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Has anyone had success with Ashra Spells?

I know that Ashra Koehn is a great spellcaster and if anyone who have have doubt then you're wrong. Since Ashra recast my spells for me and with Screaming love Cries active which now make 3 weeks. My lover kenneth came to see me again June 27th and stayed all night with me and I didn't have to ask him. I have been with Ashra Koehn going on eight months and yes I broke the guideline before. But I ask Ashra could she please recast two of my spells that was purchase sometime ago and with no problem she did and there have been great results and movement's with kenneth. I will continue to let the rest of my spells that are active work hard for me to finally break up that relationship kenneth is in with that woman for good and if Ashra Koehn say it will happened then it will. I can't express how greateful I am to have found this beautiful lady Ashra Koehn.
Sending Positive Vibes.
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Hey guys, every single person that has used Ashra's spells has had success with all of her spells. If you look on the forum you will see countless reviews and countless testimonies from various clients who has used Ashra spells both in the past and currently all thanking her and praising her. Ashra is real and all of her spells do work, it might be very fast or take a little while because of the complexity of your situation but her spells work and they are lasting spells.
I've had success with Ashra for years. She helped me get my lover back after he called off our engagement and started a new relationship. I ordered Passion Panacea, Golden Kiss and Freedom Fire Breakup Spell. All those worked together with my situation and I now have my boyfriend back after 2 months of getting my services casted.
Many many people have seen results and success from Ashra's spells. She works very hard for all of her clients and has the kindest heart of anyone you will ever meet. She has helped thousands of people even the most complicated situations. But we also have to remember to keep staying positive and not to worry about anything. If you have found Ashra, you will most definitely see results. She has such a great reputation and will be there with you every step of the way :) Remember to keep staying positive everyone!! :)
Hi everyone! I strongly believe that in order for your spells to work, firstly you must believe! Believe it is working and trust Ashra and you will have success.

Keep positive and have an open mindset, that'll allow all good things to come to you!
I am now being positive and trying to accumulate some karma points to cast a spell to return my lover back. I am very excited and I cannot wait for it to be casted and for my love to return to me, I have missed him so much!
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I have no issue at all with Ashra, but has anyone really seen improvements in their situation? Or could it be just a coincidence? I know everyone is saying how great things are for them, but I also see this as a way to "keep on her good side". The reason I say this is that I have had Passion Panacea and Object of Desire cast in April with no movement at all.

When nothing happened Ashra said that she was just as frustrated as I am and that she will look into it further. I know she is busy but I haven't heard a word from her since. I must stress again that this is no put down or knock on Ashra Kohen's abilities. And yes, in case you are wondering, I have been scammed by so many before just like most of us here.

Anyway I hope this gets posted and thanks for listening.... I wish you all a happy heart!
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I truly believe that all of Ashra’s spells work. I know my spell hasn’t gotten casted yet, but reading others success stories and watching videos on her spells let me know that Ashra is a real spell caster and her spells work every time. I can’t wait for my money spell to get cast one day! When I save up, I will give Passion Panacea a try :) I hope it can help me with every problem in my situation. My situation seems really complicated. Especially now that my friends are expecting a baby and they got married last month. Ashra has suggested it to me and others have said to start off with it, so when I get more, I will. I can’t wait to see the results of the spell :D
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Hi! I hope Ashra sees this, I was wondering if she is going to do a Valentine's Day special, like last year on a certain love spell or all love spells, that would great in time for everyone trying to their ex back time for Valentine's Day, I believe in Ashra and know her spells will benefit us. A lot of people have had success with Ashra Spells.
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I’m new here and new with all spells. I’ve done my research and I saw Ashra is the best. But how many have truly had a spell that has truly worked for them. I know and I have read Ashra is the best. I just want to know some successful spell. I’m trying to stay positive
Many people have had success with moss ashra's spell work. Of course she would have had to get a big fan base and following by some type of work or successful results. That is how she is so well off and can do so many things. But there are also many things that we can do to make our spells better off. Like telling ashra as many details about our situations as we can. And following her advice as well.
Success with Ashra’s spells.

For those of you, who have all had results from Ashra’s spells, CONGRULATIONS!!!!
First, I’d like to say, ShelleyM, OMG!!! You got a job spell casted by Ashra a month ago when you posted your comment and you finally landed a job? Your comment really reached out to me the most because I myself had asked Ashra to cast a good luck spell to help me find a better job than my current job and I’m so STOKED for my interview on Tuesday of next week! I’ve been talking about it and getting positive responses from some family members, friends, even customers at work and even my manager is having positive thoughts of me getting a better job! I can’t wait to have the results from Ashra’s spells! I’m definitely gonna get a reading done from her soon when I’ve collected enough karma points!!!!

Christina, that’s amazing! I’m so happy for you! Which spell did you used? Did Ashra recommend a spell or did you already knew what you were getting and decided on it? How was the process of it? Like, did you see signs? Felt things? Sorry for all of the questions, though! :laugh:. :)

Helen_T, that’s great that the commitment spell on your boyfriend! You got the psychic reading and went with the spell, that’s what I’m going to do when I’m ready for a love spell. :)
My spell started working 17 days after it was cast. To give an idea of if Ashra works, the guy I love had stopped talking to me for about 2 months. When he got back in contact, he let me know that he had found his "opposite". Said he was happy and it hurt me pretty bad. I started crying and asked why he didn't tell me. He was very cold and said it was none of my business. I tried talking to him about it and he just told me that he didn't want anything with me, that he loved this girl, she had kids and they were the reason the two of them started talking and eventually dated, and very abruptly hung up on me, refusing to talk about it further.
That 17th day after my spell, I get a text from him that he's still here. I asked what he meant and he said we could talk, if I wanted. I asked what he wanted to talk about and he said anything. He called shortly after to tell me the woman he was with just randomly dumped him, because she has kids (the very reason they started talking/dating). He begged me to go see him and I agreed. I spent the night there while he snuggled up to me and tried to be really affectionate. I didn't want anything to happen, so I kept him at arm's length. We ended up falling asleep with my head on his shoulder, his head on mine and him hugging me. Nothing has happened since, but he's a stubborn man, so he probably needs a bit more of a nudge (which he'll be getting, once I get back in contact with Ashra).
Do the spells work? I'll say. You may need a few to get the results you want, but they definitely do work.
I can say Ashra casted my spell 3 weeks ago and I have seen positive results and I know she is a awesome spell caster and person. I also know that she isn't here just for money she is so genuine awesome loving giving and caring person. I have not crossed many paths with someone with her desire and love to help so many people before she is awesome. So as far as did we see results I can personally have and this forum can speak for itself also look at how many people she has here and all the positive results. Try stay positive this will all work out for you and your lover in the meantime hope all is well love blessings and light your way.
I have had success with Ashra's spells. I have requested certain things and they have happened and unfolded they way I wanted.

For example, I have requested for my lover to move here and get a job here, for him to unblock me on social media, for his sister to unblock me on social media, for him to express his feelings to me, for him to be intimate with me, for him to break up with a girl, and more.

These things have happened, and other things have happened that I didn't realise at the time of them unfolding but then I realised later on.
Hello everyone
I cannot wait to have success into Ashra's spells, so far there are 6 spells that are helping me into my situation into my lover and I would say they were all giving me great movements!
I can feel that my success is on it's way to me and I am so happy.
Ashra is really a great spellcaster and everything is really possible just be patient and remain positive.
I cannot wait and I am really getting excited because I know I am going to success with her spells.

Sending positive vibes to all!
Ashra will work hard with you to ensure that you have success and get what you desire.

Ashra has been working in the spell casting business for over 18 years, and I have heard of many success stories from all around the world, over the period of 18 years I can only imagine how many people are happily in love because of Ashra Koehn.

With more then 18 years experience its evident that Ashra has thousands of amazing reviews from those who have had success with her spells.
Ashra is a talented spell caster and gifted psychic, so yes, you will 100% get success from her and you will not be disappointed. Ashra has been a spell caster or 19 years and she has thousands of success stories and has never let anyone down. She is a diamond and there will never be someone like her, I feel so lucky to have found her, I trust her with everything and I know she will always be there for us all.
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Does Ashra still practice? I’m asking because I recently contacted her but most of the posts I see are not recent. After reading about all of the success people are having, I would like to work with her. Also, is ashraspells.com also affiliated with the Ashra here on this forum? I have seen literally nothing but good reviews on Ashra and would love her assistance and guidance to helping me fix my relationship. Thank you so much in advance and happy new year!
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Does Ashra still practice? I’m asking because I recently contacted her but most of the posts I see are not recent. After reading about all of the success people are having, I would like to work with her. Also, is ashraspells.com also affiliated with the Ashra here on this forum? I have seen literally nothing but good reviews on Ashra and would love her assistance and guidance to helping me fix my relationship. Thank you so much in advance and happy new year!
Yes, she is still practicing, she emailed me yesterday and many people have had success using her spells.
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I'm curious to hear if anyone had success using Ashra Koehn's Spells?

I need a couple spells for my situation. Has anyone had success using spells from Ashra Koehn?

Do you think she can help me?

I did have success a few years back. We are together now. I hang around for the friends I have met on this great community along the way. You should decide for yourself. I found listening to my gut useful and it was telling me I could trust. I wish for you the feelings I have felt. It just feels worth it after you kiss and all the worry you have disappears. I had worried that I was a fool for doing spells. It all melted when I saw the results!
It worked for me. You will see my comments about my situation in the forum. The process wasn't easy, there were times when I had given up hope, moved on with my life. It took about six months or a but more for me to see the results but I now know that during that time things were falling apart in their world. I know right now your thinking this isn't going to work but just have faith, let it go and it will happen.
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