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Has anyone had success with Ashra Spells?

Hey guys! Many people have had success with Ashra's spells! If you look on the forum you will see a lot of people thanking her for helping them. There would never be a reason to thank someone for something that didn't happen right? Ashra is real and her spells do work. They may not work as fast as others spells do but it just depends on your situation and what you are going through like if your lover is stubborn there are spells for that. So many people have seen success with Ashras spells and i have seen many signs and even movement from Ashra's spells
Dear Ambrosia,
Thank you for your kind reply and positive energy. I seriously need to stop spying on my ex and worrying about her come back.
Ashra told me that there is no doubt that we are soul mates. However, my situation is really tough. Ashra told me she is making a choice she will live with regret by not returning. She is so stubborn and full of hesitations to contact me. I trust in Ashra and the spells are working. I have 5 spells active and 2 of them are intense spells. I am patiently waiting for all of my spells to be fully manifestation.
Hello everyone! I am new to this forum. I just wanted to share my story

I wa dating this guy for about 10 months almost a year, he broke up with me in July. I was truly devastated and heartbroken, i have no idea how but i came across Ashra's page in January and I was pleased by all the great feed back she had.

Around that time I decided to get the Passion Panacea spell. A few days later Ashra recommened to get the object of desire spell to make sure that the spell works on each of the problems holding me back.

Around Febuary i decided to have Ashra also cast the 'Never let me go' spell.

Since then it is now April and my ex still has not returned but what I love about Ashra and makes me believe that my spells will work is that she was spot on when she emails you back about her casting the spells.

It has been three months but i have been getting many signs. we use to use the words "I fancy you" as a way of saying we love each other. Just the other day someones license plate had exactly that! Also, many people i've met recently have his name.. his name is not common at all. So I do believe the spells are working.

Also, just yesterday he contacted me because he was having issues with his family and friends. He has not contacted me at all since our break up because we ended on terrible terms. I was happy he contacted me, we talked for a brief 3 minutes, he seemed very very distant but then again he was going through a family situation. He did tell me that he wishes nothing but the best for me and that he does not hate me at all.

Sorry for the long essay :laugh:! but i do believe Ashra's spells work! And he will come back.:thumbsup:
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Hey guys!

I have this feeling inside me that my lover returning to me completely is right around the corner!.

I have seeing so many signs since my spell has been cast!

I have used Ashra's services before and she helped me get back my ex lover.

However I decided to end the relationship with him as it was a toxic relationship.

I have had success with Ashra's spells and I know I will again!
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Hi Katelyn!
I am pleased to meet you and I want you to know that you are in the right place and you will get your lover back in no time!

I have been working with Ashra and I have seen so many things change and it feels so great. My lover has been less stubborn and he has been more loving and caring towards me which is fantastic! I am proof that Ashra's spells do work and we all have a chance of getting our lovers back.We just need to be strong patient and positive until that day comes. Ashra will be with us every step of the way until were completely satisfied with our results. I wish you the best of luck and please keep us all updated on your situation Katelyn.
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I am in the same position as you. It has been months and mine has not returned to me. You are lucky you have had signs. I have had no signs. If anything my ex lover seems to be turning the other way against me, which is leaving me very confused and frustrated. I feel like my life is on hold just waiting for signs of hope and getting nothing. Instead, he seems to be moving on with his life, living with his girlfriend who he left me for. I am sad all the time and am wondering if anyone else has been in this situation, where there is no movement except against you instead.
I want to share something with everyone!

I ordered the Wishes Granted spell from Ashra on Fiverr.

My boyfriend has not completely returned yet, However I requested the Wishes Granted Spell to get him to celebrate my birthday with me! And yes my wish was granted!

My boyfriend is coming to celebrate my birthday with me!

I wanted to be with him on my birthday and now I will be.

Please pray for me so he can come back to me!
I have full trust in Ashra:)
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I got the offer!!!! Thank you Ashra!! And they gave me a really good salary compared to the current! Can't wait for my boy's spell to work!

Ashra I am looking forward to the spells that I ordered from you on Fiverr!

I know you have been doing your best for me!

I felt all these chills in my body yesterday and today! Your spells are amazing!!
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I am new to Ashra's forum.

I have had success with Ashra's spells!

I have had Ashra cast a spell to bring my ex back and I am definitely seeing progress.

My lover has told me that things are not going to work out with the woman he is with.

A sense of calmness comes over me when Ashra casts her spells.

I am so glad I found her when I did.

I am Looking forward to having the man I love back in my arms in the not too distant future.

Thank you Ashra for your support.
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Ashra's powers are remarkable and you can feel them from the moment the cast takes place.

I have had success with Ashra's spells. My spells were Passion Panacea and Object of Desire, both spells worked fast! Just a couple of days later he wanted to see me.

I felt enormous amounts of energy running through my spine after the spell had been cast, I became more calm and positive and I felt so much gratitude for both Ashra and the entire process.

Ashra does work miracles and you will be able to feel changes and positive vibes within yourself as well.

I would definitely recommend Ashra to anyone and I also recommend being open and honest about your entire situation with Ashra.

It is amazing that she has dedicated her life to share and enhance love in people's lives.
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Mystery_11, Congratulation to you on your job offering and I know that Ashra will bring back your lover back for good

I know that Ashra's spells are powerful and yes you can feel it as she cast them on your lover. I really wish you the best with your job and new adventure along with your lover coming back!
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Hello everyone! I have something wonderful to post on this thread too. I am proudly to say that I have had success with Ashra's spells too. My first movement showed up within five months. My lover didn't reach out to me at that time, but the break up of him and the other girl manifested for real. I have waited for it to happen for the longest time and finally God answered my prayers by making my spells manifest faster for me. This month we have talked to each other for sixth time. My eight spell also kicked in in the perfect timing!! He was trying to start any conversation with me, although he seemed a little bit shy towards me, but I know that he wanted me to be more active when it comes to having a chat with him, :laugh:. To those who still feel confused on how to win your ex lover back or maybe want to turn the situation around, just go with Ashra's spells. They have their own ways to show you magnificent results!!! Sending lots of positive vibes everyone's way
Well as far as I have noticed I think a lot of people have seen positive results this year in the beginning of 2017 from Ashra’s spells and I also have been a witness for that. I think that so many members are gonna get their full results by the end of this year and Ashra is gonna get a 100% success with the spell casting that she offers to all of us. Also her fiverr reviews are too good I am so positive about getting full and complete results soon from Ashra’s spells.
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I am seeing more signs that the spells Ashra cast for me are working. He has told me that he and the other woman are constantly fighting. He has also told me that he will not stay with her but has to plan his exit because of her being emotionally fragile at this time. He doesn't want to be the cause of her doing something stupid.

Ashra's spells are obviously very powerful as I saw signs starting the very day that they were cast.

I look forward to having my love in my arms ms soon. Thank you Ashra
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Hello everyone! Have I seen results from Ashra's spells? YES I have!
My lover contacted me again on my birthday. It was definitely what I wished to happen from my spells.
Not long ago, Ashra cast two spells for me.
I filled out the order forms and explained that I wanted him to at least text me on my birthday.
Guess what?? He did!!. We even had a chat with each other for hours.

I find him to be concerned about me a lot more then he did before I found Ashra. It wouldn't be like this if Ashra didn't help me out with my situation.

Thank you so much Ashra, you are the best!!
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I have had success with Ashra's spells!

I came to Ashra in dire need of her help, I had never felt such pain then I did the day my lover left without a word of goodbye.
I didn't know what to expect, however, I hoped for the best.

I saw fast results from Ashra's spells, the things I asked for her help with came true, it was like I rubbed a genie bottle and asked a genie for 3 wishes.
The things that I wanted to happen seemed impossible, I thought my lover was gone for good.

Nothing I physically did bought him back, I had no other options, but I could not let him slip through my fingers that easy!

Ashra came through for me, like she always does! Thankyou Ashra!
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I have seen a lot of progress with Ashra's spells and I have been seeing huge movements since the spells were cast.

Me and my lover have been getting closer all the time and he has been showing his feelings more and more and lately he's been getting jealous too which reassures me that he has strong feelings for me.

The chemistry between me and my lover has increased so much and I am really enjoying seeing all this of this movement from him.

I cannot wait to post more of my success story on here and I wish all of you the best with your situations.
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Hey guys! I am seeing so much success with my spells that it is unbelievable! My next spell will be celestrial mantle and then after that will be the golden kiss which I hope I can get quickly and I might even work for it before celestrial mantle but right now I am working for that spell and it is 5 in the morning and I am so wide awake but I don't have much posts to reply on so I am finding other threads that I can reply on and stuff and so yeah. I have been having success with my spells but other than that... so many people have had their spells fully manifest and so many people post about it on here! Everybody on the forum will see success with their spells and it may not take that long and it could take a while it all depends on your situation and how positive you are
I've been seeing many signs from my spells. I'm not sure if I'm seeing movement, however he does live in a different city and I have worked hard not to seek him out on social media or anything else. It breaks my heart daily that I haven't spoken to him in months but I know he MUST come to me first. So if there is movement on his end (which I'm sure there is) I'm just not able to see it yet.

Even though I can't see things on his end, I know in my heart and soul that he'll be back. And Ashra will do everything in her powerful to secure this for me.

Remember, your spells are always working on your lover whether we can see the movements or not. Just maintain your faith that it will work. Why else would any of us have gone to this length to get our loves back? Certainly not to give up when the going gets tough. It got tough and we found Ashra! So if we have to fight a little harder and a little longer it will be worth it to have our lovers back in our arms :thumbsup:
I have had success with Ashra's spells and I am happy about it.

Although my situation has not been fully resolved yet, there have been a lot of positive changes in my life with the help of Ashra and her wonderful spells.

Love isn't the only thing that I asked Ashra for help with. I actually had purchased a gig from her on Fiverr and I made a wish that my grades would be so much better this marking period because I struggled with grades last marking period and they could have been so much better.

With the help from Ashra, my grades are now at an all time high.
I almost have all A's and I could not be happier about it.

Ashra is great at what she does and she can help you.
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I have requested a few different spells from Ashra.

I originally came to Ashra to get my lover back, however, as I got to know Ashra's abilitys and her amazing success stories I saw that she helps in numerous aspects of your life.

I have had success with Ashra's luck spell, breakup spell and her love spells.

Ashra customises your spells to give you the outcome you want, I am a witness to this because this is exactly what happened!

I have no doubt you will all see the results I did!
Ashra is a great spell caster and by far the most genuine and the best one I have ever come to know.
I have had success with Ashra's spells!.
However, I am looking for more success and more enhancements in my life that need to be taken care of.

Remember that every situation is different and that spells take time to work before they deliver full results. I promise that Ashra's spells will work for you too!
Remember to be patient and positive about your process and you will achieve success.
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I was curious about this too! Can anybody elaborate on the process that happened? Was it very natural? A psychic told me that my boyfriend has no feelings for me whatsoever anymore (but no negative ones) and I'm very concerned. I don't want to tamper with his free will but I do believe that there's something down there that we could work with! How did you see your results Gaby? I would love to know your story! How long as it been? I'm really hoping that things will work out!
Oh gaby!

Your comment - it brings so much love, joy and happiness to my heart!

I would love to hear in detail how each spell helped you, what happened after each one was cast and your final outcomes!

I think ashra is amazing! And the forum members are just as amazing! It's lovely speaking to everyone and hearing their expirience and stories!

I can't wait to write a big long essay and do a review once my spells have worked their magic and I'm dancing the happy dance and singing the happy song again!

Love, hugs, light, laughter and happiness
Claudia davis xxx
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I believe a lot of people have success with Ashra spells. Everytime I read all these positive reviews, it uplifts my spirits no end. I have taken 3 love spells and to date I have had signs in the form of texts,phone calls and e-mails. My lover has not come back to me as yet. But your reviews give me hope still and I am remaining positive, despite the hurt I am feeling at the break up of our 23 year relationship.
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I'm hoping ashra can help me out. I'm very confident in her. I just started communicating with her yesterday I told her about what was happening with me. She understood what was going on and she is confident she knows she can help me and I have faith in her. I'm not sure how long it will take but I'm willing to wait because I know she will get what I desire the most. I can't wait!!!!
I've requested 2 spells from Ashra to date.

I came to Ashra for help getting my love back and as time went on using Ashra's spells I've seen many signs that I hadn't noticed before. I also was familiarized with all the different success stories here and on Ashra's Youtube page that all lift my heart and give me faith that my love will return.

I have had success in a way, that way being that Ashra has given me the strength to hold on and to keep waiting for my love, however long it may take. I didn't have that before her spells were cast. And while it pains me to go every day without her, I have faith that Ashra will pull through.

THAT is my success. Faith, and patience.

Now all that's left is for time and the spell to take its course so that I may have my TRUE success.
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I requested a couple of spells from Ashra and so far they have done what they need too! They exiled the girl, got him talking to me again, he's focused on me, and is so close to being back home. I'm very happy with the way my spells are working so far! I will keep everyone updated on how my spells keep working and what happens!
There are many people here on the forum who have seen lots of progress as well as full results from using Ashra's spells. I have had results with the Blue Tooth of Valor spell. Even though I did not put in the description that I wanted it to boost my grades, I spoke to the spell every single night asking for it and it truly did help a lot and it worked. Ashra is such an incredible woman and I am happy that I have seen digests with her spells :)
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I have had a lot of success with Ashra's spells and it has not been that long since I have been working with her so I am really really happy! :D. My lover is a lot more caring towards me and he takes the time to call me regular and makes effort to come over and see me. I got the Wishes Granted spell not too long ago and requested my lover to return or at least tell me he loves me. On the day I saw him ( day before my birthday) he got very very jealous about some guy looking at me... My lover is never the jealous type so I was gobsmacked when he acted that way. I am proof Ashra's spells work and I know my lover will be back with me soon.
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Ashra will never stop until u meet your desire. If your still waiting like me, never loose hope because Ashra will do everything and anything to get what u want. So don't fear that your spells are working.. Ashra will make it happen and will do everything for it to happen.
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I'm not sure I've posting this in the right area but I have a question. I've read that people have upgraded their spells. What is it and what do I ask for? Can someone who has done this please explain before I go bugging Ashra? Please :rolleyes:
Just wondering about others success story with passion panacea, and how fast did it work for you? My ex ( father of my kids) left us recently to go back to his ex wife and hasn't contacted the kids or I in almost two weeks, I really hope she can help bring him back home to the kids and I.
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Hi DeadlyDesire! I agree with you completely, she is a great spell caster and she is and always will be the most genuine out of everyone I know.I have seen a lot of success with Ashra's spells and so much has changed for me and my lover.I know with whatever problem I face I know I can come to Ashra and she will be able to help me and I can trust her with everything.I am so glad I found her and I cannot wait to get full results from my spells some time soon :D.
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I have had results with Ashra's spells and they have changed my lover by a lot and have fixed a lot of things that were a problem in the past. I've noticed that my lover has become more genuine and caring and is concerned about my well being. Although our contact is inconsistent right now, I do know that it will all get better soon. The fact that my lover still loves me is a good sign that her spells are working. I haven't seen the full results that I am looking for yet, but I do know that it is getting closer every day and I jsut need to continue to be patient about it.
Ofcourse people have gotten success with ashra spells! So much of the people that have had success with their spells are not on the forum anymore but instead they are with their lovers right now! I have seen so many signs to know that Ashra's spells are working and I noticed so much movement with my spells it is very amazing. don't worry... Ashra is a real genuine spell caster
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At first I was not seeing many signs with my spells but I think that had a lot to do with my negativity and how stressed I was feeling. I was seeing solid movement from my spells in January this year but have been working with Ashra since September 2016. My lover is a tough one with a lot of different problems so I know that things will progress slowly but surely. Ashra will be there every step of the way until full results are achieved, she is an angel!
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For those who requested spells from Ashra I have a really big question.

My family is Christian and kind of strict about it. Some people tell me that spells are "evil" and that they summon demons. Of course I don't believe them but I would like to hear it from someone else who has had success with Ashra Koehn so I can prove to them Ashra's spells do not bring bad luck and dark entities. I see a lot of people on the forum saying "God Bless" and it leads me to believe that most of you believe in some sort of god or higher being. I'm really curious about this stuff and I believe that.

I respect all religious beliefs so please don't be afraid to tell me your opinion.
God bless! Sending positive vibes!
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I am new here and also hoping for results. I am pretty sure (at least I hope so :laugh:) I'm not the only one here who let a girl they love slip through their hands for dumb reasons. You don't know the meaning of what you lost until you lose it. I hope Ashra can solve our love problems I would be jumping for joy if I get a chance to make things right with the girl I love :(

Stay positive everyone :)
Ashra spells have worked for so many people that she has helped. She is an amazing woman, she is true to her word, and she keeps her promise. You are the only genuine spell caster I have seen in this entire world. Ashra, I am grateful that I found you, and i can not thank you enough for all you have been doing for us. I am positive that I will give my testimony soon too. Thank you Ashra.