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Hoodoo Delish - Miss Avi - hoodoodelish.com


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Before I found Ashra, Ms. Avi of Hoodoo Delish was one of the first spell casters I followed on Youtube. She has a lot of positive reviews on her comment section which enticed me to follow her work. However, I joined a spell casters group on Facebook and found out that a lot of people in the magick community deem Hoodoo Delish's work as "fake". I haven't seen anything about her scamming other people for money, but I have found significant amount of posts that ridicule the way she practices hoodoo.

Ms. Avi also has a shop ( http://hoodoodelish.com ) wherein she sells her services. I almost availed one but cancelled the last minute because her pricing is quite high. If I'm not mistaken, all of her spells are above $100 each.

Has any of you worked with Hoodoo Delish? If so, what are your experiences? I don't plan on purchasing her spells but I'm still curious if her spells worked for you guys or not.
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I haven’t heard anything about Ms. Avi, but from what you are saying, her spells are kind of expensive. At least you saw some of the reviews too before going for one of her spells on Hoodoo Delish. At least she does not scam for money, but it seems too good to be true. I’m glad that you didn’t purchase her spells because she’s someone new who I haven’t heard of. I would say some of the Easter egg clues would be to see if her page has recovers that are too good to be true, or her picture. The little things really do matter. I’m glad that you are here because Ashra is so amazing!! Her spells are various ranges in price and her communication skills are so on point she is super good!
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I've seen Hoodoo Delish on YouTube. I came across her when I was looking for spell casters after my lover dumped me for a seductive younger woman. I thought about using her spells before deciding against it. I decided to stick with Ashra after I realized I wasn't having it with my lover being with another woman. I purchased two spells so far and I've seen angel numbers, cars similar to the one he drives, I saw people that looked like him and even heard one guy that sounded like him. More than several dreams of him I had.
I have heard of Hoodoo Delish before and I might have also come across their YouTube page nor of Miss Avi's website www.hoodoodelish.com either. Although there are many Hoodoo and people that do the work of the craft on Youtube that I have either watched or came across at some point. The other ones were from the recommended section page. I never purchased any spells from them because I simply could not even afford it at the time.

Point is: Stick with Ashra Koehn. She is real.
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