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Hearts of the Enchanter or Golden Kiss? Which spell is better?

Hi all!
I have purchased Eve of love, Windsong love spell, Full moon love spell, screaming love cries, and object of desire. I have only been working with Ashra for a few weeks but I am wondering if Heart of the enchanter or Golden Kiss can help my possibly difficult situation. Since I have already purchased a lot of spells, I want to see if i have enough money saved by the time someone gets back to me, on which one best fits my situation. I am on a college budget now so it is harder for me to splurge on spells. I love Ashra with all that is left of my broken heart after my breakup.
My Story:
We dated for 9 months...
Me and my ex fought almost daily towards the last few months and I would get jealous a lot because I was insecure with myself at the time. I was going through a rough time with my mental health so that didn't help the situation at all. I am a lot better now and I know how to have independence, which is what caused my jealousy when I didn't have independence whilst we were together. He said he doesn't want to get together again, ever. He stated that he doesn't see us ever getting together in the future, and he doesn't have feelings of being in a relationship with me. He mentioned that he is no longer in love with me, and that he fell out of love already. It's not like him to act this stern and be this strong willed in this situation, but that is what is happening. I believe that he is trying to stay strong with his decision and maybe there is a slim chance that he misses me. I love him forever and a day and I truly want him to be the man I walk down the aisle with. I want him to be the father of my children, because raising a family with him would be the biggest gift I could ever ask for. I have a strong feeling that he is my soulmate, and I know we have a special connection that I can't have with any other guy. He means everything to me and I would give anything to have him back for good. He made me feel safe and he always made me feel good about myself, I was just too stupid to believe it, because my mental health wasn't in a good place at the time. The relationship became toxic and I have come to Ashra hoping that she can allow him to start fresh with me, and create a healthy relationship we both deserve with each other. He claims that he can't forget how he was hurt and all of the bad memories he had in the relationship, because the bad outweighed the good. That is why I'm debating on which powerfully fast love spell I should get to remove these obstacles for good. We had great memories of going to Disneyland on a marching band school trip, and being in marching band and show choir together during all competitions. We went to 3 school dances together as friends and then 2 more when we were dating, and the 6th dance was prom, which had its ups and downs. That's why I want him back before October so that I can go to homecoming with him and make him realize that we were soulmates. He is a year younger than me so I will be in my first year of college and he will be a senior in high school. He has a large ego now that is part of the reason he does not want to change his mind on the breakup. During our relationship whenever we would fight, he would always have to be the one that was right in the end, so it made me feel like I was never right. That my opinion and my viewpoints were not valued as a possible truth to him. His ego and cocky attitude made me really annoyed and that is why we were fighting almost everyday until the end of our relationship. I just want to be able to start fresh with him, because I can't stop loving him and I think we were meant to be together forever, soulmates if you will. I know you can bring him back by October and I believe that one of the two powerful spells are right for him. I wouldn't just spend money on 5 spells for this guy if he wasn't my soulmate right? Even though he says he won't get back with me, I believe me, and the power of Ashra and her spells have a different plan. As hard as I try to stop loving him, My heart won't let me, no other guy calls my name, and attracts me more than he does. I just need help finding out which one would be best to remove fears from his brain.
Sorry it was a long one, i just wanted to go into depth so that people or Ashra herself can recommend the better of the two for my situation. Thanks, I send love and light to all of your spells :)
xoxo Lillypad
Just requested my Hearts of the Enchanter (Fury) cant wait to find out when it's to be casted. Anybody any more updates on how the spell worked for them?
I have had both of these spells cast at this point along with a whole bunch of others. Ashra ended up recommending both, and I can say they both are very powerful. We love and I got back in contact at the end of May, but now has gone cold. I do recommend Golden Kiss and Hearts of the Enchanter as I feel they both have helped greatly in my very difficult situation.