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Hearts of the Enchanter or Golden Kiss? Which spell is better?

So I'm guessing Hearts of the Enchanter works faster than Passion Panacea and Golden Kiss? If that's the case then I'll cast that first then go ahead with the others. The faster the better it would be. It's so amazing that these spells was successful in 3 days, wow I'm shocked. Do these spells ware off because I saw a few people saying after a few years they experience break ups, I thought they were permanent.
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Welcome back ladyshell! Hey, that was amazing. As fast as 3 days? That was superb. I was amazed and I'm thinking to get that spell after I've upgraded my account. Thank you for sharing your story. It gave us more deep understanding of the spell that works fast. We are hoping that yoy'll get back soon your lover. We believe it will! Because it worked like before. Just believe Ashra's power :) Good luck and sending you love and light x
Bearhugs, things happen. Sometimes people can be influenced by others and things but I feel that's why Ashra is here. It seemed like every two years my relationship would end. But I'd go talk to Ashra and she does the best she can with my situations. Like now, I just had a long conversation with my ex fiance about us getting back together and what we expect from one another. This is the first time he reached out in a month! So I'm having one last spell on him and I'll be good.
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I am wondering the same thing Bearhugs. I want to know what spell be good for me. Although there is no affairs .. i want to know the best spells that can help me and my lover the way its best for both of us. If Hearts of the Enchanter works better than Passion Panacea then that's really great. But does it have the same effects? What about the Golden Kiss? Hope there is an everlasting spell.
Jewelson, all three of the spells you mentioned are very powerful and have a high success rate. Passion Panacea is what Ashra usually recommends to new clients though to get a feel for the situation. The Golden Kiss is a wonderful spell and is very powerful! When choosing a spell, remember to go with your gut instinct because it will help you choose a spell best. I hope this helped :)
Hi I'm new to the forum. I was wondering if anyone has had Hearts of the Enchanter casted? How fast until you saw movements or results? Thanks!
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Hello everyone! I don't know what I should pick up next between Heart of Enchanter and Golden Kiss spell. Both of them seem powerful and also work for stubborn situations.

I still consider purchasing The Golden Kiss as my future spell, I have seen lots of good reviews about Heart of Enchanter though, and I'd love to try it out. I'm trying my best to get 30 destiny points as soon as possible. I notice that my situation is hard to handle, so I need to act now.
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I think Hearts of the Enchanter is the faster one so I've read. A lot of people who have had this spell have seen fast results!

It has got a very high success rate:)
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I have just purchased the Object of Desire. I am thinking about either buying the Hearts of the Enchanter, Golden Kiss or the Windsong love spell. I heard that the Hearts of the Enchanter is very powerful! I heard it is also very fast and I have seen a lot of good reviews about it. I think that I really need this spell and I would like to ask Ashra's opinion about it. Does it also make your lover break up with someone if they are currently in a relationship by the way?
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With my experience with Hearts of the Enchanter, for me, it was REALLY FAST, but I also used the Fury Instant power level. As for the Golden Kiss, I have read about it, but I have no experience with it. My suggestion for deciding which one to use is: preference, an estimation on the current problem (like how long separated, negative influences etc.) and most importantly financial state. I have read each spell has its strengths, but from experience Hearts of the Enchanter has more push behind it.
I want to get Hearts of the Enchanter because I read how powerful it is and I really think it would help in my situation.
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Hey whitenight! Sorry for the late reply. So you have seen results from your spells? If so that is wonderful! I haven't gotten Hearts of the Enchanter but from reading some of the comments I am convinced it is more powerful. Under the resource section it was more karma points than the Golden Kiss too, probably because it's more powerful.
I am hoping for the best for everyone and I am sending lots and lots of positive vibes everyone's way!!
I think Hearts of the Enchanter would be the stronger one because it is worth more Karma Points. I don't know many people who have had either of these spells. If so, did anyone see results with them or any movements?
Just wondering, would these spells be useful if your ex wasn't cheating on you? I want to get my boyfriend back since I miss him very much and fell into a deep depression since he left. Ashra recommended Passion Panacea for me, but I've noticed that Heart of the Enchanter and Golden Kiss cost more. Does that mean they're more effective and work faster?
After reading the differences between The Hearts of the Enchanter and The Golden Kiss, I'm honestly interested in The Golden Kiss! I'm hoping to have my first spell casted soon and hopefully I can add The Golden Kiss at some point with a seal!

I'm not shocked to see all of the positive results from these spells because I believe in Ashra!
The quickness is something to be shocked about though! One said a week and another said five days! Omg that's quick! It would be nice to see movement or even have my love back in that quick timing!
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I haven't purchased any of these spells actually. But I think both of these spells are so powerful. And I have read about both of this spells on the resources section there. Personally, I think that both of them are also suit for my situation. I will ask for Ashra opinion first before purchased the spells. Ashra is an expert and she know better which spells is suit for my situation.
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Wow ladyshell thanks so much for is information. I was thinking about getting one of these spells but I didn't know which one to get but scone you had so much signs and positive results with Golden Kiss. I think I'll go for that then. But first I'll wait for my secret spell to be casted and for my other spells to be recasted and if I don't see positve results from those then I'll work hard and try to get the Golden Kiss. I have to do some thing atleast.
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What do both of these spells do? I am asking because I am making a list of spells to do after I get Passion Panacea done. I do not know which ones are needed or not, so if you guys could answer me so that Ashra doesn't have to take time away from everyone's spells to answer me, that would be great! Blessed Be!
Guys, going by Ashra's testimonial on a post by Her, Hearts of the Enchanter sure seems more powerful and effective than the usual recommended ones :) But then it again depends as Ashra suggests us spells after studying our case history. What is good for one may not be neccessarily effective for the other given the differential case situations. Personally guys, I would stick to Ashra's suggestions more :cautious: than run helter-skelter and/or experiment with various spells seeing which is bring results by trail and error :(
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Hey, what's going on, everyone? If you want my two cents on this, then I would definitely recommend that you get both. I personally think that both of these spells are going to work equally well. I am thinking about getting the Windsong Love Spell, the Golden Kiss, the Hearts of the Enchanter and the Overmaster Love Spell with the Fury Instant casting for each one of them. But if I were you, I would send a message to Ashra and ask her for a recommendation.
Bearhugs, I have also heard that this spell is incredibly powerful and will definitely help your situation, no matter what it is about. I legit do not think any of Ashras' spells have to be about specific things unless you are getting a money spell or a beauty spell, you know? When it comes to your lover, I would just ask Ashra what she recommends.
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I am really excited about my Golden Kiss getting cast. I hope Ashra will tell me this week it has been complete so Kenneth and I will be together every holidays and my birthday 2 months from now. I know Ashra and I had a hard time helping me purchase this spell I wanted it so bad. Thank you Ashra for helping me getting Golden Kiss.
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I think that both of the Hearts of Enchanter and the Golden Kiss are very powerful and works on the stubborn situations as well. I am still waiting for Ashra emails. I need her advice and suggestion for which spells should I purchase for next. I have send her two emails before. Hopefully she will respond to my emails soon.
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I believe both of the spells can work, but it varies from the situation! I definitely believe that they both will help, no matter what the situation is. All of her spells are amazing. Definitely believe that you should ask her for advice to which would be a "better" spell based on the story of the situation you are going through. I'm sure she is very easy to cope with and will definitely make sure everything happens accurately. She's an amazing person, for sure. Have a look at reviews possibly and the differences between the two spells. Look at the benefits from the two :). Good luck
I keep getting drawn to Golden Kiss - so I am pretty certain that will be my next spell when I decide to get one!

I already have Hearts of the Enchanter which was Quad Cast with Twilight Seal on Valentine's Day! I have other spells working on my situation too, so hopefully I will start seeing movement too.

But something tells me that Golden Kiss may be the next one to add! ☺️
I'm going with one of these spell, but I'm not going to say which one because I don't want to break the guidelines or anything. I'm excited because reading this part of the forum has me really feeling like I am making the right decision to get my husband back and off the streets. You guys just dont know what I have been through and how happy i am to finally be able to get this spell.
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I have been wondering the same thing all week. I have been told by numerous people that I should get the Object of Desire as my next spell but I would like a fast acting spell more than anything. I am willing to save up to get something powerful like that. Hearts of the Enchanter does sound very tempting and I might consider it. I have to look at the cost and go from there. Give me your thoughts if you have a suggestion or recommendation.
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I'm sure if I get Hearts of Enchanter my problem will be solved, but then again there are so many spells that I need. If I cast get this spell I'll be off a burden. I'll just go with the flow and work towards it. Every comment takes me closer to my goal so I'm patient.
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I think Hearts of Enchanter is a stronger one due to it being more expensive to buy on the forum. I know a few people have had this spell and they saw awesome signs and movements with it. If I need anymore spells it will be a choice between Celestrial Mantle or Hearts of the Enchanter. Both of these spells can be used for stubborn situations and believe me my lover is a tough one aha :D .
Hearts of the Enchanter or Golden Kiss. Which one is better? Personally I think that both of the spells are very powerful. I am really want to get both the spells actually, but I will working hard to get the hearts of the enchanter first. I have heard about the heart of enchanter before and the testimonies show that the hearts of the enchanter is working more powerful and more faster. I am aiming for this spell right now. I am thinking to asking about her opinions tomorrow after I have received my windsong love spell updates. I will follow Ashra recommendation as she is the only one who know the best about my current situation.
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I had Hearts of the Enchanter casted at the fury instant level last year. I saw signs and drastic improvements the moment Ashra told me she finished casting it. I am considering also getting Golden Kiss also at the furt instant level, to aid in my situation and to see how it is carried out. Both do have their advantages, however don't take Hearts of the Enchanter lightly, especially at the fury instant level.

I just saw your message! Oops! Anyway, I had gotten results with Hearts of the Enchanter (Fury Instant level) the minute Ashra notified me it was done. My love and I got a place together, but more complications popped up the past few months, so we are in a back and forth limbo right now. I also got Overmaster done as well, but it was no where as powerful as Hearts. Least, as my situation handled it.
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I really need to go and read up on these spells, cause I think I may need a strong spell to get my man back since joining the forum things have got a lot more complicated we were on speaking terms now the is no communication at all and it's been like that now for 5 week he as blocked me on WhatsApp and think he as blocked my number which I do find very annoying cause we have a child together.
Personally I think that both of the heart of enchanter and the golden kiss are very powerful. I have read both of these spells description at the resources section there and I am really interested to get the heart of enchanter. I have seen a lot of people had successful with the heart of enchanter and it is also more expensive than the golden kiss. I will go with the heart of enchanter as I believe that this spell will work very well on my situation and my lover.
Clarie, if you are able to, consider getting Hearts of the Enchanter at the fury instant level (or highest practical to you). It is a choice I went with, and it was a good move. My lover and I are highschool sweethearts since 2010, and A LOT has happened between us; almost every bad thing that could happen, me and him have encountered it. Despite all that, and ar the point of time when I got Hearts at the Fury level (he had no contact with me, blocked me on everything, and was with an emotionally abusive guy), it essentially grabbed him by the ear and drug him to contact me. I am not entirely sure about Golden Kiss, but I would reason it would be just as powerful!
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I think both spells are very powerful and can be used for difficult or stubborn situations.
I was reading the descriptions on both of the spells last night and I think I am more drawn to Hearts of the Enchanter. I may get this for my next spell with the Quad cast to make it as strong as can be. Any spell I get in the future will have a Quad cast onto it he he I don't know why I did not think of it before :D
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I have read the description on both the Golden Kiss and the Hearts of the Enchanter spell and I don't think any of them are 'better' then one another, I think they both play a part in bringing your lover to return to you permanently.

I would get both of these spells because it makes it very hard to pick when they both have amazing reviews!

However, from what I have read the Hearts of the Enchanter spell is more suitable for stubborn situations, so I would most likely get this one first due to my istuation ebing quite complex.
Anything to help break up another relationship and reunite you would be a good option. I suggest contacting Ashra and seeing which spell fits better for you. She's great at personalizing these spells as a way to fit you. They're tailored and precise and i don't think she'll ever let you down. Contacting her would be your safest bet and i hope she matches you to the correct spell you need! Every person here deserves to be reunited with their lover, so good luck and best wishes angels!
I am sure both are very powerful spell and will work on everyone. But I heard a good result on Hearts of the Enchanter. I was so amazed by the result it gives on the other member who purchased it already. I know its excite everyone to experienced also the magic of this spell. I would definitely get this one and save more and more first.
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From what I've read on the forum, I believe Hearts of the Enchanter is the better choice. However, I'm sure the Golden Kiss is still a powerful love spell if you are not able to afford the other spell.
Hi, Chen! I am so sorry to hear what are going trough. Have your spell worked? Are you two married and happy now? I am trying to bring my ex back. I hope that I will purchase one of those spells today! But I am interested in learning more about all spells that Ashra to offer. I thought that all the spells are equally powerful, but now I see that the more severe case is it needs a more powerful spell. I hope that you have resolve your situation. Kisses and hugs
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