I know everything will be ok.
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Hi Guys, Has anyone had luck with a spell done here and if so can you tell me what happened? I've been reading through a lot on the forums. Seems interesting! I am hoping that I will get some insight soon from Ashra. I am in a situation that isn't as far gone as some of the poor people on here! I hope everything works out for everyone on this forum.
So great to read all those success stories. They make me feel that there is a person who is very wise and kind and can help us. I put all my expectations into the spells because I do not see any other way. I tried to be open and express my feelings and i guess the person knows I care and I would do a lot for him... but he is too egoistic to accept the whole thing called "relationship". We have a physical relationship instead of that :( Anyway, I believe that in this case everything is not lost because he likes me and wants to visit me regularly. Maybe we just need to remove some obstacles. I have hope. please, all of you, have hope too..
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I am currently in same town with my ex gf and I want her to come and see me. I know it's been only two weeks since my first spell casted but I have been seeing a lot of signs and slight movement from my ex gf. Plus I found out my ex has been listening to heart broken songs about how one can't move on and still in love after break up which gave me glimpse of hope my spells will be successful with Ashra.

Yet, she has not made any contact to me even though she knows I am visiting the town. I am so hurt that she didn't even try to call me or text me but I am trying my best to stay positive. Maybe she is taking her time to come back to me, maybe she is afraid that I might reject her, maybe she's moving on with someone new (she is moving home soon to new place as well).

I think she is trying to fight off the spell on how she is feeling towards me. It would take some time for her to find the courage and come up to talk to me. Ashra told me first return is coming soon. I am hoping to see result within this week. Wish me all the positive vibes.
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I have had success with Ashra spells when I first had spells cast I saw little movement but as time goes on I have seen a lot of movement and signs with my spells. My lover has been contacting me every day and he has been being very affectionate and loving towards me. He is like a totally different person and I feel it will not be too long until my lover is back with me officially.

Guys, stick with Ashra and everything will be okay!
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That is great to hear. Are you back together if so how long did it take. Mine is also very stubborn and she is very cautious. Plus she is seeing someone. Its very new so I hope I can put a damper on it. I'm looking forward to have my love come back and be together again.
Yes, so many people have had success with Ashra's spells. I have read a story of a couple who tried for so many months to have a kid but they could not get after 5 years of marriage and so the with opted to come to Ashra to seek for help and she got the fertility spell which was cast on one of them. She waited for around three months and the fourth month she found out that she was pregnant and the couple got kids because of Ashra's spell so if you asking about success I can testify it 100%! All you have to do is to trust and believe in the spell, and mostly to try and be positive by all means.
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Hi Winnie_the_aries,

If I may offer a suggestion, try not to worry so much about what your ex is doing or is not doing. I know it's hard, trust me, I went through that myself, and all it did was make me more upset and anxious about my situation. And it may have affected the energy of my spells. If Ashra says the first return is coming, then it is. Listen to your heart. If you feel the spells are working then they are. I'm still waiting for my sweetheart to come back to me. But once I put aside my doubt and handed my situation over to Ashra completely and put my full faith and trust with her, I felt much better. I had her cast one more spell and after that casting I could feel him getting closer. I still miss him like crazy everyday, and sometimes I get weepy because the pain if missing him gets so bad. But I try my hardest to maintain a positive outlook, which is the key. Like you I felt he may be trying to resist, and Ashra helped me past that. But I truly believe the spells will work. Sometimes it takes longer. If you're truly concerned reach out to Ashra and she can help.

But I know your ex will return to you. There maybe some obstacles that need to be removed first. We don't know, but she's coming back. I believe it and I hope you do too. Stay strong and positive. Sending you hugs and positive vibes.
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Ashra is an amazing spell caster and I know how powerful her spells are. Some people are less patient and they get upset when they don't see any signs and movement from their spells within a few days but trust me guys, the key is to be patient and surrounded with positive vibes. That's when your spells work even better and manifest even faster :) I've seen progress with my spells and patiently waiting to see even more soon :)
Sending positive vibes everyone's way!
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I just purchased Twilight Moon Seal for my spells. Kind of a birthday present to myself :innocent:. I'm patiently waiting to hear from Ashra. I'm hoping she'll cast it tomorrow on my actual birthday, adds a little more meaning for me.

I'm curious what other people's experiences were after having this seal applied to their spells. I'm hopeful that this is the finally piece needed to bring my sweetheart back for good. Did anyone feel any different? Or see an increase in signs?
I have had success with Ashra's spells for definitely. My lover is the most stubborn person ever and he can be very negative and look at certain things very narrow mindedly. Since working with Ashra I have seen a drastic change in his behaviour, his more calm and loving towards me and it feels so good. His been complimenting me left right and centre and his making me feel good and I can notice huge changes in him. His been seeing me regular as well and his been supporting me as much as he can.
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I have had a lot of success with Ashra's spells.

I came to Ashra confused, I didn't know what to believe or what to think.

When I saw results happen with my own two eyes I was definitely amazed!

Since I first came to Ashra and started seeing results my results got bigger and better as time passed.

Being patient and positive certainly helped my spells along!

If you are wanting some urgent help, I would recommend Ashra in a heart beat!
Hey Gaby!
Me too, I did not know what to expect at first because of my bad experiences with previous spell casters.

When she emailed me and spoke to me the way she did I knew she was genuine and she was gonna help me out.

I have seen a hell of a lot of signs and movements with her spells and my lover is like a completely different person. If you believe in Ashra, you will have success with her spells.

I have been doing really well with remaining patient and positive which I am happy with myself for, I never thought I could do it.

Ashra is the best spell caster and she is a beautiful woman.
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