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Hearts of the Enchanter or Golden Kiss? Which spell is better?

Both spells are like really powerful but the golden kiss is known to be the fastest working spell on the forum however I am going to get this spell but I don't feel connected really to the hearts of the enchanter or hearts of enchanter whichever it is called. I know a lot of people may feel a connection to this spell but not me. But if you do I say you should work for it. It seems like a good spell and one time we had to work to get it and like two people got selected for it... so I think it might be a really powerful spell but hey that is just me :laugh:. Right now I am saving up for this spell. But I would rather get the golden kiss! Ashra even said herself it was the fastest spell unless there is a new spell on the forum that is now!
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I believe that the Hearts of the Enchanter is the more powerful spell because of its price and success rate. I have also heard that the Golden Kiss is also a great choice, but not as fast as the Hearts of the Enchanter. I have also noticed that more have purchased the Hearts of the Enchanter instead of the Golden Kiss. I think I will buy the Hearts of the Enchanter whenever I feel driven to save for one of these spells.
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Both spells seem very potent. However, I'm continually drawn to heart of enchanter. I keep going back and forth about getting this one. If I do it will have to be cast with fury. Though I will have to do some saving for that. But I think I have enough spells sitting on him for now. I need to practice being patient. :rolleyes: Yet, I'm sure if I truly need it something will pull me toward this spell. Aside from Ashra's recommendations, my intuition goes into overdrive when I need certain spells for my situation.
Hello Debbie, It's better to ask Ashra but I would recommend hearts of enchanter because it breaks off the relationship with him and the other woman. I'm not sure exactly what it does because I focused on only one of the love spells and that's Passion Panacea. I'm not sure if it's the one for your situation but i would get the hearts of the enchanter. I hope what I said helped! Stay positive and keep smiling! Have a great day/night!
Well, many say the Hearts of the Enchanter. I mean, if you're not sure which spell would be best, contact Ashra, and explain your situation with her. But, if you are willing to, you could use both at the same time, making the spell faster, and more guaranteed . People say the Golden Kiss spell works great, many people have seen fast outcomes from it, but then again, it depends on how serious your situation is.
As Ashra has even said herself. Golden kiss is one of the fastest working love spells that are on the forum. She has told many people that it is the fastest working spell. Of course Hearts of Enchanter is also fast and potent but I would rather get the golden kiss. both spells sound amazing and when you read the description of both spells I guess you could pick which one is more relatable to work with your situation. I am sure if you are tied with these two spells you will find the one you want
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Hello all. I thought I shoiuld mention this to show the graciousness of Ashra to her clients. As a pensioner I couldn't afford the Hearts of Enchanter spell although I dearly wanted her to cast this spell for me. I mentioned my financial circumstances to Ashra and she graciously made it possible for me to pay for this within my means. This shows that Ashra is NOT after money but is all out to help people, which is a wonderful gesture in a person. I love Ashra for this. I will let you all know how I get on once Ashra has cast this spell for me.
I think that the Heart of the Enchanter is more powerful because the price for it has gone up when it used to cost 300 karma points in order to get the spell. That's how it was a few months ago along with the Golden Kiss as well. I think the prices have gone up for both because they have both been success from what I could tell. If I had to pick one over the other, it would the Heart of the Enchanter because so many have had positive reports about it and the description for it makes it worth trying. I would love to try and get this spell in the future and see how it will turn out for me. Both are good, but I think the Hearts of the Enchanter is just a little bit better.
Hello guys, how is the going, hope great, and hope you are seeing huge signs and movements from your spells. Both the Hearts of the Enchanter spell and the Golden kiss spell are perfect spells for any love related situation. They are the Fastest Effective Love Spells cast by Ashra Koehn.
She categorised both spells as the original. The best. The most fastest and elite love spells you could have performed on your behalf by Ashra herself. That their original and ancient powers are going to be instant. So you can go for any of them or you can go for both as they are both very powerful spells.
These spells have both been labeled the fastest and most elite spells offered on her website, Ashra Spells dot com and are even considered extreme. I haven't tried the Hearts of the Enchanter yet, but I feel like it will really help me since it has been proven to be a huge success for many in the past. That's why the price probably went up for it. I've heard that the Golden Kiss has been known to work really fast too, one of the fastest in fact. I don't think you could go wrong with either of them. Also, if you have the opportunity to increase the potency, do it. I can only imagine how much faster the results will be.
My Golden Kiss spell is been going strong ever since she cast it in October. But I really say go with your heart on what you want your spell to be. Ashra will customize it to your situation so you can achieve great results. They are both really awesome and powerful spells
Both the Golden kiss and the hearts of the enchanter are great and powerful spells offered by Ashra. They are both very potent and works very fine depending on your situation. In my opinion hearts of the enchanter is a stronger spell compare to the golden kiss love spell because, hearts of the enchanter is way expensive than golden kiss so therefore it will work faster especially if your situation is a really stubborn one. But on the contrary, if you cannot afford the hearts of the enchanter, you can alos go for the golden kiss, it works just fine. All of Ashra's spells works perfectly to bring you your desired results quickly.
How good are these two spells? I seen them on the resources and I was thinking on trying one of them. They seem like good spells, but had anyone had any success on them? I really want to know the difference between these two spells. Is one them more powerful then the other? Do the other one give more faster results? Just so many questions about these two spells. Just what would be better for stubborn situations? I just want to see what could help me out more. I hope everyone is doing well and seeing signs.
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I went for Hearts of the Enchanter as it's among the fastest spell Ashra have in store for us. I really can't wait for the result. Patiently waiting for my lover to return as the man I fell in love with, even better! I've been working with Ashra since with a lot of spells including Passion Panacea and Love Embers. I hope this Hearts of the Enchanter will knock him dead and come back to me. I really can't live another second without him.:inlove:

With the spells being active, I do see amazing progress. I really want him back before Christmas. I wish to enter 2018 as his special sweetheart and being really serious to go to the next phase of our life - marriage.

I really want to give Ashra and everyone in the forum another successful story. I only can say, right now I don't feel hurt or heartbreak anymore. It is what it is. With Ashra by my side, the table will turn. Once he comes back, he will no longer be able to let me go or leave me again.

Wishing for a Godspeed results to us all!
Stay positive everyone.:p
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What is the difference between hearts of the enchanter and golden kiss spells? I am trying to get the fastest working one that will get my situation solved. I am trying to break up my best friend and his girlfriend and I want to become his girlfriend. We are compatible together and honestly spend a lot of time together despite the fact he has a girlfriend. We used to give each other hugs but it's gotten to a point where he won't even give me hugs anymore just because he has a girlfriend (even though he didnt do that with his previous girlfriend). I would really like him to see that I am the one for him or at least have us try a relationship together.
Greetings Everyone! well I just ordered the Hearts of Enchanter and I am really excited! :woot: I am super stoked right now to think that in just a few short days my soul mate will actually call me and make contact! I feel that he just needs a push to come to the realization that he is loved. I miss him so much and I want him near me no matter what! I know that he is the one and I have been patiently waiting for him over these past few years. I will definitely send and update once some movement has transpired. I believe this will go nicely with some of my other active spells! Wish me Luck Everyone:D
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Hi Lily, based on the reviews Hearts of the Enchanter is pretty fast however I believe the Overmaster Love Spell is the fastest and strongest of the spells, once I read through the list of choices. You should choose based off of 2 factors really 1) Purchase what you can truly afford that way you are not stressed financially over the request. 2) Read through the forums they are very informative and such a tremendous help and comfort. I typically start from the beginning of a forum that I may want to receive a spell of..So far since the new year I have a few active spells each spell chipping away little by little until my man is finally in my arms. I hope this helps some. Stay Positive keep your mind busy and with Ashra’s help I know you will be successful!;)
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I think the hearts of the enchanter and the golden kiss spells are both super powerful and good enough for any situation. I would recommend contacting Ashra since she would know which powerful spell is best for you specifically, since both spells cover different angles. I will probably get heart of the enchanter soon after passion panacea and freedom fire breakup spell because I would really want to be with my lover.
Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is having a great day! I have just purchased Hearts of the Enchanter (Fury) to help work on my situation. I had this cast at quad level last year, but have purchased it again with more potency this time as my situation has altered a lot since then :)

I know a lot of people have seen very fast results from this spell, so I am super excited to have purchased it at its highest potency. Cannot wait to see what it has in store for my lover and I :)
Hi formysoulmate! I am excited for you. Do you have an update on you spell? I am curious to know because I may be interested in that spell too. I hope everything is going well with you and your lover. Sending positive thoughts your way!!!
Hello everyone. How are you?
I'm unsure. both sound so powerful. It may depend on your situation though, Which ever one seems like it may be better and benefit you the most. Email ashra maybe she'll tell you which one she recommends. I haven't tried either one of these spells but I may try them in the future. I see alot of people on the forums telling us about their success with these spells ! Anyway i wish you all a wondeful day. God bless.
Hi everyone I’m new but I have hearts of enchanter spell casted for me about a week ago and I read that having this spell cast for you is like an act of god. Was wondering if anyone has had this cast before and how long it took to see anything from it. I have other spells working also so not really sure if the waiting period is the same.
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Good luck! I hope you will receive super fast results with Hearts of the Enchanter. It sounds like it can really work out all obstacles. I'm torn between Hearts of the Enchanter, the Golden Kiss, or Windsong love spell. I want to add one of these spells soon and hopefully speed up the process and see some movement. I've been waiting 5 months now and some days the heartache is too much :( I really want my guy to come back and apologize and give us another chance. Miss him so much and want him to remember how much he enjoyed our time together. It broke my heart how he ended things so suddenly and in a cold, mean way when the issue could have easily been worked on.
It blows my mind how many spells Ashra is able to cast! All of these sound so detailed and so intricate and I can't imagine being able to understand the small details of all of them! I originally reached out to Ashra and she is going to perform the spell she thinks is best for me and my situation which I think is the best option! I'd be too scared to pick one without her advice in case I do more damage than good!
I am definitely thinking of getting hearts of the enchanter or golden kiss soon so I can get my lover in my arms soon. We have never dated each other and we are really close friends. We work together like gears in a clock and are so in sync for everything I definitely feel as if we are meant to me. It is getting harder for me to hide my feelings from him and I have casted Passion Panacea on him already and have already been able to see some movement so I hope an extra spell will help out a lot :D
I can definitely agree with Anthony11, I am torn because Hearts of the Enchanter & Windsong, I've been told that the 2 are really powerful spells, even though most of ashra's spells are powerful. But they are the most spells that have fast results. It is definitely a hard decision. Especially when you want to talk to your lover and you really want your lover back so bad. Just to ease some of the pain sometimes. Definitely a tough decision.
I think both spells work great. Those who have got golden kiss had success and those who got hearts of the enchanter had success too. I think these spells will work best but you might wanna ask Ashra first on what spell will really suit our situation. It always depends in how complicated your situations is, but the important thing is, these two are both powerful spells. I do olan to get golden kiss after I get a seal for my spell and maybe hearts of the enchanter too in the future.
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I think its pretty amazing that Ashra's has so powerful spells in her book of spells and that she is able to help so many people from these potent spells. Both of these spells are super powerful and they are able to help your lover return to you but they cover different angles. Definitely consult Ashra so you know which spell to get. In stubborn situations, it wouldn't hurt to get both but always go for the spell that speaks the most to you.
Hello everyone,
I do have few spells working, but want to add a powerful spell. I am really leaning towards Golden Kiss or Celestial Mantle. I didn't find much reviews on Celestial Mantle, and was wondering how did it work for someone who ordered it.
And if you, guys, can review Golden Kiss. I did read that it's powerful, but should like more reviews. I emailed Ashra, but she is very busy right now. I thought I will ask here. Thank you all in advance.
Me and be my ex broke up about 5 months ago and he is with another girl I'm thinking of getting hearts of the enchanter or the overmaster spell to bring him back ASAP. I'm hoping I can get him back for my birthday end of next month. That was always my wish for us to be back together for my birthday, so I don't know what spell would be best to get to make this happen.
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I have been currently working for the Golden Kiss because I feel it could help me with my current situation, and some members have agreed that they think it will help me. The description of it makes me feel good and hearing that it works fast hopefully mean I could be talking to my lover sooner. but I also hope he stops leaving or it helps with that. I am excited to see it remove more obstacles for me. I see it also comes with a engender protection to protect him. The more I read the description the more excited I get
I believe you should pick the spell you are most connected to. For me neither I really connected to. There are a lot of reviews on both those spells. I feel that any of the ones Ashra recommends will be your best choice. In this case I do think for the situation you'd do better with Hearts of the Enchanter but, you can still cast multiple spells which other people on this forum had success with as well.
Hi there, everyone where ever all of you guys are in the world! Hope everyone is doing just fine today! From reading the description of these 2 spells, Hearts of the Enchanter and The Golden Kiss are both great spells! The best to know which spell is best is contacting Ashra and explaining to her about your situation, and she would tell you which spell is best! My ex-ex-lover, I can say he cheated on me because he was always talking to his best friend more than me! And I found out that his best friend was interfering in my relationship with my ex-ex-lover! This broke my heart, but then I met my ex-lover and everything changed! Now he broke up with me too, and I am trying to get him back! :inlove::inlove:
Those spells are certainly two of the most powerful ones. I will be really blessed to have both of them. When I'm able to afford buying some spells again, I will aim for the Golden Kiss first. The description of this spell made my heart beat faster and I was sure I wanted to have it in my spell collection. After that , I would also love to get the Hearts of the Enchanter, although it will take me really long to save for that... I hope I'll be able to get the spells I wish for so that I can have more energy for my situation.
Wish you love and strength.
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Both spells are great and both are powerful ones. But I think the most powerful spell of all is the Hearts of te Enchanter, because I have seen a video of a member who had this spell cast got results fast. I think she got results a few days after this spell was cast. The Golden Kiss is a powerful spell too and a lot of members are also buying this spell because of the fast results they had. All of Ashra's spells are powerful, some just takes time to work because of the many obstacles but they are all powerful.
Hi everyone
I’m new to the forum and I am really trying to get this spell for my lover whom I’ve been in love with for almost 2 years now. We dated August of 2017 and dated until February 2018. We are still friends but I want her back. Ashra casted passion panacea for me back in February which worked but now I need another spell done and I want the Hearts of the Enchanter spell with Fury Instant. Now me and my lover still have contact with each other not a lot but we still do. My question is would the spell still work if you are still friends with your lover and my other question is because I still have contact with her how will I know if I see movement
Ashra has boosted my spells during this current super moon so that my lover can be guided back on the right path. She also told me I should get the Golden Kiss next. I saw her last name last night and then I saw my lover deleted or blocked me on snapchat which was really surprising and it hurt me honestly. But at the same time I think it will push me to stsrt working for this spell even harder...i got this spell in September and it worked within a week for me.
I have had hearts of the enchanter cast for me last week. Ashra was very positive on the success of the casting and its effect on Matt. Maybe I will add Golden Kiss at some point. Hearts of the Enchanter does seem very powerful so I would say go for that over Golden Kiss if you can't do both right away.
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I do not know what one of these spells are better. I have not had either but I personally want to get the Heart of Enchanters since it works on stubborn situations and people have been saying it works fast and it been successful. I actually think both spells would work great. I do not know much about the golden kiss spell maybe it gets your lover to kiss you and stand at the door or something. I just really be better off wanting to know more would information about it. I know in my case one spell won’t be enough. I wonder if any of these two spells has anyone used it along with Passion Panacea. I do know people have used Passion Panacea with something to act on as a base.