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If you have heard of High Priestess Doris or her website spells4free.net, then you need to read this review!

Okay, so I have been on a witch hunt (pun intended, I suppose) to find dishonest people posing as spell casters. My eyes caught a very questionable site at Spells 4 Free. And I know what a lot of us are thinking: Free!! (Ah, but the plot thickens). If we have learned anything about free spells, it may sound very pleasing, but most times, it's too good to be true. So, let's analyze:

About spells4free - It appears to have been up since 2006, and is ran by a person who calls herself High Priestess Doris, who claims that she was in a great coven, but now works alone to spread the joy that magic spells can give. From my research, her website is poorly put together; very jumbled up and confusing. Also, no pictures of her are present on her site (Never a good thing to do, whether your spells are free or not). She also specializes in different forms of magic, white magic and Wicca are included. However, so is black magic, Voodoo, and Hoodoo. RED FLAG!!! BE VERY WARY OF A SPELL CASTER THAT PERFORMS BOTH WHITE AND BLACK MAGIC!!! THE MAIN RULE OF WICCA IS TO HARM NONE; THAT'S NOT EXACTLY THE CASE WITH VOODOO AND BLACK MAGIC, AS IT IS A PRACTICE CENTERED AROUND DEATH AND DEMONS.

The website has no section where prices are listed or where you can purchase them, since the spells are allegedly free. In the meantime, according to Doris, she says that for a limited time, she will be casting spells for free. Okay, isn't the website called Spells 4 Free?? Shouldn't they remain free?? Another thing stated is that she has a newsletter you can sign up to, for free (this free stuff just seems too over-exaggerated), and includes some spells you can cast yourself. OKAY, ANOTHER RED FLAG: YOU CLAIM TO BE A SPELL CASTER WHO WILL CAST A SPELL FOR FREE, ON SOMEONE'S BEHALF, BUT YOU WANT THEM TO CAST THE SPELLS AS WELL??? WHICH IS IT??

Directly stated from the website, Doris says, in the section where you put your info in to have your spell cast, that she will cast a powerful free spell (again, free) for the situation you need help with. (Also puts down that it's "FREE OF CHARGE. THIS IS NO JOKE!"). According to what she has to offer in her newsletter, if you sign up for it, she will give you a powerful spell that would cost from $100 US dollars, if purchased from any other spell caster. (How would she know that other spell casters would charge that said price for this spell?) And she claims that if you use it, it will solve your problems within 5 weeks. OH, THE RED FLAGS!!! IF A SPELL CASTER WHO IS OFFERING FREE SPELLS SAYS THAT THEY WILL WORK IN THIS ALLOTTED AMOUNT OF TIME, IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. IT COULDN'T BE MORE OF A SHAM IF IT WERE PRESS ON NAILS!!

What led me to believe that High Priestess Doris and this website are definitely not legit is that her free beauty spells offered include ones that can be used to change the shape of your body and your eye color. (OKAY, IF THERE'S ANYTHING WE LEARNED ABOUT SPELLS THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR EYE COLOR, THEY ARE IMPOSSIBLE. THE CONTENT ON HERE IS A WHOLE LOT LIKE THE STUFF ON XARA BEATRICE MATSAGOU'S CHANGEYOURLIFESPELLS).

I also took the liberty of researching some reviews on spells4free - I didn't find anything bad, but I also didn't find anything good about her, either. I believe that anyone searching for a legitimate spell caster should steer clear of Doris, even if her spells are free. I believe it's just a waste of time and energy, and the spells will not work. She may claim that they work, but if they did, don't you think that she'd wanna make a profit for providing results?? Take this knowledge with a grain of sand. Your money may be safe, but your time won't be.
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I have just read all of the review on High Priestess Doris and it does definitely sound iffy to me.

One minute she claims her spells are free then she says that she offers spells on a limited time? She needs to make her mind up doesn't she:laugh:. Also the time frame of a spell cannot be as specific as that. Five weeks is not really long enough for any spell to work, every love spell needs time to manifest and work on the obstacles existing. Also if her spells are as amazing as she makes out they are there would be hundreds of great reviews on her and there are none at all.

Save your time and contact Ashra Koehn if you have an urgent situation and need help from someone who will actually care.
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@SierraB123 I ran across this site as well amongst many others tying to put connections to the VA scam going on. I have just been looking for the same wording, fonts etc. There are so many out there it’s scary. I will forever be a fan of Ashra. Thanks for sharing this information. Those who are newer to how spell casting works etc will hopefully find this forum first so that they know who and what to look for in a spell caster. Ashra has been working so hard and it’s a blessing she has such good people like us to help provide this information so she doesn’t have to spend so much time researching to get the message out to those who are in search of a legit spell caster! If anyone has used this spell caster I suggest you check your bank statements because Priestest Doris is a fraud!!
I think I came across her website before. It looks familiar. People really should watch out for fake spell casters like her. I don’t know why some people would even want to pretend to be a real spell caster. There are people that really need help with something and know that a spell could help them and need real spells. I just hope more people find Ashra and know that her spells are 100% real.
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Ashra is the only spell caster I'll be needing from now on!! She's so perfect and awesome! If I wanted a free spell, I would build up karma points and get one from Ashra Koehn before trying any of this hogwash from this alleged high priestess who claims her spells work, and does them for free.......for a limited time, :laugh:!!!
High Priestess Doris, spells4free.com, I’ve been on this website several times and none of the spells never worked! I’ve used this website since 2014 when I first started looking for love spells. I was studying law of attraction and “how to get your ex back” at the time and came across love spells and this spell I founded later on between 2014-2015. I can tell you now that they don’t work, at all. Only reasons why I kept coming back to her is because they were FREE, hint “spells4free.com,” was what caught my attention. I wanted a love spell to bring an ex of my back. I’m glad it didn’t work out because I’ve met the man who I believe will be the love of my life, in the near future.

The point is, this website isn’t real, even if it was created by a real person, but the spell caster doesn’t seem real, though.

And a limited time offer? But this website claims to have spells for free, yet it’s a limited time offer. Isn’t this contridting ?
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Honestly as for me this is the first time that I heard that High Priestess Doris and based on your posts I think she is not legit because she just using that techniques that others pretending to be spellcasters always do.

They will offer free spells, they will say that everything is free then all of a sudden they will email you something bad and that good to hear then they will offer spell which will take away your money without seeing results.

I am thankful that I never crossed to them however I am feeling sorry to the people who've been a victimed of them.
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I would suggest saving your money and time and going with Ashra only! There are so many cons out there! I myself have been conned by many other spell casters out there and it wasn't until I came across Ashra's site when I realized that she was true and genuine! She is the only one we can trust I am afraid! I hope everyone gets the best results they want and long for!
I just read your review about High Priestess Doris and I’m not sure if I would trust it. I tried other websites that say the person is a free spell caster. Every free spell caster I contacted, they always ask for money even though they say they do it for free.

I would rather trust Ashra because there are so many positive reviews on this forum that are saying that Ashra can be trusted and she will not ask you for money.
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That it’s the same thing that I have done, when I was looking for spell casters in the past I would come across some that would guarantee a result within a week and that kind of made me really think about. Then you have some work the prices being placed way too high, for instance some would be priced at 200 to 500 or some at a reasonable price such as 99.99 or 45.99 which are great but the testimonials are too good to be true honestly. They make some look real or some you can tell are fake due to the fact that they describe a situation and the outcome they had but one you look for it, it is not their and that is what really bothers me because I do want results and being done within a week would be great too but it has to be trust worthy enough to me to jump right in and take a chance. Here is my encounter with a spell caster who was money hungry. I told her that I would be able to pay and keep in mind I was a junior going to be a senior in high school and I told her I would have the payment next Saturday. She called am and yelled at me on the phone saying that I said Wednesday. Then she continuously called me very vulgar names so I hung up. She is someone that needed money and needed it fast for something because when I made the initiation to contact her she emailed right away and I mean right away. Ever since then I wanted to find out for myself and see if her page is up, from that day to this day her page has been taken down.
I don't believe anyone who goes with "High Priestess" or "Dr" as they are nothing but con artists. They never really cast spells for free. There is always a bad intention behind this. They even have no ability to cast a spell or even curse us even if they try to threat you with your personal information.
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@Fera . What you are saying is absolutely true. As I tried to look for many places for love spells to get back the man that I love... I noticed alot of people call themselves "High Priest/Priestess" or "Dr". Whenever I stumbled upon their websites... I find them their website mentioning "offer of free spells for limited time" or "pay after results" or "absolutely free spell-casting done for you". But when I give them my details and ask them for their free spellcasting... guess what? They demand money! Some even go as far as when I ask them why are they charging money on their free spells... they say it is for buying the materials! I'm sharing the list of such fake spellcasters with you guys soon when my account gets the permission for posting soon!

About high priestess Doris. She told me that my love spell is blocked because of some dark cloud or dark forces and she sent me more emails about cleansing and advertising for other spell casters which are obviously paid for.
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I always am reminded of her. I will never forget when she first emailed me and told me that she casted a free spell on me. She does use black magic or Wicca she does NOT use white magic. It still haunts me she wanted me to chant something I think it was in another language but I can’t remember. I just remember deleting her email she sent and blocking her address. Something bad happened a couple days later. I think she really casted the spell and I remember hearing things as if someone was really there. Guys please and I hope you guys see this. DO NOT CONTACT HIGH PRIESTESS DORIS! It’s something that she did but fortunately it’s gone now. I thought I was going crazy. Even a guy I had hired to do spellcasting for me long ago he thought it was a joke. Take care you all and enjoy the week/end.

I will never forget High Priestess Doris! I will never forget when she first emailed me and told me she had casted a spell a free one on me. High Prietess Doris does use black magic or WICCA she does not one bit use a white magic spell at all. It still haunts me to this very day she wanted me to chant something in another language or something just know she wanted me to chant and sent me it in email. I remember deleting her email she sent and blocking the address. Something bad happened a couple days later I think she really casted it and I remember hearing things as if someone was always there so what ever you all do please do not let High Tempress Doris cast a free spell for you. She is not safe.
Oh my...
There are too many people who claim to be real spell casters... unfortunately, 90% of them are scam artists. We should always look for the red flags. Advice to anyone: just stick with Ashra! Wait patiently for results and follow the guidelines.
People out there want ether your money, fame or both. Even some say that the first spell will be free and the next paid...
Good luck everyone! :):) Stay positive and don't let anything throw you off.
I’m still getting emails from High Priestess Doris at Spells 4 Free and she is still nothing but a sales promoter. Anything that she can drag attention to is totally off. She keeps persisting you to call her or email her or they are having an offer on something that is or is not related to her page. It’s honestly really sad because when I didn’t want to her anything that she is saying more emails came and more emails kept coming about other spell caster who are willing to help but she does not help in the slightest bit. Or the emails that I have recently got from her are all boring and not connected to her clients at all. Or the whole “ I feel confident right now to cast your spell” but she said that like ten times to get me to be convinced that it will work and pay probably up to 500 dollars just to get a down payment. I believe that any spell caster who wants 200 to 500 dollars or more is desperate for people because no one is going to her for help at all. Ashra is the only one that I know that can actually help with spells and that can actually help anyone with any type of situation that they need help in. Ashra is great!

When I first came in contact with High Priestess. I was down and depressed about my recently loved at the time for leaving me. I was looking for spell casters before Ashra. I came across her page and she had offered “ free spells” I looked at her page and I decided to contact her through email. I decided email because I could have documentation later of the events that had taken place when we were emailing back and forth. She emailed me right away but it was an automated response. It began with my name and about my situation and how confident she could help me at that time. Well, the emails came daily and it was getting annoying because at the time I wanted someone who could understand me and understand the situation I was in at the time. Then when she had responded with an email she said she couldn’t help me and that she asked a friend to help her “cast” my spell. Well... it’s was a big lie, at the very bottom their was a price and spell and five different links that lead to different people and spells. Not only that, you needed to subscribe to get your updates. I unsubscribe thankfully, but before I did, the emails came daily about sales, and merchandise she was selling. I never contacted her again, it was a waste of time.

Now she recently mad me mad. It’s called the 7 days of prayer and she wants to make a quick buck by having people psy her to pray this prayer. I thought why would I pay someone to pray this prayer with me when I can pray for it on my own. Not to jinx myself but really good thing have happened to me since I have been praying this prayer every night before I go to bed. I have better energy and I had better sleep, along with my crush/ lover seeing my stories on snap chat more. It’s a swirl wind of thing and the one day I forgot to pray it, I almost lost three packages.

But she is making me upset with her promotion gimmick. Even thought I unsubscribed to her she somehow appeared in my inbox. Religion is a big thing for me and it really blew my mind that is how desperate about getting clients. She even has fake testimonials too.

Honestly I am so glad to that I found Ashra! She is saving my life currently and forever on!

High Priestess is nothing but full of scams and not really trustworthy, each of her newsletters are filled with publicity and trying to get you to purchase her merchandise, spells, or send you to someone else who is probably less qualified to do it. What made me kind of mad is the fact that she is charging a prayer called the 7 day Miracle Prayer. I thought why would I pay for a prayer when she gave it to me in the video. Even asking for question she would not really give me an answer is was all robotic. Back when I was continuing to email her she would say, “ I’m calling in a friend to help me cast your spell” then they said it failed. Honestly don’t wait your time on her.
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High Priestess Doris has cast a spell for me for free. She says that it will work and she can feel my ex is getting back to me. But after a week pass she texted me that there was a dark energy and it stopped the spell from working. Then she started to talk about giving her money. I decided to stop working with her and go to @Ashra. After a month ago Ashra casted my spell and my ex alredy unblocked me on social media.
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