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Hearts of the Enchanter or Golden Kiss? Which spell is better?


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Hearts of the Enchanter or The Golden Kiss? Which spell is better?

Ashra, I hope you can help me quickly.

I have been with my boyfriend for about 6 years and recently found out that he has been cheating on me for the last 4 months. I wanted to explain my situation and get your opinion on which of the two spells is the better option.

I want him to be faithful in our relationship. I am tired of the cheating, deceitfulness, separation from him. I was also told by other spell casters that he will be a hard piece of work. He is scatty, unorganized and easily distracted.

I don't know why he left me. Everything was perfect and I thought he was happy with our relationship. We even had plans to get married the following year. Ashra, will you be able to tell if someone is interfering or why he left me to be with her?

I want to hear from him right now. I missed him a lot and I miss hearing his voice.

Should I go with Hearts of the Enchanter or The Golden Kiss love spell. Which spell will bring him back quickly and ensure that he doesn't leave me again.
I went with Hearts of the Enchanter to separate my boyfriend from his wife. She was threatening him almost daily with custody of his children. I tried to talk sense into him but it was obvious that he loved his kids and left me to go back to his wife.

About a week after my spell was cast, Bryan started to understand why he would never be happy being with her. We talked over coffee and saw each other briefly over the weekends. Today he officially filed for divorce and moved in to live with me. I couldn't be happier. I'm actually shocked it happened so quickly.
I went with Hearts of the Enchanter because Tom left me more than 9 months ago! I wanted it to be really powerful! Talking sense into him does not work. I just use spells now.

Was she waving her finger at him and getting up in his face? Then you know she's a real mmm B.....

When you believe, you can have!
Trust only movement.
I have known Lisa for about 8 years. We have been together for 7 of them and were engaged for 2. The last two years we have been on and off. Mostly off. Here in the past few months she has hated me and told me she thought I was evil and can't be trusted.

Her brother who adamantly hates me with all his soul is being a huge influence in us not being together. To the point where she told me that her dad won't be around forever and her brother is all she has here and does not want to ruin that.

Ashra, I was thinking about going with the Golden Kiss. Would it also work to remove the negative influence she is under?

I strongly feel that her brother is crossing the line with her to the point where I witnessed her brother bring her daughter to tears calling her a liar and telling her he won't believe anything she tells him again.

Let me know which spell do you think is better?
Bojosea, I can share my experience with Ashra Koehn and hopefully it helps you make a decision with Lisa.

My fiance Jason of almost five years broke up with me and we were living together at the time. Before asking for Ashra's help, Jason and I moved out because he has been unfaithful throughout the relationship always going online, flirting with, talking to and meeting up with other girls and sometimes hooking up with them. He finally left me due to financial issues and because he thinks I am controlling and crazy because I am emotional. I didn't trust him because he was always lying to me. He lied all the time. He says he loves me and misses me and on the other hand he also says he doesn't miss me and wants to move on and find someone new.

The reason I went with Hearts of the Enchanter was because it has the power to restore my relationship with Jason to the way it was back when we first fall in love with each other. Many years ago our relationship was perfect. He always held my hands, showed affection and wanted to spend every waking moment with me. I explained my entire situation (the long version) to Ashra Koehn and she agreed that going with the Hearts of the Enchanter would help to restore our love for each other.

I saw my situation as being complicated and an impossible task for any spell caster to fix. However, Ashra impressed me and a short while later he came back and admitted that he left me because I cannot have kids due to my condition PCOS. We talked for a few hours and he did apologize for leaving me over something that was completely out of my control. I knew how much he wanted a family and we were able to work through the obstacles thanks to this spell.

Ashra knew that we were soul mate and meant to be together always. She was right and we are now looking at alternative ways to start a family.
I would go with Hearts of the Enchanter, but I cannot afford it right now. I did ask Ashra which spell was better and she said that Hearts of the Enchanter was stronger then The Golden Kiss.

However, she said that The Golden Kiss was strong enough to bring him back quickly. We never married and have and I have a 10 year old daughter from him.

I went ahead with this spell and she is casting tomorrow.
I need my ex lover to return to me ASAP. We broke up about 4 months ago and he is already in another relationship. Our relationship wasn't perfect but it was worth every moment... I miss him so much and I want him to leave his current partner and come to be with me.

I have been thinking about going with Hearts of the Enchanter. Has anyone else used this spell?
I just purchased Hearts of the Enchanter from Ashra Koehn. I talked with her and she said it was the right spell for my situation.

I have been with my boyfriend for over a year, and he has never told me that he love me, I think he does I just need to hear it, I am in love with him and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. He has been cheated on in the past and from his ex wife. I have never told him that I am I love with him as I am scared it will freak him out.

I will post my update here in a couple weeks or as soon as I see a change with him.
I'm beyond impressed with the help Ashra has provided.

I spoke over the telephone with Julio yesterday afternoon. He said if he gets a job in the same city where I live, he will move in with me. Wow... he has never said this before... at least he said it out loud to me. As soon as she notified me that the Hearts of Enchanter was casted, I was jumping with so much happiness. The most important thing was that the thought of moving in to live with me was on Julio's mind.

My spell was only cast a five days ago. We are off to a great start and Ashra has been supportive the whole time.
I couldn't afford Overmaster so I went with Hearts of the Enchanter which Ashra Koehn said will work fine. I have no reason not to trust her. She help my friend who is getting married later this year.

Overmaster is better, but it could be overkill if you have a common problem.
Has anyone else noticed how fast her spells work? I went with Hearts of the Enchanter and it didn't take as long as I thought to work.

Lance and I have been doing great. All of the obstacles we had before are gone. Even emotionally I feel we are connected and he wants to spend quality take together.
Both spells will work fine. Many people on this forum have reported seeing results with both Hearts of the Enchanter and the Golden Kiss.

Which spell is better is more of a personal preference. Either one will get you from point A to point B.
I was debating between the two, but went with Hearts of the Enchanter because I felt my situation involved a lot of interference and influence from various people. It did work quickly and Ashra was able to remove a curse his ex placed on us.
I'm going to explain my whole situation. I'm hoping that someone will respond back on which spell is better. Should I be using Hearts of the Enchanter or The Golden Kiss love spell.

My boyfriend broke up with me 4 weeks ago today, he told me several reasons including we argued to much, he fell out of love with me because I logged into his pc without his permission (this was in February), I annoyed him, he just wanted to be single and that he was just unhappy. I don't no if any of these are true or if it is some other reason. The Friday before he broke up with me he went out and he kept texting me how much he loved me, then he went away recording for the week end (he is a drummer in a band) and when he came back he broke up with me. We have had our ups and downs in a relationship, about a year ago he cheated on me, however I forgave him and he showed me how sorry he was, I had problems trusting him, but I worked through it. There was also another girl, he admitted to me after we broke up that he had a huge crush on her (she is engaged).

This had me thinking that Hearts of the Enchanter is the better spell but I'm still not 100% sure.

I believe that we met through fate, 3 years ago I had a college opening evening, which I got invited to at the last minute (me and Connor both went to different schools). I saw him a few times there but never spoke to him. On the last day he added me on facebook and we started talking, I had a boyfriend at the time so nothing happened between us at first, however he never gave up on me. I then broke up with my boyfriend for someone else but they rejected me so to cheer me up he invited me out (this was the first time we saw each other) and from the first time we met, there was an automatic connection between us, he made me forget everything bad in my life, when I was with him, I was truly happy, and he told me all the time he was nothing without me.

I need him back, I can't imaging my life with out him. He claims he has no feelings left, but there is this key ring of both of us that he owns, and I asked if I could have it and he told me he wanted it, he also told me to keep everything he ever bought me. There are also little things he texts me that shows that he still cares, so even if he doesn't want to be with me, I know there is still something left for us. This is why the Golden Kiss love spell sounds very appealing to me.

I know Ashra Koehn is the right spell caster, I just don't know which spell is better for my situation.
I agree that both spells have their advantages. However, Hearts of the Enchanter is the better option especially when there are a lot of negative events that have taken place between yourself and your boyfriend. I did cast The Golden Kiss for another client earlier today and I still have some leftover materials from that casting. I can cast Hearts of the Enchanter and add other elements of the Golden Kiss at my own expense. I don't mind helping you any way I can.

Please contact me via email if you have any question.
If you're seeking the most powerful and effective spell work, Ashra has the power to deliver. She has so many options for love spells, but when I saw that she offers more powerful love spells, I decided that she was the right choice. I had used another spell caster in my local area a couple of months ago, but the spell that she used was not strong enough, and I feared that her power was not strong enough to use some of the more drastic spells that I had learned about. I found Ashra Koehn on Facebook, and while I have always preferred to work with spell casters in person, I decided to make an exception. I was also quite pleased when I saw that she only performs a certain number of the spell I wanted each year, which seemed like a good sign to me.

Without getting too much into my personal details, the spell helped my partner and I to conquer the obstacles that we had been facing that led me to request love spells before. A number of personal issues stood in the way of our relationship including infidelity, substance abuse, and insecurity. After having Ashra cast the Hearts of the Enchanter spell, we are more unified than we have ever been in the past, and the promise of lasting love is something I feel very secure with. Our love has helped to melt away the personal issues that we each had, and we are in a more healthy and loving place. This powerful conjuring of magic was exactly what we needed.
I decided to go with Hearts of the Enchanter. I need something strong that will work. My former friend took advantage of the weakness with my relationship with Jasmine and now they are together. I want this spell to hit them hard and bring her back as quickly as possible.
I don't know much about Hearts of the Enchanter, but I've heard a lot of good things about Golden Kiss! Don, I am so happy that the spells worked for you! I'm surprised I didn't see your post earlier. If you see this, I want you to know that you have made my day even more positive!

Chris, how is your situation going? Has it gotten better? You haven't been on the forum for a long time and I hope everything is going great! Please respond when you see this!
I do not know anything about the spell Hearts of the Enchanter. This is the first time that I have heard of that spell. However, I am familiar with the spell Golden Kiss. But, the spells Hearts of the Enchanter give me positive emotions right now. Ashra's spells really work greatly on everybody. How I wish my points are enough to have that spell cast on me. But, I would surely love to collect karma points for that spell. I got excited right now. I know, I would never be absent from the forum from now on! Go with the goal! Sending you positive vibes! Goodluck!
There are so many choices of spells that I would love to get if I had the money. If I could not choose between the Hearts of Enchanter and the Golden Kiss I would just go with both. They seem to both be very good spells. sometimes it is hard to pick just one.
I've heard they are both good, but mainly Heart of the Enchanter is supposed to be super instant from what I've read on Ashra's website.
I agree with you Gaby! There are so many spells to choose from. I'd love to know about every single spell that Ashra has! I would choose both Hearts of the Enchanter and the Golden Kiss too. I heard that both of them are very powerful spells. Maybe we will be able to earn enough karma points to get them! I do not know much about Hearts of the Enchanter, but I feel like the Golden Kiss would be very helpful in complicated situations!
I have read the description of Golden Kiss and Hearts of the Enchanter, and I would rather prefer the second one cast for me first. I think, this spell would manifest very very quick on my lover. He is somewhat kind of a stubborn man. I am looking forward to having this spell cast on me soon. I would love to have this spell cast on my lover,too. If Passion Panacea took it slow, then the Hearts of the Enchanter, won't. Or having their powers work together, would give amazing results for sure. Wish me luck guys!
I asked Ashra which spell she thought was faster and she said Hearts of Enchanter would be quicker. I'm debating on buying it or using my points.
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I finally came to the conclusion that I want to buy either of these spells. Considering the reviews of Hearts of Enchanter I might go with that one since my husband is so stubborn. I will be buying this next week and I'm kind of excited considering how fast it should be.
After Passion Panacea I wanted to purchase Hearts of the Enchanter or even Golden Kiss, but in the end I decided that my next spell will be Windsong Love Spell. Even Ashra recommended that I should go with that one.
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I have been studying 3 different spell's for the last few days and my heart and gut feeling pulled me towards Heart of the Enchanter as my next spell.

I have just ordered it with the Triple Cast. I have an amazing feeling each time I read the description of this spell and I am convinced this may be the one to help crack my situation and to turn it into the one I am hoping for :)

Very excited! I know Ashra is very busy at the moment, so I will wait patiently for my update - but very positive
I had my update from Ashra tonight to say that my Heart of the Enchanter had been triple cast!

I am so excited right now as I feel that this spell along with the others that Ashra has so kindly cast for me might be the one to start cracking my situation! The description sounded like the missing piece of the puzzle in my complicated situation :)

Have any of you had this spell cast as well, and if so, how long did it take before you started seeing movement? I know every case is different, but I am curious to know how it worked for other people.
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angeliclove82, how did the spell casting go? I hope you will start to see movements soon. As long as you put your trust on Ashra all shall be well. As for me, I have no experience with with Hearts of the Enchanter or the Golden Kiss.
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I am looking forward to your successful results done by Ashra. Hearts of the Enchanted and the Golden Kiss sound like very pleasing spells. I have only just now looked at their descriptions here on the forums. I am in a similar situation but I asked Ashra about a different spell. She said that we should be adding it on to the first one casted and will be doing it soon. If you have already gotten your results, I really hope that it went wonderfully for you. I am looking forward to sharing my successful results too.
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I would also purchase the Hearts of the Enchanter spell because it seems like many people has had successful results and movement with this spell. aAlso, the reviews from others say it works very quickly. I will also work hard to get this spell cast in the next few days or weeks. I can't wait to spend time with the love of my life; the person I dedicate my life to.
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I think Hearts of the Enchanter is more powerful. It will increase the love and understanding between you and your partner. Ashra said it works really fast and effectively. Whatever problems and obstacles you are going through Hearts of the Enchanter will definitely solve your problem. I don't know much about the spell but that's the little information I have about it. If you need more information the best person to ask is Ashra she will tell you which one is better.
I personally have no experiences with Hearts of the enchanter or Golden Kiss spell yet. I notice this really works fast and effectively for the others. Perhaps, I would
purchase one for me after I get a physic reading done. I don't know much about this spell, but after having finished reading through the review about it, I know it
will do a favour for me. Many members have their eyes on this spell, so I think it's the mostly sought-spell after Windsong Love spell. I hope I will get enough to purchase it as soon as possible.
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I have a question. So if I cast a love spell and I want to make it stronger should I go with Hearts of the Enchanter or the Golden Kiss? Some people says enchanter works faster but what's the golden kiss about? I have no experience with these spells and I would love to have more information about them. I know by just casting one spell wouldn't better my situation by much I'll need to strengthen it with another spell and I need help to know which one to back it up with.
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I've had Golden Kiss cast in 2014 and it worked great and yes its definitely fast!

Fast forward two years later, I will need it again but at a higher potency, a lot has changed since 2014. :laugh: :)

I've already emailed Ashra about the Golden Kiss and my situation and she told me that she strongly feels it will help and she'll put a lot of time and energy into my spell - which is always amazing to know she cares so much! I'm truly excited and I'm just ready to have my man back and out of that relationship.
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Hi ladyshell2323, I'm glad your spell worked can I ask why you need it again? You don't have to share if you don't feel comfortable but I'm kind of in a similar situation my first spell was cast last November and it worked but in August it all ended again and I am back here again.
Hi ladyshell could I also ask you why you need it again? Ofcourse if you feel ok to answer? Did you have your man back or you are waiting 2 years for him, I didn't understand exactly your post. The Golden Kiss seem very powerfull spell for sure and I would also love to purchase it soon. If Ashra said that to you, she is really kind and I hope you will see the best outcome from your spell.
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Orjon8659, I needed it because my ex been influenced over the years and he's very vulnerable that he'll do anything they say plus now he's with a new person, they've been together for about a month now. I've talked to Ashra and she told me that my spells are active and working, and she'll be investing a lot of energy into my golden kiss spell.

He's said he loves her and he's happy so now I need something a little stronger to help bring him back hopefully before or on Halloween.

Hey Mima55, sorry for the confusion. In 2014, I had Golden Kiss cast and brought him back within about 11 days.

We have been broken up for about a month now and he has a new girlfriend. I have 3 active spells right now, but Ive been keeping Ashra updated with everything. I asked her for one last spell and she feel strongly Golden Kiss will bring him back.

Ashra is SO amazing. I first came across Ashra in 2012 and had my first spell cast. Brought my ex back in 3 DAYS! then Golden Kiss in 2014. Haven't used her since then because our relationship was going amazing. But now, influences unfortunately torn us apart, he's very vulnerable and believe everything. I can admit, it was some things I wasn't doing in our relationship that I feel he's "found" in his new relationship. It takes 2 to tango.
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